My Biggest regret


My Biggest regretMy biggest regret.My name Sally Andrews I’m 42 years of age and have a son of 16 years named Kevin,I have been married for over 20 years to Tom but we are currently separated due to my husband having an affair with one of our best friends wife, My son still see’s his father every week so we have time to talk about our son when he come’s,I think he would like us to get back together as he tells me the affair is over,I still cannot forgive him for what he has done to me and as yet but we are working on it, My son would love us to get back together and be a family again.Before the affair our lives were great and sex with my husband was amazing he always attended to my needs and my son was born out of love so you can understand why I’m so hurt,It all started when we use to get together as a group of friends every weekendWe would all meet up and go out for a drink and a meal together,I did not suspect what my husband was getting up too with one of our friends I always thought he never wanted anyone other than me I was good looking and looked after myself always dressed smart and at 42 was always told I looked a lot younger and always dressed sexy,So why did he cheat on me, we have now been separated for 2 months and I still love my husband but I’m finding it hard to forgive perhaps in time I can in the mean time I keep myself busy with my job and my son so have no time to find anyone or even want too, although you do miss the sex and the company of a man.I work at my son’s school as a sectary for the head my best friend PamWe have worked together for over 15years together and share everything in our private lives together,It was Pam who suggested we have a girly night out to cheer ourselves up as Pam had been divorced for many years and was still looking for love but had no luck she wanted try a new bar and restaurant in town so I agreed to go Kevin was staying at his dads for the weekend,I decided that I would treat myself to a new dress and a really sexy pair of shoesWhy not go the whole way and purchase some sexy underwear as well so I went shopping before we were to go to this new bar,Kevin’s dad came and picked him up and we spoke for a while he told me how much he missed me and so wanted to get back together,I told him I wasn’t ready yet but to have a nice time with our son,I decided to take a shower as we were meeting at eight I wanted to try on my new purchases before going as I wanted to make sure I hadn’t gone over the top getting dressed up and looking like a desperate woman,How wrong was I looking in the mirror I rus escort kızlar have to say I did look and feel like a woman and my heel shoes looked amazing I felt so good about myself,I got a taxi into town so I could have a drink and not worry about driving home later,As I arrived I looked for Pam who had already booked a table on my way over to Pam who was already sitting and trying to attract my attention,I was aware I was being watched as I passed the bar there was this young man staring at me I couldn’t help thinking that it had been a long time since I had attracted male attention and one so young I did feel good about this it made me feel that I could still turn heads even at 42,As I took my seat with Pam I couldn’t help noticing that this young man kept looking and smiling at me I did smile back to him and when I mentioned it to Pam she looked over to him and said Wow! He is so sexy and young too I wish he was looking at me I’m sure he wants to fuck one of us and I wouldn’t say no to a night with him boy I could show him a thing or too and as she said it we both just laughed,I was very intrigued as to why he kept looking at me perhaps he like the more mature woman I was yet to find out later,As the night was coming to an end I told Pam that I was going to the ladies rest room before going home,What I didn’t expect was for this young man to be waiting in the passageway to the rest room as I passed him he said Hi my names Jason and I’m sorry if I have been staring at you all night but I find you are such a sexy lady can I ask what your name is,“Sally I told him as I continued to walk to the restroom”How about having a drink with me he said,“Sorry I’m going home but thanks”So you would if you weren’t going home he said,“I never said that as I entered the room”I couldn’t believe the cheek of this young man I was flattered by what he had said to me I wonder if he was still outside waiting for me to come back out,I started to feel myself getting a little wet thinking of what it would be like to go with such a young man I hadn’t had sex for over two months and never with anyone except my husband,What was I thinking I have to get home I shouldn’t be thinking of this sort of thing at my age and with such a young man,As I left the room he was still there as I was about to pass him, He said look I really would like to meet you for a drink if you change your mind he’s my number give me a ring anytime,He pushed this piece of paper with a number on into my hand,I said I will think about it and left to get rus escort bayan my taxi home I just couldn’t believe what I had just said to this complete stranger and to say I would think about it is complete madness,As I