More intimate confessions of a girl


More intimate confessions of a girlMore intimate confessions of a girl, daddies loveAs a girl I know I had experienced ‘Wet Dreams’, I orgasmed, and vividly remembered, what my mind was doing when I had my orgasm.Of course the body itself does it and the brain lets you act out your thing, giving you the purest of orgasms, that’s why it’s difficult to attain that level of pleasure again, no matter what you try.I had an orgasm during rough play in a park, I wont say how old I was at the time, but three boys sat close to where I was lying, but they started horsing around, and finished up sitting with me.I guess there was a sexual mood developing amongst us, more with the boys to start with, but I was not doing much to discourage their overtones, it was in an age of discovery, I was curious and enjoying the attention, being the center of attraction, and being aroused, knowing they all wanted me.These were powerful emotions, new frontiers and awakenings, so when someone suggested I nominate the best kisser, I agreed to kiss them one by one and nominate the one that I enjoyed.Passionate kissing was something I guess even they were inexperienced at doing, but I lay back and took each one for a five minute snog, protesting in the name of decency when each one took turns in squeezing my boobs.Back then my nipples were not as sensitive as they are today, in fact I did not have any boobs to speak off, so there was no brassiere, just pink protuberances, which were hard, but devoid of sexual feeling.After the kissing session I nominated the best looking boy, who in fact looked more feminine than masculine, I think the softness of his skin thrilled me more.But of course kissing alone was just stoking the fire, and in the heat of the moment I foolishly agreed to go topless with the boys, the only thing any passerby would see, is I had longer blond hair and wore a grey flannel skirt.The guy I nominated anadolu yakası escort best kisser sat open-legged behind me, declaring us an item, it was that quick, and I responded by moving closer and resting my head on his open crotch, so he could bend forward and kiss my mouth at will.It was during such a kissing session the other two boys chose one nipple each and started to suckle me. I could feel their respective tongues flicking across them as individual feelings, the sucking and teeth scr****g, causing me to yelp, but not making any effort to stop either, preferring to continue kissing, as I said earlier, it was a nice feeling, but nothing to trigger a need for sex, no, it was the other feeling I was enjoying, their hands on my legs and inching higher, stroking my inner thigh, causing me to bend at the knee and open my legs, the way to my crotch was wide open, and this was what I arms were around his neck pulling him onto my mouth, our tongues dancing inside each others mouths as we passionately swapped spit, my nipples were clamped and each of the two boys were just inches from my neglected crotch, I was desperate for either boy to touch me and started to respond by raising my bum off the grass, and then it happened, one did, then both were there, my neglected organ came to life and exploded, and as if not to loose the pressure I was humping against, I reached down and held the boys hand hard against it, while I bucked and finished cumming.As the waves of frustration and teasing subsided in the two minutes of powerful bliss, all three boys sat aghast, they probably never ever saw a girl having orgasm, let along one as explosive as the one I just had, had I been with three grown men they would have taking turns with me, but these poor boys got up and left, not that I minded, but it might have been good to see and feel ataşehir escort their cocks first.I had discovered that sunny day in the park, the benefits of group sex, it was definitely better to have more than less, I mean women are built to take multiple partners, maybe it’s a nature thing to ensure the species survival, each partner rewarded by their own ability to reward the willing female with another orgasm, my best to date, on a crazy night, was nine men and one doing it twice, but ten orgasms, how many men can have two, or maybe three, no, women can handle and be rewarded with multiple partners.Nature has a way of educating each of us as to what our bodies are capable off, that day in the park made me aware of the pleasure and of the opium induced dreamlike state you get when you cum, and cumming was my opium, it became my d**g, so you can imagine how happy I was to realize grown men found pleasure in my company, and I in feeling their cocks and making them shoot at will.I became a regular caller to the bowling green after school, where I was invited to make tea, and show my white cotton knickers, with my unorthodox open legged sitting, I knew the men liked that and did it intentionally, being rewarded by having them touch me, in what would be considered today, as inappropriate. As a girl I did have unusually strong sexual urges, my nipples in particular went from dead tissue to beacons of desire, becoming erect and sending out signals in all directions, of a girl in distress, a polite way of saying ‘Come fuck me’.It was my father who noted my proud protuberances at the breakfast table one morning, ‘Courtney dont you have a brassiere’, he remarked, the mention of such an intimate piece of feminine clothing suddenly made me realize my nipples were as hard as rocks, I had woken feeling horny and wet, but decided to breakfast then deal with ümraniye escort my urges after.I looked down my t-shirt and noted how visible they were, and looked back at daddy and smiled, ‘Sorry Daddy, I guess I am just feeling a little fruity this morning’, daddy always used to say fruity when he wanted sex with mother, his way of masking it from his offspring, which was ridiculous as they fucked with lots of noise.He continued his reading but with furtive glances across at my poorly concealed tits, that had divorced two years back and as best to my knowledge he had never been inside another woman’s pussy, so I had sympathy for him, not as a daughter, but as a young woman.I finished my toast and tea and got up to take care of my now increased libido, and as I walked behind daddy I had a sudden urge to hug him, and did so, putting my arms around him and burying my head into the nape of his neck and surprising even myself, by making my kiss a more than passionate one, licking behind his ear and pressing my breasts into his backDaddy held me, obviously enjoying my intimate closeness and smell, I took his ear lobe into my mouth and whispered my undying love for him, and then started to run my tongue around his ear and kiss him with little pecks in a teasing fashion.I knew exactly what I was doing and reached inside his housecoat and took a firm hold of him, whispering all the time it was alright, then I started wanking him, looking at his face with his eyes shut tight, I applied more pressure, whispering as worked into a rhythm, using all my experience with other men, moaning gently into his ear it was OK and that I loved him, then I begged him to cum, as I felt his urgency change, a very large steam of sperm shot from him and landed across the table top, I released him and held him a little longer, kissed him again and went back to my bedroom, leaving him to clean the mess I created.I felt no guilt, in fact I enjoyed giving my old man a wank, a duty I am sure many a loving daughter has carried out on men divorced from their spouses, taking over the mothers role, in sexual matters, felt as normal as giving the postman a Christmas flash of your teen boobs, if anything, daddy and I are as close as we can be.

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