My first gay experience in Panama City spring brea


My first gay experience in Panama City spring breaIt was my first time in Panama City for spring break and like any teen I spent most of it drinking and chasing girls. One night I drank way too much and got lost from my group of friends.. I was hammered walking down the strip towards my hotel room which was miles away when a car pulled up beside me. It was a young mixed k** probably early twenties offering me a ride home, I was tired of walking but cautious to accept his offer. I went against my better judgement and said yes. I got in and told him the name of the hotel and that it was about 3 miles up the road on the right, he then smiled and looked at me and reached down and grabbed my cock. I was shocked but in my drunken state I was ready to try whatever.I smiled back and reached over and started massaging his cock through his shorts and blurted out “let me suck your dick, I want you to fuck me so bad!” Every naughty osmaniye rus escort fantasy I ever had was playing thorough my head and I was ready to try anything this guy wanted. “I’m going to” he replied “let’s go to my place”We pulled into his parents house and went to his room, I was worried his parents would hear but he said it didn’t matter they don’t care. He closed the door to his room and we instantly started groping and grabbing each other, making out furiously. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and dropped to my knees pulling down his basketball shorts in one swift movement. His cock was almost hard and at least 8 inches long. I wrapped my lips around it and started working my way down, I was rock hard at this point and all I could think about was how bad I wanted this in my virgin ass. “Don’t use your hands, just your mouth” he said. I tasted the salty sweet osmaniye rus escort bayan taste of his precum when he told me to turn around!I did as I was told and spun around on my hands and knees, sticking my ass in the air like a dirty little slut waiting to be fucked. “You ready for this?” He asked, “hell yeah I am” I felt his huge dick press up against my hole, wet from my own spit, “go slow please I’ve never done this before.” He ignored my request and with one big push insterted the whole thing! A wave of pain and pleasure washed over me as he stayed there for a moment, his balls touching mine admiring his view. He started thrusting slowly, a few inches in and out, until I had relaxed a little and was able to fully appreciate what was happening. “Yeah, mmmm that feels good, you like that?” he said “yeah I do, keep going I want your cum inside of me”This excited rus osmaniye escort him and he started pumping faster, I felt a squirt of lube hit my ass where his cock was pounding my hole and now any pain was gone, just pleasure. His thrusts were long and hard, I could feel the tip of his cock almost pull out then bury itself 8 inches inside me over and over. “I’m about to cum baby, you’re taking this dick like a pro” he praised, “Mmm please I want it, fill me with it!” I begged! I felt his body begin to stiffen and he grabbed my hips with both hands pulling me close as I felt the first burst of cum hit my insides! “Oh fuck, fuck yeah” he moaned as wave after wave of hot cum filled my ass. He reached around and began jerking me off, and it didn’t take long! Still inside of me he tugged at my dick, “oh shit I’m about to cum!” I yelled. Hearing this he quickly pulled out and told me to stand up, as I rose to my feet I felt his warm cum dripping out of my hole down my legs as he took the head of my dick in his mouth and began rubbing the shaft! I exploded cum deep down his throat, more than I’ve ever came before and he swallowed every last drop!Physically and emotionally spent I told him I had to go, he drove me back to my hotel and I never saw him again

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