My love.


My love.Well, seeing as you can’t be at home with me I’ll come to you. When everyone goes out I’ll lock us in your office. Seeing as you so subtly hinted you’d like me to strip for you. I could probably sit on your desk, slowly taking off all of my clothes. I’d have your favourite red underwear on and surprise you with new stockings. After that if you haven’t already started touching me, I’ll start until your big hard dick wants more.Well I’m going to guess that you want to watch me so I sit on the edge of your desk right in front of your chair. I tell you to come closer, spread my legs and balance my feet on the arms of your chair. I’d start touching myself through my pants, looking into your eyes and watching you slowly put your hand on your crotch, feeling your rock hard dick. As I start to let out little moans you put your hand towards my pussy but stop you just before you get to feel how wet I am. Instead I take my bra off and sit on your lap while you kiss my soft boobs and gently lick my nipplesBefore I get up, you hold me by the back of the neck and kiss my chest, neck and my lips. After kissing you back, I get on my knees. talas escort You let out a little smile while I look up at you and reach for the buttons of your jeans. Once they’re pulled down a bit I can rub my hand over your hard, throbbing dick and look at you, biting my lips. Then I’d pull down your boxers and grip your dick in my hand, slowly working it up and down. I ask you “would you like your dick sucked sir?” you don’t have to say anything and just grip my hair and put my face where you want it. I gently start licking the length of your now massively hard dick. I want to taste it all so I wrap my lips around the tip of it and start sucking your dick properly. Once I’ve soaked it I spit on it and grip it with my hand, working it up and down firmly. I like moaning with your dick filling my mouth so I reach down to touch my pussy. Hearing your heavy breathing and feeling the grip you have on my hair tighten, I know you want to fuck me.I keep going despite the fact you probably want me to stop because you just want to fuck me. You pull me up, still clutching my hair in your hand. Pulling me onto your lap, you bite and suck my neck and I let out sighs and moans. You push your finger into my mouth and I suck it, you whisper “good girl” and simultaneously grab my tits and slide your hand into my pants feeling how wet you’ve made me. You then push me back onto your desk, bent over with your hand between my legs, gently pushing on my clit. You push me further so my ass is right in your face, I feel you sliding my pants off over my ass and you sink your mouth into my wet little pussy, tasting how wet you’ve made me. I can’t help but moan loudly as I feel your tongue on my clit and your lips sucking on it. “Please fuck me”, you don’t listen and just carry on but I’m dying to feel that hard dick fill me upYou then tell me I taste good, grab my hips and push your dick into my pussy, not putting it in just teasing my clit with the tip of your dick. Making me moan and trying to push myself onto you. You give my pussy one last kiss and force your big dick into my tight little hole and I moan so loud. I can feel every last inch of your dick filling me up, you don’t hold back just fucking me harder and harder. You stop and tell me to turn over. I turn over and spread my legs. “Put a finger in your ass”, I of course do what you say. Slowly rubbing my ass then pushing a finger in. Watching you stand there while you hold your big dick all wet from my pussy is killing me. I put another finger in and get my little ass ready for you.You taken both of my hands, push them above my head and I suddenly feel your fingers in my ass. Moaning into your neck while you push my legs up. You hold my face, look at me and I feel the tip of your dick on my ass. Before I can try to kiss you, you forcefully put it in. Gasping and moaning, it feels so good, so big. You moan as you feel me tense up around you, fucking my ass harder. Pounding my ass and grabbing my tits. Watching the sheer pleasure on my face, you slap my cheek and make me look at you. I tell you I want to cum so you spank my ass then hold my throat, driving me fucking crazy. I know you want to cum too so you let go of my throat, hold my legs and push them back further, letting you get deep into my ass. With both of us moaning I cum first, my ass tightening around your dick. I keep cumming, rubbing my clit as you fill my ass up with your warm cum, you pull out and watch all your cum drip out of my used little ass.

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