My wife with old man -3

My wife with old man -3

Next morning before i leaving from my home i smiled to my wife and she blushed with her cute face and give me a flying kiss. After reaching the office i could not concentrate my work. I called my wife and asked about the developments. She said she is going to Shanawas uncles home and most surprizing was my brother-in-law messaged her in the WhatsApp. I was excited to hear my brother-in-law and Keerthana have started their communication through phone. But also worried about the old man. She was very happy to speak with me. Three days ago she had seen shanawas tool covered by his undewear, so definitely she would excited to tease him. My wife is going to seduce the old man, in other side my brother-in-law have already taken the control with my Beautiful wife.

she said, today she is wearing Only nighty without wearing any undergarments. I was shocked to hear this, She said me to do not worry and she will explain me in the evening and cut the phone before i could ask about Vivek. I could not concentrate in my work and my mind was always with my wife and Shanawas in his home. The minutes were going like an hours. That day it was very hard for me to spend the time in office. In the evening when i reached home, she was in the leaving room by watching TV. Directly i approached her and asked the details. Firstly she went to kitchen and bring a cup of tea, and sat on the opposite chair with a cute smile.
Keerthana: Sir.. this is just first day. So don’t expect more ok!!!
Me: Ok dear tell me what happened there?

Keerthana looked into my pants and give mischievous smile, and explained me
“Today i had wear a White nighty without wearing any undergarments. When i reached in his house he was in the leaving room watching a cricket match also drinking alcohol. Firstly i take a mop and a bucket of water and started to clean the floor. My main target area was the leaving room where he was sitting. He wished me and excused for drinking alcohol in front of me. Purposefully i put my nighty little upward. He also noticed it. After mopping i put some water on the floor, by doing so my hand were also get wet condition, with this hand i placed it on my both waist and it getting wet. As you know when we put water on the white cloth it will become transparent. By doing two three times i had shown my waist and upper part of my ass for him through the transparent white cloth. I could see him through a mirror as he was Looking into my ass with a lust. I thought he will catch it from behind. But he remained in the same seat. After sometime i realize that my right ass cheek were fully visible through my wet nighty. I had give a clear view of it. Also i noticed he tried to adjust his cock in his pants. So i decided to stop it for today, otherwise he may fuck me today itself. My pussy was also wet for allowing him but i controlled it because it has to happen in naturally, otherwise he will think that i am slut for allowing my body to everybody”
Me: Mmm, so you have taken the second step with him. Still i am confused why you attracted to this old man?? You are doing all these in a professional manner.
Keerthana: I have selected him as my partner with considering all aspects. So i can humiliate you in front of him. Tomorrow I invited him to our house as you also will be in home because its Sunday. Ley him enjoy your wife in our own home… isn’t it??
Me: mmm. If i am here how can you tease him in front of me?
Keerthana: That i will manage, if anything further will happen i will let you know!! Can you leave your wife with this old man in our own home?? She teasingly said.

She saying me to leave somewhere for letting her to enjoy with her lover. My wife had changed a lot for that old man, but my promise makes me to agree her condition with broken heart. She became bold with her fantasy, in the other side my heart wanted to see my naked wife with my Brother-in-law. Then i replied her,
Me: I cannot go anywhere, as i will hide somewhere in our home. Because i cannot take this much pressure for leaving my wife with that old man, I cant.

Keerthana: That’s cool. It has been for two months that we started our fantasy, so we both wanted to happens this coming days, it will be good if you watch your wife get fucked for the first time with that old man.
Me: Mmmm, Keerthana you humiliating me even before it happens. Please do it with vivek before give a chance to the old man. It will be a relief for me if you choose him first.

She smiled at me, our eyes were locked for a movement with a deep silence. Then she said, “dear husband, you are really tensed about your wife with that old man, if we haven’t select your brother-in-law as my other partner, my partner only will be that old man to satisfied your fantasy as per our agreement. You were promised me to agree with this old neighbour. But i am concerned about your choice that Vivek has to brock my key hole before Shanawas uncle. I agreed but it may take time because your brother-in-law is going to a business trip to Tamilnadu. He informed me, he will be coming only after one week. Can you wait till that??”

