Me and Jan


Me and Jan by StarDust

This is one of my oldest pieces, so pardon me if the styling is a bit clumsy.

My mother helped me to climb the few steps to the front door of Jan’s parents house.

“OK, thanks, Mum! You can go now, I will manage the rest by myself,” I said to her.

She wasn’t very happy to leave me standing there all alone, but she obliged eventually. She kissed me good-bye and returned to the car. I watched her leaving.

I didn’t tell her the truth. I told her that we had a party at Jan’s house that evening, and that there would be other girls as well. But it was a lie. No party, no other girls and friends – just me and Jan this evening. Of course, I could not tell this to her.

I turned towards the door and since I had no arms at all (not even smallest stumps of them) I used my nose to ring the bell. A moment of hesitation and then Jan opened the door. I stepped carefully in.

“Hi darling!” said Jan in happy voice and hugged me sincerely.

There wasn’t a way I could really return a hug. Feeling the firm support of his arms around my back and shoulders, I shifted my weight to the left on my full leg prosthesis. Then I raised my right knee with the short prosthesis attached to it and rubbed clumsily Jan’s side with my thigh. We kissed passionately.

“Come on in, honey,” said Jan and loosened his hug.

I put my half-artificial right leg back on the ground and with his hand on my back for support I started my slow walking towards his living room. He walked very close by my side, and as my body swayed sideways in the process I felt his chest touching my armless shoulder occasionally.

When we reached a large sofa in the living room, I turned around and let him help me sit.

“Have you brought your swim suit?” he asked as he probably noticed I had no bag with me.

“Oh yes, my Mum has already put it on me,” I assured him.

“Great!” Jan shouted happily. “Let’s take a round of swim then!”

“Wait a second,” I calmed down his enthusiasm. “You will have to help me get undressed first.”

“No problem, honey! Just say what to do,” he said.

“Help me stand up again, please,” I asked.

He grabbed me by my waist and lifted me up. Once standing on my prostheses again, he helped me to steady myself.

“Now, unbutton my jeans, please,” I gave him the next instruction.

He knelt in front of me and unbuttoned all buttons on front of my jeans. Then he started to pull them down over my buttock. My small bikini pants came into view just a few centimeters from his face. I shivered.

He didn’t seem to notice and continued pulling my jeans further down. The hard plastic bucket of my left leg prosthesis emerged from them. This apparently attracted the attention of his technical brain. He inspected it with interest. Then he got back to pulling my jeans off of me and continued below my knees. Another piece of plastic emerged. This was the top of the prosthesis on my right leg.

“That’s enough,” I said. “Let me sit back again.”

He didn’t stand up. He just shifted to my right side and still kneeling beside me he put his left hand under my buttocks. I literally sat on it and let him slowly lower me on the cushions. He then pulled his hand from under me. It was really an intimate way how to help me sit, and I must admit I enjoyed it much.

“Now, just grab this leg firmly and pull out,” I said when I stretched my below-knee prosthesis in front of me.

Jan took it into his hands, hesitated for a second and then pulled it firmly away from the remnants of my right leg. My below-knee stump flailed in the air. I wore a thick white stump sock on it.

“Please, remove the stump sock from it,” I said in a husky voice.

I was trembling all over my body. This was the first time he was about to see one of my stumps. In the school and on those few dates we already had, I always wore my prosthesis. I hoped I looked more ‘normal’ with them. I was pretty sure the view of my scared stumps would repulse any lover I might ever have. Now, that was going to be proved.

Jan gently rolled the stump sock off my stump. He then took the remnants of my right leg into his hands and looked at it with interest. He caressed the scared skin and massaged the flesh under it. The touch of his palms on my stump was surprisingly wonderful.

He caressed my below-knee stump once again and then turned attention to my left leg. “What should I do with this one, honey?” he asked.

I leaned to the right and raised my left plastic leg up a bit. Jan was sensible enough to take a hold of it to help me keep the balance.

“Release the suction valve at the bottom of the bucket and then pull the whole leg off as you have done with the other one,” I instructed.

He did as he was told. It took him no time to find out how to release the valve. Then he hooked his fingers expertly over the edge of the bucket and pulled. I heard the well-known sound, as the skin of my stump slipped over the smooth tight plastic of the bucket.

