my wife keeps busy


my wife keeps busyLast month my wife told me she had been invited to a get together of some of her friends from her high school. I listened to her go on about how exciting it would be to see the crowd she ran with. I asked her if I could come too? She said yes all the husbands and wifes are invited. She said it wasn’t a formal reunion but just a meeting of the click she hung out with.We went shopping the weekend following the call. Since the party was bring held at one of the class mates personal home it was to be wear what ever you want. Knowing my wife I know that means something short or tight. She said shorts where out because we will be outside and she would get to hot in pants. So we had to find some type of skirt or dress. I watched her try on at least a hundred things before she decided on a flirty little skirt that came just mid thigh and a low cut blouse. Whole trying them on I had to check to see how much was visible on both garments. The blouse showed the tops of her tits all the way to her bra when she leaned over. The skirt never quiet allowed the bikini panties to show but very close.Feeling that her choice of clothing was perfect we had to buy shoes. The woman has more shoes than some shoe stores but she needed new ones. I think she just enjoys letting the clerks at the mall shoe stores to look up her skirts. She bought a pair of sandals that had a very high hill. Her calfs looked great in them. On the day of the party we each showered in our own bathrooms. I got dressed in a pair of cargo shorts and a golf shirt. Tucked in with a thin belt and I was ready. siirt rus escort I sat and watched my wife get dressed. I always enjoy watching her dress. I made small talk as I watched her try on different bras. She decided on a half cup pushup bra that made her thirty four b cup tits into beautiful little round globes. The nipples just nearly where exposed. She leaned over and wiggled to see if the nipples ever popped out. They never did. Then the blouse, the neck line came all the way down to the bra. It was a very classic look. She then stepped into her skirt and pulled it over her hips. She tucked the blouse in and buttoned the skirt. As she brushed the front of the skirt to remove any wrinkles I said baby you forgot your panties. She lifted the front to expose her shaved pussy and said oh well. Then she slipped on her new sandals. Hands out to the side she spun on her hills and asked how she looked. I ensured her she looked great. But what about not wearing panties I asked her. She said I might get lucky and that will save time. On the ride to the party I brought up the get lucky comment she had made. I said you don’t really think you will get lucky do you I asked. She said looking this good you can bet on it. I said but you are planning on having sex there? She said I plan on getting fucked at least once. I could feel my dick starting to get hard. She said don’t worry I’ll be discreet and afterwards I’ll come get you to eat the cum from my cunt. I was fully erect hearing her talk like that. She asked is your little pee pee hard siirt rus escort bayan from hearing that? Before I could answer she reached over and grabbed my crotch. Yes it is you pervert. She said you are so nasty , getting all hard from listening to me tell you about having sex. She said my pussy is already wet enough to fuck. She pulled the hem of her skirt up and ran a finger between the lips of her pussy. She then ran it under my nose. Does it smell good she asked? Yes sweetheart it smells very good I answered.Once at the party she informed me to not tag along with her. She said go find someone to talk to so I can mingle. I got a drink and found a couple of guys talking and stood in to listen. We discussed our golf game and before I knew it I had forgotten my wife was even there. Just over an hour later I got a text. I read it and it was from my wife. It said I need your help, my cunt is leaking down my legs , meet me in the down stairs bathroom. I excused myself from my new golf buddies and went in the house. I tapped on the door of the bathroom just off the kitchen. I heard my wife say it’s unlocked . I opened the door and quickly stepped in. There setting on the vanity with her skirt bunched at her waist was my freshly fucked wife. Her pussy had a shine yo it. She pilled her feet up onto the counter top and let her knees fall apart. Eat my cunt she barked the order. I leaned in and started to lick the messy slit. Her hands grabbed my head and smashed my face into her pussy . She said hurry up I have another one lined up rus siirt escort and I want to get back to fucking. As soon as she felt satisfied that she was clean enough she pulled my hair and said OK stop. She hopped up and opened the door and left. I was standing there with a tent in my pants and some guys cum all over my face. After whipping my face I went out to get a drink. I hooked back up with my golf buddies and one new guy. As we talked one of the guys said in almost a whisper I smell pussy. We all got quiet. Then all at once we all leaned in closer to one another. He said I do smell pussy, which one of you guys has been fucking? I was about to creek out when the new guy said it was me. We all looked at him. He said I just hammered some little hot number in the bathroom off the kitchen. He was the one who’s cum I just ate. One of the guys asked who she was? He said I don’t know her name but she is wearing a low cut blouse and a short skirt with no panties. All the guys started asking questions. One of them said I’m going to look for that little slut. After he left we got back to lying about our golf game.I had just walked away to get another drink when my phone buzzed again. I checked the message and all it said was “ditto.” I made my way back into the house and to the bathroom. This time when I entered I found her still leaning over the vanity with her skirt pilled up her back and her pussy wide open and leaking. I closed the door and got on my knees. This guy had unloaded a monster load. Some had already dripped out and there was still a lot inside her. I stood and unzipped my pants I stick my own hard dick into her all the way to my balls in one stroke. She was extremely loose. I blew my but in less than a minute. I ate that load too. I repeated the trip twice more that evening. All total she fucked four guys and me twice that night. I love having a hot little slut for a wife.

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