My Exhibition Fantasy Come True


My Exhibition Fantasy Come TrueThis is a true story.It was the day before my 25th birthday. I was having dinner with my girlfriend at the time, Julissia. As we sat at the table waiting on our appetizers she pulled a pretty large gift out of her overly large purse. She slid the gift across the table to me and said “Early happy birthday. I couldn’t wait any longer to give it to you.” Being the present whore I am, I was elated. I didn’t waste any time ripping the decorative paper off. What was under the wrappings shocked the fuck out of me. Lying there on the table in a very crowded Ruby Tuesdays was a 10 inch, dark brown, realistic fleshed strap on dildo. I quickly hid it under the tablecloth. I looked at her like she had lost her damn mind. I said “Ju, what the fuck? Why would you have me open this in the middle of this restaurant? Anybody could’ve walked by and seen it.” She just smiled brazenly and said ” And?” I gave her a hard glare. She smiled more and said, “Look, I gave it to you here because I wanted you to really be surprised. I know you’ve been wanting a new strap, so happy birthday. The look on your face was priceless.” She giggled. I couldn’t lie. I had wanted a new strap, and I was genuinely surprised. I guess she did get me. I thanked her and put it in my much smaller purse. We ate our food in silence mostly. We were both starving, and enjoyed our favorite meals from our favorite restaurant. Over our cheesecake, she looked at me and asked me “So, what’s the one thing you really want for your birthday.” I told her that the toy was enough and that I was satisfied with that. She looked at me through seductive eyes and said ” What’s one of your biggest sexual fantasies. Tell me, and I’ll make it a reality tomorrow for your birthday.”My cheeks glowed shades of red and orange from embarrassment. I shly replied ” I’m afraid you would think its too nasty. Then you’d think I was a freak or something.” She smiled and said “Baby, you are a freak. It’s one of the things I like most about you.” I smiled a coy smile and told her of my fantasy about being fucked in a room full of people. Full enough that we could go unnoticed, but not so full that we were standing on top of each other. I told her of how I wanted to have my pussy eaten while strangers went about their business unknowingly. Then I told her how I wanted to be strapped deep and hard while remaining unseen by strangers standing near feet away from me. She bit her bottom lip as I spoke and her glazed over expression told me I was turning her on. She looked at me with longing in her eyes and said, “Damn, you just made it my fantasy too. I’ll fuck you in a room full of strangers if it’s the last thing I do.” Her willingness to please me any way that I wanted to be pleased made me wet for her. Knowing that my pleasure was hers, and she would stop at nothing to satisfy me was beyond sexy. We handled our check sans a tip, because the waitress was a bitch, and hurried back to her place. I couldn’t wait to try my new birthday present out.The next night she and I met up with some of our friends at a local lesbian club. Their ideal erzincan rus escort birthday party celebration in my honor. The club was popping that Saturday night. The temperature in the room was sky high. Heat eminated from the crowd of women looking to have their bodies grinded on in more ways than one. The air was thick with sexual chemistry. Dozens of one night stands in the making. The cold winter air outside didn’t stop the club goers from putting on their tightest and skimpiest clothing. They all danced like their lives depended on it. The dimmed black lights making the sweat on their skin glisten like small diamonds. I sat at a small table with Julissia in V.I.P. watching everyone on the floor getting their freak on. I had never been much of a dancer. Not much of a club goer either, but I had friends thoughtful enough to even want to make my birthday special. So I was a good sport in the name of camaraderie.As I gazed at the sea of sexy women, I felt Julissia’s hand slowly move up my thigh and under the hem of my short dress. I gave her the “What do you think you’re doing?” look. She leaned into me and whispered in my ear “We’re here, in a crowded room, full of strangers. Let me eat your pussy.” I was completely caught off guard. I said “Are you crazy? Someone could see us. What if one of the girls comes back?” She looked at me, uninterested in my reservations, and said “You said you wanted to be fucked in a room full of strangers. That’s your fantasy. I promised I would make that fantasy a reality for you, baby. I’m a woman of my word.” I stared at her, still afraid to give in to my sexual desires. I was weighing pros and cons when she ran her fingers up my slit. Her entire face lit up when she realized I wasn’t wearing any panties. She applied a lot of pressure as she rubbed my clit and said “You’re already wet for me. You know you want this Yettan, stop playing and let me have you. Right here in this room full of strangers.” I thought about it more but my thoughts were clouded by lust as she slipped a finger into my pussy. Then she made the decision for me as she slid to her knees and positioned herself between my legs. I didn’t have time to protest before she attacked my clit. Taking it into her mouth in full. She suckled my clit with more force than a Dyson vaccum. