ME Fuck By Three Guys

ME Fuck By Three Guys

This is a story of a girl who is 19 year old and who is a virgin. Her name is Gitika and she live in Delhi she have a really good body which is 32-26-32 she is fear and is from a rich family her family is very broad minded so she is allowed to wear short cloths.

She has a boy friend that is an average looking guy and is not atoll series with her his name is Ravi and he is from a rich business family. he always wants her in his bed but she never gave him chance but one day he had his luck and he did a very dirty thing.

He called her to hang out as it was a rainy Wednesday so he brought his car to his house and when she came out his penis started to jump, she was wearing a pink tub top and a short black skirt she was looking too horny that anyone would spend 1000s of Rs to fuck her. but Ravi had a dirty plan in his mind.

They started there day while driving Ravi was trying to turn her on but she was not interested in any physical activity with him but he kept on trying. When they stopped at a signal which was a long one Ravi placed his hand on Gitika the and started to rub it gently and this time Gitika reacted positively and started to enjoy it.

Ravi then placed his other hand on his solder and gave her a long smooch and while kissing her he entered his hand inside her skirt and placed it on her underwear then she again reacted and kissed him and placed her hand on her dick and started licking his tongue. Ravi got to know that is plan have succeeded and his lucky day is today.

So he then derived again and Gitika placed her hand on his dick and started to rub it and Ravi could not resist it and was getting restless. Now Gitika could feel his 7’ dick which wanted to come out. Gitika was also getting wet and wanted him to fuck her hard as she was a virgin so she wanted to remove that tag.

Gitika asked Ravi ‘’Ravi aj museum itna ache hay to kahi Aram se bhat te hai’’

Ravi said ’’kyu na hum mari factory chale wha ek rest room hai or aj koi bhi nahi hoga kyu ki aj factory band hai’’

Gitika agreed in one time and they both reached there. when they opened the door to enter Ravi noticed that his 3 worker were in the factory and when they saw Gitika their eyes were about to come out they were like reedy to fuck her at any cost but they were helpless as they know that they can’t even touch her in there dreams . Gitika was getting un comfortable by the way they were cheeking her out.

Then Ravi asked them ‘’ki tum log kya kar rahe ho yha’’

They replied ‘’ki shab hmari chuti cancel hai’’

Those three workers were around 22-23 years old, ugly and tall muscular guys. Their names were shamu, Ramu and Hera.

Then they both moved towards the room which was on the roof. The room was clean and well furnished it was a rest room with a bed in it which was used by rave’s father during his late hours of work.

Ravi got closer to her and kissed her on her shoulder which was open due to her tube top he kissed and liked her and she was getting excited and was doing aaahhhhhh yyyyyeess ccccccooommmeeeeeoon aahhhaaa. She was Moring louder and louder.

Then Ravi inserted his hand inside her top and he then removed her top and started kissing her on his upper Brest by this time she got so excited that she opened her skirt and layed on the bed and asked rave ‘’ki aj muje chud do mere sath jo kar na hai wo karo ‘’ hearing this Ravi got his green signal and he opened her underwear and started to lick

Her cunt which had a trimmed hears on it he entered his tong in her wet pussy and she started to enjoy it and she made sounds out of joy aaaaaaaaaa oooooohhhaaa by hearing this Ravi increased his speed and her juice started to come out in a large quantity.

Then she asked Ravi to come out of his clothes and Ravi did that and she grabbed his 7’’ dick in her hand and started to lick it she took it hole in her mouth like a profesnal hore after 5min she asked him again to lick her pussy till now her pussy was already wet like a water tap. Gitika layed on bed and opened legs as wide as she could then

Ravi started to lick her as fast as he could she grabbed his head towards her pussy and started to make sounds yyysssss aaaaahhhhaaaa oooaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssss cccoomeeennaaaaa hhhhaaaaa, Then she grabbed his both hand and opened her bra and placed his hands on his both boobs and then started to press her boobs with him.

After 20min Ravi got up and placed his dick in her mouth and she started to lick it and gave him a nice blow job for 10-15min. Then after 5min rest Ravi placed his dick on her pussy and started to pump it slowly she started to scream out of pain aaahhhhaaaooooohhaaaaaaaaa, She asked him to stop but Ravi said ‘‘kyu Sali abhi to maja a rha tha ab nahi chorun ga’’

He started to pump faster and blood came out from her pussy and she shouted aaaahhhhhhnnnnaaaahhiiiiiii. Then he stopped after 10min, Gitika got sum rest and her pain got vanished and she wanted Ravi to do it again

She said ‘’ Ravi chod do muje aj’’

Then Ravi got up and again started to pump her but this time she also reacted and enjoyed she pumped back in cooperation they did it for an hour and then Ravi placed his dick on her mouth and cumed in her mouth and she gulped it hole. But she was not satisfied yet she wanted more but Ravi was not interested as he had to go to a mirage but she wanted to have more fucking.

And suddenly they heard sound from outside the room it was Ramu, shamu and Hera how were watching it from the beginning then Ravi got a plan in his mined he asked Gitika to call her parents and say that she will come back tomorrow morning Gitika thought that he will fuck her for whole day and night she called and did that.

Then Ravi took her cell phone and switched it off and placed it in his pocket then he said ‘’ ki mai to ja rha ho or mai kal aun ga ‘’Hearing this Gitika was in shock and asked him ‘’ ki tum ne muje kyu kha ki ghar kal ja na’’ Hearing this he replied ‘’ki tuje chud na hai na to tu aj sari rat chud ’’

Hearing this she got shock and Ravi went out and meen while she again got in her clothes. Ravi asked his three worker ‘’ki aj rat is k sath jo karna hai kro aj ye tumhari randi hai per aram se kar na ‘’ Hearing this they got so happy that as if they have touched moon. They three entered the room with lust they were already topples so when Gitika saw them she got afraid.

