Mel and Donnie Ch. 02


Ch. 2 – Oh Baby!

**Mel and Donnie have gone through sexual awakenings alone crossing over with their neighbors, sexy Ruthie and forceful Jerry.

**All of the individuals portrayed here are over 18 and all sexual experience related to by all involved happened when they were 18 or older.

**Mel is pushing the boundaries of conventional soft, or consensual swaps with Jerry AND her desire to be had by anyone has ignited.

**Mel’s Voice**

I was a little angry that Jerry told Ruthie we fucked on our back deck that afternoon. I began obsessing, as I used to obsess a lot with boyfriends, wanting to lock them away all for me. I was the prototypical jealous girlfriend and don’t you dare be talking to my man. Before getting laid for the first time, there was a carnal nature to my pursuit of men and a vicious nature to my treatment of the other women.

I loved my recent pussy time with Kandy and Ruthie, and of course fucking Donnie, following his lead, awoke my sexual nature, but my senses, and being, demanded Jerry and the newness of his larger cock. Donnie had clubhouse duties that night so I was home alone to ponder the most recent swapping events, concluding Jerry stood out as outstanding.

There was a sudden knock on the back door. I must have subconsciously summoned my lover. It was 8 p.m., Miles was in bed, and my senses were on hyperdrive, the knock sounded like police trying to rush in, and at that moment, with my legs quivering with lust, I would take a squad of men, one right after another at this moment.

Jerry was waiting with a bag of clothes at our back door. My hair was up, still in my tied up shirt, belly exposed, tight shorts, bare footed now. I opened the door quickly, a ravenous look on my face, my hand thrust out, took his and yanked him inside.

“Ruthie wanted me to…” he had started to say but the wave of possessive passion crashed inside me sent my body hurtling towards his. My hands met his cheeks and pulled him towards my face, my breasts pressed hard against his body, the bag dropped and hit the floor with the clunk of my belt and jewelry. I wrapped one leg around his, as if I could shinny up his body like a stripper pole.

My mouth searched for his, tongues joining us in the most intimate of intercourse, my aggression surprising Jerry. His hands went to my top and with one motion pulled through the knot, then over my shoulders and head, stopping our kiss only for a moment. I rushed my hands behind me, glaring at him, leg still wrapped, with the gaze of a dog in heat, undoing my bra then stepping back and sliding my shorts, and panties, to my knees.

Naked, I went to my knees before him and I buttoned and unzipped his jeans, Jerry’s shirt went in similar fashion to mine and soon we were naked in our kitchen. I laughed moving up his body, letting his length brush my forehead, run past my nose, lips, neck, down my cleavage till it was pressing against my stomach. I coveted the extra length and thickness, the largest cock I had taken, and I wanted him to know I possessed it through my desire for him.

Jerry spun me around, taking control like I knew he would, my hands were now on the edge of the kitchen counter. I looked over my shoulder at him giving him an intense “fuck me” look, seeing his house where his wife was out my back door. Jerry pushed forward fast, his cock was so hard it sliced through my cunt’s opening without resistance and I didn’t care. The sensation of him splitting me just set off my pleasure like a bomb and I let him know it very clearly.

“Oh fuck me hard Jerry. FUCK ME HARD!” My screaming probably waking my boy, my body didn’t care, this was everything I wanted. He thrust forward again and again. “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Fuck Yes, Jerry, I’m yours anytime, anyplace.”

My mind was trying to survive, I needed this. I needed it constantly. It was like ingesting sugar tripping the need to find more sugar, all the cock, all the cunt, all the cum all of it has made me want to become obese consuming sex. Now it was more specifically, Jerry’s sex, his cock.

“Oh Big Daddy,” I said a little softer now, his length going from the base back and thrust back in. “I feel it. I feel your size. So. Much. Bigger.”

Yes. Humiliate Donnie, make Jerry feel stronger and want me more, have him want to fuck me day and night. It will fill me more often, approach the ecstasy I can’t have in my marriage bed, take me to a place as my stead, I didn’t care anymore, I wanted this so badly.

“Give it to me, harder. HARDER!” I screamed, his hands now pulling me at the same time, his balls slapping against my thighs as he rushed his hips forward. My elbows now on the counter, head down, bracing while watching him under my arm.

“Get me there Jerry! Ride me Baby!” I said with a tone of simple lust. “I need your cock, so bad now.”

