My mom part 1


My mom part 1My name is jack and this is my story of my mother and her slutty ways.My mother and father broke up when i was 18 which led to me living with my mother,she drank a hell of a lot going to pubs and clubs in Dublin where she wanted to be young again and have a good time.A brief description of my mother shes a lil chubby but she is the spitting image of Sarah Beattie(check her out on here).While she would go out to town I would sit at home and go through her washing basket where I found a sexy red thong.I picked them up for closer look and the smell was the first thing that got me was the smell,that aroma of cunt seeing the stains from her pussy whether it be a piss stain or where her asshole was rubbing against the thong i was licking them and wrapping them around my pre cum soaked prick.I went to bed about half 1 in the morning tired of waiting for her,I was awaken around 3 hearing a few noices from her room,I listened a lil more and it was that beautiful sound of the headboard pounding against the wall I lay in bed my cock in hand while i heard my mother getting fucking pounded next door,”fuckin pound me” she begged him and by the sound of her orgasm he fuckin nailed it.I was dying to cum but like when i watch a porno i always wait untill the guy etlik escort cums so I listened waiting for him to cum I could hear his breathing getting heavier while my mother was begging him for his cum “give me it baby please fill my cunt with your spunk”.When she said that him and myself fucking lost it I blew my load in her knickers which I took and he did it in her cunt.After awhile I heard the door open it sounded like her going into the toilet,(one thing you should know about my mother she doesn’t like locks on doors so she tends to leave the toilet and her bedroom door open).I snuck to the toilet door and there she was naked and so sweaty could smell the spunk of the slut,Im not great with breast sizes but they wer nice and saggy.I love watching her piss but this time watching her wash the spunk out of her hairy cunt was so hot.She wiped herself but doing this she bent over and I seen that beautiful lil asshole I ran back to my room with that thought in my head and another load to shoot for her.I waited to here the front door close and i had a peek out the window to see what the guy looked like and he was a fat fucker really stocky with a big belly,They met a few more times before she introduced me to Stephen he dwarfed kızılay escort my and i’am about 5 ft 11.I didn’t mind having him about as I loved hearing him fuck my mother.I woke up one morning and went in for a piss and there Stephen was sitting on the toilet with my slut mothers knickers around his cock,holy fuck I thought his cock was at least 9 inches and uncut and that bellend was huge a beautiful pre cum soaked cock.I walked in the door “Sorry Stephen I’am busting for a piss” he stood up off the toilet and didn’t hide himself,”I’ve seen those stains in your ma’s knickers ya dirty cunt spunking in them”He stood there while i tried to piss but my cock was so hard it was impossible “Rock hard watching me wanking in those knickers are ya” as he smiled and pumped his cock harder.”Get on your knees and put these on your face” he wrapped the knickers over my face so the gusset was covering my mouth,the smell of his cock and he filthy cunt was driving me crazy and my cock was aching.He start rubbing his balls while his cock was oozing more and more.”Are you ready? he said.”Do it daddy give me that cum!” I don’t no where it came from but I was in the heat of the moment.He pumped it furiously “Don’t touch that cock ya dirty cunt” keçiören escort he said to me then BAM four creamy shots of spunk flew across my face and the knickers he rubbed his cock head on the knickers and pushed them into my mouth.”Keep them and smell them while I’am fucking your ma later I might even let you watch I love when people watch me pound sluts and your Mother is the best I have fucked”.He left then while finished eating the spunk off my face.Later that night I was woken up by the muffled sound of them fucking next door and I knew it was my cue to go a have a peek in the door.I stood at the door and there he was fucking my mother doggystyle,he must have heard me but he looked over his shoulder and smiled then said “Fuck Sandra that cunt is milking my prick ya slut””Don’t be so loud Stephen,John will hear” she said”I want him to fucking hear he’s probably wanking listening right now wanting to put his cock in your shithole”.”OH FUCK” my mother moaned”Yeh you fucking like knowing he’s smelling your knickers don’t ya you cunt” Stephen saidJust then her body rocked back and forward fucking hell she soaked the fucking bed,Stephen didn’t stop he was very fucking close though he was looking at me now.”Ya like that baby” I did’t know if it was me or her he was talking to but then “I’m gonna fill that cunt ya ready!”Holy fuck watching him doggystyle I could see his asshole spasm while he filled her with jizz beautiful hairy asshole like hers.He collapsed on top of her so I ran back to my room waiting for Stepehen to have fun with me.

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