My Sexy Russian Neighbor


My Sexy Russian NeighborMy wife and I were in our early forties and had been married fifteen years when we had new neighbors move into the seasonal cottage next door. Jerry was a salesman. Tall, intelligent and very opinionated on a variety of subjects. He was in his mid fifties. His wife, Sasha was from Russia, and a few years younger than my wife and I. She spoke English very well, but still had a pronounced (and very sexy) accent. During the Summers Sasha would spend time at the cottage which had a beach nearby, while Jerry would work, and stay at their other house a couple of hours away. We all became friendly, and would sometimes share dinners and drinks, and talk about anything and everything. Jerry was nice enough, but he was a bit of a know it all. I found Sasha a lot more interesting. She was smart and quite sexy in her own way. Through conversations we’d had I found out that while growing up in St. Petersburg she had taken ballerina lessons until she was in her teens. I think that was probably the reason she still had great posture, sexy legs, and a fantastic butt. Needless to say, it was hard to keep from acting too interested in Sasha while in the presence of my wife, and her husband. Over time as I sneaked peeks out my window toward my neighbor’s house, I would see Sasha in her backyard doing anything from yard work, to hanging laundry, or occasionally coming out of their outdoor shower stall (glistening wet, and wrapped loosely with a towel). She would also stretch and exercise in the mornings, and I would make it a point to try and rise early enough to see it. She would carelessly come to her open door in a tank top and panties, which was an incredible sight. The fact that I was spying on my neighbor was overtaken by the sheer lust she brought out in me. My heart beat a little quicker. My pulse pounded. Of course the thought had crossed my mind that she just had to be aware that I was attracted to her. In fact, I was afraid that my wife and her husband had to be aware. My wife is awesome, and I’m lucky to be with her. She knew me all too well. She knew that I could not help but be attracted to other women. It was just me “being a man”. But I think she also knew that I was with her, and that was where I wanted to be, and stay. She was right about that. I may have been tempted on countless occasions (if only in my mind). But I wasn’t likely to stray. Well, as I was saying… I felt like Sasha knew I was checking her out every chance I could get. Stealing sly glances at her legs and ass. Seeing her nipples poking through her loose fitting shirts, or bikinis. Her ass was round and fit, her legs dark and toned. Just looking at her made my shorts tighten. If she was aware of my attraction, or perhaps attracted to me as well, she wasn’t letting on at all. I came to think that she probably just saw me as a normal guy, who was just doing what came natural…drool over a sexy woman. No harm, no foul. As I continued to peer at my sexy neighbor though the shades of my window, and wonder if she knew I was looking, I would sometimes “by accident” cross by the open window naked with the light on at night. She (and only she) would have a clear view at me if she happened to be looking. I would do it when I knew she was out there, and figured she must see me. It would always be a quick pass by the window, with the pretense that I was grabbing a towel, or something before a shower or something. But it would give a fairly unobstructed view of me from my knees up. I would then shut the light off and leave the room. Again, if she ever saw me, she never let on. When we’d talk later on, all would be very normal. Just talking about daily events, the weather, and such. So, one night after her husband bahçelievler escort left to go back to their other house. It was a couple of hours later, after my wife had gone to bed. I decided to see what my sexy neighbor was up to. Earlier, I had walked next door to say hello to them, and accidently overheard them having a little argument. Rather than interrupt, I had decided it might be better to come by a little later (which I never did). But now, when I peeked out to see how Sasha was doing, I didn’t see her anywhere. I was sure she had to be somewhere, and I was looking all around for her. I didn’t realize that if she had been looking at my window, she would clearly see me looking around her yard. And it would be equally clear that I was looking for her. That’s when I saw her, finally. