maid in banglore


maid in banglorei am rahul from Bangalore age 20.this story is about me and my maid.her name is rani.age 18 stats 32d-30-34 height 5ft. Coming to story. this incident happened 2 years mom and dad hired a maid from take care of household my parents work in gulf and come once in a year. Coming to story i was in 11th when this incident happened my parents had provided me a computer.i used to watch lot of porn and masturbate in my room.once my maid came in to my room without knocking the door i was moaning and masturbating. She did not know what was going on as she knew nothing about sex.She was staring at my cock and saying baiya what happened how this cock has become so big.did something bite it.she was asking all this stupid question. Suddenly she saw computer screen.the porn was playing .she ran out and went to kitchen i switched off the computer and followed her to kitchen.i asked her what happened why u ran out. She said u watched dirty things on computer. I asked her what dirty things. She said i will tell your mom that u watched naked girls videos.i said i am sorry i will not watch that any more please dont tell to mom.then after repeatedly asking sorry she accepted she will not tell mom.then later at night she asked me baiya is your cock ok now or is it still hurting..i did not had any intention to fuck her till now .then i made a plan i will seduce and fuck her..then after some time i told her my cock is paining and it is swallowed..she innocently told show baiya i will see it cock started growing as she told to show her.then i took out my cock it was in its full size 7inches.she opened her mouth wide and said baiya it is still swollen said what to do.She said i will call mom and ask her . I was shocked as i heard calling mom..i said no no dont call mom.then she asked what to do. ataşehir escort I told her one me my friend was in same trouble and he got ok.she asked how.i told her that his sister massaged and licked it. She told me i will do whatever to you to get ok.then i told her massage my cock with oil. she went to kitchen and brought some oil and applied on my cock and started massaging it..i was sitting on sofa she bent in front me and massaging my cock.later after some time i showed her how to stroke and suck . Now my plan was to fuck her.She was stroking for 10 min.i was moaning loudly as i was about to cum. She innocently asked what happened baiya is it paining more.i told her nothing u continue to suck then within seconds i cummed a lot in her mouth and was holding her head tightly then pulled my cock cum was flowing from her mouth. She asked me what is this sticky white fluid baiya. I told her when my cock gets ok the white fluid will come. I told her thanks and Then we went to sleep …the next maid came to wake me.i was sleeping naked and my cock was erect and my maid saw it and told baiya your cock is still swollen. Shall i massage ..i was happy to hear and told her to stroke and suck.she sucked me well and i was about to cum and i cummed within minutes in her mouth..then i went to collage ..while coming back i brought some condoms and Viagra pills.i was all set to fuck her… Then in evening i told her that today my friend told me that cock pain will increase if it was not taken care well .she asked me what shall i do.. I told her i need to insert my cock in your pussy …Then my cock will get ok she was bit shy to open her skirt then i told her nothing will happen i mixed one pill in the water and gave her to drink.and i ate one then she removed her panty and kept aside i took her to bedroom and told to pendik escort lay on bed and spread her legs wide.. i wore a condom and rubbed my cock above her clit. She asked me what is that plastic on your cock. I told her it will prevent that white fluid going inside ur pussy. She had lots of pubic hair i was going mad watching all this..then i inserted my cock in her pussy ,it was bit tight she started to moan and all of a sudden i cummed in her ..she told what happened baiya. i told her that fluid came so early. She took condom out of my cock and started to suck my was hard within the pill started to take effect.i put another condom and was ready to cock was harder than before i inserted in her she started to moan loudly and was removing her bra.. Her huge boobs popped out i grabbed one and started to suck and was biting her nipples hardly..Suddenly she got up and told me that she wanted to tell me a secret..i asked her what secret. She told me that i will tell u later and dont ask anything now. Or i will not have sex with u…what!!! sex ,Sex how u know that word..all i will tell u later she dont ask anything let us this innocent maid was turning a bitch..o my god what is going on..then she told me to lay on bed and she started riding me!!! After about 15 min i told her to go doggy style. She knew everything!!then i was riding her from behind…Then i lay on bed and she was above me i inserted my cock in her ass it was very tight and was going little by little she was screaming take it out it is paining. Nobody inserted there before..i was shocked. was she fucked before!!then after several tries it went complete inside she was now moaning in pleasure and i was now fucking in full speed.she was saying fuck me harder.faster and i was pressing her boobs then kadıköy escort after 20min i was about to cum i told her i am about to cum.she told me to cum in her mouth within seconds i cummed in her mouth. My cock was still hard she sucked for 5min and now i was smooching her then sucked her boobs and then licked her pussy for 15min she was aroused by this and had an intense orgasm.then i went to bring condom she told me fuck me without condom .I was still hard then i fucked her in missionary position and doggy for 30 min and i told her i am about to cum. She told to cum inside her.. I cummed a lot and her pussy was overflowing my cock was still hard.. She gave me a good blowjob it was so good that i cummed within minutes.. She drank all the cum and said your cum tastes good.i said ur pussy too tastes good then asked her about her secret. She told me i knew everything about sex. I asked her how she knew.. She told that she and my parents used to have sex all the time.she told me your dad took my virginity when she was 14. wile your dad was in gulf me and your mom used to have fun.. Ur mom is always hungry for sex.your dad thought me all the positions.your mom and dad told me to take care of ur needs and also told me to act innocent with u and also told to have sex with u if u only approached so i acted dumb with u baiya.i told her i thought she had sex with someone. She asked how.. I told her u did not bleed while having sex with me and u were little loose.She took me to her room and showed me a big 8inch dildo which my dad brought to her to satisfy herself..she also had a strapon which she and my mom used to have sex.she also told me that u are really a good fucker than your dad.and asked me how did u last so long.i told her i took pill and added in your water i was horny listening to all this stuff and started to fuck her in her room i inserted the dildo in her ass and fucking her pussy really hard.she was screaming and this continued till i cummed in her..:)then i asked her are u in safe period or will you be pregnant.

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