Meeting Master


Meeting MasterMeeting MasterI have always been submissive, and I lived in a town that wasn’t too big. Ihad sometimes found someone to take me, but never more than a night. I haddated some, but all the guys wanted a relationship, none wanted a slave. Iworked at a Denny’s-like restaurant as a waiter. It didn’t give me lots ofmoney, but I didn’t need much. And I got to serve men and call them “Sir”.I was a pretty good waiter, and my boss (married older woman) was happy withme. I worked the evening shift, it had the best tips. One night _he_ camein. He was High School age, and he looked fantastic. I saw him enter therestaurant and I whispered a prayer that he would be sat at my station. Hewas.I walked over after giving him a second to look over the menu and asked”What would you like to drink, sir?” Up close he was so fine. I couldn’thelp the extra bit of subservience that crept into my voice. He looked up atme, and I saw a cocky confidence in his bearing. “Coke.” I’m sure I read toomuch into his voice, but to me it sounded like he was used to command.Nevertheless, I was getting a little hard serving him. He finished up andleft a few minutes before my shift was over, and he left an okay tip.As I walked out of the parking lot, I saw him again. He was in his car (aCamero) but hadn’t started it up yet. As I continued to walk to the bus stopI watched him out the corner of my eye. He started the car, and pulled overby me.”Need a ride?” He asked, there was something behind his question.”Well, I….” A picture of my ass in the air for him flashed in my mind. Ididn’t know what to say.”Come on, I’ll give you a ride home, and maybe you can do something for me.””Sure, OK. Thanks.” I went around and got in. He drove out of the parkinglot.”So, where do you live?” He asked, his lip turned up in a half smile. I toldhim. He headed the right way.”I don’t have a lot of money to give you. I bet this is out of your way.”He smiled at me. I melted. “Well……” He drew it out. I wanted to kiss hisass, his voice was so sexy. “You could give me a blow job.” I wasn’texpecting that. I was hoping for it, but not expecting it. I looked at him,openly taking stock of his body. Longish blond hair, blue eyes. I could seethe outline of his beard, just a hint of shadow. Great chest. He was wearinga golf shirt, and I could see his pecs outlined where they pushed andstretched the fabric. Slim waist, blue jeans. And a basket. We were stoppedat a light, and he thumbed his dick through his jeans. That sent me over theedge.”Sure, OK.” I looked up at him, and he smiled a victory smile, he hadvanquished me. He drove a bit on, then found a deserted lot to pull into.Without a word, he slid the sit back, undid his belt, opened his pants, andpulled them down, lifting his hips. His dick was half-hard and beautiful.It was six inches already and still growing. I bent over, kissing the head.I was rewarded with the sweet taste of pre cum. I licked my lips and tookthe hardening head into my mouth. I began to suck. I sucked further andfurther down his shaft until I was at the base. I was choking a bit on hiscock. But I sucked and sucked. I poured everything into it. I used my tongueto massage the shaft and keep my lips tight. I swirled my tongue around thehead and used my teeth to gently nip up the side. I licked up the sides andkissed the top and shaft. I licked his balls and put both the buoyantmassive things in my mouth, working them over with my tongue.He just sat there. His hands clasped behind his head like he was ready to doa sit up. He would occasionally move and when he groaned, I know I had donesomething he like. At one point his left hand came down and rubbed his flatstomach and up to his nipples, then it returned.I sucked on him for an eternity, and I loved every minute of it. Finally,his groans became more frequent, and both hands came down on my head. Heonly had to gently push to keep me deep-throating him as I was more thanhappy to obey his wishes. Then he came.Spurt after spurt hit the back of my mouth, and I swallowed. His hips buckedup into my face in a fucking motion. I reveled in the salty taste and suckedharder. As he spent himself, he pulled my head off his dick. I breathed in.My head still bowed, my eyes were fixed on his manhood. It was slowlydeflating, red, slick, and sticky. I swallowed again, getting more come thathad been hidden in my mouth. “Thank you, Sir.” I said, awed at this man.”Suck my cock and thank me for the privilege, eh? I like that.””Yes, sir.” I whispered.His hands went back behind his head as he breathed deep, catching hisbreath. I watched his chest rise and fall, straining further the fabric ofhis shirt. His pants were pulled down near to his knees, his shirt hadridden up and I saw part of a washboard stomach. His chest was great. Icould tell he worked out. I didn’t say anything. What could I say? I justwatched. His breathing continued for a few minutes, gradually slowing to anormal rate. All that time, he just lay there, his dick out in the open,calm as can be. Since he didn’t seem to mind, I just watched his body,drinking him in, burning him into my memory.”Know what I want to do now?” He asked looking at me.I looked at this beautiful face “Sir?””I want to fuck your ass.””If you would like, Sir, of course you can.” I answered. What