My New Neighbour 5(Backseat Car Fuck-Part 1)

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My New Neighbour 5(Backseat Car Fuck-Part 1)My neighbours husband works away all week so when she was going to pick up her new car i agreed to go with her.As we were driving along she pulled off into a layby.I said,”Is this where we were meeting the bloke who was selling the car”.She said that it wasn’t but,”I have had some fun times in this car of mine(For fun times read hot fucking sessions)and i fancied one more before it goes.At this she leaned over and undid my trousers.She took my cock in her hands and began to wank it before taking it in her mouth.After a few minutes of sucking hard on my cock she had made it stiff.She said,”Lets get in the back where its more comfortable”.As we climbed into the back her sort skirt rose up and i could see that she had no panties on.This made gaziantep escort bayan me realise that she had probably planned this.There wasn’t a lot of room in the back but there was enough room for her to go on top.I sat on the backseat with my by now stiff cock sticking straight up.She straddled me before feeding my cock into her pussy.She proceeded to ride up and down on my cock.”Oh fuck thats good.Grab my arse as i ride your cock”.I grabbed her arse as she rode up and down on my cock,slapping it occasionally.This appeared to excite her as she said,”Thats it slap my arse as i ride you”.As i did this she shouted,”Oh yes.That is bloody good”As she rode up and down on my cock i lifted her top up.She had no bra on but she didn’t really need one as her breasts were still firm.Her nipples were stiff so i began to tweak them before taking them in my mouth and licking them and sucking on them.This excited her as she said,”Oh god.I love having my nipples licked and sucked whilst fucking”.I carried on doing this for a few minutes and i began to feel her shake.She was soon having an orgasm.”Oh shit.Oh shit.God i am bloody coming”.Which she proceeded to do all over my cock.As she did this i began fuck her hard.As my cock thrust into her by now very wet pussy i pushed down on her shoulders.”Oh,My,God.That is so bloody deep”.I began to ram my cock ever deeper into her wet pussy.”That cock of yours is so bloody deep i can feel it touching the back walls of my pussy.I love it when you fuck me hard and deep”.By now i was fucking her hard,deep and fast and i was close to coming.As i told her this she said,”Bury your cock deep inside me then.I want you to come deep inside me.I want you to splash the back walls of my pussy with your young come”.At this i felt my cock twitch and i was soon flooding her pussy with hot come.”Oh god thats good” i said.”To bloody right.I love the feeling of young come splashing my pussy”.As i finished coming she collapsed onto me,before taking my face and kissing me saying,”Thanks.That was a great last fuck in the back of my car”.As she climbed off of me i could see that my cock was well and truly spattered with come and pussy juices.These juices also began to ooze out of her pussy and dripped all over the backseat of the car.I was a bit concerned at this but she just looked at me and said,”Oh dear.It looks as if the new owner will have to get the cleaners out” before collapsing in a state of giggling.

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