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen her before. She was sitting in a lawn chair facing right toward my window. She had a drink in her hand, and I could tell she was looking directly at me. My heart was pounding out of my chest. The look on her face didn’t tell me much about what she was thinking. She didn’t look mad, but I couldn’t tell for sure. In fact, she almost non-chalantly waved at me to come over. Trying to gain my composure, I smiled, waved, and motioned that I would be a minute. My mind was racing a million miles an hour. My wife was asleep (I think) upstairs in our bedroom. Sure we were all friends. But going over at night alone and having drinks with my neighbors wife was a whole other thing. There would be no good explanation that I could think of. So, I took a deep breath, and thought “you only live once” (and you’ll be able to quick talk your way out of it, if, you get caught. After all, what’s the harm of having a drink and a little conversation with a friend, on a hot summer night? I took a quick glance upstairs and noticed all was dark and quiet. I then grabbed the bottle of vodka that was more than half full sitting on my counter, and quietly went out the door. It was dark. I couldn’t see too much, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Then I heard her whisper, “Hey, I’m over here”. I was feeling a little overcome. I hadn’t felt like this since I was a teenager. I definitely felt like what I was doing was “wrong”. But, I also was rationalizing that I was only a friend who was going to share a drink with a friend, maybe talk a little about our problems, and then go back home. She had set up a chair beside hers, and told me to sit next to her. Then she handed me a glass of what she was drinking. It was wine. I took it and sat down beside her. By now my eyes had adjusted pretty well to the darkness. We started talking, and she apologized about not acknowledging me when I had come by earlier. I told her it was ok, and I apologized that I walked in on her and her husband having a disagreement. She simple responded that he could be such an asshole, and didn’t really understand her at all. She said he only cared about his job, and felt like he took her for granted. She went on to say, that if she had known years ago when they first met that it would turn out like it did, she wouldn’t have married him at all. She then asked me if I thought she wouldn’t have other options. I was taken aback, and answered honestly when I told her she could have many options. I could tell she was a little tipsy, and she just kind of looked at me for a few moments. It was just enough time for me to think to myself how fucking sexy she really was. Just sitting there doing almost nothing, and she was lovely. I felt bad for her having troubles with her husband. But I’d also never really seen them as a match. Then she floored me when she said. I know you like to look at me. ayrancı escort Her Russian accent only accentuated her sexiness. I just looked back at her not knowing how to respond. She then said that she had also seen me through my window also. Feeling as though I had to say something fast, or this all would spin way out of control. She put me at ease when she placed her hand on my leg and said, “Don’t worry; it can be our little secret”. The feeling of dread was quickly replaced by desire as she started rubbing her hand slowly up and down my thigh. I couldn’t help but get excited. blood rushed to my penis, as it began to harden, and my shorts became very uncomfortable. Noticing this, she let out a little groan, and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I could not believe this was happening. If my wife decided to come looking for me, I would be busted. Nothing on Earth could explain this. But I didn’t stop her. I absolutely didn’t want to. Her hand felt so good stroking my cock. I instinctively reached out and started rubbing her tits. Her nipples were rock hard, and her tits felt great. She moaned and dropped on her knees in front of me. She told me to stand up, as she started undoing my shorts. The incredible relief of being released from my shorts was quickly overtaken by the incredible sensation of my sexy neighbor’s lips and tongue licking and sucking every inch of my cock and balls. It was easily the best blowjob of my life. It was a feeling beyond any I’ve ever known. As she was devouring me, she started to say things. Whispering with her sexy Russian voice, she said things like, “I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I met you”, and “you have such a very nice cock”. As my head was spinning, I couldn’t stop myself anymore. As much as I wanted to have this beauty suck my cock for all time. I wanted more. I wanted, no, need to see, taste and fuck her pussy. Managing all the control I could muster, I stopped her from licking and sucking me and had her stand in front of me. For a moment I just held her and looked at her. So sexy, it’s hard to describe. I kissed her, very passionately. She felt so soft in my arms. My hands roamed over her tits. I kissed her neck and face. She was stroking my cock and moaning. Pulling her loose t-shirt over her head, I licked, sucked and softly bit her nipples. She groaned in pleasure. I laid her down on the grass, and had her raise her ass so I could slide off her shorts and panties. Her legs fell open in front of me. There it was. It was all I had dreamed, and more. Her pussy was perfect. Just the right amount of hair. The lips were a little puffy, and splayed open like rose petals, exposing her engorged clit. I