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My mother in lawMy mother in lawA couple of months ago I had to pop round and drop some things off to my mother in laws, she knew I was coming and we arranged for me to drop the stuff off at 1pm.It was a hot day, the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight, I rang the door bell a few times but didn’t get an answer, so I used the key my wife gave to me, I let myself in and called out for my mother in law, she didn’t answer and then I noticed her out in the back garden weeding out her flower pots.My mother in law is 60, short probably about 5ft 6, short hair, average build, and I’m guessing 34c boobs, so ur basic 60 year old women, and like I said it was a hot day and she was wearing a white low cut vest top and tight white leggings.From where I was standing inside looking out at her I got a pretty good view down her top, after a couple of minutes watching her I called out from the window, she looked up and smiled and made her way indoors.When she came in we exchanged the usual small talk like hello and how are u, I said to her that the stuff I had for her I left in the hallway, she said thank u and asked if I could put it up in the spare room, and then she said that while I was doing that she would grab me a cold beer from the fridge.I came back downstairs and made my way to the kitchen, she was standing there with her back to me opening up a couple of bottles of beer, I couldn’t help but notice how good her body looked in the tight vest top and skin tight leggings, the white leggings were really tight and a little see through, I noticed she didn’t have any knickers on.She turned around, I quickly looked away and started looking out of the window, I think she saw my checking out her body, she said with a little cheeky grin on her face shall we drink these in the summer house? I said yer sure, she led the way and I followed watching her arse as she walked, I think she knew I was watching her.We got to her summer house, the place was perfect, 2 comfy chairs and a wicker 2 seater sofa with big comfy cushions, she had a couple of fans going on the high settings so it kept the summer house nice and cool.I sat in one of the big comfy chairs, there was a little table next to it but set back a little, she stood with her legs either side of one of my legs and bent down and put my beer on the table, I had a great view down her vest top and she wasn’t wearing a bra, as she stood back up my eyes quickly glanced down to her waist, her leggings were that tight it gave her a slight camel toe, from what I could see she wasn’t really hairy but not smooth, it looked as tho she kept herself nice and trimmed.My eyes went back up to hers and she was looking back at me smiling, I said thank u and she walked over and sat on the wicker sofa, at first she sat with her legs crossed but as we was talking about the weather and her garden she uncrossed her legs and had them open.As it was such a hot day my beer went pretty quickly, she said if I wanted another one to go help myself and grab her one while I was getting mine, I walked up the garden and into her kitchen, I grabbed 2 bottles and opened them, I looked out of the hakkari rus escort window and looked down the garden, I could see inside the summer house just about, and I could see her sitting there doing something, her head was resting back, her mouth open but I couldn’t see where her hands were.I left the kitchen and started walking back down the garden, I had a much better view from the garden but what ever she was doing she wasn’t anymore, instead she was sitting there legs crossed again and smiling at me, she was red in the face, that could be from the heat of the sun or it could have been from what ever she was doing a minute ago.I sat back in the chair but this time we was both silent, it was that quiet I could hear the birds tweeting, after about 5 minutes she uncrossed her legs again, she was sitting directly in front of me so I had a perfect view of all her body and then I noticed her white leggings had a big damp patch where her camel toe was, by that time it was clear what she was doing while I was getting the beers, she had been playing with her pussy.She saw me looking her up and down and asked if I was enjoying the view, my reply was obviously yes and she said u could enjoy it more if u came and sat over here with me, I smiled and stood up, I was wearing shorts and a vest, as I was standing there she looked down at my cock which was only semi hard but very noticeable, I walked over and sat next to her, I didn’t really know what to do next, my heart was thumping.I sat there next to her with my hands on my legs, she asked me if I could see what she was doing from the kitchen window, I said I could only see the top half and couldn’t see exactly what u was doing, she asked me what I thought she was doing, I paused, I was thinking shall I tell her what I actually think or make up some rubbish, I ended up saying I think u was rubbing ur pussy, she smiled at me and asked if I wanted to feel how wet she was, I paused again thinking I really want to but at the same time she’s my mother in law.I didn’t have much time to think, she took hold of my hand and guided it onto her soaking wet leggings, she let out a little moan and then said, u made me this wet, I smiled back but didn’t say anything, I couldn’t, I was abit embarrassed, she could see that and took charge.She said to me, as u made me this wet how about cleaning it up? I didn’t waste any time and got to my knees, she was sitting in the middle of the wicker sofa, she opened up her legs wide and put her feet up on the sofa, I started running my fingers up the inside of her thighs, slowly getting closer and closer to the moist patch, when I got there I used my thumb and gently rubbed from her wet hole Upto her clit then back down, she started breathing heavily and letting out quiet moans, I could feel her pussy getting even wetter.I done that for a minute or 2 when she muttered under her heavy breathing, go on have a taste, I leaned forward while still using my thumb to rub her clit but this time with abit more pressure while my tongue started licking the wet leggings where her hole was, her moaning hakkari rus escort bayan was getting a little louder as I started really working my tongue, I licked upwards to her clit and