Marc takes Moni camping


Marc takes Moni campingIt was a spur of the moment thing. We looked out the window one Saturday morning in August, and decided to toss some things in the car and head for the mountains. No specific plans, just a wish to get away from the city.We found a nice Forest Service campground next to Rushing River, an hour’s drive from home. There were tents set up in some of the sites, but nobody around; and we found a vacant spot in a far corner of the campground. We set up camp and made a quick lunch, then went off to explore the area.Moni was wearing tight fitting stonewashed denim shorts that showed that she had great legs and a 100% fat-free butt. Very nice. Her matching top was one of those long-sleeved shirts that ties in the front leaving her midriff bare. It had buttons, but she left them open, so that her soft perky tits showed enticingly. The tips of her long,flowing dark hair swirled around her neck and shoulders.She always seemed to bubble with vivacious excitement, and seemed oblivious to the stares of every man who ever saw her. I loved it. After hiking around all afternoon, we returned to the still vacant campground and opened a bottle of wine.We sat in our lawn chairs, resting our feet on the picnic bench, sipping wine and chatting the kind of chat that leads to good sex. When it was time to make dinner, the wine bottle was empty and we both felt a comfortable glow. We opened another bottle of wine for dinner. As we were finishing dinner, we heard an old Chevy pickup rumble into camp, to one of the sites where the tents were set up. I had been wondering where everyone was. Two more pickups came in and parked at the other occupied campsites. It looked like a bunch of guys who had been out fishing all day, though I didn’t see any fish. What I did see was eight “outdoorsman” type guys who had obviously consumed an excessive quantity of beer.I glanced at Moni, and she looked back with raised eyebrows. Well, we had known all along that we weren’t going to have the place to ourselves, but it was nice while it lasted. Maybe these guys would just pass out quietly and leave us to enjoy ourselves. We could hear rowdy laughter and a lot of loud talk while we washed our dishes and put things away. It wasn’t dark yet, but under the canopy of fir trees darkness would come quickly, so I decided to light the Coleman lantern. I was just hanging the lantern on a branch when I turned to see one of the cowboys approaching our camp. I was not surprised that his eyes were locked on Moni. He asked if we had some matches he could borrow. Odd question, since he was smoking a cigarette at the time. He continued eyeing Moni after I tossed him a book of matches. “Pretty nice place up here,” he said. “Nobody ever comes around after sunset. Guess it’ll just be us for the night.” I thought I saw him wink at Moni. Looking for something to say, I asked, “Been out fishing?””Yeah, but nothing’s biting. But I think our luck might be changing,” he said, casting a suggestive grin at Moni. It was time to put an end to this. “Well,” I said, “the fishing ought to be pretty good early in the morning. I think we’ll turn in early.” He didn’t take the hint. “Name’s Carl,” he said to Moni. “Nice to have some pretty scenery up here, and I ain’t talking about the trees.” He didn’t even look at me. I turned quickly at the sound of footsteps behind me, and found three more of the cowboys approaching. “Watcha got going over here?” one of them asked drunkenly.Carl said, “I just found the prettiest little piece of real estate in the county. Was just making friends.””Looks like the prettiest little piece of ass in the county to me,” commented one of the others. That was enough. “You’ll have to excuse us. We’ve got some things to do,” I said, moving toward Moni.Carl stepped in front of me and sneered, “I think we got some things to do, too. Whaddya say guys?””Oooh, I think I could do with some of that,” said one of the guys behind me. Carl stood his ground right in front of me, and said, “I think your little sweetheart here is going to suck my dick. What do you think about that?””I think you better get the hell out of here,” I answered. I looked at Moni, who was frozen in place. Our eyes met, and I could see her shock and fear. I tried to step around Carl, but he put up both his hands and shoved me backward into the arms of the drunks behind me. They grabbed and held on. Carl stepped between Moni and the picnic table, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans as he moved. He dragged his already hard dick out over the top of his shorts and waved it at Moni. In a move so quick that she couldn’t stop him, Carl grabbed Moni by the hair and pulled her roughly toward him. “Come on, honey, you know you want to suck it,” he leered. I struggled to get loose from the guys holding me, as Carl held Moni by the hair with one hand and untied her blouse with the other. The blouse fell open and her breasts came free. Moni quickly covered her breasts with her hands. I could see nothing but helpless fear on her face.Carl leaned back against the picnic table, legs slightly spread, with his pants open and his dick sticking out toward Moni. Still holding her by the hair, he shoved her roughly to her knees in front of himself. With both hands he pulled her forward until his dick was against her face, and he rubbed it against her lips. “Come on, honey, open up and take it in,” he commanded.He forced his dick against her lips and into her mouth, keeping a firm grip on her hair with both