a dream. Ipinched myself, no, I was awake.”Let’s go to your apartment.” He pulled his seat up and started the caragain. His shirt fell down, covering him some, but he didn’t make a move topull up his pants. What confidence he had.A few minutes later, we were at my apartment building. He pulled his pantsup and buckled his belt as he got out of the car. I led the way to my smallapartment. Once inside he looked around like he owned the place (as far as Iwas concerned, he did, and he owned me). He strode around like a cowboy,and I felt like a little girl following him around. “Let’s go boy.” He saidas his inspection ended. He headed for the bedroom, flicked on the light,and turned around. “Strip, boy.” I thought it was odd him calling me ‘boy’,since I was, I guessed, some years older then him, but I wanted to be hisboy, so I loved it. I kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt. He stoodwith his arms crossed over that magnificent chest of his and watched me.Now, I’m in pretty good shape, if it isn’t as good as his. I have gooddefinition to my pecs, and arms, and you can see the six-pack starting tobulge out of my stomach. I’ve always found it easier to get a guy in bed ifyou look good, so I try.I pulled my pants off and stayed down to take off my socks. I didn’t want tostand up, because my hard-on would show. This man before me was big, and Iguessed his dick to be about 8 inches long when fully erect, and I was undersix. ‘Truly his boy.’ I thought ‘Not a man next to him.’ But I straightenedup and saw him look at my crotch. He could tell that I wasn’t as hung as hewas, and that made him smile some more. I hesitated.”Do I have to tell you to finish, boy?” He asked, with a sparkle in his eye.”No sir. Sorry, sir.” And with a breath I put my thumbs under my briefs andpulled them down. My (little) cock bounced up and down, only hitting mystomach because I was bending over at the time. Then I stood up and His eyeslooked me over.”Now me.” He said. “Start with my shoes.” No question in his voice, just asoft order. It was like he knew that I would obey. I knelt down and beganto untie his sneakers. They were nice shoes, Nikes, and with the car, Iguessed he was pretty well-to-do. I finished untying the shoe and pulled itoff, he lifted his foot to help me. “Don’t forget the sock.” He said. Ireached up and pulled it off. As I began to set them aside, I heard himagain “Neatly.” I folded the sock and placed it in the mouth of the shoe. Iturned back to his other foot, but not before I got a whiff of his sock andit’s stinky-masculine scent. My hands trembled a little as I undid his othershoe. Here I was, buck naked and kneeling before an absolute stud. He wasmuch better looking than most of the guys who had fucked me before, and Iwas on my knees following orders. It was heaven. I repeated the folding andput the shoe and sock beside their mates.”Now the shirt.” I stood up. He was giving me instructions and I wasobeying. He hadn’t tucked his shirt back in when he put his pants on, so Igrabbed the bottom and lifted gently. He raised his arms to help me. As Idid I got very close to his chest, and as it was revealed to me, it wasspectacular. I inched toward his right nipple. His arms now free, his lefthand grabbed my ear and twisted. “Not now boy.””I’m sorry, Sir.” I was capitalizing the word ‘Sir’ to myself now, this wasgreat. Just what I always wanted, God, if it only would last. So many timesI had someone who would order me around only for a game or only passingthrough.”Now the pants.” I unbuckled his belt and pulled it out. Guessing as to hiswishes, I rolled it up and set it on the folded shirt that I had on thedresser. I turned back to him and undid the button at the top of his jeans.Doing this I came in contact with his stomach. The skin was smooth and Icould feel the muscles below it. Heat raised from his crotch. I wasshacking. I unzipped his zipper, revealing his re-hardening dick. He wasn’twearing underwear. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed when I blew him in hiscar. He lifted one leg, then the other so I could remove his pants. Then Ifolded them and put them on the dresser next to his shirt.I turned to see him in all his glory. What an Adonis. I almost fell to myknees, and my knees were weak looking at him. Strong biceps and forearms,but not steroid inducted. He had a body that he worked on and madebeautiful. Broad shoulders, hard nipples. He had a dusting of hair betweenhis perfect pecs and a treasure trail to his pubic bush. Big dick, pointing8 inches at me. Muscular legs and thighs. High arches on his feet. He stoodnaked like a Greek statue, comfortable as if he were fully clothed.He gave me a second to drink him in, then ordered “Suck me.” Now I reallyfell on my knees and took his massive tool into my mouth. I brought my handsup to his thighs and butt. Everything was hard and firm. I sucked andslobbered on his dick, taking the whole monster into my throat. He buckedhis hips back and forth a bit, getting more into it this time than he hadbefore.After a few minutes, he stopped me by grabbing my hair and pulling back.”You got some lube?””Yes, Sir.””Fetch it.””Yes, Sir.” I stood up and fetched it from the stand by the bed. He took itfrom me and began to apply it to his dick.”Get on all fours on the