My hot wife


My hot wifeMy hot wifeSo me and my wife are married for 12 years with 3 k**s we still have a awesome sex life and enjoy sharing fantasies in bed but its always just been fantasies we have lots of toys that i please her with and she comes at least 3to 5 times when we play.Let me describe my wife damn she is a firecracker 5 ft 4 beautiful boobs and a tight ass that u just want to kiss pull her panties down and smack it and then lick it ,she has a small tight pussy that she waxes it is Devine and she does crossfit so she is hardcore,me I’m a bodybuilder and i like to fuck and play with her, i like to please her she is just awesome in bed and i often thought that i wish i could share her so that somebody can just experience what a good fuck she really is.So on this weekend it was my friend Ettiene bday and the k**s where staying with my sister so we had the weekend to ourselves,i like some alone time with her ,i know we gonna have some good time without any interruptions and we can just fuck all over the house ,.I was walking into the room when she got out of the shower all wet and smooth and i just had to eat that pussy,so i picked her up throw her on the bed open her legs and dived straight in licking her making her wet after a while i start working a finger in her and then i aded another ,then all of a sudden i get up she stares at me like asking why did u stop i just turned around and walking into the cub bard ,she knows what is coming,all her sex toys are in there and i select a big dildo that always fills her to the max some lube and a small vibrator ,she has a big smile on her face when she sees my selection for her.I start putting some lube on the max dildo and gave her the vibrator so that she can play so long with her clit ,then i start sliding the dildo in her pussy ,she rolls her head back groan louder and when she is good and ready i start sliding the monster in and out,then i dive for her clit again and start licking her she is getting close when she says she needs a cock to suck i lift up say maybe she can get someone tonight to suck his cock while i fuck her from behind or someone to lick her pussy while she sucks me she started to groan louder ,especially when i said maybe she can suck Ettienes cock as a birthday present just with that she started coming all over my face and tongue i had to fight to keep my mouth on her,after that i ask her if it excited her thinking of sucking his cock and with a blush she smiles and nod her head i started laughing and say that is a surprise and she admits that he turns her on i got a stir in my cock with the thought of my hot wife on her knees sucking my friends cock.Getting dressed me in jeans ,T-shirt i was waiting for her upstairs,then when i shaw her damn i just wanted to bend her over the table and fuck her she looked so damn hot short black dress that covers just enough low cut showing her beautiful tits and i know she is not wearing a bra not with that dress and with some fuck me pumps she looks so hot and i tell her we can rather stay but with a sly smile she says no ways u said i can pick someone up to night to suck or fuck i just stared at her smiling with i dare u do that look on my face.At the party at the restaurant we where met by Isabella a hot looking girl i could c how she stared at my wife with i could lick that look on her face and she showed us to the private room where the party is when Ettiene shaw us he came over starring at my wife’s tits picking her up and kissing her all i could c is her pink gstring and her beautiful ass she screamed at him to put her down and we all had a good laugh ,Isabella standing next to me looked at me and licked her lips and gave me a big smile ,i knew what she was thinking because i was thinking the same.Ass the booze flow and time goes by My wife is getting more and more tipsy she is dancing and she is grinding her pussy on my thigh she is getting hornier i breath in her ear and ask her so when are u gonna suck Ettiene cock for his birthday she gives a low moan and turn to me whispering back if that is a dare i look her in the eye and say i double dare u she kiss me hard driving her tongue in my mouth i put my left hand between us ,up her dress feeling her pussy she is wet very wet i slide it to the one side and put my middle finger in her pussy she start moaning driving her tongue deep in my mouth just before she start to come Ettiene taps me on the shoulder and ask if he can have a dance with my hot wife Looking in my eyes begging to finish what i started i said sure and pulled my finger out of her cunt,with pleading eyes i walked to the bar to get a drink,.At the bar Isabelle come over and ask me if she can also have a dance with my wife i smiled and said sure enjoy turning back looking at her i saw her grinding her pussy on Ettiene thigh and he is squeezing her ass pulling her harder on her thigh we both stare at them dancing and Isabelle leans over putting her tongue in my ear she says fuck your wife is so hot do u mind sharing i just smiled looking at my wife grinding her pussy on my friends leg.I turn to her and say if u can convince my wife i don’t ,mind as long as i get to fuck you to ,she smiles and grab my cock through my jeans squeezing she says nice cock yes u can fuck me only after i eat and fuck your wife first.Later when my wife came to me at the bar i told her what Isabelle told me and with a smile she says that Ettiene was feeling her up and told her she is hot and that he would like to fuck her i looked at her smiling she doesn’t know how i will react to someone approaching çorum rus