My continued adventures with my married ex……..


My continued adventures with my married ex……..I got a text on Saturday morning asking what I was doing for the day, C had sent it. I had no plans other than the usual mundane rubbish that most people have at the weekend – getting some food in, some beer and doing a couple of washes whilst the weather was good. I’m strapped as usual so there’d be no night on the town and I didn’t really mind being in on my own anyway.Until I got the text – I replied along the lines of the above and a few seconds later got a reply asking me to call in 15 minutes. When I rang, C answered, she told me that she was free for the weekend if I were. I asked what day she’d prefer, she replied both, that if I was wanting to see her I’d have to pick her up as her other half needed their car. She told me she was going shopping for some clothes and would meet me at Ocean Terminal at 1pm in the car park. I arrived just before and sent C a text to say I’d arrived. She told me to drive up to the top section – there were fewer cars up there and I parked and sat there looking around but there was no one else sat in their cars. A car then came up the ramp, parked about 30 yards away and behind me and C got out, opened the boot and lifted out two bags. She closed the boot, walked around to the drivers side and leaned down to kiss S. I was nervous, wondering what he might do and thinking that he might just decide it was no longer for him. C walked over, put her bags in the back seat and then got in the front, she leaned over and gave me a long kiss, I buca escort couldn’t resist cupping her left breast with my right hand – she had on a business suit of sorts, whist blouse, skirt and jacket, heels and what I hoped were stockings.S pulled out and drove away, C waved as he left. I started my car up and asked where we were going – C just told me to go to mine first. In the house she told me to pack a bag for overnight – I grabbed some things and we then set off. On the way C told me that we were going to Glasgow, once there I could do anything I wanted to her but it was all to be captured on camera and for some of it, it was to be viewable by webcam for her husband to watch.We checked in to the room and she ordered some wine and champagne from room service, she then went for a shower and to get ready, once room service had been I was told to go into her bag for the laptop etc, there were also two cameras in there which were linked up to the laptop and placed at angles from it pretty much covering the room. C came out of the bathroom wearing heels, stockings, a corset and white blouse, she had her hair up with minimal make up. She explained that in a second bag I’d find various items that I could use on her, I opened it up, there were some toys, a rabbit, a vibrator that I’d got for her when we’d first started seeing each other years ago, some ties, pairs of stockings, some rope, candles etc.She was drinking the champagne, I walked over to her and started kissing her, letting my hands buca escort bayan roam over the silk and lace of her corset, down to her knickers, her arse and those stocking tops. I could feel that she was wet through the material of her knickers and decided to take them off, pushing her back onto the bed with the rest of what she was wearing still on. I opened her legs and started to give her legs and thighs some attention before tasting her pussy, running my hands up and down her legs, I got to my knees, nibbled the inside of her thighs, moving my way up, her hands pulled on the back of my head, pulling it into her wet pussy, my tongue ran up and down her lips, I sucked on her clit and tried to get as much of my tongue as I could inside her. Dropping my hands to her heels I lifted her legs up toward her, raising her bum so that I could lick from her pussy to her arsehole – when I felt that she’d keep her legs in the position I wanted I let my hands move up to her corset, roughly pulling the material down to expose her tits, taking hold of the nipples and squeezing them tight I carried on licking her juicy and very tasty pussy and then down to her arse again, trying to push my tongue inside. She was asking me to fuck her, telling me she wanted my cock, I stood up and shed my clothes as fast as I could, watching her playing with herself whilst I did so, I grabbed the bag of goodies off the table and looked at the laptop, wondering if S was watching us both. I moved back up toward the bed, escort buca put the bag to one side and took hold of C’s legs again, bending my knees, pushing my cock against her lips so that it parted them for me I started to fuck her pussy, sliding up and down her wet lips, she had hold of her breasts now and was squeezing them tight, I took a vibrator from her bag and turned it on, pushing it down toward the head of my cock so that it ran over her clit. I slipped inside her and moved in and out for a few minutes, slowly, the wetness coating my cock, it felt amazing, she asked me to fuck her faster so I started to speed up, I didn’t want to cum too soon so I stopped and replaced myself with the vibrator, pushing it in and out as she requested, her hands grabbed hold of mine and took it off me, she wanted to fuck herself with it – I was about to stand back to watch when C told me to fuck her up the arse, I pushed myself in slowly, I could feel the vibrator moving just above me and I went with the speed of that, going in and out at the same time, trying to match it when she speeded up and when she slowed down. I looked down at her tits, her eyes were shut and she was telling me to fuck her harder – I started to ask her how she liked it, how she liked being fucked by two cocks, imagining her hubby miles away watching us fuck, probably wanking himself. I started to cum, C wanted it in her mouth and she scrambled off the bed and onto her knees, pushing the vibrator back inside as she closed her lips around my cock, I held her head and started to fuck it but within a couple of strokes I was cumming – I forced her head to stay in place, feeling her swallow all my cum. She looking fucking amazing and I had to kiss her, a deep, sexy salty kiss…………There’s more and I’ll finish this off later.

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