hands. van rus escort I saw Moni gag as he pulled her head against him, forcing his dick down her throat. I was struggling to get away from the drunks, and for an instant I got one arm loose. More hands grabbed me, and I realized that the rest of the guys had come over to watch the “fun.” Someone told me that if I kept fighting he’d knock my teeth out. That’s when someone kicked me in the balls and left me helpless and gasping. Carl was forcefully pulling Moni’s head up and down his dick, and Moni had to let go of her breasts to catch her balance. Her hands landed on the only thing there was to hold onto, the top of Carl’s jeans. She held on tight while Carl fucked her mouth. Her tits jiggled and bounced while Carl jerked her around by the hair. Irrationally, I noticed that her nipples were hard and standing straight out. I could see that Carl was trying to work his way backward onto the picnic table. He was wiggling his ass up onto the table, trying at the same time to squirm out of his jeans. After a minute or two, he suddenly released Moni’s hair to put his hands on the tabletop and push himself up. With Moni still grasping them, Carl’s jeans slid off his ass as he scooted onto the table.I was still gasping for air and feeling the intense pain in my groin, but I was stunned to see that even though Carl had let go of her, Moni was still working her mouth up and down Carl’s dick! I could see her cheeks suck in, and it dawned on me that she was acting voluntarily, even enthusiastically now.For an instant, it occurred to me that she probably just wanted to get him off as quickly as possible just to get rid of him. But I lost that hope quickly when Carl reached down and brushed Moni’s blouse off her shoulders. Moni released Carl’s jeans and shook her arms from the sleeves and let her blouse fall to the ground.When she returned her grip to Carl’s jeans, she started tugging them forcefully down, pulling off his shoes and socks as he did. All the while, she continued sucking on Carl, making slurping sounds and little moans. Now free of his jeans, Carl started sliding himself back on the tabletop, until he could lie back with his legs spread wide. Moni followed him, all the while working her mouth up and down Carl’s thick, hard dick. I watched in stunned amazement as she reached down and unfastened her shorts and began to wriggle out of them. They dropped lightly to the ground, and the wet spot was conspicuous in the crotch of her panties as she bent over the table.One of the other drunks stepped forward and started fondling Moni’s ass. I watched him clap his hand over the wet spot in her panties and massage her hairless mound through the thin fabric. Moni was now licking and running her tongue around the head of Carl’s dick, holding his legs apart as if she thought he might try to get away. I was starting to breathe more easily when two more cowboys, both stripped naked and sporting full- fledged hard-ons, stepped up to Moni. One sat on the edge of the table next to Carl’s hips and reached down to fondle Moni’s breast. The other started rubbing his dick against Moni’s panties while the guy who had been there quickly stripped off his clothes. That guy moved around so he could squeeze Moni’s other breast. Meanwhile, Moni had gotten hold of the guy on the other side, and was stroking his dick. In a moment she had a dick in her other hand as well, and still she was working on Carl, now slowly teasing up and down. The guy behind her pulled her panties off and started running his hand over the pussy that she had just shaved that morning. His fingers slid easily into the wet pink folds, and I could see Moni arch her back and pivot her hips to open her pussy wider.From my place a couple of yards away, I could see her gaping open. I realized suddenly that the guys had loosened their grip on me and were no longer pinning me to the ground. A couple of them were already naked, looking for some way to get into the action, and the other two were pulling at their clothes while maintaining only a token grip on me. I didn’t try to get away, though. Maybe I knew that they’d just kick me in the balls again. But the truth is that I knew there was no reason to get away. I couldn’t save Moni. She didn’t want to be saved.She gave little teasing sucks to each of the dicks she was holding in her hands, always going back to Carl, who was clearly on the verge. I think she saw Carl’s abdomen begin to contract, so she closed her lips around him and began to work furiously up and down. Carl shuddered, and hips thrashed up and down, while Moni sucked and gulped and swallowed the hot fluid that gushed down her throat. With a start, I realized that Moni was twitching and wiggling in an orgasm of her own. And I was even more startled to become aware that I had such a hard-on of my own that pre-cum had soaked clear through my shorts, making a dark wet spot. Moni sucked Carl dry, while one of the guys who had been holding me climbed up to straddle Carl and put his dick in front of Moni. She climbed clear up onto the table, so that she was on her hands and knees between Carl’s legs.The guy behind her followed her onto the table and knelt behind her. He ran his dick against her pussy, and Moni rotated her hips so he could plunge in. He held onto her hips and began rapidly pumping in and out. I could see Moni’s juices running down her thighs and knew she was thoroughly enjoying all van rus escort bayan that was happening.She continued working on the three dicks around her, while the rest of the guys moved in