escort her because she knows i will fuck them up i love fighting and all my friends know i can handle all of them i look her in the eyes and say whel babe it is all up to you aslong as u cool with it so am i as long as we both agree she pulled me closer kissing me hard and rubbing my cock through my jeans i am as hard as rock ,she pulls back and say let me go meet this girl that wants to lick my pussy,she turned and left me there with a raging hardon.Ettiene comes to me apologizing saying he had to much to drink and was just talking when i say don’t worry play your cards right and you will have a birthday u will never forget with a confused look i walked away.I haven’t seen my wife for a while and went looking for her,i am jealous so i was wondering where she is i asked around and someone said she went to the bathroom i went there and when i got there the one door opens and it is Isabelle,she looks at me with a shock expression on her face like o shit and right behind her is my wife with the same expression i just starred at them when she pulls me and Isabella back inside and close the door ,my wife could c the confused look on my face when she dropped to her knees in front of me pulling at my belt pulling my jeans down smiling up at me pulling my Calvin Klein boxer downl releasing my semi erect cock opening her mouth she engulf my cock sucking me hard i just grab the wall and look down at her sweet face with my cock in her mouth.Next thing Isabelle is is joining her and my wife takes my cock out of her mouth and offers it to her i look into my wife’eyse as Isabel start sucking my cock o fuck i thought this is so hot thy start sharing my cock i pulled my wife up to kiss her she smiles and ask is she sucking your cock nice ? Do u come in our mouths ?I just groan and kiss her hard while im having my cock sucked i looked at her and say i thought u gonna suck Ettiene s cock she smiles and say who says i haven’t already ,looking shocked she smiles and start sucking my cock again ,thy make turns turning sothat my cock is between there lips almost like thy both kissing it at same time i warn them that im gonna come my wife takes Isabelle’s mouth i push it onto my cock just as i start to come i can c she is swallowing every drop then they start French kissing sharing my come between them ,i just look at then and think damn what a lucky mother fucker i am to have such a hot wifeThy still kissing when Isabella sit on the toilet seat pulls her dress up ,she pulls My wife to her pussy and and just get this look on her face as my wife starts eating her pussy,i want to faint in all my fantasies this is actually hapening my wife is eating pussy my cock is hard again i kneel behind my wife lift her dress ,hey where is the pink Victoria Secret gstring fuck that i spread her ass mmm she is wet i drive my tongue in her licking her i move higher my wife loves it when i tongue her sweet asshole to i shove 2 fingers inside her wet pussy im driving it in hard just the way she likes it .Isabele is the first to come and then my wife she grabs hold of Isabela thighs as i drive her over the edge she screams into her pussy and then i stop ,i move my wife over pull her up and kiss her driving my tongue in her mouth tasting Isabella pussy on her lips i look at Isabelle she is just smiling and playing with her smooth pussy ,then there was a knock on the door somebody asking to hurry up we all get up getting dressed i open the door and walk out with the two ladys right behind me we went up to join the party.At the bar i order drinks i pull my wife close to me and say babes that was so hot i love u but if i can asked what happened to your g string she started to smile and say ,promise u wont get mad ,i say i promise she says remember you promised i look at her and she tells me that she went to the bathroom but ran into Ettiene he flirted with her and told her she is hot and he did not received a present from her she says she grabbed his arm pulled him into a stall she made him sit down she slowly lifted her dress showing her pink gstring to him and ask if he would like het g string as a present,she says his jaw just dropped she then hooked her thumbs into her panties and proceeded to slide it down her legs she took it of and gave it to him he just took it and pulled it to his nose and smelled her pussy odor she says she could c that he was hard and she climb on his lap and ground her pussy on his cock dryfucking him he grabbed her by the ass pulling her harder onto his cock she says he begged her to take his cock out and that he wants to fuck her she just continue to dry hump him then she started to kiss him when she felt his fingers entering her wet pussy and she moaned into his mouth ,she says he was driving his big fingers into her ,driving her wild and then she started to come she says the next thing she new she was opening his pants and pulling his hard cock out he lifted her up to drive his cock into her bur she moved back and his cock slipped through her pussy lipss she say she started to grind his cock between them riding him she say he begged her to fuck him but she kept his cock between her lips riding him and kissing him he started to moan saying he is going to come when she hopped off swallowing his cock sucking him ,he grabbed her behind the head and started to come in her mouth shooting all he had and she said that he tasted nice and swallowed everything.I starred in disbelief at the confession çorum rus escort bayan that my wife just told me ,i said bullshit, but she says that she is worried that im mad and that she is sorry that she