My sister and Me pt 3


My sister and Me pt 3This happened between Stephanie and me over last summer. Every year my fam has a float trip where we all get drunk and go down a river for a day. To those of you who have never tried this it’s actually quite fun; especially when you have your hot sister in a tight bikini and your cousin, with more full attributes, in her two-piece.Everyone is coming from all different places and we show up at different times. My parents show up first but there is a BBQ coming together down the road with the younger k**s and their parents. Our cabin is a little more secluded than the others and is back in some wooded area. I can’t complain though as I’m looking to have some fun away from the rest of the family. I start unpacking and getting everything set up in my room. My parents got a cabin with 3 rooms so they could sleep in a bed together and we’d have our own. I was a little down about this but what was I to say? Besides, if I met anyone else on the river today I’d have a room all to myself. So as I’m about finished putting some clothes into a dresser I hear a car pull up. I look out and it’s Stephanie looking fine as ever with sunglasses, a red top on and black bottoms with a long see-through skirt. I stop and quietly get behind one of the corners next to the entrance. She has her water bottle and some luggage. Stephanie opens the door and asks if anyone is home. I stay silent, crouching behind the corner. I can hear her footsteps getting louder as she gets closer. My heart is racing as she comes to round the corner.I round the corner and grab her by the waist lifting her into the air. She lets out a shriek and drops her suitcase. She was initially startled but then came to laughter as she realized she wasn’t in any real danger. I pushed her against the back of the couch and pressed my waist into hers. She asked, “Now? Where’s mom and dad?” “They’re gone,” I say grinding my growing dick in between her legs. (I have been working out more frequently and I’ve packed on about 15 lbs of muscle I know she’ll like that.) I easily lift her onto the couch and set her down, untying her skirt. Stephanie says, “Easy muscles, I’m precious cargo.” “Just the way I like it,” I responded as I proceeded to mash my thumb against her swollen clit. She starts moaning and quivering so I decide to up the ante. I pull her in for a kiss and move her bottoms to the side and slide my fingers in. She spasms up against me and almost falls off the couch. She’s not going anywhere as long as I have a hold of her.Fingering her harder now I can feel more and more juice building up behind those lips. She is moaning between our kisses but I keep her suffocated with my tongue. She wiggles her face free and pants, “I’m cumming.” Invigorated I press on harder and harder with my fingers and she came all over them, the couch and the floor. “My turn,” I said as soon as she caught her breath. I pushed her back onto the couch and I jumped on the other side of it after taking off my trunks. My dick landed right next to her face and was just slightly softer than an erection. Stephanie started to turn over but I stopped her and walked on my knees over her face. I told her to start sucking and she obliged starting with my balls. I start masturbating till I get a full hard on and pushed it down towards her mouth. She was hesitant at first because she rarely could take all of me in at a time but I pressed on. She swallowed it all and gagged slightly. Her stomach raised at this and it gave me an idea. While she was sucking me I could easily finger her without losing my view. While I’m doing this she is making some guttural sounds that sends vibrations through my dick and it feels amazing. I feel myself starting to cum and I tell her to flip over and turn around. She does and gives me a beautiful view of that ass with the sun coming in and bouncing right off her tanned supple ass. It appeared to be a gift from God himself and I was planning on taking full advantage of it.I massage her clit with kayseri escort my cock for a few seconds. I grab hold of my cock head and rub her delicate pussy hole with it. We are both making little humping motions and as soon as we got into the same rhythm I plunged myself inside her. Stephanie muffled her scream and looked back at me with eyes that were filled with overwhelming amounts of pleasure and pain. She was extremely tight and it felt like I was taking her virginity this time. I grabbed her around those tight hips and started fucking harder and harder. She was pushing herself off the arm of the couch and back onto my dick but I could tell she was in pain; she wasn’t stopping me so I pressed on with more force.Out of nowhere she pushed back and pulled her back up to my front and told me to lay back. I was down for a switch up and as I laid back she started pumping up and down on my dick. I had never done this with a girl before and I was very upset I hadn’t yet. But she handled her body like a pro sliding herself to the tip and back down to the base. This view of what looked like an ass swallowing my dick but it was a super wet super tight pussy made me rush to orgasm. I told Stephanie I was about to cum. Stephanie replied, “Tell me when.” She carried on for a minute or two more and I was struggling to keep my cum in when I said, “I’m about to cum!” Stephanie turned her head around and said, “Not yet, just a little