I think about it for a minutes and said, “I had a wish that your first intercourse with at attractive man, but i will not force you to do the same if you want to do it with that old man”
Keerthana looked into my half down face and said “Sooraj, you are my husband, so i will never ever make you sad even after you accept my conditions regarding this. I will let it happens before Shanawas uncle. But we need to wait for one more week. Are you ok with it?? it would be nice if it happens naturally. How can say no if i am on high on the high end. hope you may understand”.

I give the authority to her for choose the fuck mate with a half smiling face. That night when we were in the bed room watching cuckold porn movie, she was concentrating more than me. When the black man fucks her tight pussy and the actress was looking into her husbands face with a kind of sad emotions. Keerthana looked into my face and blushed and said, are you prepared it for this?? I looked her body and pressed her boobs then said “I want to watch you closely when your lover have stretching you cunt” Then keerthana said “i will try my best to satisfies you. Prepare yourself before watching me with my lover.”

Suddenly her mobile had vibrated, it was my brother in law. She smiled and shown his message with me. It was “Hey, darling how are you?? Sooraj had slept or not?” She looked at me, my cock get erected when i read the excitement on her face. I said her to reply him naturally.
Keerthana replied: Yes vivek, he already slept, and i was reading a book.
Vivek replied: why he get slept early before making love with his beautiful wife.
Keerthana send a smiley, then she turned her position for hiding her mobile from my view. Then she turned her head towards me and give a excused expression and said “Sooraj, please give me some privacy to chat with him, otherwise i will be shy to responds him naturally what he wants”

I understand her point was correct. I should give her some privacy with her lover. Otherwise she would not open her heart with him in front of me. The porn movie was running on the TV screen and i was laying on the bed, while my wife is busy to chat with her lover who is my Sisters husband. At last she put the phone on the table and approached me on the bed. She placed her palm above my cock over the track suit and started to caressed it while watching the movie. I asked her “What did he said?”

Without removing her eyes from the TV she said, “He was very romantic like a college boy, he thinking that he had seduced me from his house. He doesn’t know the script that we made for him” she smiled and continued “He will reach here on next week and agreed to come to meet me in our home”

My cock hard got a instant shock, she realized it and said, “He is going to fuck your wife with the cock that the same which your sisters cunt had drilled. You are very lucky to have this kind of Brother in law”.

I said, “I am ignoring her life for full fill our fantasy. I had taken this hard decision as per your point of view, as you said if he become you partner, then nobody will doubt about him and you as we are from same family. And make sure that both shanawas uncle and vivek should not meet together when you are busy with one of them. Do not let them know about your affair with others”. She agreed my condition and at last helped me to loan my cum inside her mouth.

Next morning when i woke up, she was busy in the kitchen. When i approached her she was talking to someone on the phone by using a ear phone to speak easily to do cooking also. I understand she is talking to my brother in law. I came beside her and sat on the kitchen slab without disturbing her. She blushed into my face and continued their conversation while cooking. She give me a cup of tea and a sweet humiliating smile under her lips. But i was happy with thier extra marital affair. She was speaking in very low voice only some small sentences rather than casual long talk. After ten minutes she cut the phone and kept it beside me without saying anything. While i take her phone she smiled me and pretended like she is going to take it from my hand. I escaped from her reach and seen their duration of the conversation about one hour. I smiled and said “Ohh you were having a great time for last one hour” she blushed with me. I noticed her messages that she had chat yesterday with my Brother-in-law. They were discussed about my sister also, i excited to read it fully, they were chatted about my sister that,
Keerthana: your wife will kill you if she aware that you have chatting with her Sister in law like this manner.
Vivek: Definitely she will kill me if she know that my new chat mate is her brothers wife.
Keerthana: She will do the same if you do with any of the girls other than me.
Vivek: Never dear, You don’t know my wife very we. She is very supportive for me to seduce other girls, because we are not like you and sooraj, we are very open minded couples.
Keerthana: That’s sounds good, so you have many other female friends??
Vivek: I had many, but these days i am little bit busy with my business, so couldn’t find someone new till you reached in our home. I was really amused to see you after a long time. You are perfect women that i ever seen.
Keerthana: Thank you for you compliment.