got home I threw the piece of paper with his number on in the bin that was the end of it I thought,During the night I couldn’t sleep thinking about the young man I even dreamed he was fucking me until I woke up from my dream with my pussy so wet I felt like I had the best sex ever and it was only a dream, what would it be like for real I thought in the Moring I retrieved the piece of paper I had to do some serious thinking as I wasn’t sure if I would go through with ringing this manWhile I was at home reading a book I thought I would try and ring the number what harm could it do to just ring?I mean I wasn’t going to meet him I was only going to talk to him well that’s what I had in mind when my son came into the room so I ended the call quickly without getting through,My son then went to his room and my phone rang as I answered and a voice said I knew you would ring me how about we meet tonight in town and take it from there<“Err I don’t know if I could do that?“Then why did you ring me if you didn’t want to meet?“ I guess we could meet and talk?“Sure if that’s what you want say 8 tonight in the bar where I first saw you?“Ok 8 it is?Oh my god what was I thinking I was actually going to meet this young man in a bar that I hardly know what was I thinking of when I said yesI wanted to look my best so I chose a blue wrap around dress with heels to match I decided that as this was only going to be a drink I didn’t want to look out of place so the heels I chose were really high that made my legs seem very long and sexy after all its not every day you get to have a drink with such a good looking guy,I took a taxi into town and I was a little early so I decided to do some window shopping until it was time to head to the bar as I saw my refection in the windows I did think I looked too sexy for just a drink but it was too late to change so I headed to the bar,As I entered it was packed so I didn’t feel out of place it was hard to see if Jason had arrived so I found a seat and waited for him,It wasn’t long before he arrived as I felt some ones hand on my shoulder and as I turned to look who it was Jason he placed a kiss on my cheek.“Hi Sally glad you made it you look fantastic would you like a drink?White wine pleases?As we sat and had our drinks we talked for what seemed like ages he placed rus bayan escort his hand onto my leg and started to slide it upwards I tried to stop him but as he was moving his hand between my legs he stared to kiss my neck and then he kissed me on my lips I didn’t resist his advances in fact it felt nice being kissed but as for his hand I did manage to stop that from going any further,I was really enjoying my evening with this handsome young man and felt so good about myself I must admit I was attracted to him it was probably the drink as I can’t remember how many glasses of wine I drank but he asked me if I would like to come back to his place for a night cap I did think I would go home but then I thought why not what harm could it do,On the way to his place which was within walking distance of the bar we held hands I felt like a teenager again on a first date, as we reached his place we entered through the front door he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me so passionately I was melting into his hands before I knew what was happening he had undone the front of my dress and was opening it to expose my near naked body he was now kissing my body all over it felt so good as he felt my breasts I was totally under his control,He picked me up carried me and placed me onto his bed his hands were all over my body I wanted him to stop but I couldn’t as I was too weak to resist I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard,As his hand pushed between my legs and down my pants I undid his trousers and pushed them down and then as he entered me I wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him further into me,The feeling when he started to fuck me was amazing it had been so long since I had been fucked I wanted to enjoy every stroke of cock going in and out my pussy,His pace now quickened I could feel myself about to cum and as I did I screamed “Oh fuck don’t stop keep fucking me “Oh my god I shouted please don’t stop fill me with your cum I screamed?It wasn’t long before he was filling me with his cum?That night he wasn’t finished with me as he stood me up against the window in full view of the street totally naked as he fucked me from behind I didn’t care I was his to do with what ever he wanted to do to me,I was even on my knees at one time while he fucked me again I could feel his balls slapping against my butt as he was about to cum again,The sex was amazing and I didn’t want him to stop I had never had orgasms so powerful before in all my married years this young guy knew how to pleasure a woman and he was insatiable he fucked me again as I was trying to get dressed to go home the night was just fantastic I wanted to do it again. And I was going to milk that cock even more next time.When I got home I couldn’t sleep thinking of the sex I had just had I don’t think I will be getting back with my husband just yet there was more fun to be had first.

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