My Assignment – Part 2

My Assignment – Part 2
My first day was pretty adventurous and tiring since we have traveled more than 650 km to reach our destination and also the humiliation I had been through. Currently I had my arms and legs cuffed and locked with a door handle with just a blanket to sleep with. I had a good deep sleep since I was pretty tired and had a long day coming tomorrow. At exact 4’o clock my alarm rang and it was time for me to get ready. In another 2 min Suresh sir was there at my door to unlock me so as to get me going. He was half in sleep which was understandably right. He quickly untied me and asked me to take care of the other things and wake him up once I was completely ready. He straight away went to the bed in the room and slept. I knew I had enough time to get ready so I was feeling quite lazy. I went to the washroom to clear my bladder and get my anus ready for its use.

I took around 12 min to completely vacant my stomach since it’s very important to keep it empty for a good anal sex. I knew Ramesh Sir is an ass lover and my ass will be the first thing he will attack on. Once I was done with my washroom trip I brushed my teeth and took a cold water bath. I felt very fresh after my bath and wore my undergarments back and wore the same bathrobe I was having with me. I combed my hair well and sprayed my mist. I had no instruction about wearing any jeweler so I did not wear any of them.

And I was finally ready for my first job in Goa. I pleasantly woke Suresh Sir who took another 5-10 min to get back to his senses from his sleep. He told I was looking the perfect present and he was about to delivered it to his friend. It was 4:55 am and we both were set to move towards Ramesh Sirs room. Exactly at 5:00 am Suresh Sir rang the bell. I was standing beside him in my bathrobe. Ramesh Sir looked lazy too since it was very early morning. He asked Suresh Sir to tie me in his washroom and leave since he wanted to sleep for a few more hours. This kind of ignorance was making me angry since I expected them to be really waiting to explore me badly but their reactions were very normal towards me. Suresh Sir asked me to remove my bathrobe and then tied me in the washroom next to the bathroom pot. He checked me twice since the drill was activated now.

From now on I can run away from the guys to win my freedom. So he locked my feet as well as my hands to the metal rod just behind the washroom pot and also locked the collar in my neck with another rod in the washroom. It was a very compact washroom since I had already told that there was only a cabinate style washroom in the hotel rooms. Once he was very much sure that I had no chance to run at all, he patted my cheeks asked me to turn on my slut mode. He then closed the door and left the room with Ramesh Sir still sleeping. A couple of hours passed and I was just imagining how harder Ramesh Sir can snore.

Later I realized that Ramesh Sir was done sleeping once I couldn’t hear him snoring. I got back to my knees. In no time the door of the washroom was opened by Ramesh Sir. I could see him in his blue lungi scratching is armpit and looking at my lusty body. He caught me by my hair and pulled me near him. He came very close to my mouth which made me realize to open it for him. He immediately spited his cough in my mouth with I gulped pretty quickly. With left hand he had my hair and with other hand he pulled his lungi upside to give me a look at his cock for the first time. I saw a very tiny looking cock of deep black in color emerging out of his lungi. I couldn’t believe at the size of his dick since he looks very strong and muscular but his dick was a very big disappointment for me.

He pulled my hair with great force and placed his dick on my lips with the help of his other hand. I knew what he meant I opened my mouth for my morning drink. He pissed his morning hormones in my mouth. With a small cute face, my mouth doesn’t have a very huge capacity to hold the piss. So he pissed for a while and then stopped his dick from pissing so that I can drink the wasteful water. As soon as I finished drinking it he again filled my mouth with his piss.

After two intervals he couldn’t control and pissed the remaining piss in the bathroom pot besides me. His piss smelt like rotten egg and tasted as chlorine water. It was pretty thick as well as compared to my Master Suresh Sir’s piss. He then again spited his caught in my mouth which again I gulped quickly. I really liked his style of pissing in slave’s mouth instead of the bathroom pot. It turned me on in a min.

I have been trained for drinking piss and eating shit ever since I signed the slavery contract with Surest Sir. This was included in my regular training and now after 1 and a half year I was a real expert in the drill. Once the piss session was over, Ramesh Sir removed his lungi and sat on the washroom pot to clear out his bladder. He made me sit exactly in front of his pot and asked me to give a blow job. I exclaimed that my mouth was dirty with his piss and giving blow job with same mouth will make his cock dirty as well, to which he slapped me like never before. He said “Meri muth terelia amrit hai. Yeh kachra nahi hai. ” (This piss of mine is an elixir for you. This is not dirt.) His slap made me realize that this is a tuff nut to crack. I quietly approached his cock and started to suck it softly.

