My Freshman Year of college part 3


My Freshman Year of college part 3With a quickness Sam was straddling my head as she lowered her hairless wet slit onto my awaiting,eager mouth.My tongue was everywhere,flicking at her blood engorged clit,then licking and tunneling into her juicy fuck hole lapping up all her sweet cunt nectar while Sam ground and bucked her hips and flooded my face with copious amounts of gooey juice “ohhh Daddy….her tongue…..oh god yes slut….thats it….unfff…gonna..ahhh..gonna…fucking….ahhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkkk…” Sam squealed and moaned as she came and came…her hot sweet juice spraying all over my face and heaving chest…til she finally collapsed beside me on the bed,panting and woozy from the intense orgasms that now covered me in their wetness.And there stood Daddy,at the edge of the bed,Tall,dark and imposing,”very well slut” his voice calm yet commanding Daddy bent over and licked at the juices still glistening on my face,while his fingers pinched and tore at my hard,pierced nipples causing me to yelp,not in pain..but pleasure…Daddy stretched first one throbbing nipple then the other as he slipped fully onto the bed beside me,Sam now scooted down between my wide spread thighs and using her fingers and mouth got my heated snatch flooding with juices,my head began to swoon at all the intense lewd pleasure that was rocketing throughout my body and I would have given in to the overwhelming erotic waves of pleasure if I hadn’t noticed Daddy’s anadolu yakası escort busy hands…Daddy sat up beside me,one huge hand firmly grasping the base of his now towering,throbbing monster of a cock….it was magnificent…long,at least 12 inches and thick with throbbing veins pulsating along the straight massive shaft.the huge bulbous head aching for a hot wet place to invade…Daddy laid there stroking the massive fuck pole while watching Sam devour my tight flooding cunt,”fuuuuucckkk….”I grunted “Suck it…..ahhhhh….cumminnnnnggggg…..”I exploded,my hips bucking lewdly up and down as my body twisted in orgasmic delight.Sam sheepishly grinned,her face covered in sweet girl cum “Please Daddy…can I suck it…”Sam whispered,her eyes transfixed on Daddy’s impressive man meat,Chuckling Daddy got up on his knees,and waved that rigged cock over my face “now Sammie”he began ” you just go to your corner and get all strapped in and let Daddy alone NOW!!!” the bellowing of the word “NOW” echoed around the room and caused Sam to race off to a shadowy corner of the room with a panicked yelp of fear.Daddy,holding firmly to his cock,now rubbed its thick,heavy silky length all over my face and lips,which I quickly flicked with my tongue,slathering the engorged shaft with saliva,working up towards the huge head…For an instant I hesitated,which brought Daddy’s huge hand ataşehir escort smacking upside my head,flashes of lights and stars exploded at the sudden strike”open your filthy whore mouth” Daddy growled and soon my stretched wide mouth was crammed full of hot throbbing fuck meat,thrusting its way deeper into my struggling mouth.Daddy grasped roughly at either side of my head and began to forcefully fuck my cock stuffed mouth…what little air I got was quickly forced out of me by Daddy’s relentless assault..his loud gnarls and guttural grunts rising and falling with each powerful thrust.And as suddenly as it began,Daddy yanked his steel cock out of my fucked raw mouth and slapped my face hard with his massive schlong,my brain clouded in raw fuck lust I gave in to the wicked intensity “my….cuuu…” I moaned “fuucc ma sluuuttt ty ….” I tried to plead,my mouth fucked raw and still stretched wide,but Daddy knew…his evil lust filled smirk told me he understood.Without any resistance Daddy forced my wide spread legs backwards,my knees now on either side of my temples,allowing Daddy full access to my upthrust fuck hole,he eased himself into position and began rubbing my sticky,gooey slit with his cock,and after slathering copious amounts of slick lube all over my twitching cunt and his massive shaft Daddy gently applied pressure and began to ease his massive rigged cock into my clutching,spasming ümraniye escort quivering fuck hole,forcing inch after monstrous inch deeper into my already stuffed little twat.Daddy bellowed “too…unnn…fucking..goddamn….tight…” Daddy’s face twisted in a lewd wicked grin as he paused,allowing my stuffed cunt to stretch tightly around the swollen Shaft.My entire body twitched and throbbed,as one massive orgasm after another rocketed my entire body,electrifying my every nerve and making me dizzy and lost in the primal primitive explosions of raw pleasure and pain…I thrashed my head and howled and screamed twisted filthy words,lost in the blinding explosive eruption of orgasmic bliss…Daddy fueled by my demented and boundless wickedness let himself go and began to hammer my poor tormented cock stuffed twat with unbridled fury, his ruthless fucking making my cunt gush gallons of cum,spraying everywhere drenching both Daddy and me in our maddening fucking.Daddy’s cock slammed deeper and harder,for what seemed like an eternity,my mind and body lost in blinding lust and wanton need…then suddenly Daddy slammed deep inside me and I felt the great behemoth cock suddenly expand and explode…..great blasts of hot cum blasted my cock stuffed cunt,jets of searing cum erupting from the now retreating cock,blasting deep inside me…filling me with his wicked seed,and with a lewd sucking plop Daddy yanked his still spewing cock free of my vice like confines and with a low primitive grunt blasted off a few more rocketing blasts of cum,spraying my bucking ,heaving body with white jizz and splattering my gaping freshly fucked pussy before Daddy collapsed face first into my semem drenched,raw and battered twat sucking in great heaving gulps of air…..(More to cum….alot more..hehe )

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