bed.” He türbanlı iskenderun escort said as he lubed himself up. I obeyed. Ifelt him mount the bed behind me. His hand rubbed up and down on my ass,forcing the crack open a bit. Then both of them. Then suddenly a slap.”Aw” I exclaimed.”Shut up.” He responded, and I bit my lip. He slapped me a few more times,then I felt his hands really pull my ass apart. I felt the hot head of hiscock press against the gate of my asshole. He pressed and pressed into myhole. I bit my lip harder in the pain of the first anal sex I had had inweeks. He pressed on, thrusting in and out. He grabbed my hips and pumpedinto my ass. Out of my ass. Deeper and deeper. The pain of the intrusionmorphed into the pleasure of being dominated by a real man. My dick was hardand bounced back and forth in concert with his manly thrusts. I groaned andurghed.Since he had just come in my mouth not twenty minutes before, he was in nohurry to come again, so he fucked strongly but not too fast. Occasionally hewould slap my ass or pinch my cheeks. I looked back at him. His eyes werehalf closed, and he didn’t seem to be watching me, just enjoying his ride.His chest glistened with sex-sweat and his hips moved in and out. I feltlike an object, some toy for his dick. I loved that, to be at the service ofsuch a stud. As much as his big dick made me hot filling me with his youngmanhood, acting as his pussy, as a thing or a toy is what really got megoing. And as I have said, I’m used to getting my thrills where I can.Mostly I had to take what I could, since whoever was riding me was only init for an easy fuck and would rarely smack me around. This guy hadn’tsmacked me around, but his commanding presence and confidence did it for me.As I was looking back at him, his eyes opened up and he looked down at hisboy. He smiled at his boy. A confident smile like he was in charge and knewit. Like he could snap his fingers and have anyone he wanted. He leanedforward and stuck the two first fingers of his right hand into my mouth. Iautomatically began to suck on them, looking up at him like a dog wanting toplease his Master. In my fantasy, he was already my Master, and I just hisslave. But I couldn’t get my hopes up that he would last. Chances were hewas just out for a quick fuck and play at being a tough guy in control. Butthere was love and obedience in my eyes, and he might have read that. Hecontinued to fuck me.After some time his thrusts took on more urgency. He grabbed my hips andmoved me back and forth on his dick as he pumped in and out of my bruisedasshole. I was sweating and I could feel drops of his sweat fall onto thesmall of my back.As his thrusts increased in speed, I came, twisting my body. I couldn’t helpit. I had sucked him off and been ordered around and was being fucked up theass with increasing ferocity. I was in heaven, absolute heaven. My hipsbucked in little fucking motions and I felt his hands slip some and grab ontighter to make my body conform to his wishes. I was just a little boybefore the great Masterly man, and my body obeyed him more than me.Finally, thrusting his chest out and throwing his head back in a deep groanhe came inside me. I could feel the cum bursting inside of me and filling myass. His thrusts slowed and stopped. I could hear him breathing deep over myown breaths. He half fell with his head toward the pillows, and moved toadjust himself lying down on my bed. He was breathing deep.I moved on my hands and knees around a bit to allow him to stretch out. Ilooked at him. Sweat covered his body and both his strong hands were nearhis navel. His magnificent chest moved up and down, drawing life-giving airinto his lungs. The sweat made light reflections over his body, and it wasdivine. He was glistening like a god. Like after I had blown him, I juststared, watching him. As he got his breath back, he began to speak, pointingto his cock. “Clean me off.” I dove for his dick. I gingerly used my righthand to bring it to my mouth and clean him off. I licked and gently sucked.I could see the sweat on the hairs of his strong legs and the sweat in hispublic bush. I could taste his come and my shit. I continued my cleaning ashe regained his breath.”Goddamn that was good.” He breathed deep. “You can stop now.” I didn’t wantto but I didn’t want to disobey my Master (even if he were only my Master inmy head). I pulled up and leaned back on my knees at the foot of the bed.His right hand swept across his brow. He was watching me. He didn’t lookcocky at the moment. He just looked like someone who had had a good fuck. Hehad a pleasant smile on his face, like one you would have if a good friendhad just shown up. “You did good, I really liked that.””Thank you, Master.” I said it automatically, without thinking. As soon as’Master’ was out of my mouth I breathed in quickly. My eyes had dipped downto his cock, and they shot up to his face. I was shocked at my word. It hadslipped out. Yes, I had been thinking of this man as my Master, but so manymen had only wanted to play or didn’t want to hear that word at all that Iwas afraid to us it, or the guy would just leave my life calling me apervert.When the word ‘Master’ hit his ears there was no change for a moment. Thenhis smile deepened. “Is that what you want, a master?””Yes, Sir.””You want to be someone’s slave?””Yes, Sir.”He