His piss was still flowing through his dick making it difficult for me to forget his dirty piss drinking session. His shit was flowing through his ass and the smell was making me u*********s already. He was playing with my hairs while at the same time pushing his dick further inside my mouth. His shit was making me fall sick. I got back to concentrate and stared enjoying my helpless condition. His shit smelled horrible but my body was getting use to it slowly slowly. Suddenly after 15 min of my suffering, he promptly got up with my hair caught in his left hand still forcing my mouth on his tiny dicky. He first forced my mouth on his dick and the immediately pulled my mouth away from his dick with the help of my hair throwing me out of the washroom cabinet. He then closed the lid of the washroom pot and untied my handcuffs from the rod behind the washroom pot.

He then caught my collar and dragged me to the wash basin, bending over it and directing me to lick clean his shitty hole. I saw this one coming and immediately got on my knees and crawled towards his shit hole. I saw a small hole covered with thick hair around and his shit waiting to be cleaned on it. It was much worse than that of Suresh Sir’s shit filled ass. I gathered all my will and placed a kiss on it first. As I approached the hole a strong smell caught my nose vain. The smell made me feel as I was going to get faint. The smell was that of a dogs shit, stinking to hell. I understood it won’t be so easy to clean it all. But once I somehow managed to place a kiss on his ass hole, I got the courage to complete my task effectively.

I then rolled my soft tongue on his dirty shit and got the first taste of his shit. The yellowish brown shit was pretty thick. I, at first took time but the realized that more the time I’ll take; it will be more difficult for me to clean it. So I started using the full thickness of my tongue and started licking it deep. This idea worked and in no time the hole was as clean as it could be with water. I was proud of myself. I said I was done cleaning and he fingered his ass hole to check it himself. He was satisfied at the first task. He asked me to keep licking with my hands behind until he brushes his teeth. Rimming job was no big task for an experienced slave lick me and so I did gave him a proper rim job. Once he finished brushing his teeth, he turned around and untied my hands cuff and asked me to brush my teeth once again. He then locked my legs with a rod near the basin so that I can’t run. I took the brush and started to brush my teeth.

He lit his cigarette and stood beside me. While playing with my ass he said, “Meri salli ki beti bhi teri hi age ki hai. Ishita nam hai uska. Ushe bhi Teri jaise slave bana hai par kya karu, kar nahi pata. Par abhi tere sath tho kuch bhi kar sakta hu mai! Tho tu ready ho ja, ajj Tujhe mai itne marunga, itna pain dunga ki tu roo roo ke mar jayega. Ishita ka pura gussa Tujhe pe nikalunga. ” (My wife’s sister’s daughter is also of the same age of yours. Ishita is her name. I always wanted to make her my slave but wasn’t able to. But now I can do anything with you, so you better get ready because I am going to beat you so hard, give you so much pain that you will die crying. I’ll take out all my lust of Ishita on you. )

He then pulled my underwear down and got on his knees. My first nudity was on and I was much exited even after knowing what to expect from him. He spanked my thighs which meant that I should widen my legs and give him full access to my assets between my legs. I spontaneously opened my legs wide and I could feel his fingers rubbing on my pussy lips. My pussy was completely dry and he enjoyed that to full extent. He then spanked my butts and suddenly stretched my ass cheeks away. He did this with great force and it gave me a slight pain. I bend over the basin so that he can enjoy the full view. He appreciated my efforts of cleaning all my body hair and started playing with my ass hole.

I remember in Suresh Sirs mail that Ramesh sir is a total ass lover. I hoped he liked the first look of his favorite female body part. He then got his face closer to enjoy the beautiful smell of my ass hole. He pinched my upper things hard and said that the smell of my ass was pretty good. I could later sense a soft, sticky tongue exploring my hole with a wild force. I realized that the key to obtain his respect was to bear all the pain he gives. I finished my brushing while he still kept on licking my ass hole. Though I finished my task I stood firm and let him enjoy his desert. A pretty good time has passed and still he kept licking my ass. His tongue softness made it an enjoyable act for me.

