Lori – Part 2


Lori – Part 2I woke up at 3 AM and got up to go to the bathroom. On the way back to bed I stopped and looked at the attic door. The events of yesterday flashed through my mind and I immediately had the urge to go up there and look around. I silently walked up to the attic door and opened it.. I didn’t hear anything, so I started walking up the stairs. I heard Lori’s voice coming from her bedroom and I stopped. My curiosity wouldn’t let me be- I had to see if Ryan was with her. I wasn’t physically attracted to him or my sister.. But the thought of them having sex interested me.I slowly walked up to her bedroom door, which was completely closed this time, and lowered my eye down to the keyhole (we lived in an old house with vintage doors and locks). At first I saw nothing- but then my eyes traveled up the foot of the bed, to the mattress and I saw Lori. She was laying on her side, with her head on Ryan’s chest. She was wearing a red satin nightdress with black lace accents. It was floor length, but tight, and it fit her figure very well. He was topless with loose, black silk pants on. I was appalled at how relaxed ordu rus escort she seemed. This must have been routine to them. My mom had ignored her for so long that she was oblivious to Lori completely. Just then, Ryan motioned to her and she brought her head next to his. They spoke in low voices and I couldn’t hear any of it. She nodded and pulled away from him. He got up and started walking to the door. I panicked and scurried behind the couch. Their bedroom door opened and I heard footsteps walk from one side of the room to another. I was terrified that he hear me, or sense my presence.. but he didn’t.The footsteps walked back to the bedroom and shut the door. I crept back into position in front of the keyhole. My sister was completely nude with her knees on the bed and her hands in front of her, facing the headboard. Ryan said something to her and she started shifting back until her feet were hanging off the back of the bed and her knees were near the edge. He was holding something in his hand but my view was obstructed by the keyhole. She spread her legs slightly ordu rus escort bayan apart and he walked up behind her and stood between them. I could see what was in his hand now.. It was a riding crop.At 12 years old I had no idea what the crop was for. My mother definitely didn’t include that in her sex education. I was overwhelmed with confusion and embarrassment, but these emotions weren’t enough to make me go back to bed like a good c***d. Suddenly I heard a loud snapping noise. Terror washed over me as I realized he had hit her with the riding crop. I turned around immediately and went towards the stairs. In my mind, he was beating her and I had to tell my mom about it. I stopped and started thinking about what to do. She didn’t scream or seem scared; whatever they were doing was voluntary. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that Ryan wasn’t an abusive guy. I had known him my entire life and he wasn’t malicious in any way.He had been friends with my sister since they were k**s. Lori didn’t have many friends as a c***d, and mom was relieved that she had made rus ordu escort a friend in him- regardless of gender. I turned around and went back to the keyhole. Ryan was making quick movements with the crop now. It moved fast through the air and, when it finally made contact with my sisters ass, made a loud cracking noise. Lori let out little moans after each crack, but he never paused. Then he stopped and put down the crop. He said something to her but I couldn’t understand it. She nodded and he dropped the whip. Pulling down his pants, his erection bobbed free. I hadn’t even noticed until now that Ryan was hard.. I guess I was too concerned for my sister. I had never seen anyone’s penis before. Ever. I caught myself staring, then turning away out of embarrassment multiple times. He leaned forward between her legs and his cock disappeared inside her. Her expression was similar to yesterday’s, clouded with instinct and pleasure. His hips began rocking back and forth and Lori started moaning. At first I worried that she would wake mom.. but then I remembered the vast array of sleeping pills that mom took before bed, and the thought disappeared. It wasn’t long before my sister let out a loud cry and then Ryan after her making a deep guttural noise. I decided it was time to go to bed. I shut my bedroom door behind me and tried to absorb the events of this evening before falling to sleep.*Part 3 will be uploaded soon*

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