MonaMonaMy earliest and best memories of Mona were of her breasts, bush and bum. She was only thirty and they were magnificent. In our daily lives I always seemed to be able to see them. Of course much of the time that was just so easy, after all she did get around the place naked. Even when she wore house clothing it was something scanty. Her breasts would fall out when she bent forward, or her backside bared when she bent over, or when she crouched down the skirt would rise up displaying her bush. She didn’t seem to mind what I saw, ever. Then of course I gave her a cup of tea and toast in bed each morning. There was plenty on show depending on her pose before I woke her. It was wonderful to quietly look at her. Then almost nightly I’d make her a cup of tea and take it to her in the bathroom. The door was always open and, at the very least, I’d get to see her breasts and bush; more if she was shaving her legs. Most nights I’d stay for a while and wash her back for her with a big soapy sponge. Now and then if she was in a particularly languid mood I’d get to wash her breasts. Most of the time I was either naked or semi clad too. As I got older my cock was often half hard, or even fully erect for no real reason, but always when Mona was particularly revealing. She never gave any indication she noticed. At least she made no comment on my condition.Mona’s breasts were large firm melons, tipped by thick long often hard brown nipples. Her bush was black, a luxuriant growth of straight black hair on her lower belly, but sparser between the join in her legs. On occasion I’d catch glimpses of thick red lips of flesh between her legs, depending on her pose. If she caught me looking she certainly never said anything, though sometimes my look would cause her to smile particularly, as I got older, my cock would react of it’s own volition to the view. Her backside was simply wonderful. It was big and firm, and tapered down to beautiful thighs and shapely legs. The change in our relationship came when Mona moved us away from the current man in her life; and the changes were fairly frequent, though with gaps in between. On this occasion money was very tight. Nevertheless she acquired an old but comfortable one bedroom flat. To be fair she did talk to me first before taking the flat. She made me aware we’d have to share the double bed, and that the gas in the kitchen and bathroom was coin meter driven. We’d have to be careful, and share our baths; no solo showers. She assured me we’d manage; after all at twelve I was turning into a man and could cope with such inconveniences. I agreed, of course. On the first evening, after we’d unpacked and put away our meager belongings, it was bath time. Mona said she’d go first and quickly shave her legs. She soon called out to me. I walked in naked. I knelt beside the bath and washed her back. She always seemed to luxuriate in the sensation. This occasion was no exception. I enjoyed it too. I washed her shoulders. She lent back in the tub. I continued on down the front of her body. Her big fat nipples thickened and grew longer with the soft abrasion of the soapy sponge. Bolder than ever before I continued on down her belly, expecting her at any moment to command me to stop. This time she stretched out in the tub. I slowly washed her belly and down through her thick thatch of pubic hair. Mona moved her body, tilted back, spread her legs. I watched her face. Her eyes were closed. Her breathing was heavy. But she was not asleep. She seemed relaxed. I dipped the sponge bornova escort between her semi-submerged legs. Nothing happened. I slowly passed the sponge across the thick pouting red lips of her gash. She sighed. Back and forth I moved the sponge enjoying my close up view of her snatch. Eventually I decided it wiser to move on, so washed her thighs, legs and feet. As I reached her toes her eyes opened, she gave me a glorious smile and said how wonderful it was to be bathed by me. She told me to get into the bath with her before the water got cold. As I stood up and stepped into the water my hard erect cock was obvious but she said nothing.Mona had me knee between her thighs facing away from her. She washed my back. Then she turned me around to kneel facing her. She gently washed my face, arms, chest and belly. She told me to kneel upright. The warm soapy sponge in her hand caressed my semi hard cock, balls and thighs. The sensation was superb. My cock reacted of it’s own accord. Mona commented on it for the first time. I see you’re becoming a man she said. You’ve grown big and strong. You even have a nice fuzz of hair growing there. All the girls will be after you soon.I sat in the bath opposite her, legs stretched out, my feet on either side of her