My Side of This Incredible Journey


My Side of This Incredible JourneyMy side of this incredible Journey……November 2013, I decided I needed to post a profile on a website for married people looking for extra marital affairs, not necessary to get into the why’s of that. My profile consisted of certain personal policies that I didn’t want to cross, one being age. I’m 48 and one of my biggest policies for me was that I was not going to be with anyone younger than 40. Just too much of an age difference, so the 22 year olds were out! Lol. So not wanting to cross that age line, I didn’t give anyone a second look that was below my age bracket that initiated contact. Making contact……….I had received a contact from a particular guy that was what I considered way below my age policy and the first time I moved right over it, then another contact was made by him (although I think we still have a discrepancy about who contacted who – lol) so I checked out his profile and his pictures. He was really good looking and great body, but damn he’s 10 years younger, shit! I was super disappointed and I had some self- talk going on at the time, should I, should I?? What could it hurt? So I thought, damn it, I did this for a reason and that reason is that life is too short, so experience life dammit! So with that I made additional contact, messages were sent and emails and phone numbers were exchanged and we started emailing each other for a couple days as well as texting. As luck would have it we live approximately 15 minutes from each other, and oh that was the other benefit I noticed when I was contemplating making contact, how incredibly close we are. So over the course of one or two days, we exchanged some emails and the one from him that had gotten to me was one in particular……. See, we hadn’t really exchanged names yet so he asked me “sweetheart what do I call you?” I thought oh my god I’m in trouble here. It had been a very long time since someone had used that endearment when referring to me and I thought it was so sweet ? So moving on…… we planned to meet at a local restaurant and I was so incredibly nervous. I got there first (I planned it that way), went into the bar and sat down to wait. I chose a small table for two so we could sit across from each other and talk. I ordered a drink (that was a necessity!) So a few minutes later he comes walking in…….. I knew the minute I saw him I was in for it. And yes the self- talk started again, damn I, did he have to be so good looking and a body to die for!! We both go in for a short hug and sit back down. türbanlı batman escort We start talking and I immediately feel comfortable with him. He decides that we need to sit at another table so he can sit next to me instead of across from me. So we move tables and he touches me and I can’t remember exactly where but then I feel it necessary to keep my hand on his leg (yes it really was his leg!) So the lunch was short and I was nowhere near being ready to leave him yet, but since he was working that day his lunch time was over, so we left the restaurant and he kisses me in the parking lot and oh damn, what a great kisser he is! We texted that afternoon and he had to run an errand later that evening and being that it was November and Christmas was nearing I had shopping to do at the mall so I happen to be at the mall that evening. So during our texting that afternoon, he suggests we meet up at the mall. So we meet there and he jumps in my car and we start making out hot and heavy and it is all I can do to keep my hands off of him. Jesus I felt like I was 17 again! He seriously has a chest like no other and he was so damn hot! So we are literally steaming the car up and things continue to move along and pretty soon I have his cock in my mouth! Yep, I did it! At the time the only thing I was thinking was I’m totally giving this hot guy a blow job in my car! He has an amazing cock that felt so damn good in my mouth and I loved the feel of him and his responses were amazing. It made me want to keep going! And my pussy was completely wet and he had his fingers in my pussy and felt amazing. So as that moved along and it was getting late, we both had to go our separate ways. We leave and all I can think is OMG did I really just give this guy that I’ve only seen twice and met today a blow job in my car?! All I could think of at the time was well that was all he was after and now I won’t hear from him again. As you’ll learn going forward in this story, he proved me wrong on several things including this ? We continued to text and see each other off and on as the holidays came and went. I couldn’t wait for the next time to see him each time we were apart. We would meet as time allowed with work and personal lives, but he wasn’t as available as I would have liked him to be (I was wanting my own selfish needs met). I struggled with his lack of free time due to the fact my k**s are grown and out of the house unlike his. It was an issue that I would overcome türbanlı batman escort bayan with time. Fast forward a couple months and we’ve been seeing each other for a while now, things are going really well, we’re