Luke Masturbates In the Shower


“Ugh, an early video conference today,” I say looking at the calendar on my phone.

I’m still lying in bed and under the covers. I am refusing to get out of bed — no matter how bad my calendar wants me to. I close my eyes and I try to get back to sleep.

Beep-Beep! My phone alerts. I open one eye and look at it. It is a fifteen minute reminder that my meeting is going to start. I squeeze my eyes shut, frustrated.

I rub my face, my bare chest, and grab ahold of my semi-hard dick and give it a quick rub. I stretch and release the blanket from on top of me.

I sit up, get up, and stumble to the bathroom. Once inside, I relieve myself of the only clothing I am wearing — blue boxer briefs. I reach into the shower, turn it on, and go over and take a piss.

Moments later, I am standing in the shower, feeling the temperature of the water. Satisfied, I step under the stream of water. It’s warm as it hits my face and my hands work some water into my face. I close my eyes and my hands work down to my chest and start to rub. I spin around, so the water can hit my back, and grab the bottle of liquid soap from the shelf.

I squirt a generous amount of soap into my hand and start rubbing it into my chest. My freshly shaven chest is smooth and my hands glide around my pecks easily. I rub the soap in firmly and work up to my shoulders and down my arms. My forearms are sore from yesterday’s workout and I focus some attention on them and work more soap into them. The massage feels good as my big hands work up and down my forearms.

A slight moan leaves my lips as the tension in my arms leave. I spin back around and let the water cascade down my chest, washing the soap off it. I scrub my chest clean and go and grab more soap.

A generous squirt enters my hand and I move it over to my stomach. I work the soap in across my stomach and lower abdomen and then my inner thighs. Finally, I grab ahold of my cock and start rubbing the soap in around my shaft and balls.

I linger kadıköy escort there a big too long and start to pump my cock. It feels good in my hands and tingles slightly. With the other hand I rub my balls and wash them clean. My stroking has left me with a semi hard cock. I let the shower water hit my cock and wash off all the soap, which makes my sensitive head throb.

I spin around again and wash my ass. My hands rub up and down each ass cheek. I take the hand wand off the shower and use it to wash under my balls and my ass and then return it to the wall.

I grab the shampoo, squirt it out, and rub it into my thick blonde hair. I work the soap in and then rinse it out.

With my back to the shower, I grab the conditioner and repeat the process of squirting some out onto my hands, lather up my hair, and slick my hair back.

As I wait for a minute or two, I take another squeeze of the conditioner. With a smile, I drop my hand down to my cock and start to rub the conditioner up and down the shaft of my cock. The conditioner is cool and slick and runs all over the shaft of my cock. A moan leaves my mouth and my eyes close. I lose myself in my touch and start rubbing my cock from base to head with firm strokes.

“Oh yes,” leaves my mouth, “yes.”

My hand starts to move faster. My dick is rock hard now and feels amazing. My balls are tightening up to me and I grab them with the other hand and rub them in circles.

A moan leaves my mouth again and my eyes open. I watch my hand glide up and down my seven inch cock and it turns me on. My big hand wrapped around my own cock, with white conditioner oozing out between my fingers — it feels and looks so good.

Reality hits in when my phone beeps yet again. I am forced to stop stroking and look to find my phone. A five minute warning for me meeting is displayed. Defeated, I return to the shower and rinse the conditioner out of my hair, dick, and balls.

I turn maltepe escort off the water, exit the shower, and start to towel off. I scrub my head dry and start to pat down my chest. I work down to my cock, get it nice and dry, and then towel off my legs.

Beep. Beep.

With a roll of my eyes I once again check my phone. To my surprise it is finally good news. My video call has been pushed an hour. A smile leaves my face as I realize I now have an hour to myself. My dick starts to rise in anticipation.

I don’t bother to dress and retreat back to the bedroom. I lie back down in bed and roll over to the nightstand, open the drawer, and fumble around looking for the bottle of lube. Finding it, I roll back on the bed and lie on my back.

My dick starts to rise on its own as my mind starts to race. I squeeze a generous amount of lube into my right hand, drop the bottle of lube next to me, and slowly work my hand down to my cock and gently rub the lube in.

The lube is cold like the conditioner, and feels great as I work past my head and down my shaft — which has grown back to its full seven inch potential.

“Oh yes,” leaves my mouth as my eyes close and my hand starts to pump up and down on my shaft. Smooth, full, firm strokes. Nice and slow.

My right hand is in a fist and I stroke all the way up and all the way down. My left hand is draped on my chest, right over my right nipple. It gently moves back and forth and caressing my chest while I stroke. My legs are straight and spread shoulder width apart.

I lie there and enjoy myself and with my eyes closed and I just listen to my hand glide up and down my cock. The lotion makes a sucking noise as my hand glides up and down. It feels so good.

Another moan leaves my lips and I open my eyes and stare down and my hand. My left hand moves down off my chest to my inner thigh and stays there as I watch my hand go up and down on my cock. I love looking at my escort bayan dick as I stroke it and watching the lotion squirt between my fingers turns me on even more.

I start to pump my cock faster. My legs instantly bend at the knee and spread a bit wider.

“Oh fuck,” I moan. My breathing is short and fast as I continue to pump away on my cock.

My left hand drops to my balls and cups them. My balls start to tighten and get closer to my body. They are wet with lube and I flick them up and down and rub them with my thumb as I stroke faster and faster.

“Yes. Oh yes,” I moan. My eyes close again and my head goes back as I continue to pump harder and harder.

“It feels so good.”

My hand continues to glide up and down my shaft. Faster I pump and my hips start to move up and down to fuck my hand. My other hand firm around my balls.

“Yes, god yes,” I say to myself.

My pumps are very fast now and I feel the head of my large cock start to tingle. My orgasm is right around the corner.

“Yes, yes!”

I start to fuck my fist faster as my hips move up and down more.

“I…it feels so good.”

My balls tighten. My cock throbs. My hand glides up and down and I can feel my cum start to build.

“Yes, yes!”

I stroke it faster and squeeze my balls and then press my finger just below my balls.

“Oh god! YES!”

I scream as my dick starts to throb and tingle. My cum starts shooting up my shaft and out the head of my cock. It sprays all over my hand and becomes more lube for me.

“Oh fuck, yes!”

More and more cum leaks out of my cock and sprays all over my stomach and some shoots up to my chest. I arch my back, thrust my cock deep into the air and more and more hot sticky cum shoots out of my dick. It sprays all down my stomach and chest.

“Oh yes, oh yes!”

I keep moaning as more cum shoots out. I release my balls, my hips fall back to the bed, and the last of my cum shoots out my dick and runs down the shaft of my cock. My hand scoops it up and it is rubbed into my hard dick.

“Mmmm,” I moan as my orgasm finishes. I lay there slowly releasing my cock, which is covered in lube and cum. My hand is sticky with cum also.

I lie there for several moments. I then get up and go back once again to the shower to clean myself off.

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