My bi freshman roommate

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My bi freshman roommateIt had been five days since that strange experience with Monica. We still had hardly spoken to each other really. It was Sunday night.It was just after 11 pm. We both were in the room, one light was still on and we were getting in our beds. Monica began to talk. She told me that I had not done enough to “make up” for what I had done. What was she talking about? I had let her see me naked and watch me use a vibrator. I had never done anything like that before with a boy or a girl. I had never even imagined doing it. What did she want now?She told me a story about a girl she heard about from last year. The girl went to a party, got tipsy and went home with two guys. She ended up having some sort of sex with both of them. Within two days of the event, her story was all around the college. Students were calling her “Deuce.” She tried to ignore them, but it got to be too much for her. She made it through the rest of the spring semester and then transferred. Monica warned me that I didn’t want to go through that sort of humiliation. I would have to do one more thing for her. After that, she promised not to hold it over me. She swore that she would never tell anyone about what I had done with her sex toys.I reluctantly agreed to her offer. What did she want now?She told me that it would be easy. It would basically be the same thing that I did for her last week. “Piece of cake.”I sat down on my bed. Monica sat next to me. She handed me the little vibrator again. I stood up to removed my pajamas and panties again. I faced away from her as I disrobed.At that point I was türbanlı bartın escort torn. I didn’t like being blackmailed or told what to do. I was angry. I also was becoming more comfortable stripping in front of my roommate. I don’t know if I could have admitted it at the time, but I was also excited to be play with myself in front of Monica again. A girl. A girl who I disliked and didn’t understand but also was attracted to. I was so confused.I turned around. I was naked. Monica was staring at me. This time she wanted to sit on the bed next to me. I sat next to her.I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t mean to say it. As soon as I did, I wished that I could have taken it back. I asked her, “Do you think that I am pretty)”She responded, “Sort of,” and scowled.I was convinced that Monica just wanted to belittle me or prove that she was dominant. Much more worldly than I would ever be. I was not feeling great.I turned on the vibrator and started to massage myself. I wanted this to go quickly. I closed my eyes.A few minutes later I felt the bed move. Monica was either getting up or shifting around. I kept my eyes closed. At some point I became concerned about what she was doing. My imagination raced. Was she letting someone else in the room? What I going to be a show for her boyfriend? Did she get a camera or her phone and was going to photograph me for future blackmail?I opened my eyes and was in complete shock. Monica was sitting on my bed with me again, but she was naked also. She was touching herself. She was beautiful. With her türbanlı bartın escort bayan Joan Jett haircut and dark eyes, Monica had smallish breasts with pale nipples. She looked more like a girl. Another dark tattoo stood out from her light skin just above her shaved pussy. Her little bald, puffy pussy was cute. She tried to look so edgy but was a cute girl under that veneer.I asked her, “What are you doing?” Monica explained that she knew how to use a vibrator much better than I did. I was doing it all wrong. She asked for her vibrator back.I handled the vibrator to her. She then proceeded to give me a lesson. Monica ran the vibrator over her breasts and down her body. She explained that my running it all over your body, your whole body can get more involved in the orgasm.She then ran the vibrator on her pussy and then took it off. You don’t just leave it there until you are close to orgasm. Monica gave me the vibrator back. I ran it over my body and then tried to use it on my pussy like she did.She told me that I was still doing it all wrong. She took the vibrator from my hand and began running it over my pussy. She was using a vibrator on me!It felt incredible. I had no idea what she would do next. I couldn’t believe another girl was touching my pussy. I was frozen. I couldn’t move. I didn’t know what to do. Monica told me to lean back on my bed. She laid down next to me. I felt the length of her nude body against me. It was electric. Her hip and leg were touching mine. The rest of her body was inches away from me. She türbanlı escort bartın game me the vibrator and told me to try again.As I ran her vibrator over my pussy, Monica shifted closer. She told me that I needed use my other hand to touch my whole body. She started to run her hand over my body. I lifted my body to her touch. I wanted more. She touched my arm, my tummy, my thighs and then back up to my breasts. She commented that my breasts were bigger than hers. I turned to her and asked, “Do you think they are pretty?” She responded, “yes.” At that point our eyes met. We stared nervously at each other and then she kissed me. Monica’s soft kiss was incredible. Our wet lips and tongues met. It felt strange and so good at the same time. The wettest kiss I ever had. We kissed for a long time.She ran her hand along my body again but made it to my pussy now. I was on fire. She slid her finger in me as I moaned. I have no idea where the vibrator went.Monica’s lips then eased down my body. Down my neck. She stopped at my breasts. She licked circles around my areola and then began sucking on my nipple. She even lightly bit my nipple. No one had ever done that to me. That sensation along with her now two fingers in my pussy was too much. I began to have a violent orgasm. It made me shudder and squeal. From that time forward, I realized how much I enjoy having my breasts touched and sucked. I can orgasm from almost only that touch.Monica knew that it was my first time with a girl like that. She took it slow and didn’t push me any more that night. I later learned that she was bi. She had a boyfriend but also had quite a few experiences with girls. At the time, I didn’t know what to think. I did not consider myself a lesbian or even bi yet. I soon went on winter break and remained confused. I even felt ashamed about what I had done. I didn’t know if I wanted to return to school or maybe switch roommates. I didn’t know who to talk to or what to do.

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