He then suddenly realized that I had finished brushing and he then started untying my legs cuff. He then removed my underwear from my feet and asked me to get -on my knees. He asked me to tie my hair so that he can catch them easily which I did pretty quickly. It was 8-8:15 am by then. He realized it was his breakfast time.

The breakfast was to be served on the first floor of the other building in the resort. I was on my knees with only a black bra on me and my neck having a dog’s collar on it. He pulled me towards the washroom with my hair. It was a very painful experience since he pulled me suddenly and entirely dragged me only from my hair till the washroom pot. I remembered that he hadn’t flushed his shit yet and this could be really bad for me. He opened the lid and asked me to put my head in the pot. I felt disgusted but I was up to my mark.

Soon after I had my face inside the shit filled washroom pot he closed the lid of the pot and pulled my hands and hand cuffed it right behind the washroom pot. He said he will be back soon and I am supposed to be a good slut and enjoy his shitty smell. Soon after saying he left the room locking it from outside. I felt trapped for the first time in my life. The shit smell was giving me a hard time. It felt like I was put there to be mentally tortured. Soon I felt as if I will be without oxygen and I will die without it. But I controlled my emotions to gather my patience. He did not take more than 15 min according to me.

By then I was half sainted. I heard him unlocking the door. I was already feeling suffocating in the pot. I was feeling u*********s too. He first undid my hands and asked me to get up. I felt relived and tried to grasp as much oxygen as I can. He must have definitely enjoyed the torture he had put me through. After a couple of min, I relaxed myself and understood the situation. Without a further delay I sat on my knees. My face was filled with sweat. He asked me to take bath while he enjoyed his breakfast. I quickly took my bra off and had a hot water bath this time.

The room was already very cool due to A.C. I hardly took 10 min. I dried myself with a towel and came out completely nude. I picked my bra and underwear to wear them but Ramesh Sir asked me not to.

He called me to his bed where he was having his breakfast. He had a plate filled with an omelet and two idle. He was having a tea with them as well. He asked me to lie on my back on the coffee table we had in the room. It was a pretty small table (A round table for two). Ramesh Sir pulled a chair and kept his plate on my stomach and continued with his breakfast. He then placed his hot tea cub on my nose first and then dragged it to stomach. The cup felt hot at first but the body adjusted it accordingly.

As he was having its idle, he held my left boobs with his left hand, placed a piece of idle on it and then poured hot sambhour on to it. I felt it very hot since the nipple region is always sensitive of a girl. But I couldn’t move even a bit since it could misbalance his plate kept on me. He then pokes my boobs with a folk and ate the idle from by nipples. He took the whole piece at once, even biting my nipples very hard in the process. I made a soft sound of from my mouth which made him realize the pain me got in the whole process. He had a devils smile on his face. He did the same for a couple of more times finally finishing his breakfast. He asked me to clear the plates and make his bed quickly.

Since me being a girl, I am used to such daily household work. I placed his used plate on the shelf and made his bed clean. He by then got a small briefcase from his cupboard and placed it on the coffee table. It was his bondage and torture tool briefcase. I have been familiar with these tools for over a year now. But he had a pretty wide range of it with him. He asked me to get back to my knees which I did immediately.

He then pulled my hair and asked me to give him a warm and enjoyable bath. He dragged me once again from the living room to his bathroom. He then threw me in the bathroom cabinet with my hair itself. He took off his clothes and then asked me to close the bathroom door. It was quite a small chamber for two people together but I feel that was the only uniqueness in it.

He stood in the middle and I use the hand shower to wet his old and hairy body. Since it was a very small chamber my body was often rubbing with his while giving him the shower. I took a small amount of bath gel from the bottle and started applying it on his chest. He seemed bored already with my service and so I started getting my face closer to his.

He then liked my attitude towards my duty and smooched me very hard almost biting my lips. I rubbed my boobs with his chest just to make it more fun and enjoyable. But it seemed that he did not like my openness with him and he warned once. I understood that I need to be very professional with him and concentrated on cleaning him rather than making him enjoy the bath. Once I was done applying soap on his front and back I sat on my knees to apply soap on his feet and couch area. He opened his legs for inviting my soft hands to clean his inner thighs. He asked me not to apply anything on his dick and he would rather like it being cleaned by my mouth only. I performed my task as he directed. I also earned a few hard slaps on my face along with ass and things spanking during the bath session.

