Memoirs of long ago


Memoirs of long agoMemoirs of a past that had some great times in it, this is a true story that happened to me in the early 1970s so I am showing my age now.I married young, just 19 and my wife was 17, we married as was the standard of the time, because she was pregnant, a man did not run away like they do today, he stayed and faced his responsibilities.I was already working for a large department of government and held a secure position so income to support us was not a problem and by the time I was 21 had saved enough money to put a deposit on a home and that is where life became interesting.My wife came from a large family, she was the eldest of 8, seven of whom were girls, they were rural and poor, the father worked as a road man repairing the highways for the Department of Roads, however he was not highly paid, in fact his job was paid less than I, as a young administrative professional I was already earning considerably more than he.So as his family reached the age of needing university educations he asked me if I could help by letting them stay with us in the city and attend, I happily agreed, this is family, little did I know where it would lead. The first one arrived to stay and it worked well, she helped with the care, and studied. It allowed my wife to get a part time job as well.Around this time the first video recording devices and digital movie cameras started arriving on the market and I purchased one of each, harmless you think, and in fact a money saver, prior to having this entertainment was TV which was limited or spending a quite big share of my pay check to take everyone to the movies, with food, travel, tickets, baby sitter and so forth it was comparatively expensive.The VCR however, allowed the home hire of movies from the local video store and this was far cheaper, and more convenient, no baby sitter needed and so forth.The first few weekends after buying these devices passed with nothing of note happening but then on about the 4th or 5th visit the store owner who I had come to know asked me if I would like to see a bold video, when I asked what he meant, he said, one with movies of couples having sex.I thought why not, I had already played with my digital camera taking a few such videos of my wife but had so far always just deleted them, it was harmless sexy entertainment.This event opened my eyes and mind to the real world, so I accepted one of his tapes and took it home and I told my wife about it and she giggled and said lets watch it tonight after we watch the movie you have and we will see.I said what about your sister, she replied she can watch also, she is 19, she is well old enough, by this time my wife was 20. Now the sister was one who always dressed very discreetly, long dresses, never any cleavage, in fact if I did not see her bra in the laundry I would never even have known she had breasts she was so prudishly dressed at all time, she never talked to boys, and kept to herself. She looked a lot like her sister facially and was of similar size, petite and slim. I knew that under the clothes she would be sexy as her sister definitely was.So that night we went through the usual routine then sat down with a few beers, a few packs of chippies and we watched the movie, then after it was over my wife said change the tape, lets watch the other tape you were given.It was nothing spectacular, about 30 minutes and had a brief story line about a couple being forced to take shelter in a storm and having to make do with sharing a room, and that led to them getting it on and a video of them naked and engaging in the whole sex thing, sucking, licking, and then fucking.While this was on I observed both my wife and her sister became quite agitated and I initially thought they were offended but I was wrong. But I was not to learn that until gaziantep suriyeli escort later.After the tape ended I did not remove it from the VCR and went and had a shower as I was feeling hot from the video then I went to bed, a few minutes later my wife followed after also taking a bath, when in bed she said that video was hot, I wanted to fuck you while we were watching it but I was shy because of my younger sister being there. I laughed, and said really, what was she thinking, she said she thought her sister might get offended if we did it in front of her, she has never had a boyfriend, so would be embarrassed if she saw us doing it.Then she said something that shocked me, when I went to bathroom apparently the sister asked my wife is sex really like that, and my wife replied yes.With that response I asked what her sister said and my wife said she said “wow I want to try it also, but I do not have a boyfriend or a guy I can trust, I don’t want to get pregnant.”I said we need to find a guy for her then and she giggled and said yes, then we could all do it together like in the video. I was surprised by that comment, I said so you would not mind us having sex with another couple in the room, to which she said when she watched the video it occurred to her that watching was so sexy and made her so horny to be able to watch someone doing it real would be even hornier.My next question got an even more surprising answer, I asked what if the next time we watch and we start having sex in front of your sister and she wants me to do it to her also, she laughed, and said would you fuck her, so I replied I don’t know, what would you do if I did, she then replied, she is my sister, if she wants you to do it, I cannot say no, she is my sister, I love her.While this chat was happening I had been playing with my wife’s breasts and touching her pussy and she was super wet and said just lick me I am so horny, so I went down on her and the taste was awesome, so wet and when she came it was like a flood, I was busy licking and swallowing for several minutes, then we fucked until I was about to cum and she said don’t come in me, let me suck, now this was unusual, although she had given me blow jobs before, she had never gone pussy to mouth and never had I cum in her mouth, but tonight she did both and she did as the girl in the movie had and swallowed it.When I came she licked me clean and really was outstanding and I was thinking if that is what watching sex tapes do to her we will be watching more of them for sure,I fell asleep as we men are prone to do and had a great night’s sleep, in the morning I got up as usual and showered and went about the house work as my wife had a part time job and the sister in law had gone to school while I did that and baby sat.At this time I was supervising on the night shift in the mail handling facility so I slept afternoons and evenings, went to work at midnight and my return home at about 8am. My wife worked a job 9am until 1pm at the local market, the sister in law had classes at varying times so sometimes she was home when I was there sometimes she was not.A couple of days passed and nothing happened and I never saw the sister in law, she was at school when I was awake or I was at work.It was on about the 4th day after the video watching when I came home and my wife went to work and I was in the kitchen making breakfast when the sister in law came in, she had just woken up, so I added a couple of extra rashers of bacon and a couple more eggs and cooked her breakfast as well.I just exchanged pleasantries and said I was going to do the laundry and did she have anything she needed washing to which she said she did and she would help me with it. After breakfast while she did the dishes I rounded up the laundry and proceeded to start doing it, we had a machine so really pretty simple, she had finished the dishes and was house tidying.So