My gay C.L hookup


My gay C.L hookupA few weeks ago I had answered a personal ad from a gentleman who was looking for some companionship for the day. After exchanging a few E-Mails we had agreed to meet at a local starbucks for a cup of coffee and some chat about what we were looking for and all that good stuff. After we finished our coffee we both wanted the day to progress so we went to the nearest goodwill store where he bought a dress for me to wear and than stopped at walmart for some undies. On the way to his house I had stopped along the way to change into my new clothes. When I arrived at his house I walked in and found him in the kitchen wearing only his boxers. He than asked me if I was sure I wanted to proceed and after saying I was he than said get over and get on your knees bitch. I quickly complied and he reached behind my head and pulled my face against his crotch for a few seconds and when I felt him fully stiffen I reached up and pulled his boxers buca escort down and he slapped me around with his cock a little bit and demanded I lick him. I used my tongue and slid around his cock and nibbled his shaft and balls after several moments of that he than grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed me down his cock until I could not get any more in he than spent the next few minutes fucking my mouth as I groaned in pleasure. He than pulled his cock out of my mouth and made me stand up and bend over the table. He lifted the dress over my ass and pulled the panties aside and squirted a bit of lube on my anxious waiting hole. I felt him massage the opening with 2 fingers until he smeared it all over than he suddenly thrusted both fingers deep into my ass causing me to give a little startled shout. He grabbed me by the hair than and take it you fucking whore and began to really finger me after about 10-15 buca escort bayan minutes and 4 fingers later he pulled out and I watched as he slid a condom on and worked it with a bit of lube. he pressed it against my puckering ass and wit ha hard slap to my ass he thrusted balls deep into me causing me to shout in pain and pleasure mixed. He said oh you like that eh bitch? he pulled it out did it again. after that he just started to fuck me as hard as he could. pulling my hair and slapping my ass as he pounded away in me. He finally shouted out and thrust against me and held that pose for several seconds as he unloaded in me he than pulled out of me and I dropped in to my knees in exhaustion and pleasure and he pulled off the condom and made me suck his cock a bit more until I sucked the last drop out of him. After resting a few minutes he led me to the bedroom where he put on a Shemale video and he had me get escort buca on the bed in the doggystyle position facing the TV I watched as he walked to the dresser and brought out a dildo and as we watched the video he was working me with the dildo in my already tender ass. After about 10-15 minutes of that punishment he had me lay on my back with my head off the bed. He than fucked my mouth again with a long medium speed thrusts. He would pull it almost all the way out until my lips touched the head and than he would slide it back down. after several minutes of that he than laid down on the bed and had me ride him cowgirl and when he was about to cum he pushed me off and pulled off the condom he than came all over my face. and right after that he had me take out my cock and jerk it while he watched. So as I slowly fucked my hand he reached over grabbed the dildo and worked it back into me and slowly fucked me with it as I jacked off. A few seconds later he took over and started jacking me as I lay there getting drilled. I finally busted loose and cum all over his hands which he than had me lick clean. We had than gotten cleaned up and parted ways. I was still sore the next day. I hope to hook up with him again.

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