I again use the hand shower to clean off the soap through his body. It took several min to give him a proper bath. He then asked me to lick his dick clean which I did with my hot lips and soft tongue. I placed it on my lips and brought my tongue out to roll it on his tiny dick while he caught my hair with both his hands and tried to direct my face in the direction he wanted. The piss smell was still there around the crouch area and I thought to start living it until I am done servicing him. Soon after the bath session was over and he asked me to dry myself first so that I can dry him properly. In no time I used the towel and wiped the water of my tender body. Later he stood just outside the bath cabinet to get himself dried.

He asked me to get on my knees which I did quickly and he again wrapped the dog’s collar around my neck. He dragged me with the help of the collar in the living room. He then just wrapped a fresh lungi from his suitcase warning me that if I ever even think of running from him then he will tear me into pieces. It was around 10 am by then and he had only 2 more hours for personal service.

So he got laid on the bed and asked me to give him a rimming job. A rimming job is licking your partner’s ass clean while he enjoys the act. I skillfully tried to take his lungi upwards so that I can reach his glory hole but he restrained me to do so. He asked me to get my face inside the lungi insisted of taking it up. This was very difficult for me since it was a very compact lungi and I was facing difficulty in getting my face right above his ass hole. But somehow with a lot of struggle I reached his hole to give it a soft lick. I struggled to lick it properly and I was continuously beaten by him with his foot or his hands.

I got through with almost 20 min of brutal humiliation. He then asked me to get a pack of condoms from his bondage briefcase with was still on the coffee table. But then he changed his mood and asked me to keep the entire briefcase on the bed and lie on the coffee table the way I did while his breakfast. He then had a good look in the briefcase and took out, which looked to me a belt of cloth. It looked pretty thick cloth and it would certainly be painful if he had planned to explore it on my silky skin. He then first hit a trial whip on the floor. The sound of the whip already made me drench in sweat.

He had a lovely looking V shaped pussy and a fluffy boobs on his menu. He spited in his hand and then applied the same first on my boobs and the on my pussy. He then sat on my neck with a great force making my neck bone to bend at a much wired angle and I soon slipped of the table. Ramesh Sir did not feel thought, but I pleaded for my mistake. He held me by my hair and threw on his bed. He then whipped me twice randomly on the entire body before abusing my mother for making me such a bitch.

He came close to spit directly on my face and rubbed it on my entire face. He then quickly browsed the bondage briefcase was just next to me and took out a pizza cutter. It wasn’t surely a pizza cutter sin it was very small in size but it was exactly of the same look. He then grabbed my left boob with his left hand hard enough to give me sudden pain. He then rolled the pizza cutter over my nipples. It felt pretty sharp. The instrument looked normal at first but the Ramesh Sir used it to his full advantage. Its sharpness made me worried about my well being.

He kept on rolling the instrument, guiding it towards my pussy. He the softly rolled it over my pussy skin layer, making it jump from one side to another and at the same time putting all his body weight on my face and breast. He then quickly made me turn around so that he could use his instrument on my ass cheeks. He knew where to app the force and he did exactly same.

He applied a lot of force on it while rolling it on my ass cheeks making a mild mark on it. It was painful surely but at the same time it was pleasurable. He then kept the instrument back in the case and started spanking me brutally. He removed all his angry on my ass cheeks. His anger came out of nowhere and was fully uncontrollable. He was spanking me with both his hands, abusing me to the top of his voice.

I felt as if I was a prisoner and he was a cop. His brutal spanking made my eyes wet to which he laughed and continued his brutal assault. I could see an a****l clearly over coming him manly instinct. He then hit a last few spanks before slapping my face hard twice for crying so easily. I haven’t been subjected to such brutal beating by Suresh Sir ever before. I feared even more from Ramesh Sir now. He pulled me from my hair and threw me on the floor with no efforts. I was like a toy to him. He ordered me to take a bath again before the rest two Master would join us. I crawled to the bathroom again to took my 3rd bath of the day. Soon after I took a short shower, Ramesh sir opened the door. I sat on my knees immediately seeing him. He untied his lungi to got his tiny tool out and pissed on me. He specifically pissed on my mouth and hair.

He then spited his cough in my mouth and asked me to have a shower again. This was quite trying now since I had taken bath trice. But without any resistance I stood up and had a bath. He closed the bathroom door and went away. Once I was done taking my bath I came out dry and saw a jumpsuit ready for me. Ramesh Sir asked me to only wear the bra and avoid the under ware. I got ready in no time and got back to my knees and crawled towards the bed. I had already worn the dog’s collar, by which Ramesh sir pulled me on the bed.