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I bit my lip to keep from screaming. She switched up and spread my legs wider and pulled me to the edge of the booth styled couch. She starting licking my asshole. She rimmed my asshole with her tongue as she stuck a second finger into my pussy. I let out a loud yell at thought I saw some of the women a few tables down look over. I didn’t give a damn. I was too far gone. Sinking in the quick sand that was Julissia. She removed her fingers from me and she ran her tongue from my asshole, all the way up to my clit. The did this a few times before trapping my clit between her lips again. I was close to cumming. So close to that euphoria that I felt like was walking through the gates of heaven. She then stuck her tongue inside erzincan rus escort bayan of me and starting tongue fucking me as she rolled my clit between her fingers. She stuck her tongue in as far as it could go. She switched up again, lapping at my clit in short, quick strokes. She flicked her tongue over my clit with the intensity and enthusiasm of a dehydrated puppy. She started sucking my clit hard. She sucked my clit and forced 3 of her fingers into me. I was so wet, my juices were flowing down my thighs and onto the nice leather of the couch. She continued to suck my clit, making loud slurping sounds that made my entire body tremble. She took my clit between her teeth and gently nibbled on it, still finger fucking me with a passion. That’s when I lost it. My eyes rolled, my mouth went dry, and my legs trembled with the force and conviction of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. I bit my bottom lip so hard to keep from screaming, I thought I was going to bite right through my own flesh. The aftershock of that intense orgasm hit me hard. I was still shaking when I saw her stand up, her face wet and glistening with my moisture. She kissed me passionately, and I tasted my sweet nectar on her tongue. I was spent, and very happy that the cheap tablecloth had concealed her from any onlookers. Kept her tucked away from prying eyes as she gave me one of the best orgasms of my life. She smiled at me, soft and gently. Then she roughly grabbed me by my hair and said in a harsh whisper “You thought I was done with you?”. She laughed loudly. She spoke again, “Baby that was just the beginning. Stand up.” She pushed my hips off of the couch. I jumped up quickly, pulling my dress back down over my hips to cover my girly bits. I turned around and glanced at her. I saw her own dress was hiked up over her hips, and she was wearing the harness for the strap on she had given me the night before. I watched her reach into that gigantic handbag and pull out that same 10 inch, dark brown dildo. She slid the dildo thru the hole in the harness and secured it. She reached in her bag and grabbed a small bottle of Sliquid lube. She lathered that huge dildo. She then grabbed my hips, turned me facing the crowd, and pulled me down onto her. She slowly slid me down onto the dildo. She held my hips and guided me. I pushed myself farther and farther onto the dildo until I felt the bottom of my thighs touch the top of hers. I was fully sequestered on the dildo. I was impaled. I felt like I had never been so full in my life. I took a moment to catch my breath and adjust to the length and girth of the toy. I slowly started to move up and down. I worked that dildo in and out of myself until I felt myself craving more. She then grabbed my hips and started forcing me down onto the toy. She held my waist tightly as she guided that huge toy in and out of me. She fucked me roughly while she grabbed my hair. She pounded my pussy hard and whispered nasty things in my ear. Somewhere between the sex and my own self destruction I forgot where I was. Or maybe I just didn’t care rus escort erzincan anymore. I started screaming loudly, begging her to fuck me harder. She obliged me like I had never been obliged before. She was grabbing my breast and biting my neck. I held onto her thighs to steady myself in my 5 inch heels. I forced myself down on the toy hard. I rode that toy like the pornstars in my x-rated DVDs. Our skin slapped together hard. My pussy was still extremely wet from the meal she’d made of me earlier and the sloshing noises of my juices rang in my ears like the most beautiful song I’d ever heard. We both moaned loudly from our bodies being worked over in the most erotic of ways. Julissia and I yelled and screamed and we made a scene. So much for being incognito. Our fellow clubbers had become privy to our nasty tango of lust. We had gotten the whole clubs attention and they were all watching the show we were putting on. Every set of eyes in the room were feasting on us and our carnal actions. We didn’t even care. She held my hips in place, made me grind hard on her with that toy deep inside me. She had slid my dress all the way up, now my braless breast were out for the world to see. She pinched my nipples. Tugging gently at the rings that decorated them. I continued to bounce up and down on the dildo until I felt my orgasm creeping up on me like a theif in the night. I told her I was about to come and she said “Not yet baby. I’ve got something that’s going to blow your mind.” She reached into her bag and grabbed a small bullet vibrator. She placed the vibrator directly on my clit and I went ballistic. I rode her harder. I bucked my hips and put all of my engery into riding that dildo. A wave of pleasure washed over me and I came hard. Over and over I came on that dick and I screamed at the top of my lungs. Everyone watched as she and I yelled a string of blasphemous curses.Thanking every God there was for what we were experiencing. As we rode our orgasms and the aftershocks passed, reality hit as to where we were. I opened my eyes to meet not only those of my closest friends, but those of every other patron in the club. I quickly scanned the room. Looking at the mix of womens faces with different expressions. Some filled with anger, others with disgust, but most looked like they were jealous that Julissia and I had just had the fuck of a lifetime and they weren’t invited. Well, not formally at least. I kept looking until my eyes finally rested on the faces of the angry bouncers that stood over Julissia and I. Their faces were made of stone, and the boners that all three obviously had were just as hard. Julissia and I were not so politely asked to leave and never return. I eased myself off of the dildo and tried to stand on my jelly legs. I almost toppled to the floor. Thankfully I was picked up by one of the bouncers. He held me tightly in his arms while I tried to fix my dress. I held on to the shred of dignity I had left as he carried me through the sea of strangers, out to the parking lot, and to my silver Dodge charger. Julissia followed quietly and sheepishly behind, strap on still attatched. The nice bouncer placed me next to my car before trying, unsuccessfully to exchange numbers with me so I could see what the “real thing” felt like. I tried my best to apologize to my friends for Julissia and I’s little display in the club. They were super pissed. I felt bad but hey you can only live out a fantasy once. 😉

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