I felt the rush, it had started when I saw him, the sea of pleasure swelling, rising as he just fucked me. No tenderness, just animal force and aggression. urfa escort He didn’t speak, but his grunts, the snarl on his face as I told him he owned me now.

“It’s your cunt, Jerry.” I said passing ownership to him, disavowing my husband. “You take it when you want it.”

He looked so powerful, the wetness inside my walls and in my stomach finally crested and washed over my beaches and a milky, wet, little orgasm sprayed on his shaft, down our legs, onto whomever’s clothes was beneath us.

“OH MY GOD, JERRY!” I screamed squirting, the gush of my orgasm spraying across his shaft. “OH MY GOD!!!”

The tidal burst was real and wet, and everywhere on the vinyl floor, his still not there as he thrust trough all of it, pumping me like the bitch whore I just became. He pushed inside and I felt the warmth add to the lake of pleasure we had puddled on the floor, his body now covering mine as his thrusts were small and continued from his hips.

He pulled out and I spun around, taking his face again, kissing him again, deep and hard, my hand finding his cock.

“Oh, no no no,” I said shaking my head as I kissed and fondled him. “You’ve started me up, my body’s a quiver, and I want you more.”

I dropped to my knees, on my shirt and in the wet mess, I took his cock in sucking it keeping inside me as long as possible. My hands were on his thighs, I immediately took it in and in three thrusts he was buried in my throat.

“Oh Fuck!” He said finally uttering a word. “Jesus Mel, you’ve got a fucking problem.”

I rushed to my feet, my hand now clenched down on his shaft, squeezing it tight, comprising it in my palm, then stroking it top to bottom.

“Oh I have a problem and you can help me with it,” I said hungry rising to his face, the wave receding for just a moment before building again. I spoke to him like a villain in a rom-com or even action movie. “Don’t you want me whenever you can have me? You come home early, you come fuck me. Take me even when I don’t want you. Take me hard, give me that dick whenever.”

His eyes were judgmental, though still hungry and he kissed me hard. I slid my hand under his balls letting my fingers flutter over his arsehole, the middle poking to get inside.

“Oh Mel, you’re a delicious cunt,” He said, cock resting in my hand, his pubic hair moist with the shower it just took.

I stood back to look at him, clothes and liquid on the floor at our feet, my eyes running over his body. My hand moved down over my soaked pussy lips, plunging my fingers inside and staring at him brought my hand to my lips, tasting the fluid then smearing it down my chin, neck and breasts.

“My God!” He said. “You’re a fucking Goddess.”

“Fuck my arse stud, but finish inside your cunt,” I pleaded, turning my backside to him.

He walked purposefully over, spun me around and picked me up. His cock was harder than at the start as he lowered me on to his tip. It felt like it was going to hold me up before sliding into my soaked cunt.

“OH, Oh, oh…” I said, softly now into his ear. “Mmmm, my stead.”

He soaked his cock with my juices, still dribbling out into my cavity. He bounced me a couple times before lining up to my arse again, pressing the tip and letting it pop inside of me.

“Mother-fuck,” I whispered, my tight hole tough to penetrate at first.

Slowly gravity took hold, my stallion’s cock strong as I slid down a tenth of an inch at a time.

“Your arse and cunt are mine, eh?” He said looking me in the eyes as we both experiences this slow, beautiful, lustful moment together. “I will take what’s mine, when I want what’s mine.”

“Yes. Sir.” I said pausing as a 1/4 inch slid, then 1/2. “Oh God, Oh God!”

The smile of power he had was both disturbing and erotic. I’d never let a man know how much I had to have him. How much I needed him to feel ownership. And how as I yearned for Kandy, melted into Ruthie’s mouth and pussy do I want this cock, so much? How?

“God damn,” Jerry said, his eyes now back as I finally reached the bottom. He began to walk towards the living room with me riding his shaft, avoiding a stray toy from Miles, he sat down and my legs were now over his thighs. “Ride me Bitch!”

Oh God. I am his. I am his disciple of lust and all things wrong that is right with sex. I pushed up, the cock beneath me and thrust down. Up and down Jerry’s head back against the cusion, hands on my waist letting the ride up my arse continue.

I reached down and found my cunt, pushing and pulling at flesh, inserting, pulling out, thrusting in. His hand found the hood above my clit and rubbed, the wave of lust, passion, that was sloshing around in my gullet began to take a form.

“Fuck Jerry, Fuck!” I said. “What the hell are we doing? Why the fuck is this so good?”