He asked me to give him a blow job with my hand placed on his chest as his ash tray. I did my job beautifully, licking his tiny asset and holding the ashes of his cigarette in my hands. Time was up and it was time for the other 2 Masters to join the fun. But instead Ramesh Sir asked me to stop and wash my hands. Mean time he removed my collar and changed his clothes. He asked me not to wear my chapels again and asked me to follow him to the car.

Suresh Sir and Anil Sir were in car already waiting for us. I was asked to sit behind with Ramesh Sir. Anil sir though had his hands all over my thighs after I was sitting which made Ramesh Sir irrigated and the ended up swapping the seats. Suresh Sir gave me my cell phone so that I can call my mom. Though Anil Sir was very harassing me while my talk to mom, it went well and I ended up giving my cell back to Suresh Sir after the call.

was in the car with Master Suresh and his 2 friends wearing a jumpsuit without a panty and just a bra. The jumpsuit was short and pretty much exposed my back as well. Initially Ramesh Sir sat with me on the back seat but later Anil Sir joined in to add to my miserably. According to our schedule, it was the time for all Master to enjoy my service. If the readers want, they can access my service schedule chart from the first part of my story.

We left our resort towards the nearest beach which was Anjuna Beach. It took us a lot of time to reach the beach since the roads in Goa were very narrow and we were in our SUV, so it was decided to call Anil Sir driver with a smaller car so that my Master could travel faster. As we got out from the car at around 1 pm in afternoon, the sun was up and it was pretty hot. I was walking without chapples since Ramesh Sir had ordered me not to wear them while we left the resort, so I was literally jumping while walking towards the beach.

Anil Sir had his fun seeing me dancing on hot beach and he finally felt bad for me and immediately purchased a pair of local chapels. I noted his soft corner for ladies and I decided to make it count during my escape for my bonus reward of the trip.

After I was comfortable with my chapples, Ramesh Sir called me towards the corner end of the beach. Anil Sir with pride caught me with my waist and started walking towards Suresh Sir and Ramesh Sir. I was sure the surrounded local people would be jealous with an elderly guy enjoying a young flesh like me on the beach. As we reached to Ramesh Sir, I noticed there was a local guy accompanying him. Suresh Sir caught me with my arm and pulled me towards him and said “Ye ladki hai dekhlo.” (See! this is the girl.)

I had cold feet as I heard him say that. The guys to whom he said was around of 26-29 yrs of age approx and was a local Goan. I was thinking that am I been given to him for his entertainment, I had my heart pounding. The person caught me by shoulder and pushed me to give him a view of my back. “Nice. Height weight?” he asked. “Height 5’6’’ aur weight kariban 60kg” (Height 5’6’’ and weight approximately 60 kg.) Suresh Sir said. To which the guy replied “4 feet ka rope lagega, baki sab barabar hai. Kam ho jayega.” (A 4 feet rope will be needed, rest everything is proper. The work will be done.) This made me confused of what exactly they are planning to do with me. Am I been given to him or are they goanna tie me from something or what is exactly happening? I was left with all confusion.

Anil Sir caught me by my jump suit from back and pulled me towards him and told the other three to discuss while he is taking me to do some shopping. I left with Anil Sir in distress and he caught me again with my waist and occasionally founding my boobs with is finger tips while I browsed from some pathetic and typically local street shops. He specifically purchased a larger size transparent shirt for me. Later while shopping he asked the shop keeper for some neck piece which looked like ‘Mangalsutra’. I got an idea of his love for role-playing, and I understood he will definitely be a good penetration sex lover.

We moved to other shops too from where he randomly purchased few more over sized t-shirts and shirts and the finally we joined the other two Master near the car. By the time we reached to the car, Ramesh Sir and Suresh Sir had already decided a local fast food center to take their lunch. Its name was Seeta Fast Food Center. We drove towards the fast food center during which Anil Sir licked my pussy over my jump suit poking his nose and trying to smell my delicious pussy liquid. After reaching there the Masters took their seat. It was pretty low populated fast food center with a couple of foreigners smoking and having lunch. I was told the order of all three Masters and I was instructed to stand near the kitchen and serve them the food once it was made.

