Morning thoughts…evening fun.


Morning thoughts…evening fun.Waking up with a hard on here here is what I was thinking. ====================After a long day – work, exercise, dinner, cleaning up I was tired. My partner was really horny and decided to let me rest while she took the initiatve. After showering, my partner strips me and ties me up. I’mlying face-up on the bed with my hands and feet tied to theframe. She puts on nice music, a candle, and opens some wine. She drinks a glass. She than takes some more and kisses me, passing a small ammount to get my mouth wet. She drinks a full glass while slowly swaying to the music and lightly toughingherself and me. She slowly strips and I begin to get excited. She stops at her panties and bra and stands over me. I can smell her through the panties she’s had on all day. I can smell her and it sends a tingling feeling down my spine and into my fingers and toes. She know’s that’s enough to keep me semi-crazy in lust while she’s cleaning herself.She then leaves me to take a shower. The wine tastes good on my lips and I can still the red heat my mouth. Thoughts of pussy’s smell and what she will do with my fill my mind.She takes a long time in the shower. I know she’s cleaning everyplace on her body. I think of her hands cleaning her breasts, cleaning her pussy and making sure her ass is lickable clean.She come out of the shower. The visual is stunning: new lingerie. Classice look – wearing a garter belt for the very first time. Black low cut lace bra with a ruby red bow in the front, black lace panties cut high on the hip, black garters and sheer black stockings with nice red bows on the seems. Black high heeled shoes she recently bought The outfit contrasts perfectly with the light and her body. The tingling sensation continues.She comes over and slowely rubs her body on top of mine. She deeply french kisses me for a long time. I can taste the wine and feel her breasts through her bra. As she gets off me she an see that my dick is hard with a tiny amount fethiye escort of pre-cum dancing on the tip and glistening in the candle-light. She dances closer so that her panty is just in front of my face. I watch the triangle where the thin fabric seperates her pussy from me. She can see my stomach muscles harden as I get more excited. She turns around to show me her butt and moves this in front of my face slowly swaying to the music. I can see it sway as the garter belt becomes lose and taught as she moves from side to side. She gets closer and closer and starts rubbing her fabric covered butt inches from my face. Turning around she bends down and puts her breasts in front of my eyes rubbing her breasts through her bra in front of me. My lips very slightly touch the outside of the bra and I can slightly feel her nipples underneath. She looks down and sees my rock hard cock straining against my belly button. She stands up and turns around. I can see her move her hand to her face. She sticks her middle finger in her mouth and sucks it to her knuckles alternating closing her eyes and staring at me. A devious smiles come onto her face. She removes it from her mouth and sticks it inside her panties. Her hand moves deeper as she sticks it all the way into herself, moving it in and out a few times. I can see the light bounce off of the wetness on her finger as she moves it from her pussy to my mouth. She sticks it all the way in my mouth. My head lifts to get as much juice as I can before she pulls her finger out. Now she’s excited – but still interested in teasing me. She moves to my waist and gives my dick a quick kiss. She can feel it jerk. She quickly stands up and slowly poors another glass of wine. She drinks half, bends over, kisses me and lets me drink the rest of the wine from her mouth. I drink it all and she stays kissing me a while longer running one of her hands around my chest and stomach. I can taste her and the wine in my mouth.Her mouth starts escort fethiye exploring my face, ears, neck…moving down my body to my nipples, chest, stomach, thighs, toes, but avoiding my penis. On the way down she peaks and sees it rock hard and bigger than she remembered. I’m withering and straining against the binding in my hands and feet; and getting really hot, bothered and exicited as I see her slowly working down my body. She stands up and pours another glass, drinks half, comes overand feeds me it as we kiss deeply. She gets up and takes a look at me. She’s never seen me so horny – slightly sweaty with anticipation, my dick hard, my mouth slightly open, my chest moving up and down as I begin breathing heavily. I’m taking it all it in – her body and sexy panty, stockings, garter and bra. Candlelight bounces off the ridges where her pubic hair is constrained by her panty.She then gets on the bed and straddles my head, looking toward the foot of the bet and her butt to my face. She lowers her panty covered pussy to my face rubbing herself against my nose and mouth. I can feel the wetness underneath the panty which gets me really excited. I can see her pussy strain against the fabric as it becomes swollen and ready for me. I can see some wetness as her juice begins to flow from under the fabric. She looks down and sees my ribs and stomach tense as my penis grows and turns purple as energy returns to me.She continues to rub against me as she plays with my inner thight with her hands and toungue. I can feel the slit of my penis touch her cheek, breast and ribs as she moves around. I can also feel her wetness escaping from her panties onto my lips and cheek. Her pussy smells great and gets me even more horny. She can her me moan, and can feel my hips move. She reaches back and pulls the fabric to one side finally giving me a short taste of her. She then gets up, turns around and flashes a friendly but devisoius smile.She poors another glass of wine. She drinks fethiye escort bayan half, kisses me and feeds me the rest. She pulls away and my head follows her lips rising from the pillow. She stands up and begins to strip to the music. I can see her hips swaying as she turns around before taking off her panties and bra. She bends over giving me a good view off her nice smooth ass. I can see her swollen pussy lips and a tiny shine as her juice reflects the candle light. Her nipples are hard.She climbs back on my face, still looking toward the foot of the bed, and very slowly lowers her pussy onto my lips, mouth and toungue. I have a wonderful view of her beautiful juicy pussy. Before she touches down, my neck strains to lift my mouth to reach her. I can feel a drop of her juice hit my outstretched toungue. She lowers down further as the back of my neck touches the pillow. She moves back and forth and up and down finally allowing me to taste and kiss her fully. I drink her juice and lick both outside and inside. She is now playing with my cock very lightly. She knows I’m ready to cum hard but doesn’t want the session to end. She imagines me in her as my toungue plays even more.For the first time she starts to moan while her hips have a little jerk. Very subtle at first, it begins to build. I can feel her pussy getting hotter and see her lips and clit growing. I continue to lick and suck her as she increasingly pushes down on me. For a minute she lies still as I quickly lick her clit. All of a sudden she lets out a deep moan and thursts her hips on my mouth. I can feel her hips and bed shake as she comes. I can feel her juice running into my mouth and down the sides off my cheeks. I can feel her quivering pussy lift off from my mouth as she shakes even more. She rests for a minute on top of me, her hand slightly holding my penis and her cheek on my leg. She wakes up from a short, deep rest, turns around and lays on top of me, kissing me even more intensly than before. I can feel her breasts on my chest, her legs on mine and her pussy hair on my penis. I can feel her sweating slightly. Her full weight is on me and it feels great. Energy has returned to my body.She unties me. We then start…..

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