put his hands behind his head again, like he had in the car. I could seehis pits and the sweat that ran from them. He was looking at me. Now, thisguy was naked in a strangers house. But he was a comfortable as you pleasewith me staring at him. I had just had sex with the guy and I was a bitembarrassed to be nude there in front of him.”Would you like me to be your master?””Oh, yes, Sir. More than you can image Sir.””Humm. How far are you willing to go?””Sir, as far as you like, Sir. I’ll do anything you want me to Sir.”He just looked at me for a second, then he got up off the bed. As he startedtalking again, he dressed. I just stayed kneeling on the bed listening tohim.”OK, I’ll give you a shot. I’ll be back here tomorrow at 9. I want you here.I’ll give you a run through to see if I like the way you perform. If I likeit, I’ll keep you. If I don’t, I may just show up to fuck you every sooften. Now, here are some rules; One, I like being called ‘master’ so dothat. ‘Sir’ is OK, but I prefer ‘master’. I want to be sure you know yourplace. Next. I want you naked whenever you are alone here. From 8:30 ontomorrow night, I want you on your knees in the center of that living roomof yours waiting for me. Have your hands behind your back and your headdown. Got that, boy?””Yes, Master.””Good boy. Now, I want you to go and open the front door for me.” I lookedup at him. I was naked and had obviously just been fucked. What if someonesaw me? As I looked at him, I resigned to obey. I got off the bed andfollowed him to the front door. He stood before it, and as I reached for thedoor handle he asked. “Just how far are you really willing to go, boy?””As far as you want me to, Master.” I looked up at him sincerely.”Good boy.” He gestured to the door and I opened it for him. He walked out.Before he strode off, he turned around to me. “On your knees, boy.””Yes, Master.” I knelt before him. He tussled my hair and strode to thesteps and down to his car. As soon as he was out of sight, I closed thedoor, after all, he hadn’t said I couldn’t. I rushed to the window, and sawhim climb into his car and drive off. Then I noticed my dick was hard again.A Master, a real Master. God, I hoped this would be the one.Chapter 2The TestI whacked off as soon as he left, and I had slept on top of the bed coversthat night, so I would be close to where he had laid. I stayed nude (alittle self-consciously, even thought I was alone) until I had to go towork. Then I dressed, left and went to work. I returned home in time to getready. Actually, getting ready was easy, since all I had to do was strip. At8:30 I knelt in the center of the living room, put my hands behind my backand bowed my head. And waited.I tried not to fidget, and I tried not to look at the clock, but I failed atboth. I was a willing slave, but not very well trained yet. So I shifted myweight back and forth on my knees and swayed and waited for my Master.Thinking that my Master would be coming got me hard and I dripped somepre cum onto the cheap carpet.At 9:00 I stared at the door as if expecting him to open it (it wasunlocked) and come in. But I was disappointed. As time dragged on, I grewanxious. I had spent half a hour in anticipation of Master’s arrival and nowhe was late. Suddenly I realized that was not a very slavish thing to think.Master could keep me waiting all night if he wished. But I wanted to get onwith some active obeying, not just boring kneeling.A little after 9:10 there was a knock at the door. I looked up. Was Isupposed to answer it? Naked? I didn’t have any instructions. I could get arobe or something in case it was a neighbor, but if it were Master, he mightbe upset. The knock came again. I had no time. I got up and opened the door.I kept behind it and stuck my head out. That way I could see, but not beexposed.It was Master. He as carrying a bag of something and smiling a wicked smile.He strode in, pushing the door open more as he did so. I closed it when hepassed. Before I could say anything, he turned to me and said “You got up.”I didn’t know what to say. I slowly sank to my knees before him and murmured”I’m sorry Master.” Was I supposed to open the door on my knees? I wasgetting confused.He looked down on me, still with a wicked smile on his face. “I’ll have topunish you for that boy. And I’ve got to decide which would be worse;punishing you for disobeying my order to stay in the middle of the room orthe punishment for leaving me out in the hall.” Realization dawned. Nomatter what I did, I would have done something wrong, and Master would haveto punish me. He would be tough. That was my warning that this wouldn’t bejust a game. It was all the warning I got.”I’ll decide on your punishment later. Right now, I want to test you out tosee how you perform as a slave. He opened the bag and pulled something out.”I’ve always wanted a dog. Let’s see if you can be a good dog for me.” Theobject was a dog collar, a big one, like for Doberman or something. He putit on me. I didn’t resist, but I melted a bit when his hands touched myneck. When he finished, he crouched down to look me in the face. “Here wego. I want to see if you can be a good dog. Please türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan me and we can do somemore. Fail, and I’m gone.” That was all the threat I needed, I wanted