The two of them by then talked to each other while Anil Sir staring towards a foreign lady who was accompanied with his husband and c***dren. The food was by the time prepared and I served all the food correctly to my masters. It looked wired that I was serving the food to them while the waiter was resting in peace. It caught attention of everyone in the restaurant. I was asked to have one plate of idly only after they were done with their lunch.

While I was serving them with their repeat order, the husband of the lady to whom Anil Sir was staring approached them and introduced himself and his family. He later asked about me and thought I was some kind of Escort to my three Master and he wanted my details. To which Suresh sir explained that I was hired by them from Mumbai and I was an Escort. The foreigner lady also took interest and enquired if they could too hire someone like me and ask her to come and join them to Goa. To this Ramesh Sir denied stating that it won’t be possible but took his number and asked them to join them to our resort for some tea and chat. For which the foreigner agreed and left early to drop their k**s to their hotel and meet us directly at our resort.

I was going crazy with this all the random people getting interested in me and my Master also enjoying his pretty well. I was blank and took my meal and accompanied them to the car. We reached our resort quickly where the foreigner couple was already waiting at the reception. Later I was told that their name was Trevor and Jules. They were welcomed by Anil Sir and they accompanied us to his room itself. I was held by Suresh Sir to give me a brief about what I am expected in front of Jules and Trevor and was asked to run to my room take a quick bath and get into my undergarments and a bath robe and then join them to Anil Sir Room.

They were madly obsessed of making me take bath again and again. I followed my orders seriously and went to my room for a bath. I remembered my orders and neither locked my room’s door nor my bathroom door. In a few min I was done with my bath and dressed according to what I was asked. It would have been around 2:30 pm by now and I entered Anil Sir Room after knocking the door. All 5 of them started at me like I was some kind of alien between them. I kept my face down and sat on my knees at the corner of the room. Ramesh Sir started with some random topic and then all of them started talking again.

A few min had passed and my face was still towards the floor when suddenly, my hair was grabbed and my face was pulled up. It was Ramesh Sir with the dog’s collar and handcuffs. He murmured “Simply co-operate” and handcuffed my hands after asking me to remove my bath robe. Be then pulled me with the dog’s collar towards the people and asked to stand. I got on my feet with my face still facing the ground and stood right in between Trevor and Jules on one side and Anil Sir and Suresh Sir on the other.

Jules was quite fascinated by me and looked at me for a while, where on the other hand Trevor had his hands on my waist moving towards my thighs. Here I would like to give a brief about Trevor and Jules. Trevor was an averaged height muscular Russian guy with a thing for Indian girls. He was of around 33-34 yrs old and he spoke English fluently and had loud and very manly voice. On the other hand Jules was a smaller heighted female with very bold curves and soft voice. She must be of around of the same age of Trevor with beautifully maintained figure despite of having 2 k**s. She wasn’t too fluent with English but could manage talking with others. She promptly asked me “Age?” to which softly replied “20 yrs Ma’am.” She had a cunning smile on her face, admiring my smooth skin and toned legs.

Trevor reminded her of leaving now to take care of their k**s, while he too left with her later then. I had no clue of what deal was done between them and I couldn’t dare asking any of my Masters. I was caught by Anil Sir who quickly pulled me towards the bathroom and closed the door of the bathroom while Ramesh Sir and Suresh Sir just left the room to drop them off; Anil Sir was fully charged up and was looking desperate with a capital D. His dick was out in no time at all and it was the first time ever that I had a look at his weapon. He hurriedly took my panty off my legs and pushed his dick inside my pussy from behind with great force.

I made a loud voice on which he closed my mouth with his hands and started stroking his cock inside my pussy hole. He seemed to be in a hurry and in that he banged my head in the wall very badly making me shout again in pain. He this time did not cover my voice but instead pushed his whole body on me and started stroking quicker. He pulled my hands above my head and got his face right into my arm pit with his hands destroying my boobs badly. I was over powered by him greatly.

The continued for another 10 min, while the other 2 Masters were back in the room. As soon as he heard the coming at the door, He pushed me down with his hands on my shoulder and stuffed his immensely thick yet averagely long dick in my mouth. He again held my hand from top and I sat on my butts in the bathroom. With few more strokes he came (Cum) right in my eye and then the rest of it flowed towards my mouth. It was mostly because he was in such a hurry that he did not realize that his dick was right at my eye. He rubbed his dick on my cheek and ear and once his leak was finished he pushed his dick right in his underwear. He spited his cough on my hair and hurriedly ran out of the room to join the rest two Masters. I was left here as a waste prostitute with cum all over my face, eye burning and spit in my hair. I felt my worth was nothing at all and it did turn me on.

