My Ukrainian Landlady


My Ukrainian LandladyWay back in the last century when I was at university, I rented a room in a boarding house owned by a Mrs. Katrina Wozniak, an older Ukrainian lady. Mrs. W. was a frumpy, lumpy old redhead, with a wide ass and a prominent boob shelf jutting from the shapeless sack dresses she wore. To my nineteen year old self, she seemed ancient, although I suppose she was somewhere in her late fifties to early sixties.My room was on the third floor of the old house, sort of an attic under the roof with sloping ceiling and two dormer windows. There were two overseas grad students on the second floor, who I rarely encountered, and Mrs. W. resided on the main floor. I was given a key to the front door so I could come in late without waking her. After a few weeks I could tell that the old girl liked me as she would stop me on my way upstairs to chat about this and that. She would trudge all the way up to my room to change the bed sheets which she did not do for the other residents, and after a while she started to do my laundry which was not expected.Late one night after a hot but frustrating date with a coy coed, I came in to find the light was on in Mrs. W’s front parlour, I could hear the TV was on. As I went toward the stairs, she called to me in her thick accent, “Stoo-vart, comink in here a minute”. I thought she was going to bawl me out for the late hours I kept, but instead it appeared she just wanted some company. I joined her on her sofa, she was in an old bathrobe, watching the Late Show, with a bottle of vodka and a few cans of Fresca on the coffee table before her. “You like a trink, yess ?” I accepted and she went to her cupboard for another glass, which she handed me and then leaned over to pour a generous shot of vodka into my glass. As she bent over, her robe parted and I had a close-up view of acres of cleavage between her pendulous breasts. She sat and put her feet up on the table, the robe parted once more to reveal some rounded belly and a prominent mound inside her granny panties. Much to my surprise, this half-drunk old bag was turning me on !We watched TV in silence for a while, then she casually rested her hand on my thigh and asked if I wanted another drink. I said, “no thanks” then turned toward her and put my arm around her shoulder to give her a hug. She responded with a bear hug of her own, I looked in her eyes and gave her a kiss to which she again responded hungrily. We were soon lying out on the couch, pressing into each other with my knee between her legs as I ran a hand over her robe, caressing the side of her breast. “Stoo-vart, stop !” She pushed me away and stood up, I thought I was in trouble, but without a word, she took me by the hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. “I am old lady, you know, not younk gorrll. Maybe you don’t like vat you see me.” I kissed her again and undid the belt on her robe to reveal a pair of saggy big breasts with jutting nipples, her round granny belly, wide hips and the hairiest bush I had ever seen. I fondled her tits and licked each nipple in turn as they went hard. She was moaning as she tugged at my belt to undo my pants, as they dropped, she took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. We undressed and lay on the bed, I was sucking on her huge nipples as she clung to me, my hand found her cleft and gently stroked her dripping clit as she softly moaned and closed her legs, trapping erotik film izle my hand and twitching and writhing with every stroke. Soon she opened her legs and said, “Oh ya, Stoo-vart, please, giff it me !” I entered her gently, slipped right in her wet cunt and held it in hard as she pushed against me, her big boobs pressed into my chest. We were soon fucking hard. she was panting and making little cries “oh oh oh” with every stroke until she stiffened and came, “AAAHHH !!” as I shot a load of cum inside her. We lay back side by side to rest and cuddle, her head on my chest, her hand gripping my cock, which she soon teased back into life. She got up on her knees and straddled me, sliding her pussy over my dick until it was rock hard again and throbbing for more. I arched up and got stuck into her cunt and lifted her up, then down and she rode me as she swung her massive boobs across my chest and face. I couldn’t believe my luck – this ‘old’ woman was giving me better sex than the young girls I was dating ! She soon came again, and then lay atop me, exhausted. We pulled up the covers as we took a rest, and both fell asleep.Sunday morning I woke as the dawn streamed in the bedroom window, Katrina had her back to me so I put my arm around her, cupping one big boob in my hand, playing with a nipple that hardened right away. She had some cellulite on her upper legs but her sturdy big bum was pleasantly firm as she pushed it against me, She slid her ass against my cock until it was hard, then I pushed it between her legs against her crack. We cuddled like that for a bit, then her hand came down and grasped me and fit it into her, and we began a slow and easy fuck, holding together on each stroke until she was moaning and wiggling and pushing back hard, I eased off to keep myself from cumming, she got up on her knees and elbows and waggled for more. As I doggy fucked her great big ass, she moaned in pleasure, “o ya, giff me, giff me, oy oy OY OOOYYY ! “. as we came in tandem. We snoozed and played a while longer, then she got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned, she started to dress, slipping into an industrial-strength bra that supported her massive hangers keeping them nice and high. “Im goink to Mass, you batter get dressed and go upstairs before dem odder guys vake up.” I complied and left her with a kiss and a parting squeeze of those big old boobies.So began a two-year affair, continuing the Saturday night Vodka and Fresca, midnight fuck routine. Sometimes she came up to my room for a quick tussle during the week when the other roomers were out, or I would run back from campus for a quickie nooner between classes. Eventually I graduated, and took a job in another city, she cried when I left but I would come back to see her now and then on weekends when I could find time.. When I married my then-wife, we invited Katrina to the wedding, as she was leaving the reception, she congratulated us, and hugged me hard, kissed me and patted my cheek and cried. “Oh Stoo-vart, you var such a goot boy ! I vill miss you so much!” My wife was quite touched by the fondness my former landlady had for me. Little did she know….About five years later, I was back in my college town on business, and stopped by Mrs. Wozniak’s house to say hello. A strange lady answered the door, she said she was the new owner, she was Katrina’s niece. Katrina had had a stroke and passed on, leaving her the house. I will never forget my Ukrainian Landlady…

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