Mature white wife in workout room


Mature white wife in workout roomI recently had a weekend layover near Gainseville FL and was spending it at a local hotel. That Sunday morning after breakfast I went to the workout room and was working out on the weight machine. There was no one else in there so I took of my t-shirt and just had on a loose pair of shorts. In a few minutes a middle aged white lady came in. I grabbed my shirt and started to put it back on she grinned and said not to mind her she liked a little ” eye candy”. I went ahead with my workout and she got on the tread mill. he just had on a tank top and shorts and I couldn’t help but watch the bounce of her ass cheeks. I told her I hoped she didn’t think I was being vulgar but there was an old saying where I came from, something about to bobcats in a gunny sack. She laughed and told me I was supposed to working out and not noticing and old married lady like her. I told her I couldn’t help myself. I get turned on by mature white women. She said “oh yeah” and gave me a big grin. She said told me I should be ashamed, she was probably old artvin rus escort enough to be my mother. I told her she sure didn’t look like my mother and it was hard to work out like this and let her see the bulge in my shorts. She gasped and said OMG I can see why and she hoped she didn’t do that to me. I told her I was afraid she did and she needed to take care of it for me. She said she couldn’t do that she was a married woman. I asked her how old her husband was and she said 60. I told her I had a lot of couples in her age group and the husband liked for me to take care of their wives for them. She looked at the bulge in my shorts again and said she could understand why the wives would like that. I told her I bet her husband wasn’t doing it for her anymore either was he? She said god no, he wasn’t even interested anymore. I asked her if she wanted to come up to my room and she said she couldn’t be gone that long. The door was open to the rest room it was large and clean and had a lock on the door. She said I know artvin rus escort bayan I shouldn’t be doing this but that looks so inviting and she reached down and gave it a squeeze. We went in the restroom and I locked the door behind us. I pulled down my shorts and my dick sprung straight out and she gasped OMG, I have never seen anything like that before, I don’t think I can take that. I told her I would be gentle and I would stop if I was hurting her. I started undressing her and she was squeezing and stroking my cock and was saying she couldn’t believe she was doing this.I started sucking her titties and reached down and rubbed her pussy, she was breathing hard and her pussy was getting wet and she said she couldn’t help it, it had been so long and never like this. I asked her if she had ever had a black man and she said “oh god no”. I told her I knew she was going to enjoy this, then. I sat her up on the edge of the lavatory and spread her legs and told her I knew she was going to want to see this going in her. rus escort artvin I got between her white thighs and took the head of it and rubbed it up and down her slit. She shuddered and said oh god it has been so long don’t tease me and I pushed the head up in her. She was looking down and moaned “oh god” when I entered her. I started working more and more in with each stroke, I said “you like having this young black dick in you don’t you?” and she just moaned and nodded her head and said yes she couldn’t help it. I had all but about 2″ of it up in her and cold feel I was hitting the back of her cervix and she was moaning “oh god you are making me cuuuum.” I said “you like cumming on my big black dick don’t you?” She said “stop talking to me like that, you’re making me cum even more.” I asked her if she wanted me to shoot mine in her? She said she didn’t care, that she was too old to get pregnant. I told her I loved cumming in married white women. She told me to give it to her and I shot her married white pussy full of potent black seed.I pulled out of her and she grabbed some toilet paper and I told her not to clean up and wouldn’t it turn her on to go back to her husband with her pussy full of a black man’s cum. She just grinned and for the first time kissed me as she started putting on her panties and knew the crotch would be soaked by the time she got back up to her room.

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