having awesome sex, and I absolutely love giving him blow jobs. He seriously has an incredible cock and I love the way it feels in my mouth. The pleasure I get from giving his pleasure is beyond anything else, as well as when he fills my mouth and I get to swallow all that hot cum! He has opened my world up to exciting sex and I absolutely cannot get enough of him. This was exactly what I was looking for. We are texting a lot, exchanging pictures and taking some sexy hot pictures of our own ? and really getting to know each other. So over the course of this time we’re sharing our wants and desires and what we’re hoping to get out of this relationship. He’s shared that he wants to be controlled by me, which is completely not my personality at all. In fact, it’s completely the opposite. So as time went on he continued to make suggestions in that direction that this was really something he wanted was for me to take control of him in the bedroom and he wanted to be the “sub”and me the “dom”. So we continued to have discussions about this topic and I thought a lot about it, about what that actually means and what is really involved in it. After many discussions with him I really became interested in it. Don’t get me wrong, the actions certainly didn’t happen overnight and believe me he was very patient with me wanting to take my time with it and getting used to this “new role” for me. It started off subtle, controlling him in the bedroom and referring to me as “mistress” and him as my “sub”. We started by buying a “cage” for his cock. It was seriously the hottest thing I could ever experience! He wears his cage for me and although we may not see each other that particular day, just knowing he’s wearing it for me is one of the hottest, sexiest things your man can do for you. It is still a very important part of our relationship, and I just love it! If I don’t want him to cum until the next time we see each other, he follows those directions. We continued to discuss in detail about our roles, etc. I was so intrigued that I started to really get into this and we talked about our next step and that would be using a strap on on him. I took some time to wrap my head around this as well. See I’ve only had what everyone else would consider türbanlı escort batman “normal” sex or aka vanilla sex, lol, so this was quite different for me. In thinking all this through I decided that this was really something I wanted to be involved in and I cared about him and the whole point of this was to experience life and add something to my sex life. So we purchased the strap on and began using it, and OMG!!! The first time was awesome but it was still kind of new and I wasn’t super comfortable yet using it so I wanted to give it more time using it. So after a couple times of using it, it is one of the most incredible sexual acst I’ve experienced! It has allowed our roles to be reversed and I’m more dominant in the bedroom now and he is more submissive. He follows the instructions that I point out in and out of the bedroom. I feel this new role has really opened things up for me. The control does something for me that I can’t explain. I’m discovering a side of me that I didn’t even know existed. It is working quite well and we both love it. It is a huge turn on to watch me using the strap on and being in such control of the situation. And the best part is that I can orgasm while I’m using it on him several times and it is such an intense orgasm and nothing compares to it. I know he’s getting his pleasure as well as me. We are now prepared to move on to a bigger and better one (this will be our third strap on, we (he) keeps moving up in size). We’ve added other items as well, a leash with a collar, which is awesome as well. I’m completely open to whatever happens next.So at this time, and continuing to add even more flavor, we are in the process of embarking on a threesome with another male (what female wouldn’t want two incredible hot guys giving all their attention to just HER?!) and my sub will be giving us both pleasure and following my commands and directions. We’re both interested in how he will perform on another man that can fulfill his mistress as well.So to say the least, I am very thankful that I changed my personal policy on the age issue and took the plunge to get to know this guy. He’s an amazing person not just sexually, but what he’s done for me, my life and my confidence. I wouldn’t have done it without him and for that I am grateful. He’s changed my life in more ways than he’ll ever know. I tell him every opportunity I can that he has changed not just my sex life but my entire life. This new role we’ve taken on has allowed me to become more confident about myself and take control in other areas of my life as well and I have him to thank for that. I wouldn’t change anything about this situation, I love everything about it. Maybe things will work out, maybe they won’t but for right now I’m enjoying the incredible chemistry we have and all of the sexual energy that we have together and everything that we are experiencing together.

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