Love , Prostitution Ch. 01


Ms Emily Rita Berkshire reflects on her good fortune as she waits in line, dressed in her black academic gown, gold satin cape and black mortarboard. She had attended the best private schools and one of the best universities in England where she had received her Bachelors degree in Law, now she was about to receive her Masters degree in Law. Her loving parents are wealthy although not ostentatious. Her father is native English and her mother Anglo-Indian, her maternal grandfather was Brahmin caste, the highest in the strict Indian caste system. She looks over to her extended family attending this very special day in her life and beams a smile toward them. Her name is called and she crosses the stage to receive her certificate from the Chancellor, who congratulates her before she shakes hands with the Vice Chancellor and then returns to the auditorium, smiling to her family all the way.

Her mother’s brother, and Emily’s favourite Uncle, Sanjit, is head of an old established and well regarded legal chambers in Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, in the West Bengal state of India. The chambers were established during the British Raj with an inclusive attitude towards Anglo-Indian attorneys. Since Emily had started at law school her mother, Dhanika, and Uncle Sanjit had talked many times about Emily joining him in his chambers. She will start as a pupil barrister and all are confident she will make a fine barrister. Naturally she will live as part of the family in their Raj style house, not far from the famous Victoria Memorial. Arrangements were completed and a week later, following tear-filled farewells, she boards her flight at London’s Heathrow airport for a 10 hour flight to Kolkata’s Dum Dum airport where she is met by her Uncle Sanjit and Auntie Anjuli. The family car is a large black Mercedes V Class driven by their own uniformed chauffeur. On arrival at the grand old house, she bartın escort is shown to her room and she unpacks while Auntie Anjuli brings her the most beautiful sari outfit as a welcome gift.

After showering, Emily’s bearer, i.e. her personal servant and a stunning beauty, Sansa, arrives to help her dress in her new outfit. Standing in just her bra and thong, she puts on a pair of pretty green flat shoes, Sansa holds the waist of a green cotton petticoat open for her, which she steps into. Sansa lifts it to her waist and ties it securely with the drawstring, to prevent the weight of the sari pulling it down. Next is the choli, a gold coloured cotton blouse. Holding her arms out in front of her, Sansa slips the short sleeves along her arms and into place so her bra is properly covered, then goes round to fasten the pretty gold buttons at the back. Finally it is time for the sari. Sansa tucks the upper end of the sari into the petticoat at the front and gathers 6 pleats together, each about 5 inches wide, carefully ensuring that the pleats are even so they almost touch the floor. Using a safety pin to hold the pleats in place, she tucks the top of the pleats, with the safety pin, into the petticoat.

Sansa winds the sari around Emily once, rising on the second pass to go under her right arm and over the left shoulder where she uses another safety pin which she hides under the choli blouse at the shoulder. This fastens the rest of the material, the part hanging down her back (or to be draped over her hair) known as the pallu, to stop it slipping off her shoulder. Emily had worn a sari on visits home many times before but now as an Anglo-Indian resident of Kolkata, she stands in front of the mirror and gasps with pleasure. The sari is a beautiful green chiffon, embroidered with a pattern of gold leaves in the bottom 12-18 inches. Sansa puts her dark bartın escort bayan hair in the Indian style pony tail and does her Indian make-up that makes her eyes look bigger. She is delighted with herself and her Indian ancestry.

After practising walking up and down her room, Emily thanks Sansa with a smile, giving her an unexpected kiss on the cheek before carefully walking downstairs hoping that she wouldn’t trip and make a fool of herself. Behind her a surprised but happy Sansa reflects on the kiss which made her heart flutter in such a nice way. She had never heard of a servant being kissed by a memsahib before and was about to dismiss it when Emily pauses at the bottom of the stairs and turns to give her a beaming smile before continuing. The whole family is gathered at a welcome tea party for her. They are so lovely, praising Emily’s natural beauty and how well the sari looks on her and complimenting her graceful and elegant deportment. The talk is incessant and it is hard to keep up with all the questions, Auntie Anjuli comes to her rescue telling everyone that there will be plenty of time for questions now that Emily is a permanent resident at their home in Kolkata. They are talking when the dinner gong sounds, they continue talking through dinner until the ladies withdraw and still talking when the gentlemen join the ladies and then they all talk until bedtime.

Emily wakes after a wonderful sleep, excited to start her new life as a pupil barrister. She goes into her en-suite and showers, enjoying the refreshing tepid water running over her body washing off the lather from the shower gel. Looking down as she inspects herself, she smiles seeing how smooth she is after the Brazilian waxing before her flight to India and makes a mental note to maintain that particular practice to preserve the lovely sensuous feeling of the soft escort bartın silk fabric of her thong against her sensitive parts. She dabs herself dry with the softest towel ever, which she wraps around herself. As she emerges from the en-suite she is met by Sansa waiting patiently for her. She smiles and greets her: “Namaste Memsahib. In the future I am here to help you wash if you will allow?”

Emily returns her greeting and simply apologises and says she has not yet become used to having someone to look after her, adding that she is looking forward to receiving her assistance that evening. Her clothes were laid out ready on the bed; a beautiful chiffon pink sari outfit, embroidered with gold motifs, that takes her breath away. Sansa informs her that it is very appropriate attire for her occupation. Once dressed Emily goes down for breakfast with the family, at least Uncle Sanjit will be able to vet her attire. All is well, breakfast is taken and the sound of a car driving on the gravel prompts a servant to announce that the car has arrived for Uncle Sanjit and Memsahib Emily. After a hug and kiss from Auntie Anjuli they get into the car. The presence of a bodyguard in the car as well as the chauffeur is a surprise she didn’t expect.

On arrival at chambers, feeling a little self-conscious in her pink chiffon sari, she is shown around and introduced to everyone. She blushes at the repeated descriptions of her “very excellent” qualifications. All are directed to give her every assistance. In his office he gives Emily a thick file box and asks her to prepare today and tomorrow so she can assist him defend 11 defendants in a very important case. It involves the kidnapping/abduction and human trafficking of 6 young women. Rising, Uncle Sanjit shows her where she can work. She was expecting to desk-hop as pupil barristers do in the UK, but she is shown into an office with her name on the door. He smiles telling Emily that as his pupil and niece there are certain fortunate conventions to observe. A secretary, the only other female she has seen in chambers, asks if Emily would like fresh tea or fresh coffee. Emily asks for coffee and gets to work preparing to assist her Uncle at trial.

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