Ramu said’’ki tuje asli chudai ab dikhaen ge’’Then sham said ‘’sali mun kar rha hai ki tuje apne pas hi hmesha k liye rakh lun mger bina kapro ke’’Then Hera said ’’are aj to ye hmari hai is ke kapre otar lo’’

Gitika was shocked and was confused what to do, one side of her mined she wanted fucking but she was afraid of being ****d by these workers but she had no choice to just let it go what was just going to begin.

Then they went to bring sum alcohol, when they come back Gitika was nerves and scared so to relax her they offered her sum but she refused to have, so sham got up and forced her to drink, it was a local whiskey.

When she saw sham she drank it whole as she was afraid to get beaten up. Then after that drink Hera told her ‘’dhek aj rat ke liye tu hmari randi hai to hume tuje marne pitne pe mujbur mut kar or chup chap jo bole wo kar’’

Gitika dint knew what to do she wondered that she is a dam sexy girl from a rich family who is now gona be rubbed by workers of around 22-23year old, she out of fear and as she knew she have to do whatever they want, she said ‘’ ki thik hai lakin tum log aram se karoge jo kar na hai’’

With this they all became so happy as if they had got a treasure. Then to get comfortable with her they asked her to come closer to them she moved forward to Ramu and sat on his lap facing towards him and he kissed her lips deeply at first she dint liked it but soon she started to respond him and then she did the same with other 2 guys.

After 15 min they asked her to strip herself she 1st removed her skirt and then she removed her top their eyes were about to come out by looking the beauty which was there in front of them, as she was about to remove her bra and underwear they stopped her and asked her to come and strip them first.

They were sitting on the sofa in the room so she went there and removed their pants one by one and then the underwear as they were already top less so they got up and asked her to lick their 8’’ heary ugly dick, she first took ramu’s dick in her mouth and started to pump and mean while shamu and

Hera were rubbing her back which she was enjoying very much then after sum time she was dragged by Hera and he placed her dick in her mouth and she began to suck it and Ramu removed her panty and started to rube her ass and then she sucked Shamus’s dick and Hera opened her bra but it was still on her as it was not yet removed.

Then after a while she was completely ready to get hard fucking so they made her lie on bed and she removed her bra and her 32’’ boobs fell out, their eyes came out to see her big boobs with pink nipples she then started to press them, then they poured whiskey on her boobs and pussy then Ramu and Shamu grabbed her boobs and Hera started to lick her pussy Ramu and Shamu then started to lick her nipples.

She got so excited that she started to make sound aaaahhhaaaa okkkrrrrrrrrooooooooaahhhaaaaaa she grabbed their heads and wided her legs and started to pump to help Hera. By this Ramu said ‘’dhek Sali randi ko kitna muja arha hai’’ then after 20min Ramu asked her’’ ki ab tuje hum tere sare holes mai chodn gai, hearing this Gitika got afraid and said’’ ki aj mai phlibar chud rahi hun teeno ko ek sath nahi le paun gi’’

Hearing this they started smiling and said ‘’ ki koi bat nahi wo hmara kam hai tu bus wo kar jo kahe’’ They got sum oil which they poured on her ass hole and pussy after applying that oil she started to feel hot in her body and she started to enjoy that feeling and asked them ‘’ki muje ab chod do and she kissed Hera’s lips.

Then they asked her to get up and Ramu layed on bed and asked her to lay on him then Gitika layed on him facing the sealing he placed his dick on her ass hole and started to pump her she started to feel pain and she made sounds aaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa nnnnhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

But after few pumps her pain vanished and she started to enjoy it and she started to pump herself and started to rub her boobs out of joy then Hera came on bed and placed her dick on her pussy and started to pump her hard and Shamu placed his dick on her mouth and she started to suck it, now she was been pumped in her all holes and she was also pumping

Herself they frequently changed their positions one by one and Gitika was getting tired of this hard pumping but after 30min they told her to get up and lay on bed with wide legs she was too tired but she did it and then Ramu came and pushed his dick in her pussy and cumed inside her she could feel the hot cum in her but she enjoyed it and then Shamu and Hera one by one cumed in her and she enjoyed it very much.

Then Gitika got up and started to suck there dick one by one. It was 1 in night and they were to exposited so they sat on bed and started to drink whiskey Gitika too joined them. After 30min they slept and Gitika also slept, she was sleeping on the bed with Ramu and Shamu.

Suddenly around 6 in morning Gitika got up and she saw whiskey bottle, she went and started to drink she know that she had to levee within few hours as at 8 the factory starts working there will be more people so she thought of been fucked one last time so she went to Hera who was sleeping on the sofa.

Gitika went close to him but he was in sleep so she started to suck his dick and after few seconds he woke up and said ‘’ki Sali randi sone de thore dear mai tuje tere ghar chor aun ga’’She replied ‘’ki tab hi to ek akhri bar chudna chati hon, pta nahi fhir kub moka mile ga’’

Hearing this he also thought the same and he woke up for a last fuck before her farwel. She sucks his cock for 10min and then she sits on his dick and starts pumping her body on it, after 20 min Hera pushed her on the sofa and she wided her legs and welcomed his cock in her pussy and they both starts pump.

After 30min Hera placed his cock in her mouth and filled it with his cum she gulped it whole and kissed his lips. It was around 7:15 so Hera asked to wear her clothes, she got in her clothes and asked Hera to drop her home at this time Ramu and shamu were sleeping so she kissed their lips and dicks and they both left.Hera dropped her nearby her house and left, then Gitika went in and slept as she was tired. I hope you liked this story

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