resumed licking her nipples as my hand began to explore her wet pussy. She was moaning more urgently know. I kissed and licked down along her sexy stomach to her belly button, and just below. As much as I wanted to dive in, I wanted more to savor this moment. I then went down to her feet and ankles. Kissing and licking them softly. Her calves, so perfectly formed by years of dance and exercise. I worked my way up to her knees, and her thighs, eventually focusing in on her inner thighs. I could smell the sweet musky scent of her wet pussy. It was intoxicating. She was urging me toward her pussy, and her clit. It seemed to be pulsating. My cock was harder than ever. Then I began licking her pussy. It was unbelievable for me, and as much as I was enjoying it, she seemed to be enjoying it even more. Her ass was lifting off the ground to meet my mouth. I drove my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go, and kissed and licked her clit like a crazed man. My face was drenched with her juices. My cock balgat escort was dripping juices of its own, and throbbing. I swung around into a sixty-nine position, and she hungrily began sucking me again. We enjoyed this for several minutes, until I was ready to cum down her throat. But as great as that would be, I wanted to be inside her pussy. Deep inside her pussy. So, I reluctantly pulled away from her mouth, and had her get on her hands and knees. The view was a sight to behold. Her ass, and pussy were perfect. I can’t think of any another way to put it. She instinctively spread her knees apart, giving me perfect access to her wet, inviting pussy. This was the moment I had dreamed of. To sink my cock into this beauty’s pussy had seemed like only a never to be fulfilled fantasy a day ago…an hour ago. But, I lined up my cock with her pussy and slowly slid right in as deep as I could go. She moaned deeply. I thought my head would explode. Her pussy was very wet, but tight enough that it felt like her pussy was gripping my cock. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock, taking me in. I started pounding my cock into her as hard as I could. Sweat was pouring off me and dripping onto her back. My balls were slapping against her clit each time I sank into her deeply. She was moaning, “Oh, yes..just like that..fuck feel so good”. I knew that I couldn’t last much longer at this pace, so I began to slow down a bit. I was slowly, methodically sliding deeply into her and slowly out. It felt incredible. I leaned over and began kissing her neck, and the side of her face. She then began thanking me! I couldn’t believe my ears. This sexual dream come true was thanking me for fucking her. I couldn’t say anything except, thank you too! I wanted to kiss her more deeply. We were both quite sweaty now, and she lay down on her back and drew me toward my cock. She stroked her hand up and down the shaft a few times, and guided me back into her pussy. The feeling of sliding back into her pussy was just as good as the first time. I slid all the way into her and just held there for a minute, deeply French kissing her. Both her pussy, and my cock were pulsing. Even though we weren’t really moving on the outside, we were moving on the inside. Her pussy muscles were trembling around my cock. We both knew we were close to cumming. She looked at me, and said with her sexy Russian accent..”you cum in me now”. I was in no position to argue with her. I started pounding into her pussy for all I was worth. She was moaning constantly at this point. Her pussy juices were drenching my cock, while her pussy gripped me. We stared right into each others eyes as we climaxed together. With one final thrust I drove my cock deeply into her and unloaded every bit of semen I had into her. We were breathing very heavily, as we held onto each other. Our limbs entwined, we slowly allowed ourselves to recover. I was still looking deeply into her eyes. Still so beautiful. I kissed her more, and she kissed me back. Then I thanked her again..for the most incredible experience of my life. She kissed me and said..”you are very your welcome”. I just smiled at her, and she smiled back. Then I began to come to my senses, and felt the urgency to get back home before all hell broke loose. She sensed this, and knew we needed to get our shit together. I withdrew from her…with great sadness. She actually gave my cock another lick and kiss, and then we gathered up our clothes and got dressed. We gave each other on long hug, and then I headed back to my house. Nothing seemed amiss. An hour had passed, and all was still quiet. I walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I turned on the light, and opened the shades. I stripped down, and looking out, I could see my sexy neighbor waving at me, and she blew me a kiss. I hopped into the shower, and washed off the sweat, and sex. My mind was swirling with the events of the past hour. I’ve no idea what will happen now, but it’s hard to regret the time of your life.

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