to get any piece of the action they could manage. They were groping for her breasts, reaching beneath her to tease her pussy while the guy behind her, whose name I now knew to be Robbie, continued to fuck her.I found myself looking for some way to join in; but I held back, not wanting another kick in the balls. I heard a loud groan as one of the guys up front unloaded all over Moni’s face and hair and shoulders before she was able to pull his dick into her mouth and gulp down his last few surges of cum.At the same time, Robbie doubled over Moni’s back and shot his load in her cunt, which was visibly quaking in Moni’s second orgasm. Robbie backed out, and I again had a brief view of Moni’s gaping pussy. Everything was wet, and her swollen, pink folds were protruding hugely in front of her slit.I had never seen her like this. It was as if her pussy was simply overflowing. It was impossible to imagine that everything I could see had been neatly hidden inside that little slit just half an hour before. The guy who was called “Beavis” by his friends climbed onto the table and jammed his cock into my wife, and I watched her start working her hips so that Beavis just knelt there watching Moni’s cunt slide up and down his dick. She was in a frenzy, and one of the guys up front shot a stream of cum in the air. It landed in her hair and on her back; and as she continued jacking him off, he shot streams into her face and on her neck. She had already brought four guys off. Five if you count the guy who shot his load while just watching.The guy straddling Carl was coming, and Moni was sucking and gulping his cum. Her pussy contracted in her third orgasm, and that brought Beavis to a quick end, as he pumped a huge load deep into her overflowing cunt. She was so wide open that Beavis just sort of fell out, while still hard. Meanwhile, Carl had worked his way further under Moni so that he could suck her breasts and grope her pussy. I watched him slide a finger up and down her hot pink racing stripe. The one guy (other than me) who still hadn’t come took his turn in front of Moni, and she swallowed his dick as if she were starving. Carl slipped a finger into Moni, pulled it back out and inserted two. I could see him move his fingers around inside my wife, and work a third finger in. Moni was squirming her hips around, trying to get the most of what was happening. She spread her knees further apart on the table and sucked in her abdomen, trying to open herself still wider.At the same time, Moni was stroking-off the guy up front while teasing the head of his dick with her tongue. His load caught Moni full in the face on the first shot. As it ran down her chin onto her chest, Carl had to dodge his friend’s cum as it dripped from her. He turned her around above himself so that she was straddling his chest. He ran his hands up and down the insides of her thighs and over her pussy, and he again started sliding his fingers in out of her hole. He had a hard-on again, and Moni was leaning down to drag her breasts against it when she and I made eye contact for the first time since Carl had first grabbed her hair. There was an instant of anxiety as each of us wondered what the other was thinking, then my wife motioned for me to come to her. I got up and stood in front of her at the edge of the table. She grabbed my face and pulled me to her and gave me a deep kiss, wet with the cum of four or five other guys. As odd is it sounds, there was something incredibly exciting about it.With some frenetic help from Moni, I pulled my shorts and t-shirt off. My lovely, delicate wife let out a loud groan as Carl forced his fingers into her cunt.She wiggled her hips around as if to better accommodate what was inside her. She coaxed me up onto the table where she could get her mouth on my dick. She sucked hard, and I fucked her mouth with complete abandon. At some point, Carl pulled his fingers out and slid up beneath Moni until she could sit down on his dick, while she was still sucking on mine. I was holding her tits, and someone else was massaging her clit. A huge orgasm rattled her body, and for several moments she was frozen, quivering from head to toe. Then she started rocking slowly on Carl’s dick, while holding onto me by the hips and pulling me into her mouth. I was starting to come and wanted to hold back, but she wouldn’t let me. Relentlessly, she moved her mouth up and down my dick, sucking hard until I broke loose and gushed cum into her throat. She dropped her hands from me while still sucking my last spurts. I was holding her shoulders, trying to catch my breath.Bodies were close on both sides of me, and once again Moni was jerking off two more guys. When she knew I was finished, she released my dick and again found my mouth with hers, still half filled with my cum. She kissed me long and deep, and I found myself gulping my own cum from her mouth and swallowing it. Carl was coming inside her, and Moni was furiously hammering the guys next to me. When she broke the kiss, she looked straight into my eyes for a long moment, then closed hers and sat up straight and pressed herself clear down as Carl expended himself. Cum was flowing out of Moni and dripping down over the matted hair on Carl’s balls.I backed off the table and let Moni rus escort van pull the two guys together in front of her, and she was rubbing their dicks together and trying to suck them both at once. Well, her cunt could have opened wide enough, but her mouth couldn’t, so she just went from one to the other and back. When