theman in my life forever, and I wanted to always be at his feet.He straightened up. And I got on all fours, looking up at him. “Good Fido.Let’s see if you know any tricks. Sit.” I put my ass on the floor, keepingmy arms straight, so I looked like a dog sitting. “Good boy. Lie down.” Iput my arms forward and my head down. I couldn’t look at Master’s face likethat, and I must have looked like a Muslim at prayer, but it seemed to bewhat Master wanted. “Up.” I got back on all fours. “Roll over.” I did. “Playdead.” I rolled onto my back and left my arms and legs in the air. “Goodboy.” Master stood over me and stared down. “Sit.” He ordered again and Isat. “Speak” I “woofed” Master then took something else out of his bag andit was a leash. He attached it and said “Heel.” He began to walk around theroom. I followed the best I could. Humans just weren’t made to go about ontheir hands and knees very fast or very long. And I had a hard time keepingup with Master. Of course, it didn’t help that he as going in a circle withme on the outside. So he could take little steps and out pace me. As I grewtired he began to jerk on the leash and say “Heel Fido, Heel.” I tried tokeep up, I really did. I wanted to please my Master, but it was so hard. Myeyes began to water. Finally he stopped and looked down at me, disapprovaletched in his face. I cowered at this feet and whimpered looking up at himwith pleading in my eyes. It wasn’t just that my knees hurt from followinghim around, but it was embarrassing for me. And turning me on.Here I was in my own apartment, naked while he was fully dressed. But thatwas nothing to the humiliation I felt acting as his dog. I felt like aplaything to him, and I was embarrassed to the pit of my stomach.”If you are really sorry for disappointing me, lick my shoes clean to proveit.” Master said to me. I bent my head to his closest foot and began tolick. Not the little tongue-tip lick you see in a game, but a full bodiedlick as I cleaned his shoes. I licked hard and long. After I had completelyfinished one, I moved to the other. I could feel Master’s eyes watching me,but I didn’t look up from my work. When I finished the second shoe I wasfaced with a decision, I could stop or I could go back to the first one. Icontinued to lick the second shoe. If I stopped and Master wasn’t satisfied,he would be disappointed. If I didn’t stop, how long would this go on?Actually, I loved servicing Master, so I decided it was better to keeplicking than to stop. Maybe it would make him hot and he would fuck meagain. I went back to the first shoe. I heard a little guffaw from above,but I continued to lick the clean shoe even cleaner.I had just finished the third round of this and was starting round four whenI heard Master say “Good Fido, good slave, you are trying to please Master,aren’t you?” I didn’t answer, but licked harder. “Stop and sit.” Was thenext command, and I obeyed. My mouth was parched, I really needed a drink.But I couldn’t ask for one, I was a dog, and I was sitting like one. Masterhad dropped the leash and was staring at me. “Is Fido thirsty?” Master wasrubbing his crotch.For answer, I stuck my tongue out and panted like a dog. I hoped that wasthe right answer. I must have been, because Master smiled even more. “Gooddog. Now, Fido is a special dog, who is going to get a special drink. ButFido has to work for it. Fido, I want you to take my pants down so you canhave a drink.”I got what he wanted. He was going to make me drink his piss. I had drunkpiss before, and I wanted his. I raised up on my knees and began to bring myhands up. Master saw this and slapped me across the face. “Fido hasforgotten that dogs do not have hands.” I dropped them. “I’ll have to punishyou for that too, Fido. Now, open up my pants so I can piss in you.”I moved my mouth to his belt buckle. I looked up at him as I did so. Helooked at his slave in amusement. I struggled with the buckle and finallygot it out. It wasn’t easy. I was tired and turned on and my mouth was dry.But being so close to his crotch was breathing new life into me, and being aslave to a real Master was keeping me hard as a rock. With the belt removed,I began to experiment with the button. I had to really work to get itpopped. Master was well-built, so there was no flab to move around and hisclothes showed off his body very well. I finally managed it, and by thistime, I had a bit of sweat built up. Then I tacked the zipper. I triedmoving it with just my lips, but the little holder kept sliding out, so Ihad to clench it between my teeth. I also had to be sure not to get my chincaught in the zipper. On top of all this, I was having to be careful not toget Master’s expanding cock caught. But I managed.With his pants opened, I began to tug the flaps down. I pulled the front,then went around back. It was actually easier to pull his pants down fromthere then the front. And I had the bonus of smelling his ass.Finally, I had his pants down around his knees and then I heard Master say”Good Fido, now suck Master’s dick some so he can give you a drink.” Iobeyed with relish, only to be rebuked. “Fido, not too much or you will getMaster hard and not be able to get a drink.” I dropped the intensity of thehead I was giving him. Soon I felt the changes in his dick that signed he asabout to piss. I got ready. I didn’t have to be told that I shouldn’t spillany. It was obvious to me that Master wouldn’t like that, and I didn’t wantto anything that Master wouldn’t like.The first piss hit me and I automatically began to swallow. Master pissedlike he didn’t have a care in the world, and left me to get it all. I did sohappily, but I was worried every minute of letting some dribble down mycheek.Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and Master pulled out happy. I licked thetip of his dick for him as he squeezed it a bit. “Good Fido. Time fordinner.” The last three words were said with a wicked sound, and I gotworried. Master took something else out of his bag. A can of dog-food. Hethen strode to the kitchen. I followed, wondering if I could eat dog foodeven for him. Master looked about the kitchen and found a bowl andcan-opener. As he got these he looked at me “Fido should be excited to begetting dinner.” I took his meaning that what I thought was irrelevant andbegan to wag my ass and wiggle with excitement. I did my best to imitate adog about to be fed. I was worried inside.”Good Fido.” Master said as he put the bowl on the floor. I dove for it,hoping to make him happy, but dreading the first taste. I got a kick in theshoulder for that. “Bad Fido. Fido doesn’t eat until Master says so.” Helooked sternly to me. “Beg.” He said, his voice full of meaning. I rose upon my knees and but my hands in a begging position like a dog, pleading inmy eyes. I was pleading to be released from this, but I think Master took itas pleading to be allowed to eat the dog food. No, I take that back. I thinkMaster knew I didn’t want it, but wanted to make me beg for something I washorrified of.”Good Fido, now eat it all up.” That was a command. I dropped back to allfours. I stared at the bowl full of fake meat for just a second. I couldn’tdelay. Master had given me an order, and I must obey. If I didn’t obey, andwith some relish, he might leave me and not be my Master. I bent my head tothe bowl and took a bite. It was horrible. I chewed once and swallowed,hoping the taste would go away. It didn’t. I took another bite, and another.I pulled my cheeks back and tried to hide my tongue, but to no avail. Therewas some little bit of a gravy-like substance in the dog food, and that goteverywhere in my mouth. I ate and ate. “Good Fido, eat it all up for Master.That’s a good dog.”The last few bites were hard to get up, but I managed. Then I realized thatI would have to lick the bowl clean. I was humiliated that I had had to begfor the dog food, to act excited to be offered it, and to lick the bowlclean on top of everything. As I was licking the bowl, I few swats hit myass. “Good boy, make Master happy.” I licked with more zeal at those words.Once I had the bowl clean, I brought my face up. Master was staring at me.He took up the leash and said “Heel.” And headed for the bathroom. Icouldn’t figure out what Master would want with Fido there. It didn’t takeme long to find out.”Up, up.” Master deliberately pulled me up to my feet in front of the sink.”I think eating that stuff makes your mouth filthy. Have you swallowed itall down? Let me see.” I opened my mouth. “Work your tongue around, and pullup some spit. I want to be sure you get it all down. Here, let me help you.”And with that he hocked a few spit balls into my mouth to ‘help’ me. Icleaned out my mouth as well as I could. “Dirty boy, we’ll have to clean upyour mouth before you can suck me again.”With that he pick up the bar of soap and put it under running water for asecond. I didn’t move. He was going to wash my mouth out with soap. This wasunbelievable. But I obeyed and opened my mouth. He shoved it in and got agood lather up. Master had me swirl it around a bit, rinse out, and repeatedthe procedure. “See how good I am to you? I’m not making you use the toiletwater or even making you do this to yourself while I watch. Isn’t that niceof me?”When I didn’t answer, he slapped me on the ass and said “Well?””Thank you Master, being so kind to me, Master.””Good slave. Now rinse that out and crawl out to me.” He left and went tosit down in the living room. I fully rinsed out my mouth (I could now longertaste the dog food, but the soap was still there), and crawled out toMaster.Master was sitting in the conformable chair and watching me. I crawled overto him and stopped, looking up to him for further orders.”You did well. You were very obedient and you tried to please me. You are agood slave. Do you want to stay my slave?””Yes, Master, more than anything. I want to be your slave forever.””Even for more of the same, and worse?””Oh yes Master, anything for you. I can want nothing more than to be yourslave.” My answer pleased him, and he smiled.”Good boy. I am going to give some thought to your living arrangements, butstay naked at home for now. I’ll be over when I want to fuck you orwhatever, and I want you to ready for me. Now, I have to get back soon. I’mgoing to dry-fuck you now, and you had better get used to it.” He started tostrip türbanlı escort iskenderun off his clothes.”Yes Master. Thank you, Master. Whatever you want, Master.””I want silence while I fuck you. Then I want you to clean me off and bequite until I go. I’ll come up with some duties for you perform later.” Withthat he did