through her wet leggings I was sucking, her legs started shaking I could tell she was really enjoying it.I stopped and reached up to the top of her leggings, grabbed hold and as she lifted her bum off the sofa I began to pull her leggings down, the sight was amazing, her pussy was absolutely soaked, her clit was swollen, I took her leggings off and kissed up the inside of her thigh, making my way to her mature wet pussy, I teased her pussy lips with my tongue tasting her sweet juices, she reached down and pulled her lips wide open with each hand, I buried my tongue deep inside her moist hole, she tasted so good, my thumb went back to work on her clit, rubbing softly and slowly and every now and then I would rub hard and fast then back to slow and gentle while my tongue was exploring every part of her tight pussy.She came a few times while I was down there but that was only the start, I could feel her building up to an even bigger climax, her hands moved to the back of my head, she was pushing my face hard against her pussy, my tongue went deeper inside her, she was grinding her hips down hard on my tongue, my hands held her legs up and out wide, the force of her hands on the back of my head and the moans she was giving told me she was very close to a big climax, I made my tongue hard and was sliding it in and out of her pussy, her breathing and moaning was getting louder and louder when she shouted, oh god I’m cumming, I’m cumming, she let out a scream and started squirting her cum all over my tongue and face.My face was dripping with my mother in laws sweet cum, she leant forward and we started kissing, both tasting her juices, she stopped and told me to stand up, as I stood up she pulled down my shorts, she was rubbing my stiff cock through my boxers then she slowly started pulling them down until my cock sprang out of them, she took my cock in her hand and started wanking it slowly, she was still sitting on the wicker sofa, at the perfect hight, she then lifted my cock up and started licking and sucking my low hanging balls, she kept her eyes on mine as she started licking up the shaft of my solid cock until she reached the top, she began teasing the tip with her tongue, licking all around the head.By then my cock was oozing precum, she lick every drop and then wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking while her tongue was still flicking the head.Her eyes were still looking up at mine, I was biting my lip while looking down at her teasing my cock, I placed one hand on the back of her head and with the other I reached down and pulled her vest top up, her tits were perfect, a little saggy but that didn’t bother me, I started caressing her tits and then moved to her nipples, I was giving them a little squeeze as my other hand was pushing the back of her head, my cock went deeper and deeper until she couldn’t fit any more of it in, she then started sucking rus escort hakkari harder and faster I thought I was about to shoot my load but she stopped, she knew I was almost ready to cum, she said she didn’t want me cumming in her mouth, she would rather I came inside her. She told me to sit down on the wicker sofa, I sat there, my cock was rock solid and throbbing, she climbed on top of me, legs either side of mine, she lowered herself down so her wet pussy was pressed up against my cock, she began to kiss me while rubbing her pussy up and down the shaft of my cock.She leaned back and put her hands on my legs behind her, still rubbing her pussy on my cock, I leaned forward and started licking and sucking her nipples, one of her hands moved back around and she began to massage her clit, I sat back and placed my hands on her hips, watching her grind down on my cock and rubbing her clit harder and faster, she muttered, almost there, she began going even faster and harder and then she raised herself up slightly, opened her pussy wide with her fingers and then squirted all over my cock.She fell back down onto my soaking cock completely out of breath, we started kissing again, my hands still on her hips moved round her arse cheeks, I pulled them apart and moved her closer to me, I felt her warm wet pussy on the tip of my cock and eased it inside her, she lowered herself back down and let every inch of my cock slide inside her, my hands went back on her hips, she was still out of breath so I helped her using my hands to start her off grinding on my cock, after a few minutes of grinding she had enough energy to start riding me properly.Her feet were on the sofa and her hands were on my shoulders, the sight of my hot mother in law riding my hard cock was amazing, her saggy tits was bouncing all over the place, I looked down and could she her cum dribbling down my cock every time she went up.I told her to stop and climb off, I then stood up and got her to bend over, her arms and head was resting on top of the back rest of the sofa, I moved in closer and guided my cock inside her pussy, slowly pushing every inch inside her until my cock was balls deep inside, I began to fuck her starting of slowly and then gradually picking up the pace, with each thrust her moans were getting louder and louder, my hands on her hips, she was pushing backwards as I was pulling her into me, my pace picked up as did both of our moans, both puffing and panting, the sound of sweaty bodies slapping against each other, she says, I’m ready to cum, and I say I’m ready too, with a few more hard thrusts we both start cumming at the same time.I held my cock as deep inside of her as it would go, pumping hot shots of cum deep in her pussy, she was screaming in ecstasy, this was the best climax I have had in a very long time and I could tell it was the same for her.After we had both finished cumming we both collapsed with exhaustion, kissing and still caressing each other’s body, when we finally got our breath back we both sat up and smiled at each other, neither of us knew what to say, we just kept smiling at each other, I got up and put my clothes back on, she got dressed aswell, we both walked up the garden and into her house, she kissed me again and said, would u like to come help me out again tomorrow? I smiled back and said, absolutely, I gave her a little wink opened the door and left.Hope u all like my stories, if anyone has any requests feel free to ask

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