My heart beat became fast as i realized that my sisters life also like ours. My own sister Sandhya allowed her husband to enjoy with other girls. So definitely she would be like Keerthana who is inviting new lovers to her life. When i looked keerthana she was looking into my face and expecting a question about my sister Sandhya.
I asked her in a confused tune with my worried face “Are they like us??”
She nobbed and said “Sorry sooraj, I also shocked to realized that they are also like us, and they already started their journey few months ago, the difference is they do swapping more than Cuckold. Both are enjoying the pleasure of sex with another couple. But in our case you only want to watch me with another man rather than you going with another women.”

I am totally worried to hear it from my wife. She made me relax and said “Don’t worry about our concern, i will not disclose our secrete with him till you give me the permission”.

Keerthana and me were totally get confused about our future. Before i could say anything our door bell had rang, we looked each other, then she said, “It would be Shanawas uncle, because yesterday i had invited him to our home”. Without any delay she went to main door and opened it. Yes she was right, it was Shanawas uncle. He came and sat on the sofa. While we were talking the casual matters, my mind was going somewhere else about my Sister and her husband. Keerthana excused us and went to Kitchen and called me from there. I excused with Shanawas uncle and approached her inside the kitchen. Then she asked me “Are you ok?? I don’t know this is right time to tell this, but i have to inform you that, when i open the door for Shanawas uncle, he really stared into my body and also i noticed his eyes where running over me while he was talking with you. So i want to confirm that, are you ok if i tease him in front of you in this time when you are worried about your sister??”

I understand that Keerthana want to Show her body for teasing her lover. Before i responded she started to pull her nighty up till her neck, and removed her underwear and bra. When i see her soft silky body, my mind also want to see what she will do with him while i am present in our home. After put the nighty usual she unbuttoned two from her boobs. I felt some erection under my pants when i notice the preparation of my wife’s for showing her assets to the old man. That feeling was different than i felt when she opened her cleavage to the young and shy man Nagappa. Because he was totally stranger and not from our place. But in this time she is going to show her assets to a old man who is living near our home.

When he saw Keerthana on this tight nighty, his facial expression had been changed. I noticed a big bulge under his lungi as he trying to hide. The old man still having a strong cock between his legs. I imagined, he is fucking my wife in this same position while i am watching them. I understand i also started to love her fantasy that with a old man for watching.

I again joined with shanwas uncle. When our one year old son had cried from bedroom, she bring him in hand and sat my right side on the sofa just opposite of Shanawas uncle. She got a opportunity to show he boobs. She placed our son on her bottom of the boobs then slowly pressed it from down side. Shanawas was eagerly waiting for his luck while reading news paper. My son hold the buttons of her night with his small hand and pulled it down. I acted like i am busy with my smart phone and Keerthana pretended like she is not aware of her half of the boobs were about to popping out from her nighty. Shanawas tried to put his legs crossed for hiding his bulge on his lungi in front of us. When she looked to my mobile screen i typed a text message to show her. She read it in low voice that anyone cant listen. It was “I think our baby is going to expose your full boobs in front of this man” she smiled at me and tried to remove his hand from her nighty. Then i again typed “Now i am also enjoying my wife is give a nice treat to this old man, let our son expose your body in front of him, look into my phone screen without moving your head and pretend like you are busy in my phone. Let him enjoy your beautiful assets”

She smiled and rested her head on my right shoulder and looked into my mobile display. Our son again hold it on her nighty and pulled it with his small fingers. Her right boobs were almost visible to this man. She adjusted her right hand to press the side of her boobs to pop out from her nighty. Me and keerthana pretended like discussing a subject about WhatsApp group. Her nipple of right boob had just pressing the edge of her nighty. It was really get erected with the excitement. She pressed her son’s legs towards his boobs. Shanawas was waiting for the next movement. Her right boob jumped out from the nighty and hanging down in front of Shanawas uncle. Her dark pink nipple were erected because if this excitement. I typed the message “He has seen your boobs fully, and your nipples get erected because of excitement” she smiled at me. Suddenly her phone got ring where we kept in front of the table.