After a couple of min Suresh Sir opened the door and saw me is distress, while I was rubbing my eyes. He too wanted to add to my misery and he got his dick out for me to worship with his piss. He pissed right on my face and hair before stroking his dick twice. He then asked me to get up fast and wash myself up quickly so that I could get into the pool with all three of them. I got rid of my undergarments and took a quick shower there itself, washed my face thoroughly and relaxed under water for a couple of min.

I then quickly took the towel hanging outside the bathroom door and dried myself. I wore my undergarments again since I had nothing else to wear. After I reached the bedroom with my towel, I saw only Anil Sir in the room, he smiled at me and exclaimed “Maza aaya tere sath, tu maal the mast hai bas thoda acting karpaye tho role-playing mai tho dhamaka karegi. Chall hum pool par hai, room saaf karke fatafat aaja meri kutia!” (I enjoyed that little session with you quite well, you are a perfect whore but if you can do some acting as well, then it would be fun doing role-plays with you. Never mind we three are near the pool, clean up my room quickly and then join us bitch.) He left the room ordering to clean the room after which I took a 2 min break to think what exactly am I doing here, cleaning rooms like servants, getting used like a street whore, being displayed to people like I am a show piece, but later I realized it was something I always wanted to be since I relished I was a submissive by nature.

And this is exactly a perfect house slave is used like. I quickly got into my senses and cleaned the room like a room service person would do, everything spike and spank. I wore my bathrobe again and headed towards the pool where I was notified to wear my swimming costume which I wore yesterday. I figured that I left my costume in Suresh Sir Room and asked for his room keys which he gave me graciously. Later I wore my jet black swimming costume with frill and ran towards my Masters.

Suresh Sir asked me to get the bar menu which I got quickly and they ordered two Whiskey and one Scotch on the rocks. I placed the order and asked them to bill Suresh Sir for the order. I asked them to place the drinks in a tray which was carried by me to the masters at the pool. I served them with their drinks followed by some refreshments. Once it was done I was asked to get in the pool and swim. I quietly got in the pool which was already empty, while the Masters enjoyed drinks, talk and watch me swim.

After an hour of swim I was called out of the pool to get repeat order which I did as soon as I could. Later Anil Sir joined me into the pool with his glass of Whiskey. It wasn’t allowed to drink in the pool so he kept the glass outside on the grass while he cuddled me in the pool openly. Suresh Sir had a laugh seeing this and even called him desperate. Anil Sir wasn’t particularly drunk but he was certainly feeling the kick. His dick was already erect which I could feel on my thighs.

He then later placed my back behind the pool’s wall and passionately started kissing my neck region towards my shoulder. I suppose this was his way to enjoy outdoor sexual activities. I felt shy and tried to get away a bit but he had my hands firmly in control in his hands. In just a couple of min Suresh Sir interrupt him saying to go in room after which Anil Sir finished his drink In one sip and pulled me with my wrist towards my room. We got in the room partially wet and Anil Sir quickly locked the room’s door and window covers. He removed his chapples and threw me on the bed. He quickly got rid of his costume and his underwear and stood by the bed. He placed his right hand on my boobs and smiled at me. I had no idea how to react, so I kept just breathing loudly. In no time he held my swimming costume by the neck area and with great power tore the costume off. He roared as a lion and I could feel his urge to destroy me completely.

I got scared looking in his eyes since I always thought he would be the soft person out of the three. He took a couple of more chances and tore the costume till my navel. He jumped on the bed with me held between his legs and attacked my neck region. He had his tongue all over it with his saliva flowing all over my shoulder. He steadily moved towards my shoulder and arm pit. I quietly gave him access to my arm pit, where he licked me like a dog. It felt to me like his saliva was getting produced at a speed of 10 times more than that of a normal human because I could feel his saliva dripping from every part which he had kissed.