I sat up straight again while Jan put my artificial legs with jeans çorum escort still around stiff ankles away. “Oh, it’s nice to have these heavy and hot things off again,” I sighed with relief. “Would you be so kind and massage the stump for me? This one hurts much more than the other one,” I pleaded.

“Here we go,” exclaimed Jan and took the round remnant of my thigh in his hands. He started to caress and rub it gently.

“Use more pressure!” I commanded him. “You should relieve the tension from it. Don’t hesitate to dig your fingers in it.”

Jan started to knead the soft flesh of my abbreviated left leg with more effort. He alternated long slow motions with small circular ones, he paid extra attention to its scared tip and to the strip of hardened skin just above the place where the bucket ended.

I think I moaned with pleasure. It was different from any massage I had been given in the hospital or rehab center. And it was definitely different from the massage my Mum used to give me. Jan even lifted the stump with one hand and massaged the back side of it with the other.

“That was great, Jan, really. Thank you a lot,” I said to him when I felt the tension in my shortened thigh was gone finally.

“My pleasure, darling. I could do that for you all my life, believe me,” he smiled broadly at me.

“I take it as a promise,” I laughed back. “Now, let’s get rid of this nice T-shirt of me,” I suggested teasingly.

Jan stood up and leaned over me. He grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it carefully up over my head. Almost all of my T-shirts have the arm holes sewn closed, hiding the places where my arms once have been from the stares. Now, they were fully displayed to Jan’s view.

I shivered again. I swayed my fairly big orbs covered only by my small bikini top to turn his attention to them. I was quite proud of my breasts. Well, they were probably the only part of me I could be proud of.

But Jan could not take off his wide opened eyes from my shoulders. He touched the scars with shaking fingers, then caressed the nubs on both sides with his hands and finally kissed them with his hot lips.

I didn’t protest at all. The sensations caused by his kisses on the places where my arms should be were overwhelming me. I didn’t expect them to be so strong. They were sending me right to the heavens.

“Are you ready to go to the pool, darling?” asked Jan, suddenly stopping the kissing of my shoulders. It took me a couple of seconds to get back to Earth.

“Yes, I am,” I acknowledged. “But now that I cannot walk anymore you will have to carry me there.”

“I shall be glad to do that,” said Jan and leaned over me from the right side. He put one of his arms under my full thigh and grasped the stump of my left thigh with his fingers. His other arm went around my back, and he easily lifted me up in the air.

I cuddled in his strong arms. Many people had carried me before, but it was never so sensuous as this time. I felt safe on his wide chest.

With me in his arms, Jan walked to the back of the house. We entered a large room with one wall made completely of glass. I could see the nice garden behind the house through it. The average sized pool was right in the middle of the room. Jan lowered me gently on one of the deckchairs placed around the pool.

“Just give me a minute,” he said and disappeared in the house. Soon he was back wearing swimming trunks and carrying several neatly folded soft towels. He spread one of them near the pool, put the others aside and then came to me.

“I’m ready as well now,” he said and took me into his arms again. This time he lowered me gently on the towel spread by the pool.

He then jumped into the water and swam back to the place where I was waiting. He approached me from the left and standing in the pool he put one arm around my waist and the other under my thighs. My stump was just long enough to rest its tip on Jan’s forearm.

Jan lifted me up a couple of centimeters and lowered me into the water. As my buttocks touched the water, I could feel like if I was losing my weight. Still holding me safely in his arms, he let me sink until the water reached my chin.

“Can you swim?” he asked.

“Not much, to be honest,” I said. “But I like the feel of water, especially when I’m held by a beautiful young boy,” I added with a smile.

He walked with me into the middle of the pool and then let me slip out of his arms. I straightened my back and leaned my head backwards. I was floating on the water.

From time to time I could feel his gentle touch on different parts of my maimed body as he steered me around. I even tried to propel myself with the remnants of my legs, but it was not a big success. “Hold me up again,” I asked Jan after several minutes of my swimming.

He came to me from the side and wanted to take me in his arms again.

“No, no…” I stopped him quickly. “Hold me from the front. I want to face you,” I asked and spread my stumps wide for him.