bottom. Mona put her legs over and around mine, her feet on either side of my backside. We both lay back in the bath, looked at each other, and talked. She didn’t seem to mind that often my gaze rested on her breasts or snatch. The water level now covered her bush but through the suds I could clearly see, given her pose that her snatch had opened. Lips of flesh and inner pinkness were on view. It was a lovely unstressed moment in our lives. Eventually the cooling water, and lack of money to heat more, drove us from the bath. Mona wanted a particular side of the bed. I didn’t mind. As I went to put on my pajamas she told me I was getting too old for those things, that I could start to sleep nude like she did; it was more comfortable. Mona and I folded down the covers. I turned off the light. The bed was soft, comfortable and cozy. Mona assured me that if we bumped into each other or got tangled up together while we slept that I should not worry. In fact snuggling up together would keep both of us warm. I lay on my back and listened to her chatter. You can have more of the bed she told me. I moved away from the edge. Mona moved too, right next to me. Lay on your side so I can look at you while we talk she suggested. I faced her. She moved again. Her naked body touched my bare body from my toes to my chest. She felt soft and warm. She smelt good too. Her breasts were against my chest. My hard cock nestled in her pubic hair. She appeared not to notice. Instead she put an arm over me, drew me close, whispered nice things to me about how wonderful I was to her. I felt good. We talked quietly together. Mona moved. Just getting more comfortable she said. She put a leg over mine, with her hand put my legs between hers. She drew me closer, took my cock away from her belly and placed it between her thighs. She jiggled about slightly. My cock became embedded in the wide groove of her gash. The heat from her seared through my shaft and knob. Moisture seeped out of her snatch. My cock soaked in her warmth and wetness. Mona undulated her lower body. My cock slid back and forth through her hot cleft. Touch my breasts she told me. I felt their firmness, sensed their weight, and touched her hard long teats. She kissed me on bornova escort bayan the mouth. Her kiss became harder. Her tongue touched mine. My body was on fire. Heat poured from her cunt, burnt into the skin of my shaft. My cock throbbed and twitched. My body shook. I groaned involuntarily. Let it go she whispered to me. Let me feel you let go.As she undulated and slid her gash over my cock enormous pleasure built quickly in my belly and balls. I couldn’t stop it. My cock throbbed. The cum spurted out into the groove of her cunt. I thought she’d be angry or annoyed. Instead she hugged me tightly. Shivers passed through my body. The pleasure subsided but my cock remained hard. She really felt wet down there. Mona never stopped moving. Now she moved faster. She felt hotter, wetter than before. The grip of her gash seemed tighter but slicker. Faster she moved. The sensations of ecstasy quickly surged through my cock and traveled throughout my body. Mona breathed hard. Little moans came out of her mouth. Suddenly she gripped me tightly with her hands, her thighs and cunt. Her body heaved and shuddered. She cried out. Her snatch drenched my cock. I couldn’t help myself. My cock throbbed hard, pulsed with a life of its own. Cum spurted from me again. Mona gave an enormous sigh. Wasn’t that just beautiful she asked?We lay quietly in each other’s embrace for some time. Eventually we moved apart and slept.Next evening was colder than before. Mona suggested we bath together instead of me getting in later, so that we both got full use of the water while it was hot. We even shut the door so that the room stayed warm. I sat cross-legged at one end of the bath to give Mona plenty of room to shave her legs. As she twisted her body about to apply the soap and razor I had an uninterrupted look at body. Her leg shave took all of her concentration so she appeared not to notice my interest in her breasts and pussy. When she glanced at me as we conversed she didn’t seem to notice my hard cock poking up though the soapsuds. Once her legs were smooth she turned around in the tub so I could wash her back. She leaned back against my chest so I could reach around her body to sponge her breasts and belly. That was as far as I got before she moved again to wash me. Bath complete we dried each other’s back. Mona powdered herself and headed for bed while I locked the flat and turned off the light. As I slipped under the covers, now nude given her instruction on bedclothes the previous night, I found Mona was laying on her back in the middle of the bed. I lay on my side