My Wife Natalie Chapter 3

Group Sex

My Wife Natalie Chapter 3I expected things to be awkward between us in the morning and we both woke up at around same time and just lay in bed talking, Natalie immediately lighting up a cigarette and dragging on it like she really needed it.I expected her to be feeling guilty, quiet or to be acting strange but she was the complete opposite, talking to me like it was just another day. Either she was too drunk to remember what I think she did last night or she was good at covering it up. She then asked me if I minded her going out again tonight as her friend Joanne was having marital problems and they didn’t have time to talk about it last night as it was too loud in the pub and other friends were there.I said I didn’t mind and that I would probably stay in and have another drink as I enjoyed my own space sometimes.Natalie finished her cigarette and lit another straight away while telling me she loved me and wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.Maybe she was feeling guilty I thought. It was a long day and my mind was really mixed up. Did something really happen last night? I had made up my mind to follow her tonight to see for myself.She came downstairs once again looking like a slut in her short skirt and top but without the tights and her trademark slutty pink leather jacket and too much makeup. I couldn’t help but get hard just looking at her as she dragged hard on her cigarette while looking at me.She knew the effect her rus escort ara smoking had on me. Joanne knocked the door and as a joke I told Natalie to be a good girl and she just smiled at me after taking another massive drag on her cigarette and blew me a smoky kiss. She told me she wouldn’t be that late tonight.I sat in house drinking on own and waited until 10 0’clock before going to look for her. I knew where to look as everyone went to this particular pub before ending their night and there were only 3 other pubs besides that so she wouldn’t be hard to find.I saw her straight away as I walked quietly into the pub, she was down the far end in the corridor by the toilets and seemed to be talking to someone who I couldn’t see. I walked into the lounge of pub where I knew I would be able to get a better look without being seen.Natalie was laughing and joking and all of a sudden I felt sick. She was talking to Graham, a black builder who was known as a womaniser with a huge cock.I couldn’t understand why Natalie would be talking to him as she always told me that he is an arrogant twat and I thought he was an idiot too.I could see Natalie reaching into her bag and pulling her cigarettes out and then she gestured for Graham to follow her to the smoking area out the back of the pub.The pub was really quiet considering it was a Saturday and I couldn’t see Joanne anywhere in sight.I made rus escort bayan ara my way out of the pub and walked around the side where I knew I could stand near the bushes around the back and observe the smoking shelter without being seen.I looked towards the shelter but could only see 2 teenage girls smoking and chatting. My eyes swept the patio and around the corner by the side of the patio Natalie and Graham were sitting on the bench by the wall out of view of shelter laughing and joking.Natalie lit up her cigarette and triple pumped, the sight made me hard but I felt sick inside at the same time.What I saw next shocked me. Natalie started rubbing his bulge in his trousers as she smoked and talked.She was whispering in his ear and even though I was only 20 feet away I couldn’t hear what was being said.She was triple pumping her cigarette and looked like a slut to be honest and she flicked that away and immediately lit up another.I couldn’t believe this was my quiet wife. What the fuck was she doing.I was angry at what I saw Next but turned on to bursting point at the same time, she undid his fly and pulled out the biggest blackest cock that I had ever seen. The rumours were right about him. My cock isn’t small but this was 11 or 12 inches without a doubt and as thick as her wrist. She triple pumped her cigarette and spat on her hand and started to wank this black cock while escort rus ara staring at it.I was turned on at my quiet slag wife but also felt sick that she could do this to me after saying she wouldn’t. Maybe it was my fault for nagging her for years to take another cock. My head was all over the place.I was hoping that she would just give him a handjob and make him come and then go home.She was smoking like a trooper, flicking the butt on the floor and lighting another with a triple pump.I wasn’t surprised when she got up and sat on Grahams lap facing the wall and lowered herself down onto his cock, taking all 11 inches on her first downward thrust. I thought what a slag wife I have married. I noticed my cock was bursting out of my jeans. I must be a sick man.I could see his cock going in and out of my married wifes cunt as she started to ride him faster and faster. She continued to smoke like a whore and then said something that made me feel ill.She said give me that black cock you bastard and fill me up with your nigger cum. I felt sick. Was this my sweet innocent wife.She said I love your huge black cock in me. Fill me up you bastard.Natalie took a triple pump of her cigarette and blew the smoke into Grahams face as she slammed down on his cock. he started moaning as Natalie took another triple pump on her cigarette and it was too much for him. She was taking his cum and loads of it. He seemed to cum for nearly a minute, shooting loads of cum into her unprotected married cunt.She climbed off him, kissed him and lit another cigarette. What a fucking whore I thought. I was mixed up.I had seen enough and walked home in a daze. I drank 4 cans as quickly as I could and went to bed confused……To Be Continued

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