He stepped between them and put his hands on my sides. He denizli escort lifted my upper body slowly from the water and pulled me close to him. I wrapped my longer right leg around him as best as I could. The blunt stump of my left thigh just patted his side uselessly.

He moved his hands on my back and held me tight. My breasts were pressed hard against his chest. We started to kiss again. I enjoyed every second of it, every centimeter of my skin that came into touch with his body, every single kiss we made.

“Are you r,eady to get out?” he asked finally.

“Only if you promise we will continue there,” I answered teasingly.

“We shall see,” he teased me back.

Then he walked in the water toward the edge of the pool where he had spread the towel. He shifted his hands to my waist and I unwrapped my incomplete leg from around him.

He then lifted me from the water powerfully and sat me on the towel a bit more abruptly than I expected. Then he helped me to turn around to be able to stretch the remnants of my legs on the towel as well. He made sure that I was sitting balanced and pulled himself from the water.

He took one of the fresh towels and came to me. He knelt down on one knee and started to towel my armless shoulders dry. Then he continued on my back and once finished there he started to wipe my front.

He was kneeling behind me and his hands went around each side of my rib cage to the front of me. It looked almost as if I had my arms back. I wished I had them back to be able to dry him in return.

I decided to suppress the black thoughts and rather focus on the current feelings which were very pleasant. Jan toweled the upper part of my breasts and then moved to my armless shoulders. He paid a lot of attention to dry every crease he could find there. I was in heaven again.

He switched to my stomach. Then he held me with one arm while dried me with the other. Then he exchanged the arms. I could feel his chest pressed on my back, his head leaned over my shoulder.

“Now let me dry your stumps,” he said lovingly when he finished with my torso. I raised my abbreviated left thigh to make a better access to it for him.

“No, not here,” he said still kneeling behind me. “Let me get you on one of the chairs.” He stood up and went to the nearest deckchair. Then he raised its back to the upright position leaving the prolonged seat flat. Then he fetched a fresh towel and spread it carefully on the chair.

He returned back to me and picked me up in his strong arms. He carried me to the prepared chair and seated me gently on it. Then he helped me to a better position with my back resting on the reclined part of the chair.

Jan sat on the seat of the chair just in front of my shortened lower extremities. He was facing me with his legs on each side of the chair. I raised my longer right leg for him, and he shifted a bit closer to me. He wrapped the stump of my lower leg in the towel and started to rub it through the soft fabric. He massaged the cut muscles in the bottom part of it and traced the remnant of the bone hidden in the upper part. I enjoyed his tenderness very much. Finally he unwrapped my now dry stump and brought his lips to it. He kissed me straight on it, he even licked the pointy tip of it.

Suddenly I was about to cry, but I managed to fight it back.

Jan then took my leg by the back side of the knee and started to towel the upper part of my only full thigh. When I bent my knee I was able to touch the back of his hand.

He thoroughly dried also the right side of my thigh and then moved my leg a bit more upright and sideways. He started to towel the inner and bottom part of the thigh. Having his arm on the inner side of my thigh just couple of centimeters from my groin drove me crazy.

He then lowered my leg and let it rest across his left thigh. He shifted a bit more towards me and lifted the stump of my left leg. I rose it completely upright for him.

He again wrapped the stump into the towel and started to rub it through the fabric. His hands traveled all over it feeling the nice round shape of it. He kneaded the soft tip of my thigh stump and massaged it all the way to my hip.

Then the thought of him kissing it the same way as he had kissed my other stump came suddenly into my mind. I started to get really aroused.

And he did it. He unwrapped my stump, put the towel away and took my shortened thigh in both his hands. He leaned deeply and kissed its tip. His hot mouth on the bare skin of my stump felt wonderful.

Then he started to lick the scars I had there. His hands were almost unnoticeably slipping down my stump to the line where it connected to my hip. I realized my breath deepened.

Suddenly Jan stopped kissing and licking my stump and patted it friendly. “OK, girl, I think I have dried you completely, now it’s time to dry myself,” he said and reached for the next fresh towel.

I didn’t want him to stop, not now when I was enjoying it most. “Hey, that’s not true, boy,” I exclaimed. “I’m still wet under my bikini, diyarbakır escort and I’m afraid I might get cold there. Would you be so kind and dry me also under them?”