dry-fuck me (and I did my best to be quite, but he had to hit mea little when I made too much noise).When he was done, I quietly cleaned him off, and when he was ready, he left.As he left, he tousled my head and said “Good boy.”Chapter 3The BellMaster did come up with some duties for me. First he had me change to anearlier shift so I would be available to him after school (he was a juniorat a local high school). He had me re-arrange the furniture in my apartment.I did the work, while he ordered me around. He changed his mind a lot , andI had to move furniture back and forth to please him. He brought me shoes totongue-clean and ordered me to join a gym to tone up my body. He got me apager so he could page me anytime he wanted me, and arranged a schedule ofwhen I could do certain things like grocery shop. One day he appeared with abrochure for male belly-dancing. He told me to take the class so I coulddance for him. I didn’t want to, but I obeyed. He had me dance for him whenhe was over sometime. But all that took time and happened over some weeks.One day Master arrived after school and ordered me to stand next to him ashe sat on the couch. He tied a string behind the head of my hard dick. Onthe other end of the string was a bell. When it was secure Master hit thebell and it tickled slightly. “Little boy has a belled dick. Play your dickfor me boy.” I reached down with one hand to bat the bell and received apunch in my gut. “Stupid-ass cocksucker, play your dick with no hands.””Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Master.” I began to flex my dick-muscles up anddown to ring the bell. It wasn’t something I had done a lot of, so it wasdifficult.”You look so stupid doing that. It’s great. Tell me you like doing this forme.” Master smirked to me.”Oh Master. I am only happy when obeying you. I am so happy to be lookinglike a dumb fuck to amuse you. I will would do anything for you, my Master,my Lord, my Owner. I dream of nothing but crawling at your feet. I wouldspend all day with a bell tied to my dick and ringing it for your pleasure.Anything my Master wishes is a command to me. I live to hear your voice andsuck your dick and do as you wish.””Shut up.” I instantly fell silent, gazing down at my Master in awe. “Ididn’t say to stop playing.” I had indeed stopped, and I started up againwith vigor. “Fucker, try something with a bit of rhythm, I want a tune.”This was a bit harder. My face tensed up with concentration as I struggledto obey. I wasn’t overly successful. But my Master was kind to me and didn’tpunish me. After a few minutes of my struggle, Master got bored with thisand sent me to the kitchen (on my hands and knees) to fetch him a drink.When I crawled back, Master was standing up and stretching. This reallyshowed off his form. My breath caught.”You like me don’t you? You really do like crawling at my feet.” Master saidto me.”Oh, yes, Master. I live for you.”Master looked down at me, smiling to me a moment. I smiled back to himhopefully. He dribbled spit into my face. I opened my mouth to catch it.That earned me a smile from Master. “Time to fuck.” Master announced. Hedropped his pants and I held my ass up for him. It was a dry-fuck, which washis preferred way. When he was finished with me (my bell ringing all thetime) I went around and cleaned him off. He then stood up, put his foot onmy head and said. “My good little slave boy. Practice with the bell, I wantyou to become talented with it.” With that he left.Chapter 4Anything to make Master happyThe bell on my dick must have given him an idea. The next time Master cameto visit me, he also tied a string around the back of the head of my dick.It’s a little sad, but about the time Master might arrive from school, Iwould start staring out the window, waiting for him. When his Camero cameinto the lot, I threw an immediate boner.Master left the fairly long string tied to my dick and had me crawl to fetchhim a beer (he wasn’t of legal age, but I was, so I had been ordered to buybeer for him). When I got back Master had me stand at attention next to him.While he drank, he pulled the string up, down, and sideways, pulling my dickwith it. It hurt. Master had also brought a little whip. It looked like aregular whip, but was only about a foot long, like a toy. Every so often, itwould land on my dick or balls. After about 20 minutes of this, tears werewelling up in my eyes, and one trickled down my cheek. I had been flinchingsome, but Master had told me not to, so I wasn’t flinching much.With the tear Master stopped and looked at me for a second, his wicked grinon his face. He then pulled the string viciously a few times, and delivereda few strikes with the whip in rapid succession. Then he said “Little boygoing to cry? What a bad little boy. Don’t you want your Master to have somefun?”As bad as his tortures were hurting my dick and balls, I was more concernedwith Master’s amusement. In a sincere voice I said “Oh, Master, I am sosorry Master. You little boy is so sorry to disappoint his great manlyMaster. Your little slave boy will do anything to make it up to the greatmanly Master. Please tell your worthless piece of shit cunt boy what to do.I can’t live unless I make you happy. I will do anything. Anything, Master.Anything at all.” Here I took a deep breath, as I was going