got out of control i look at her and put her hand on my cock and whisper in her ear that im am ok with it but i would have love to see her sucking his cock with a smile she says whel if u play your cards right maybe u could see Ettiene fuck me while Isabella sits on my face i just groan at her ,and say I’m playing all my cards .Ass the party is dying down and everybody is leaving i was standing at the bar talking to Ettiene he still did not know that i knew what happened earlier i could see he was feeling guilty when my wife walks up with Isabelle behind her she looks at us and say we need to take them home know and to fuck them otherwise they are leaving without us ,I could see all the blood drain from Ettiene face thinking he is going to die when i tap him on the shoulder and say hey b*o when my wife asks to be fucked u better do a good job other wise i will have to show him how to fuck her he just starred at me and i started laughing and say don’t worry it his birthday gift u only turn 45 once .We walked to the car when my wife says she will drive with Ettiene and that Isabelle can drive with me i looked at her and she blew me a kiss and say drive safe .Driving was hard with Isabelle all over me ,we where hardly out the parking when she took my cock out and started sucking my cock damn i hope i get to home before i come .At the one traffic light i see Ettiene next to me and only see my wife’s head bobbing up and down and i can see on his face that my wife is sucking him good i open the window and ask him if he is enjoying my wife sucking his cock all he could to is smile at me and give a thumbs up ,we drive off and i slide my hand over Isabelle’s ass i pull her dress up and feel her wet pussy she is so wet and i cant wait to slide my cock into her tight pussy,im working 2fingers in her she is moaning on my cock i pushed her further down on my cock making her gag then i led her go she comes up taking a deep breath and say do it again i like to be told what to do ,i say to her take your clothes of ,she obeys and gets naked i grab her behind the head and force her head down my cock again holding her down choking her and then let her breath.Getting home just in time i park the car i climb out and walk inside with Isabelle behind me i lift her on my kitchen counter and spread her legs ,smiling i dive in eating her pussy im driving two fingers in her when i then lift my head up to c my wife stark naked walking in with Ettiene behind her ,i tell her to get up in the counter and sit on Isabelle’s face she gets ontop and can see how she lowers her pussy to her face i see Issablles tongue make contact with her pussy She moves forward and start kissing me.We kiss and the i pushed her head down onto Isabel pussy and she is licking her then all of a sudden my wife moans i look up and see Ettiene behind her She looks up and says he is sticking his tongue in my ass ,i smile at her i continue to finger and eat Isabelle’s pussy ,my wife came first then while she was coming Isabelle started to come to .I drag them down and we move to the tv room ,me and Ettiene get undress it was weird to be naked with my friend but fuck that, i was horny beyond believe i sat down and my wife just gets on her knees in front of me and start to suck my cock she smile her naughty smile and with a plop she leaves and joins Isabelle sucking Ettiene s cock for the first time i see my wife with another mans cock in her mouth it felt strange seeing her sucking Ettiene cock but she looked so hot that i got behind my wife i shoved my cock into her pussy she felt so hot and wet ,i hope i don’t come to quick i fuck her for a minute or two then moving over to Isabelle i lined my cock up to her pussy when my wife turns around and say come on fuck her hard .i grabbed her by the hips i drive my cock into her tight pussy ,i start fucking her pushing her harder onto Ettienes cock he groans my wife get up climb on Ettiene and shove her pussy in his face he grabs her ass and pull her tighter to him i can see his tongue licking her pussy and he is spreading her ass ,my wife is having her pussy eaten by my friend ,while i am fucking one of her girlfriends .Isabelle started coming on my cock then my wife started coming on Ettiene face ,after she calms down she moves down and i know my wife is going to get fucked now ,she is going to fuck my friend in front of me and i cannot wait to see his cock slide into her pussy,she grabs his cock in her right hand move it around and then lines it up with her pussyhole she sits down on him ,his cock is inside my wife she starts to ride him,up and down up and down ,o fuck she looks so hot fucking him she rides him hard ,Isabelle turns arounds and say hey why did u stop fucking me ,only then did i realize that i stopped when my wife started to fuck Ettiene,i grab her by the hair i pulled it back and ask so u want me to fuck u slut and i start driving my cock in and out ,harder and harder ,i know what my wife likes ,and with my free hand i smack my wife’s ass hard she moans loud and ground her pussy harder on Ettienes cock i know we not going to last much longer and i smack her ass again ,and then she starts to come all over Ettiene cock then he starts to moan and i know he is shooting his come inside my wife’s pussy ,then with that knowing that another man is coming rus escort çorum inside my wife i come inside Isabelle’s pussy then she comes on my cock .When everybody comes down i slide my cock out and my wife gets up from Ettiene i see how his cock is covered with his come and my wife’s come and it dripped out of her as she gets up ,i