Once he was obsessed eating my arm pit he moved his lips towards my 34b boobs. He initially held them both in his hands crushing them until I made a sound. But then he started licking my nipples. Since held my boobs very tight and they were giving me some pain and in addition to that, he had no knowledge of how to lick. He continuously bit my nipples and pulled it upwards with his lip and then held them at that height. It was just gonna get worse from here. He already had his dick pricking me on my navel; he jumped upwards and placed his dick right between my breasts.

He then started rubbing it between my boobs. His body weight was making it difficult for me to keep breathing. But eventually he got off my body and lied besides me. He then pulled me by my hair and pushed me towards his thick dick waiting for a warm lick by me. I understood his actions and immediately held his weapon and gave it a lustful lick. He was definitely enjoying my lick his dick. I had my tongue out licking right from the base of his dick towards the top, giving him the perfect blowjob.

He certainly enjoyed my deep throat blowjob too because as soon as I took it in, he would moan loudly calling me his bitch. He later got aggressive again and held me by hair and stroked his dick hard and fast in my throat making my saliva drip out of the mouth. He then held my nose so that I open a bigger mouth for his huge dick but my tiny mouth could just fit his dick and I ended up bouncing and removing his dick out of mouth to inhale some air. Once his dick was out, he would again pull me by my hair and stuff his dick right back where it was. This continued for around 7-8 times before I jumped and fell down from the bed.

While falling I got a hit on my head by the wall which he didn’t seem to care at all and he again held my hair to pull me back on bed. Once I was on the bed he had already came (Cum) and a little sperm could be seen on his dick which he asked me to eat before it fell. I love drinking all kinds of sperm and so I grabbed his dick and licked his sperm drop by drop.

He took a sigh of relief after his aggressive play and asked me to get the TV remote. I got what he ordered and got back on the bed to service him again. He opened his legs wide and asked me to get in the between and start with the blow job and get him erect while he watched TV. I got on my job quite nicely and played with his moderately erect dick and my tongue. He later asked to take charge of his inner thighs and his balls. He had dense hair with a distinct smell of its own. Trust me it wasn’t pleasing.

It was around 7pm then and one of the two masters knocked while I was still stuck with is inner thigh. He asked me to take a shower and wore his underwear. I quickly got in the shower before Anil sir could open the door. I started taking shower irrespective of who was there.

After about 10 min I came to the bedroom side with no clothes at all and Anil Sir on bed stroking is dick. He asked me to talk to my mom since I had a lot of missed calls on phone and he handed me the phone. I quietly took my phone and moved to the bathroom side of the room to talk to her when suddenly Anil sir stood right behind me. He asked me to bend over the wash basin and place my one leg on the sink shelf. It was quite easy to understand what he had on his mind, but I just hoped that my mom doesn’t think something is fishy. With his index figure he located my ass hole and placed his dick right at the entrance. He then asked me to call my mom while he started to anal fuck me. It was really stupid of him doing this. It was actually k**dish.

But I had to play along with him. I call her up and she sounded really worried. On the other hand, Anil Sir dick wasn’t getting in my ass due to his thickness. I definitely sounded wired while talking to mom but it was the only time I would have got a chance to do it. He kept on pushing and I somehow kept my mouth shut. My face was clearly visible to him from the mirror on the front wall. He was having the best time of his life for sure. Fucking someone of his k**’s age, making her do unusual things while she is talking to her mom on phone, I don’t think anything could have been better for him than this. It hardly talked to mom for 2 min and promised her to call at night.

Once the call was over, Anil Sir too left my leg and backed off my ass hole. I was nearly into tears once he left. I stood firm after that moment of weak and headed towards the bed where Anil Sir was unpacking my dresses. He pulled a pair of my used undergarments and kept them aside. Later he removed a new pair of it and asked me to wear then with a bathrobe on the top. I started changing while he wore his costume back. I was dressed in no time. He picked the pair of my used undergarments and without saying anything, made a hands action to follow him. He asked me to join Ramesh Sir at the pool chair while he had some work in his room.

While I was walking towards Ramesh Sir I saw Trevor and Jules with their k**s and luggage. I was shocked to see them talk with Suresh Sir and their luggage was taken towards a room in the resort. I was absolutely devastated with thinking that at least one more guy will be there to trouble me on the trip and it was just day 2 by now. I quietly went and sat on the grass besides Ramesh Sir Lawn chair while he smoke his Cigar. The day was still left for me to get laid but I already seemed tired and exhausted. But I am sure that was not a concern for any of the people involving with me.

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