to continueuntil Master gave me some indication to do something else.”So my little dog slave wants to make it all better?” Master replied.”Oh, yes Master. Please tell me what I can do to make Master happy and tolet Master have fun. I will do anything for Master.””All right.” Master used his thumb to wipe up part of the tear and stuck histhumb in my mouth. I automatically began to suck it. He left it there for asecond then pulled out and began. “I still want to play with your littledick, but instead of doing all the work, I think you should. You can pullyour dick and whip your cock and balls until you cum. And I want you to begfor the privilege.”It had been hard enough standing the torment when Master was doing it. As hesaid the words of what I had do now, I was mortified. How could I do that tomyself? And I had to beg to be allowed to. Master’s face didn’t look like hewould compromise. Not that I ever asked him too. Not that he ever would.Master liked to do things to me, and liked to make me ask for things I foundhumiliating.As much as I didn’t want to torment myself, I threw everything I had intothe begging. I felt I could move from position to do so, and I bent down tokiss and lick his shoes. I started to beg, loud enough that he hear withouthaving to tell me to speak up. And I was sincere. No matter how little Iwanted to inflict the pain on myself, I couldn’t disobey or disappointMaster. “Oh great and wonderful Master, I am just a poor slave who is yourpuppet. I want to act to amuse you. Please let me pull on the string on mydick and whip my dick and balls for you. I will do this, Master, until Icum, so I can please you. Please Master, have mercy on you cunt slave andlet him put himself through pain so you can be happy. All your littleboyslave wants is to make you happy. Master, I will pull hard on the stringand my cock will dance for you. Oh, Master, I will whip my cock and ballssharply so you can see the red strips I leave. I will pull and whip at thesame time, Master. Master, I will do one than the other. I will use thestring to get better angles for the whip. Oh, please Master, please Master.Master I want to amuse you and take pain for you. Master, oh, Master, pleaselet me do this for you. I want to be a good slave for my Master.””Get started then.” Master said, snapping his fingers.In my only gambit to steal myself for this, I kissed and licked his shoessome more. “Oh, thank you, Master. I will make Master happy, Master.””Stand up so I can get a good view.”I stood up. Master handed me the little whip, sat back and watched. I washard from the begging. I began by pulling the string to one side. I made afast jerk, and I felt my dick move to the right. It was painful. The stringcut into the tender underside of my dickhead, and the cock stretched. Ipulled hard enough to feel something in the roots. Then I struck theunderside of my dick with the little whip. God, it hurt. It was flexible, soit wrapped around the shaft some. I pulled the string in some otherdirections, and had a go with the whip on my balls. I don’t know which wasworse, my cock or my balls. The whip hurt less on my shaft, but the stringmake up for that. Master had hit the head of my dick with the whip, so Ifigured I had to as well. I delivered two successive quick strokes to thehead. Tears were really coming down now. Master was leaning back enjoyingthe show. I switched hands with the string and the whip for some variation.”Is the boy happy to be doing this for his master?” Master asked.”Oh, yes, Master. I will do this all day to make my Master happy.””Smile for master to show you are enjoying this.”How humiliating. Here I was causing great pain to the most sensitive partsof my body, after having had to beg to do so, and now I had to smile to showI liked it. I smiled. I was crying now, tears coming down my cheeks, andinto my mouth.”Those are tears of joy, aren’t they bitch?” Master asked, a little like itwas a joke.”Oh, yes, Master. I am ecstatic to be doing this for you.””Tell me some more how much you like to do this for me.” Master said.I pulled my dick straight down and whipped the top. “Oh, Master, I lovedoing things for you. I love being your plaything, your toy. Iwant to do all sorts of things for you. Please, Master,please be happy that I am performing for you. . I am so happy to do this. Master I will whip my dick forever for you. Iwill whip my balls forever for you. I will pull my dick on a string always for you. Please let me do whateveryou like. “Master smiled, and I continued. It took a while, but I finally came. Whilethe orgasm wracked my body, I stopped pulling and whipping. When I stoppedspurting, I just stood there, in a bit of a daze looking at the Master Iloved.”I didn’t say you could stop.” Another order. I raised the whip and began tojerk the string some more. My dick was super-sensitive now, and it hurt evenmore. The string came off, as my dick had shrunk some. “Stop” Master said,as I began to retrieve the string to put it back on. I stopped and looked athim in wonder awaiting my next task.”Slave has been very good. Master is happy. Blow me.” I knelt before Masterand undid his pants, taking his large cock out and into my mouth. I suckedfor some time before he stood up and fucked me.

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