moan thinking thats another man come running out of your hot wife’s pussy and i can feel my own cock stir again ,i pull my wife to me and start to kiss her hard i tell her that she is as sexy as hel with Ettienes come running out of her pussy she moans and ask if i still love her and i say woman i love u even more we continue to kiss i look around and Isabelle’ is cleaning Ettienes cock i call her over and say come slut eat the come out of my wife’s pussy to ,my wife sits down opening her legs i see the come still dripping out and then all i can see is Issabelle head between her leg and the smile of my whel fucked wife smiling at me.Me and Ettiene got up to get some drinks ,when we came back to the tv room we saw the to woman busy in a 69 we just stood there looking at these two beautiful woman going at each other Ettiene cock was rising and so was mine he walked over then kneel behind Isabelle offering his cock to my wife she opened her mouth and he shoved his cock in her mouth i can see he is busy fucking her mouth ,i know my wife can suck cock so i can only think what a awesome feeling he must feel with my wife’s lips wrapped around his cock.I start stroking my cock to get it hard not that i needed it i was hard already ,Ettiene moved back and i could see he lines his cock up and slide it into Isabelle ,he fucks her for awhile then takes it out and my wife takes him back into her mouth she sucks him hard trying to make him come in her mouth but he pulls out and shoves it back into her pussy i walk around and kneel between my wife legs i can see how Isabelle is licking and sucking my wife’s pussy she see my cock i lift up her head and shove my cock into her mouth i fuck her face then the same as Ettiene i take it out and shove my cock inside my wife ,her pussy feels on fire and i start fucking her Isabelle zones in on her clit and start sucking it this goes on for about 10 minutes when the woman start to come almost the same time,i fuck my wife harder to make her come harder ,i pull my cock out and shove it into Isabelle’s mouth she is sucking all my wife’s come of my cock and i know my wife is doing the same to Ettiense cock.When my cock is nice and clean i pull it out of her mouth and move away saying to Ettiene take a seat ,i say to my wife to get on him again and to fuck him ,she gets on him and slides his cock in her she starts to ride him ,i pull Issabelle and say lick her ass get her nice and wet get your fingers in her asshole and ill be back ,now i turn and make a beeline for the room i grab some lube and max dildo and a vibrator ,when i got back i was in time to see my wife come with Ettiene cock in her pussy and Issabelle had about two finger up her ass i walk over putting some lube on my cock and giving Isabelle some lube telling her to lube her up.I lean over my wife i pull her head back i can see the ecstasy in her eyes i kiss her then i whisper in her ear while she is riding Ettienes cock, i say that I’m going to fuck her ass now while she is riding his cock just then she starts to come again .I move behind her i pulled her ass up ,i line my cock up and slowly i start to push she is moaning i push harder and then her ass lets me in and i go in slow until I’m to the hilt i stay there to give her time to get accustomed to be filled by two cocks at the same time with a low groan she turns and say please my husband fuck me ,fuck my ass ,and i start to slide back and then in i can feel Ettienes cock moving in her pussy she starts to scream fuck fuck ,me fuck me then she comes like never before we going at a steady pace when i hear Ettiene start to groan and i know he is going to come a second time tonight inside my wife’s pussy, i start to fuck her ass with all i have ,i can feel Ettienee come and my wife comes again and then it is me slamming my cock in her ass i come i keep going i don’t wanna stop.After about another twenty strokes i calm down i hold still i pull my wife’s head back and kiss her she moans and say that ,that was the best fuck ever.I pull my cock slowly out of her ass and the she gets off Ettiene and just falls onto the couch exhausted come running out of her pussy and asshole and i think damn what a lucky fucker i am to have such a hot wife.I walk to the bathroom to take a piss and wash my cock Isabelle’s walks in and sit down to take a pee she looks at me and smile and say u lucky bastard u have a hot wife i smile and say yes i know she asks if she can take a shower i say sure can i join u she smiled and say anytime.After the shower i walk in and see that Ettiene is busy eating my wife’s pussy she looks so hot lying there with her leg open and my friend eating her she looks at me smiling and ask if the shower was nice i smile and say not as nice as your i c she just smiled and enjoy what Ettiene was doing between her legs .Issabelle walked past me and started to kiss my wife i felt left out so i got behind issabelle and start to eat her pussy ,my wife was the first to come and then Issabelle behind her thy called time out and said thy need time to rest witch was fine with me because i don’t think i could fuck or lick a pussy before sometime to recoup .Ettiene got up and say he is going to shower i say he can crash in she spare bedroom i look at my wife and say do u wanna sleep with me or do u wanna join him she smiled and say with you but only if Isabelle can come to i smiled back and say whatever u want u can get we smiled and we all three got into bed and fell asleep almost immediately,When i woke up whel that another story ………….

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