Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part two


Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part twoThe following week we kept in touch via text message. I was busy on the Friday night with work friends so we didn’t meet up. Amy explained that she was going shopping on Saturday morning, but we arranged to meet on Saturday evening.After a fairly heavy session on the beer on Friday night I woke up on Saturday feeling pretty rough! I managed to get myself out of bed and went down stairs to sit on the sofa and watch crap on TV. I got a call from Amy. She asked how my night went and how I was feeling, etc. We chatted for a bit and she said that she was going to pop round before she went shopping.I had no idea why she was popping round, I wasn’t in a fit state to do much. I was really hoping that she didn’t expect me to go shopping with her! There was a knock at the door. I slowly got up and answered the door. It was Amy. “hi, come in” I said as I turned around and walked back to the sofa”. I sat back down and heard Amy shut the door, she then entered the living room. Although I was feeling hungover I could still appreciate how good she was looking, her hair and makeup were immaculate, she smelt delicious and had I not been feeling so hungover I would have taken her upstairs to bed, however, I was feeling rough! So I just sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Amy dropped her handbag on the floor, walked over to me and stood in front of me (preventing me from watching the TV. Here we go I thought, we aren’t even türbanlı edirne escort seeing each other and she is going to give me shit about watching TV. I guess I can just kick her out and that will be the end of it, I though. “Are you feeling rough” she asked“Yeah” was all I replied.“Awwww, poor you” she said.She didn’t seem pissed off that I wasn’t all over her and that I had a hangover. She slowly moved forward placed her legs either side of mine, she leant down and began to undo my belt, she proceeded to undo my jeans, unzip my fly and then grabbed the waist band of my jeans and boxer shorts and began to pull them down. I raised my arse up off the sofa and allowed her to remove my clothes. She threw them on the floor, then spread my legs and positioned herself between them, she got to her knees and took hold of my cock, by now my cock was semi erect. As soon as she undone my belt I know what she was going to do, but at what price? Would the blow job mean that I would have to go shopping with her? I wasn’t going to ask!Amy lowered her head and opened her soft, wet lips and gently took the head of my knob into her mouth. The whole time she was looking straight up at me with a look of hunger and desire. Like she was desperate to taste my cum again. As her lips enveloped the head of my cock I let out a moan and laid back on the sofa, I placed my head back on the head rest of the sofa, closed türbanlı edirne escort bayan my eyes and enjoyed another amazing blow job! This was definitely Amy’s speciality! She used her hands, tongue, lips and throat in perfect unison to give the best results. Once again she was slurping up and down the shaft, all the way to the base, taking my rock hard 9 inches into her throat with ease, then back up again to the tip. Sucking, licking and teasing my bell end.My arse was on the very edge of the sofa, the heels of my feet pushing into the carpet as I pushed my hips up, trying to inch my cock further into her magical mouth. I raised my head off the back of the sofa, opened my eyes and looked down at Amy, She was looking back at me with her big dark brown eyes. It was so horny! I wanted this feeling to last forever, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Amy was working away at the tip of my cock, twisting her head as she took the head further into her mouth, then twisting her head back again as she bobbed up and down on my cock. All the time she had a firm grip on my shaft with her hand, strumming up and down my rock hard cock. My mouth was side open in amazement. This was sensational!My hands had been on the sofa, but as I neared my climax they found their way on to Amy’s small shoulders. I think she sensed that I was getting close to Cumming, this time she didn’t türbanlı escort edirne delay my pleasure, instead she began to wank my cock faster as she sucked on the tip. WOW! This was amazing, enough to tip me over the edge, I felt my load begin to escape from my balls, it travelled up my shaft. “Oh Amy, I’m going to Cum” I groaned as my hands moved from her shoulder to the back of her head. As my warm, salty juice exploded out of my cock I thrust my arse off the sofa and pulled her head down to the very base of my cock. Spurt after spurt fired down her throat, Amy moaned with pleasure as she swallowed every load. My body was jolting with every spurt. Once the final load of jizz had exited my cock I released my grip from her head, allowed my arse to fall back onto the sofa. Amy followed my cock down, with her lips clamped on my bell end, sucking every last drop out of me. I had to raise my hands back up to her head and gently pull her lips off my bell. Now I had released my seed, my cock end was too sensitive to take anymore. There was a popping noise as her lips finally parted from my throbbing cock.I laid my head back and my whole body relaxed. Amy looked at me with a huge smile. She moved forward on her knees and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Amy got up and walked across the room to where she had dropped her hand bag. She picked her bag up and walked toward the living room door, she turned toward me and said “Right, I’m off to do some shopping, I’ll call you later” She then walked out of the room and out of the house.I remained on the sofa, my breathing had now returned to normal. I was sitting there in amazement at what had just happened. My whole body was physically drained. This blow job now surpassed the previous one to be the best blow job ever! I couldn’t wait for the next encounter!

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