“Oh, honey, I forgot! I’m sorry, darling. Of course, I will do that for you,” he looked almost seriously. He reached for my shoulders and helped me to the upright position with my thighs resting on him. He shifted himself another bit closer to me and suddenly I could feel something touching me right in between of my raised thighs.

I looked down and noticed a big bulge inside his trunks. The wet fabric clinched around it and left nothing for imagination. The front part of the bulge was pressed into my groin.

I was happy to see I was not the only person here who had got aroused. I kissed him happily on the cheek.

Jan’s hands were on my back working on the straps of the bikini top. Finally I felt my breasts losing the support of the bra. They dropped only a little by their own weight.

Jan tossed away the free piece of my swimming suit. Then he grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me back slightly to enlarge the gap between our upper bodies. He took the towel into his right hand and started to dry my left breast while holding me by my left shoulder with his other hand.

I felt him squeezing my armless shoulder and playing with my breast.

He dried the underneath of it pushing the milky orb upward several times. Then he toweled its entire surface thoroughly and finally circled his towel-clad finger around the nipple. The nipple reacted immediately and rose up to his attention. He took it between his thumb and finger and pinched it gently. I closed my eyes and moaned with delight as he kneaded my soft breast leaving the hard nipple trapped under his palm.

Then he exchanged hands. His right one took hold of my left shoulder while the other started to dry my right breast. He squeezed it gently and twisted the already erected nipple.

I was panting hard. When I felt he had stopped his caressing I opened my eyes. I found him gaze at my breasts.

“Oh, girl, you really are beautiful,” he said.

I arched my back and stuck my chest forward for a better view. My hard pink nipples protruding like small antennas. “Do you really mean it?” I asked.

“Definitely!” he exclaimed. “Every bit of your body is beautiful, and the more I explore of you the more I like what I find. I love you, baby,” he said. He pulled me closer to him and hugged me tightly. My full breasts pressed on his chest with hard nipples crushed between our bodies. The bulge in his trunks must had become even bigger as I could felt much more pressure down in my groin.

I wanted him so badly. “Please, lower me back, honey,” I whispered into his ear.

He obliged after he had kissed me briefly.

Once leaned on the back of the chair again I pressed my armless shoulders into it firmly. Then I pushed with my right thigh on his leg and managed to lift my ass couple of centimeters above the seat.

Jan got it and started to pull down my wet bikini pants quickly. When he managed to pull them over my buttocks I loosened the pressure of my thigh and shoulders and lowered my now naked ass back on the seat. The bulge in Jan’s trunks brushed against my groin in the process and I almost came right on the spot. I sighed loudly. Then Jan moved further from me and slipped the bikini pants from my thigh stump. I raised my other leg upward for him to slip the pants from it as well. He tossed the last piece of my swimming underwear to its partner.

I looked down on the bush of thick hairs above my hot pussy and noticed it was glistening with moisture. I could not tell whether it was the water or my love juices. I guessed it was a mixture of both. Jan took the towel in his hand and started to pat my wet pubic hairs. Loose ends and folds of the towel brushed over my labia slightly. I wanted him to touch me there badly but he took his time. He grabbed my outstretched longer right leg under the knee and pulled me up. I had to take most of my weight on my shoulders again. Then he pushed his hand under my buttocks and dried them off. Finally he lowered me back and wiped me right between my legs.

I started to shake, but Jan stopped touching me down there. I felt disappointed. I watched him move away from me, towards the end of the long seat. I spread the pitiful remnants of my legs to get a better view of what he was doing. He sat almost at the edge of the seat and leaned forward. He braced himself on elbows of his arms, grabbed me by my buttocks and lowered his head over my pubic area.

‘Oh my god!’ I said to myself as I realized what he was about to do. I started to pant heavily again just from the thought of it.

He turned his head to the right and kissed the inner part of my left thigh stump. I felt him even bite me there. Then he started to lick the line where my hip and stump were connected, occasionally slipping little bit to the left and to the right of the line.

I started to shake again. The feeling he produced in me that way was terrific. Having his face so close to my pussy and not feeling him touch me there was driving me out of my mind. He must have felt what was happening with me, because he finally stopped teasing me and got into the action. I felt him press his face onto my pubic area and bring his mouth directly to my pussy.

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