I thought while the machine is working I will go watch the news on TV and maybe watch a show to kill time until the laundry was ready to hang on the line.About 10 or 15 minutes later the sister in law came in and sat down with me and handed me a cup of freshly made coffee, unusually she sat beside me on the couch, I said nothing, then she asked what I was watching and I said nothing, just killing time while I wait for the laundry to hang and then she surprised me.Can we watch the movie you hired again, which one I said, she said the sexy one. I was surprised but said ok, if you want, I said I think it is still in the VCR, so I went to the machine, (no remotes in those days) and changed the channel to the VCR channel and hit play.What happened next stunned me, the tape that played was not the one I had hired, it seems my wife had set up the video camera we had in our bedroom on the night after the first viewing of the sex tape and had recorded us having sex. The quality was not great as she must have put the camera on the cabinet above the bed where I did not notice it and for a start all I saw was me walking around the room naked. At this point I went whoa, what is this and I looked at my sister in law and she is laughing. I stopped the tape and then she said she did that, I said what! When you were in the bathroom and my sister was in the kitchen I grabbed your video camera and put it on the cabinet among the clothes where you would not see it as I wanted to know if sex was really like the video.So I said you have already seen this, she said yes, but I want to watch again, so I said why, then she said because I like it, and I want to learn about it, so I said ok, and hit play again to watch. After a few minutes my wife entered the room, also now naked and got into bed beside me and the rest I have already described played out, as it was showing I looked at my sister in law and she was staring at the TV so I thought I will see what happens if I cuddle her so I put my arm around her shoulder.She did not move apart from leaning on my shoulder, so emboldened by that I slid my hand down the front of her blouse until I reached her breast, she was braless, so I cupped her breast and began fingering her nipple.I was expecting her to push me away, but instead she just cuddled closer and then her hand moved onto my leg above my knee, so I began to kiss her ear and blow gently and then she giggled and said can we bath together, I have not washed this morning and I know you have not either, so I said ok.She got up and stopped the video and went to the bathroom, I noticed the laundry had stopped, I said we need to do that, she said ok, but be quick, so we grabbed the laundry and took it outside and hung them up.As we did it I asked her does your sister know about the video you made, she said yes, and I asked what did she say, she said she laughed, and wanted to watch it so that is how it is in the VCR. She watched it last night while you were at work.What did she say, nothing said my sister in law, and she just asked me if it made me want to have sex and I said yes, but I don’t have a boyfriend. I see I said, so what was her response, she asked if I wanted to do it with you. Again I said I see. So what did you say, and my sister in law said I asked her if I could do it with you as I don’t have a boyfriend and she said as long as you know he is my husband first and you don’t get pregnant. My next question was does she know you are going to do it this morning? My sister in law said no, I just told her I would tell her once we have done it.At that I said ok, let’s go have a bath and see what happens then.Once back inside the house this girl who had seemed so prudish immediately began taking her clothes off and by the time we reached the bathroom we were both naked, we entered the shower and began washing, touching kissing, you name it, she was wet in more ways than one, she said you know I am a virgin so please be patient, by now my cock was like a rock so I said ok, I got her to bend over a little and using all the wetness available I slowly pushed my cock inside her, she was tight, very tight and she was moaning softly, I asked if she ok, she said yes, it is painful but it feels good at the same time.Once inside her I did not thrust, I said to her I will just stay still inside you for a few moments while your vagina relaxes and just move slowly, I need to be careful or I will cum too quickly and if I am inside you, you may get pregnant.So I played with her young firm breasts, as I slowly slid in and out of her as gently as I could, after several minutes of that I said to her are you still ok, she replied yes, it is not hurting so much now, so I moved a little faster and at that she said oh my God, it really does feel so good. I do not want you to stop.I said I will have to soon, or I will cum, to which she replied try and hang on as long as you can, so I slowed down again, but in what seemed like just a few seconds I could feel my cum rising and I said I have to pull out as I am about to cum, she said ok, and immediately turned around and knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth.It was quick, too quick and I came and it was lots, she was unable to cope and it spilled out of her mouth and down her face onto her breasts. With the shower still running over her it was soon being washed away.I stood her up and said, come on let us finish washing and check the baby and we will watch the rest of the tape and I will lick your pussy and make you cum.Back in the lounge we restarted the video and I laid her on the couch and went down on her and licked her until she said I am cumming, it just feels incredible, I just love it. I want this every day.We sat and cuddled on the couch and she started holding my cock again and I said you know your sister wanted to have sex in front of you when we watched the first sex tape but was worried you would be ashamed or embarrassed. Next time we will do it, then you can join in and I can do it with both of you if you want, I thought she would say no, instead she said I know, my sister said that.So I said so you will do it, she said yes, why not we both love you, I am going to get birth control pills so I cannot get pregnant and then you can cum inside me when we do it because I want to experience that as my sister said that is really awesome, the hot flush feeling when the hot sperm arrives is such a great feeling she said.The following weekend when I had my night off was looking like being a great evening I sensed and as it turned out it was, it was to become the forerunner of a long period of my life where I was very contented.The prudish sister in law became a lot less so, often walking around completely naked, even when my wife was home, and this led to my wife doing the same so we became a nudist household, sex was an everyday event and it became a very loving environment.In the winter months when the weather was colder we took to all sleeping in the one bed, and that led to an even hotter event, the two sisters started directly engaging with one another, not just touching, but licking one another and it became normal for us. I would be inside one of them and they would take turns as to which one that I would cum inside, and then the other one would eat the leaking cum and clean my cock.This was to be my life with the two for about 2 years until the sister in law graduated, and she went to another city to work, but whenever she had long weekends or vacations she would visit, later she married and she said she could not continue as her new husband was not open minded as I was.

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