His hips bounced up, pushing him inward and outward, twisting the flesh holding his shaft steady on it’s trips through it’s tunnel. I fell forward, my arms around his neck, urfa escort bayan my breasts now getting love from his mouth, one then the other.

I pulled off and looked at him, a similar feeling must have been happening as his eyes softened as did mine, in the midst of the carnal, beastly love making. It now had a caring feeling surrounding the ignited flames. Slow burning embers would reside, rather than the remnants of the explosion that was on the kitchen floor.

He pushed forward, taking my hands and laying be onto the rug in our living room. He gathered my legs over his shoulders and entered my pussy, getting a mind-blowing angle. This time with a slower rhythm that demanded less thrust, but was more fullfilling.

“Jerryyyy….” I breathed as his long, passionate strokes, turned the wave into water filling a kids pool, or bathtub. Even, progressive, raising only small amounts on the sides but filling a vast area. “Jesus, help us, you’re so fucking amazing.”

He renovated the space in my soul and he just took ownership in my heart, he knocked down plaster and tore down walls, beginning to replace it with new. My hands found his face as we kissed, then his back, strong and protective then down to his cheeks, pulling him into me.

“Mel,” he said. “Mel. Mel, oh sweet Mel.”

Jerry held his cock inside me, pushing the level of pleasure over the edge and it began to spill out in me, my head kicking back, my body quivering slowly, then quickly. His rush of warmth spilling deep in my cunt, making me smile.

“YES!” we said together our climaxes simultaneously colliding. He held it there, now kissing me as I continued to stroke his hair, our eyes opening one after the other and our smiles were evident.

“Did we just do that?” Jerry asked, the carnal trance broken and two humans joined on the floor lay looking at each other in lust’s bittersweet aftermath.

“We did, Jerry, were most certainly did.” I said, conscious still feeling a tremor of animal inside. “It may have been in the moment, but everything said is valid. It’s how I feel.”

“Everything?” He said with a raised eyebrow.

“Everything.” I said. “But you have to promise me one thing and hold to that promise or it all ends.”

“What’s that?” he asked in a coy voice.

“Oh no Jerry, I mean this,” I said. “You own my body now, understand? Own it and you can take it as you please.”

“Yes?” He said wondering where this was going.

“The condition is, if you can keep it from Ruthie, you will,” I said. “Obviously you’ll have to tell her something about tonight, it’s been almost an hour. But if you come home after work, or on a stray weekend and we fuck, you don’t tell her cause I’m not telling Donnie.”

“Okay, well…yes, okay,” he said thinking this through with a little concern on his face. He then looked down at me, his cock almost receded out of me, but still inside. “Yes. I will not tell her, in fact, I will not tell her I fucked your sweet arse tonight, just the pussy I will share with her.”

“Good boy,” I said petting his hair playfully, the dark sinister side rose up. “This will be devilish fun.”

Jerry smiled exiting the back door, a pool of my gushing climax awaited my cleaning. I ran upstairs, checked on Miles and laid down on the bed. He left me quivering to ponder the consequences of my actions, taking him in our kitchen, living room, his cock entering my arse, declaring I was his; my pussy was his; that he could have me anytime and I took his sperm.

“Who am I now?” I thought this outloud, my voice alone in Donnie and I’s bedroom, my pussy aching from another mans cock. I adored my son, loved my husband, was infatuated with Kandy, hard crushing on Ruthie and now needed Jerry. What the fuck was I going to do?

Nothing. I concluded, just do nothing and let them all come calling to you. They all sort of knew the deal, Donnie now working so much, earning our keep; Kandy a distant drive; Ruthie and Jerry so available, but now competing for me. Just let it happen, whatever IT was. Though I new was “IT” was at that moment and “IT” as “IT” hung from a hairy, 6’4″ neighbor who’s aggression was delicious.

Leaving for Des Moines Donnie said he would be back “tomorrow” and we never really talked about what “tomorrow” meant. I slept very hard, having taken cock four times yesterday and made love to Ruthie. It was a landmark day sexually and I was surprised that at 6 a.m. I heard the garage door open and close.

Groggy, not really awake, I was surprised that Donnie made it home so early, thinking it was going to be around Noon or later. I was so tired I quickly fell back asleep for a moment, before he came upstairs.

He entered the room and I heard his clothes hit the floor.

“Mr. Donnovan give you the day off?” I asked and then rolled over.