she finally lifted herself off of Carl, his dick was soft and he slid out from beneath her. Someone had brought some beers over from the other campsite, and Carl grabbed one and cast a malicious grin at me.The table was smeared with cum, and I wondered irrationally how many people would set out their dinner there without knowing what had caused the stains. I reached up and wiped a river of cum from Moni’s leg with my bare hand, and added it to the mess on the table. I did it again to her other leg, while one of the guys up front shot a stream that went over Moni’s head and landed on her back. I wiped cum from my wife’s cunt, and felt her press hard against my fingers, which slipped with remarkable ease into her distended hole. After a minute of mouth fucking, that guy was ready to explode when Moni grabbed his dick and finished him by hand. She aimed him down at her breasts and let him empty himself on them. He rubbed his cum around her nipples and all over her breasts, then he stepped out of the way and let someone else take his place. The jerk-off guy shot his load right over Moni’s shoulder onto my chest.I was still hard inside my wife, and she was rocking hard and fast, but I wasn’t coming. She was, though, and she clamped her cunt tightly shut on my dick while she shook and trembled for several more moments. I started thrusting my hips, and she lifted off just enough to let me move, while she started sucking the guy who was standing in front of her with his hands on her head. There were four or five of the cowboys now sitting around drinking beer and laughing, now just happy spectators. A guy was licking Moni’s tits, and she coaxed him to a position where she could reach his dick. I could feel things starting to build up in my own, so I pulled Moni down and got as far into her as I could. I held it back, savoring the moment. It built up, and it was getting harder to hold it back. The slurping sound I could hear told me that Moni was finishing off the standing guy; and when he stepped down, the jerk-off, tit-licking guy moved over in front of my wife. He sat on the table in front of her and leaned back until his head hung over the table. Moni bent over and closed her mouth over the guy’s hard-on. She gave me two or three hard pumps with her cunt, and I exploded inside her. She pumped up and down, thoroughly draining me, and kept pumping until I simply fell out. She immediately moved up and dropped her pussy onto the jerk-off guy.She started rocking her hips, and I knelt behind her to reach around and cup her breasts, which were bouncing and jiggling as she rocked faster and faster. Her hands went up into her hair, and she tilted her head back with eyes closed. Then there was another guy standing in front of her, touching a fresh hard-on against her lips. She parted her lips and let him start fucking her mouth, while she fucked the jerk-off guy and I held her slippery, cum-covered breasts and kissed the back of her neck. The guy on the bottom came first, and moments later the stand-up guy blew his load; and Moni was again seized by spasms of an orgasm. And I had another hard-on! In my life, I had never, ever gone for a three-peat. Moni could feel me rubbing against her back, and when the one guy stepped off the table, she lifted her pussy off the limp remains of the jerk-off guy and bent forward to present her hole to me. As I slipped in, I felt a gush of cum forced out.This time I didn’t make any attempt to hold back. I pounded in as if I was trying to win a race. It was just Moni and me, and the spectators were cheering us on. When jerk-off was out of the way, she bent all the way forward until her cheek was in a puddle of cum on the table, and she let me slam it home. Clear in and clear out, with each thrust I was pushing air into her cunt, and as I bottomed out the air would be forced out with obscene wet farting noises. The cowboys laughed and cheered and gulped their beer. It didn’t take long for me to come. Whatever feeble amount of cum left in me was transferred to Moni’s swimming cunt. She too, collapsed into a weak, exhausted orgasm. Someone handed me a beer, and I shared it with Moni, both of us sitting in the puddles on the table. Moni’s puddle continued to grow, but her enlarged pink folds began to recede back into her crack.The cowboys chatted, mostly to each other, for a short while; then gathered up their s**ttered clothing, and prepared to go back to their own campsite. Carl raised his beer in a toast, and others joined. I raised mine, and Moni smiled and bowed in acknowledgment. She had just fucked and sucked the daylights out of nine guys, bringing off each of us at least twice. I stopped trying to keep track. She was a cum-covered mess, and yet was somehow the most desirable woman I had ever seen. We took towels and walked down to the ice-cold river and waded into a little pool. We washed and shampooed, ignoring the soapy harm we were doing to the river. When we got out of the water, my dick and balls were so shriveled that I might have been mistaken for a woman if I’d had tits.At last, in our tent, I lay back, ready to fall asleep. It was still too warm to get into the sleeping bag, and Moni lay naked on my chest. Her hand covered my crotch, adding welcome warmth. I lay there letting her squeeze and fondle my dick, coaxing it back to life. Then she started licking and sucking. She was slow and deliberate, but I was simply used up. She still had me in her mouth when we both fell asleep.

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