more.” “No, I’m about to cum,” I said trying to convince her to stop. She turned around and grabbed my balls firmly but not too hard and growled, “not. yet.” It sure slowed me down for a moment and she came on my dick and I could feel a river of pussy juice roll down my pelvis and onto the couch. Soon she was back in action and I was close to cumming again. Right before I came I told her and she turned to me. Looking me dead in the eyes and sucking my dick as best she could I started to cum. I came in waves. I could see her swallow what she could and after she had drained me she pushed her tongue into my cock hole and gathered up every bit. “Don’t want you staining this couch more than you already have,” she said with a grin.She turned and walked back to the bathroom to get ready when I got the call from my dad. I answered it out of breath and asked, “What’s up?” “Get your ass down here, the burgers are ready,” he said already a little tipsy. “Okay, be there in a sec, I said before I hung up the phone.I opened the door to Stephanie getting dressed and she screamed at me to get out. “What’s the deal, I mean, we just got done having sex,” I said with a laugh, “What does it matter if I see you naked?” She responded, “If you act like this around everyone else then they’ll start to think we fucked and there is no way to prove them wrong!” “Okay fine,” I said, “We gotta go to the camp site, they are finishing up cooking.” “I’ll be ready in a second,” Stephanie said from behind the door.We go out to the camp site and almost everyone is there. Including my cousin Alex, who if you remember is hot! (She’s a little shorter than my sister but she has bigger tits and ass, blue eyes, dark brown hair and a lighter tan) She’s throwing around a frisbee and I decide to join. The party goes on and on with everyone getting quite drunk. I’m not too bad and I’m still playing a little bit of frisbee when the sun is going down. My dad comes up to me and says he’s taking mom home because she’s really drunk. So they drive off and the rest of the party moves to the big cabin on the other side of the woods from my parents. We have to take an entirely different road so I follow the caravan of people moving, not to mention Alex’s parents are leading the caravan back to their mansion of a cabin. Stephanie and I are sharing silence as she breaks it to ask me a question, “Why do you have to look at Alex like that in front of me?” “Whoa! What?” is all I could say feeling a little guilt building inside me. “Every chance you got you were either looking at her tits or her ass!” Stephanie said throwing out accusations I wasn’t ready for. “Hold on, I wasn’t doing that,” I said trying to cover my tracks but she knew me too well and wasn’t buying it. We argue on and on with my defense being that I was trying to keep my mind off Stephanie. It was a shit show but we are masters at putting on faces for other people so when we stopped at the cabin no one had a clue.Alex’s dad did some extra cooking and everyone was eating. When I finished I got up and looked for Stephanie. I couldn’t find her anywhere so I asked one of my other cousins and he said that she went back to our parents cabin. I took off after her hoping she wasn’t still steaming about me checking out Alex. It’s about a half mile between Alex’s cabin and mine. There is hardly any brush so I don’t have a problem walking except for a bit where some jagged rocks are and I forgot my sandals. Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me and I turn around. It was Alex. She had followed me out here. She was looking fantastic; still wearing a zebra print light and dark-blue top with matching bottoms with a towel wrapped over her shoulders. She had sandals and walked up to me asking if I was okay. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, “I just need to get back to the cabin.” “Can we talk?” Alex asked. Honestly I wasn’t in the mood but I agreed. We looked around for a place to sit and came across some logs that someone set out for a makeshift bonfire area. She offered me the towel if I was cold and I wasn’t so she put it on the ground.”What’s on your mind?” I ask her dreading she ask me about Stephanie.”You,” she said, “I know I’m here with my boyfriend but I can’t get you out of my head.””What can I do to help?” I asked.”One more time?” She asked with her beautiful blue eyes gleaming from the reflection of the moon.”One last time?” I asked sort of sad because she’s hot and I know I’ll want her again.”I said one more time,” Alex said with a laugh, “I can’t ask you for a last time.””Okay,” I said reaching for her. I kissed her passionately like I wouldn’t get to again. She returned the favor, pulling herself into me and straddling the log. Alex reaches down and strokes my cock through my trunks. I untie her top gently as it falls between us and pull the strings on her bottoms so they fall from her precious body. She pulls my dick out of my trunks and strokes it a little more. I’m rubbing her pussy and it is oozing with her love juices. She’s moaning slightly now and I pull her up and place her clit right next to my dick. Alex stands slightly and controls my dick into her pussy. She eases herself down letting out little sighs the further she goes down. Soon we are having some passionate slow sex when she stops us. “What’s the matter?” I ask. Alex says, “Now, I want you to fuck me!” she exclaimed getting off