Jerry hand covered my mouth as I did semi-yell, “What the fuck!?” into his palm, his naked, delicious body standing beside my marriage bed. He moved escort urfa his hand from my mouth, showing him a smile and eager, instantly awake, eyes.

Jerry pressed his hand against my cheek, positioning me on the bed with my head at the edge looking upside-down at his cock dangling above me. It was mesmerizing, my head slipped just over the edge, my hand moved up to cup his balls and length.

In the darkness I could barely make out his face, it was focused, unemotional and resolute to the task at hand, or should I say mouth. Jerry leant over me, dropping his cock and it found my willing lips.I took it inside my mouth opening to let him push deep, my tongue on top slathering it with my salvia.

He didn’t talk, he just pushed forward, letting me get my positioning right as the length entered deeper. My face was his cunt this morning, my body an offering I willingly gave after turned it over to him last night. He was cunning finding our spare garage door opener and knowing Donnie was gone, this was the greatest surprise of my life, the lengths he took to come make love.

The gurgle emanating from the back of my throat was loud, cock now pushed into me deeper. He pulled back then thrust forward hard, my aspiration around the shaft wet, and hard to pull air in or exhale out, my eyes closed. Again, pulling back and thrusting forward, he smelled of a fresh shower, hands now on the bed, his body hovering above mine, gaining leverage, he began his assault on my mouth.

It was an assault, one I willingly took and had invited. It was unannounced and felt dirty, if not illegal, but I opened my eyes to watch his legs, I felt his balls rock against my nose and face as he quickened now, throwing his weight behind each insertion. Oh God how I wanted this, his longer cock finding throat untouched I felt his lips on my clit. Again and again, I took it and again and again, my legs kicked and body shook.

The rush of warmth in my throat, shot down towards my stomach came just after he pushed in very deep. Jerry held his cock there, giving me pause and cutting off my air, I coughed once before he began to slowing pull the tip from deep inside me to my mouth. I sucked down taking a much needed breath, then tasting the last of his prize, his cum, Jerry pulled out of my lips and holding his wet cock dabbed the white fluid onto my chin.

I watched, upside down, motionless as he dressed, looking at me while his pants went on over boxers, his cock appearing and then dangling for a moment out the opening before he arranged it inside. He blew me a kiss and hustled down the stairs.

I sat straight up and rushed down, seeing the door close, my tongue ingesting the last drop, the garage door open as he drove out and it close behind him. I went to the shower, so unbelievably turned on I washed and masturbated to the thought of his cock taking me, I satisfied myself orgasming against my hand.

I sat naked in the dark, down stairs, for a long time, Ruthie’s bedroom light on getting ready for work and then turning off. I thought of our recent swapping and now our separate arrangement and her wanting me almost as much. How would I manage this, my wet hair cool as the air conditioner kicked on early on this June day. It was going to be a hot one.

I just held my knees, my cunt still swollen from my hand, the taste of “Him” on my lips, my mind body and soul elevating him to God status. The living room, dark, cars occasionally whooshing by, I meditated some, taking inventory of my body, my mind. yesterday was a roller coaster, the fast part after the steep assent and descent our bodies bouncing off each other going around the quick, sudden turns.

I smiled. In the dark, naked, son upstairs, husband on the road working, I smiled. I invited this and he delivered, taking me after ‘breaking in’, no warning. Jerry claimed his territory and I liked it, I asked for it and I was getting all I asked of him.

Today started like a quick shot into the air, Jerry entering our house and then entering my mouth. This morning and early afternoon will be like floating towards the ground, but knowing there was a bounce at the bottom and shot back up coming. Jerry would be home early again, and I have given him power to take me at his will. My hand found my nipple, rubbing and sighing, me thinking of him again entering me, depositing his load.

Headlights again illuminated the room, I saw my naked image in the mirror on the all, I pictured Jerry’s cock, I suddenly compared his to Donnie’s thinking the unthinkable. I wanted Jerry’s more, I wanted it more often and my possessive, mean side rose up and declared in my mind “I want is seed and his offspring.”

I stood up, laughed it off the sudden, random thought, subconsciously knowing the thought could grow like a weed, coking off the fertile ground of both our marriages.

Naked, I went upstairs and put on a bikini, for laying out later in the day. We had a shady spot for Miles to play in a kiddie pool as I did that watching him. I also found a body length cover that was actually a flattering shape in a floral design. I went downstairs, brewed some coffee and checked emails. Nothing for Kandy was unusual, though good as I was juggling the two neighbors and finding time for her would be almost impossible.

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