My Friend’s Dad


My Friend’s Dad(Mf first) I had known Carla for six years, since we were nine. We hung outtogether and told each other our hopes, dreams and fears. I had been aready shoulder for her to cry on when her mother died in a stupid caraccident caused by a drunk driver two years back. She told me of how herfather was even more shattered than she was. The insurance and lawsuitmonies left them moderately well off, but there was always this sadnesswith them. I was at her sweet sixteen birthday party and sleep over. We had someboys at the party, but they had to leave by midnight. Carla’s dad, Paul,was a good sport, mostly letting us do our own thing, but he kept a waryeye out for anyone having too much fun. Mostly he stayed in their denplaying computer games. Every little bit he would come out to get a sodaand count noses and make sure no one had gotten off to a dark corner. At about ten o’clock he spotted Michelle and her boyfriend in a seriouslip lock with her blouse up and bra down. He only told the excitedcouple “Break it up! Put your clothes back on and move on to the livingroom where everyone else is. Now.” They were really embarrassed andMichelle’s boyfriend left soon after. The other girls started askingMichelle how it felt and if she really would have gone farther. I didn’t take part in the hazing because I knew how she felt. I had beengoing out with guys, nothing serious, but I had been felt up, and hadheld a cock, and knew what happened when you rubbed it the right way.That always gave me a feeling tuzla escort of power, to be able to make a guy beg meto continue and to make him cum. I also knew how much ‘won’t’ power ittakes to stop a guy from going farther than you really want him to. Butthat wasn’t really the reason I didn’t tease Michelle. The real reason was that I had spotted the hard on that Paul had gottenfrom seeing the amorous couple. He had covered well, but I knew thesigns. I got real horny and started to fantasize about Paul. Fromtalking to Carla I knew that he hadn’t started looking at women yet. Hehad been two years without a bed partner. I wondered if I could… ifshould… help him get over his grief in a womanly way. After all the boys left we all put on our jammies. Some were shorterthan others. Mine was about average. Paul kept up his ‘going for soda’routine, but now I could tell that he was interested in the ‘eye candy’we were providing him. About one AM he shut the computer down and wentto bed, telling us to keep the noise down to a dull roar. After a little bit the party started to break into two groups. The groupin the front living room had the lights off and were getting to sleep.The group in the rec room was watching videos. I watched a few videoswith that group until about three AM, and then drifted toward the livingroom. But I didn’t stop there. I snuck upstairs to Paul’s bedroom. WhenI got there, it was dark, but I saw him laying on his king sized bed. Hedidn’t have any covers on and I saw he slept in his ataşehir escort boxers. I took myjammies off and got onto the bed with him. I spread the front opening of his boxers and gently touched the head hispenis. Very quickly it got hard and poked out of his boxers. I continuedto massage his now rampant rod. He started to come awake and I leanedover and kissed him as he woke fully while continuing to play with him.He kissed back, questing his tongue deep into my mouth. We played tonsilhockey for a bit and he started to play with my tits. He leaned back abit and looked at me and asked “Are you sure you want this to continue,little girl?” I said “Yes, I do.” He asked “Have you done this before?”and I said “No, you’ll be my first.” He shook his head and reached intohis night stand and got out a condom. Awww! That was sweet andthoughtful. I said “I’ve been on the pill for almost a year now.” Hedropped the condom and went back to stroking my nipples. His expert touch got me gasping in minutes. When he sent a hand down tomy clit I nearly died. I left off stroking him as his touch took me intorealms of pleasure that I had never been to before. A couple of boys hadmanaged to massage me to orgasm before, but Paul’s sure touch made whatI had felt before pale. I guess I started to scream, but Paul was thenfrench kissing me again and I couldn’t yell. The orgasm hit me hard andI was bucking under his hand like a mad woman. Some where in here Paul took off his boxers. I sure don’t remember doingit. Paul then pendik escort positioned himself between my legs and brought them uponto his shoulders. He rubbed his massive prong along my slit and then,as he kissed me, suddenly thrust in, all the way to the hilt. The painwas incredible, but the kisses again stopped me from yelling. He stoppedand just held me and said “The worst is past. Just get used to me andthen we’ll continue.” I guess his bringing me to orgasm first had lubed me up enough that thepain quickly died and my hips began moving. When Paul felt this hestarted pumping in time to my movements. I don’t know if we rockedtogether for minutes or hours or years. Time had no meaning. I orgasmedagain and as he kept pumping started a series of them. At this histhrusting became faster and somehow deeper. He then plunged into me asfar and as hard as he could and gasped and blew his load of cum into me.He gave a few more convulsive thrusts and then let my legs drop androlled off of me. He looked at me and said “Thank you, Jodie. I needed that.” I snuggledinto the crook of his arm and just hugged him. We fell asleep together.A little while later I woke up with Paul already in me, thrusting awaylike a stallion. We came together and then he suggested that I shouldclean up, get dressed and go downstairs before I was missed. I never had sex again with Paul and I’m still friends with Carla. A fewweeks later Carla told me that her dad had started going out again, witha woman from his church. A year later they told Carla that they weregetting married and six months later they were. I’m glad I let him takemy virginity. I like to think that I helped him get through his griefand that he became a complete man again because of me.

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