me. She places her knees on the towel and her hands on the log. I come up behind her and push my way into her cute little pussy. I start pumping hard. She is moaning quite loud now and bucking back against me.”Fuck me harder!” she yells. I panic thinking that someone will hear and try to get ready to leave. “Ah-ah, the only way you’re getting out of here is by fucking this girl 100 percent.” So I brace myself and settle up behind her. I start going slow and wait for a response from her. “C’mon har–” I cut her off. I had a plan for getting her off. I grabbed her neck and pulled her back into me fucking her pussy harder and faster. I kiss her neck and nibble on her ear lobe for a bit. “You like that?” I ask her in a mean voice. “Ye..Y-Yes,” she was able to squeeze out of her throat. I shoved her back down to the log and increased my fucking speed once again. I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked back on it. “Oh,” she was breathing heavy. I felt her cum shoot out and douse my dick. I put my dick on her firm ass and shot my load. I turned her over so she was sitting on the towel and leaning on the log. I grabbed her face and kissed her crudely. She was still catching her breath and I knew I fucked her good. When I got back to my cabin I walked in the room and realized Stephanie was in there. She was laying down in the bed but I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or pretty drunk. She hears me come in and turns around and sits up. I see the rum she was drinking out of earlier and it was nearly gone. “Where have you been?” she asks. “I was coming to look for you,” I said. “Took you long enough,” Stephanie said and I could see her composure slipping. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know when you left and-wait. Why are you in my room?” I ask. “Mom’s throwing up and and didn’t want to sleep with that going on all night,” Stephanie said laying back down. I could see she wasn’t wearing a shirt as her tits rose from under the sheets. She motioned for me to come lay next to her.I walk over and she tells me to come here. I lean in and she kisses me. “I love you, _____””Yeah, I love you, too Stephanie,” I responded.”No, like really,” Stephanie insisted.”Me too. You’re great,” I added.”Then make love to me.””Listen, you’re obviously drunk and I couldn’t take advantage of you like that,” I said trying to get her to stop.”If you don’t I’m gonna tell dad that you’ve been fucking me for years now,” she said motioning for the door.”Hold on,” I said pushing her back on the bed. “This doesn’t feel right.””Just make love to me,” Stephanie said pushing the sheets down, “I’ll make it feel right.”I reluctantly start kissing her on her neck. She groans with drunken pleasure and sways her legs. “Finger me,” she whispers. I reach down and start finger her while I’m kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. She is getting remarkably wet for being drunk but I start to get a rush from doing this too her. I feel like she’s my toy and I can do whatever I want with her. I slap her clit a time or two to show her I’m dominating and she curls up into a ball. I roll her over onto her stomach and pull her ass close to my face. I stick my tongue into her asshole and she lets out a little baby talk and asks me if I’m licking her asshole. “That I am, baby,” I said. Stephanie slowly comes out of her ball and I pull her to the edge of the bed. I start to put my dick into her ass when she says, “No, make love to me.” I turn her onto her back and place my cock head just inside her pussy. I kiss her passionately getting caught up in the moment. She wraps her legs around me and grabs my hips as I fuck her. We are going hard at it for hours it feels like. Eventually we’re both sweating and I’m about to cum. I pull out quickly and squirt it all over her stomach. She is giggling and playing with my jizz rubbing it around on her stomach. “Wash me?” she asks. “Okay, but that’s the last thing I’m doing for you tonight,” I responded. I give her a nice scrub down and play with her here and there but I eventually put her to bed.During the night I was really hungry and went looking for some food in the refrigerator. I opened the door and I saw a water bottle full of liquor. It was a little dark and I tasted it. It was Stephanie’s rum!! She never drank beer. How did she get so fucked up. As a brother all I could think about was that maybe someone d**gged her or something. A thousand thoughts raced through my head. I hurried back to the room and woke her up. She came to pretty quickly and I asked her how she got so messed up tonight. “What?” she asked groggy and confused. “You’re rum is here,” I said holding up the full water bottle, “and you are crazy drunk. Did anything happen to you when you walked from their cabin to ours?!” She laughed and laughed. I was so scared so I asked her if anything happened. She sat up straight, looked me dead in the eye and said, “I knew you couldn’t resist me no matter drunk I looked.” “Looked?!” I asked. “Yeah, I’m saving that rum for tomorrow.”I couldn’t believe it. Stephanie acted drunk just to fuck with me. She knows me pretty well I have to say. I would like to hear from you out there who you’d like to hear about next. I have a few stories for each of these people: Stephanie, Alex and her mother Amy (separate and once together) and Trish.

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