against her body, cuddled her for comfort and warmth. It’s too cold tonight to lay like this she said. Come and lay on top of me so we’ll get warmer quickly. Won’t I be too heavy I innocently asked? You’ll be fine she answered. I climbed over her. Obligingly she parted her legs to allow me to kneel between them. My young body molded against her soft sweet smelling skin. She bent her legs at the knees, feet flat on the mattress, her thighs holding me in place. Mona adjusted the bedclothes over us. I enjoyed the new sensation of my skin against her skin, my belly on hers, my tool nestled in her thatch of pubic hair, her breasts mounded up against my chest. We looked at each other in the dim light. She smiled at me, kissed me gently on the lips. Isn’t this just so cozy she whispered. We talked in quiet murmurs. Let us both just get more comfortable she suggested. Lift your tummy up for a sec she asked. Mona’s hand escort bornova went into the small space I created, grasped my hard prick and moved it between her legs. She maneuvered my knob into her folds of flesh. Her hand still grasped me and fed my knob deeper inside her. Her muff surrounded my knob. Don’t move she commanded. Mona withdrew her hand from the press of our bodies. She gripped each cheek of my backside with both her hands. Just relax she instructed. She pulled me towards her. My hard tool sank completely into the hot wet clutching engulfing confines of her cunt. Words cannot describe the pleasure that coursed up my cock into my body. I lay there, not moving, enjoying the sensation of being totally surrounded by the glove of her gash. Mona looked up at my face, watching my delighted response. Move your cock in and out of my pussy she told me. My movements were slow, experimental. Pleasure poured through me. I learned I could withdraw from her love tunnel until just the tip of my tool remained inside her. I slid completely into her cunt until the base of my cock mounded inside her parted crevice, my cock buried in her depths. Mona showed me how her muscles could clutch and hold me. The excitement shuddered through the core of my prick. I came deep inside her. She urged me to keep moving, to go a little faster. Being so young my cock stayed hard. I fucked her steadily. Her body undulated and rocked beneath me, her gash grasped my cock to the root. Moans and groans came from her throat. Suddenly Mona’s hands grasped me, her legs encircled my body, all drawing me tightly to her. She thrashed around the bed, humped her cunt up at my cock. I fucked her fast and held onto her. She cried out as she ground her sucking twat all over me. The sensations surged through me. Again my tool pulsed jets of cum into her. Mona fell back on the bed clasping me to her. We lay together, locked in each other’s embrace.Over the weeks my lessons continued. One Sunday afternoon I went into the bedroom where Mona was having a siesta. She lay spread-eagled naked on top of the bed covers. I looked at her and admired her mounded breasts, her long nipples, her hairy bush, her thick pink love lips visible though the wisps of fine black hair on the long slit of her vulva. I stripped off my clothes, crept onto the bed so as not to awaken her and lay between her thighs. I carefully examined her gash with my eyes, noted the way her fat love lips swelled, her inner pink flesh visible, her poking clit on view. My tongue stroked wetly and gently along her slit, delved quietly and unobtrusively into her inner recesses. Mona sighed and moved in her sleep, open wider to my tongue. I softly sucked her clit. It engorged, became erect and hard. I gently strummed it with my tongue. Mona’s body stirred under my insistent mouth. She began to cum in her sleep, but as she peaked awoke and looked down at me. She sighed and smiled.I got to my knees, held her hands up over her head with my hands, dipped and thrust my hard tool deeply into her cunt, leaned forward and sucked her nipples. My thrusts were firm and deep. My balls slapped against her arse. Mona loved sometimes to feel helpless while she fucked. I made sure she felt that way now. Her orgasms came hard and fast. She bucked her body at me. I gave her no respite now that I’d learned control. I lifted her legs over my shoulders. I plunged my prick into her depths. I fucked her hard. I fucked her fast. My mouth fastened on hers. I sucked her tongue. She groaned and moaned. She cried out. Just as she rocked her body to an enormous heaving climax the spunk surged through the core of my cock. I emptied my pulsing load deep into her hot cunt.Mona clasped me to her breasts. Her hands stroked my back. “You’ve learned your lessons exceptionally well my son,” she said!

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