My friend Louis.


My friend Louis.I am 49 years old at this writing.. I was 14 years old when I met Louis, he is ( always has been) a sharp dresser and always had one or two hot girlfriends hanging around, whenever we hung out. The previous year (when I was 13) an older girl from my swim team ( she was 18) took my virginity, while I was c***d sitting for the couple next door. Louis was the first of my friends to know, that I was having sex with the older girl, and it was then that he told me, that he had only ever liked other boys. I have to admit, that I was a bit thrown off at first, but I figured he always had hotties around and he had never showed any personal interest to me.As the years went by, he was always around and all my friends just accepted Louis’ preferences and tried to score with the chicks he hung around with. After 8 years in the military, I had lost touch with Louis, until one evening, we ran into each other after a workout at the local YMCA. I had been for a mile swim and was warming down in the steam bath. The moment we looked at each other, we immediately recognised each other, he stood up to shake hands and we gave a brotherly embrace. At least that is how I would describe my motivation, until our bodies touched. As I was just out of the pool, I wad still in my bathing kadıköy escort suit, ( what I’ve always called a ” boner bather” or “banana hammock”), Louis was wrapped in a tiny white towel, that contrasted with his black skin and left nothing to the imagination. The second our groins touched I felt electrified!! We chatted for 30 minutes, until it was time to shower. We each showered and chatted a bit getting dressed. I couldn’t help but notice a very nice ass, and a cock that was very nice, in my opinion. I had never thought seriously about the male form, other than in brief passing, but the energy from our earlier embrace, had me suddenly curious.. Louis told me he had walked to the gym from his apartment, so I offered him a ride home. In the truck, I told him that I had wondered about how it would be, to have a mans cock in my mouth and that I was curious about his thick cock in particular.? He told me that he noticed my cock in the shower, and that I had a nice, big cock for a white man. He said that he would be happy to be my first. We got to his place, and went inside. He poured us a couple of beers, and asked me how I was feeling, I told him that I was more excited than in the truck and I took his hand and put it on my crotch. Louis wasted no time unzipping ümraniye escort me and pulling out my cock, I was breathing so hard from just his fingers on me and then he took my entire cock to his tonsils. He never even gaggedfor a moment. His tongue worked my shaft like crazy, and he just looked in my eyes, with a lustful, cock filled grin. I held onto his head with both hands, gently pushing my cock, in time with his head bobbing, feeling his soft, warm mouth work my cock like I’ve never known. I’ve never had a mouth feel so good, he knew just what I craved… I could feel myself reaching climax and Louis showed no intention of stopping. I told him to stop, that I wanted his cock in my mouth, so that I could save my cum for later. He stood up and we both undressed, his toned, lith body was beautiful and his cock was already becoming thick, long and hard. We wwalked into his room and he lay back with his at least 9 and a half inch cock straight in the air. I leaned over and took the head of his cock in my mouth, and instantly knew I had waited far to long, to suck a cock. I worked his cock up and down, stopping to lick his head and then this shaft. It was wonderful, his taste was delicious and I loved the power I felt having this man in my mouth. I forced ataşehir escort him deep in my mouth, holding my head there as long as I could. As I was sucking him off, I started to pump him with my hand, he moaned and told me he liked sucking my head, I sucked and pumped and jerked and sucked like I was a pro. Louis told me to get on his bed also and we got into the 69. We sucked each other like that for a while, before I told him I was going to cum if he didn’t stop. I wanted him to cum with me. He just kept pumping my mouth, I began to feel my orgasm building and I warned him that I was going to cum, I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked him for all I had, my toes started to curl, I couldn’t hold back, I blasted my seed in huge bursts. Louis took every drop and swallowed it all. I told him to cum in my mouth, but he stood up like it was over. He started to jerk himself off and told me to wrap my lips around the head of his prick, I did as I was told. He kept telling me how nice my mouth felt. I started lightly sucking as he jerked his shaft like a piston, until he put his bed on the back of my head and started cumming as he forced my head further on his pulsing cock. I loved how he tasted, and he seemed to just cum and cum… After we got dressed, we hugged and promised to do that again, but that was 9 years ago, and I have never seen him again. One thing is certain, I have a new interest in getting more cock, I can’t wait to have another cock…I miss you Louis, hope we meet again some day…

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