Suddenly she released from the position and hided her boobs with her nighty. Shanawas also hide his face behind the newspaper pretended like he has not seen anything. She took the phone in her hand and shown the display to me. It was my Brother-in-law calling for his new lover. She smiled at me and handed over our son to my lap and she went to bed room by saying her friend is calling her in front of Shanawas. She get inside the room and closed the door. My heart beat became fast as she gone alone inside the room for talking to her new lover. My cock again getting hard than before. After some chit chat with shanawas uncle, i excused him and went to bed room for put my son in the cradle. When i entered inside the room. She was laying on the bed and talking to her second lover after giving a big treat to the first one. I came and pulled her night till her stomach. She looked me mischievously while talking. When i spread her legs her cunt was really wet and some sticky fluids leaking from her dark pink pussy lips. I massaged it with my finger while she was busy to talk with her lover. She put her hand on her lips to avoid any moaning sounds from her mouth. I kissed on her pussy then kissed on her lips. Some of the pussy juices i passed on her lips through my lips. She smiled at me and signalled me to go and give a company with Shanawas.

I leave my wife alone in the bedroom for giving some privacy to talk to her lover. My heart felt a humiliation from my own wife. Keerthana really enjoying with her both lovers more than me. She transformed to a hot house wife from a conservative women. I don’t know what will happens in future if my sister understand that my wife became the lover of her husband. It would hurt her more than me.

I joined with Shanawas in the leaving room. Keerthana came from our bed room after thier romance over the phone. After some time we planned to go to a film after having break fast. Keerthana started to get ready as she need some more time for make up. Shanawas uncle went to his home promised us to come within ten minutes. I had take some extra time to bath as i need to shave my self. Half an hour later when i reached on the bed room, i could hear some conversation between Keerthana and someone in the kitchen area. I got out from our bed room and reached there and hided behind the kitchen wall. There Shanawas uncle and Keerthana is discussing about our arranged marriage story. They are laughing like lovers. They were already dressed well for leave. She was wearing a thin saree and Shanawas wearing a pants and casual shirt like a normal uncle mode. Her bare back were visible more than usual. She purposely put saree on lower waist to show her waist area and upper part of the ass cheeks. So it was really visible some buldged bare ass cheeks from her back. Also she was wearing a half sleeve blouse which was very thin. Her armpit was clearly show when she put her hand on up side. Shanawas uncle was admiring her beautiful back. When she turn to Shanawas her cleavage is popping out from her thin blouse. Her both beautiful boobs were pressing each other because of this tight half sleeve blouse. Shockley i realized she didn’t wear any bra under her blouse, because i can easily identify if she have not wear undergarments. She is not only going to tease Shanawas but also going to give a great show to public.

She was really teasing that old man by showing up her beautiful curve body. I also get a erection when i see my wife with some one in our own home in this manner. Also i notices sometimes Shanawas uncle trying to adjust his cock under his pants without knowledge of her. I decided to approach them so i went inside the kitchen acted like i just finished my bath and came there.

When Shanawas uncle was busy to talk with me, Keerthana stand behind him and pressed her boobs from down side for pop out and winked at me. Now her cleavage were more visible than before. When i am talking with Shanawas i noticed that she take a drop of sweat from her forehead and put on her cleavage. Now we cannot miss this drop when we looking at her beautiful face. Shanawas also noticed it when he turned to her side. He was continuously looking into her cleavage.

Then me and Shanawas had moved to the living room and he sat on sofa which have two person can sit, i sat on the opposite sofa. She gave me a cup of tea and sat the right side with Shanawas uncle on same sofa just opposite of me. Their body were rubbing each other. I felt an erection inside my pant for watching them on this position. Shanswas uncle again taken the news paper for looking show timings. Accidently he found a news about our area that a new government Projects are coming in our locality. Then she curiously asked “Where is the news” and lean sideward to Shanawas Uncle. He pointed his finger to the left bottom of the news paper. When she tried to find the news from the bottom left side, her left boobs had touched on Shanawas uncle’s right bare hand.Her body was bending towards his lap. She hold on the same position and acted like she was reading the news paper in mind. Actually she was enjoying his touch on her boobs. I realized that she is good in acting as well. Shanawas uncle did not move his hand away more over he press his hand against her left boobs. I cannot see her face because she was covered by the big news paper. They remained in the same position for next two minutes, so decided to go to the bed room for get ready as well as giving them some private movement. After gone i was not aware what they were doing. But they did not move from that position.
When i come back from the bed room after getting ready. They were sitting like a statue in the previous position. When she noticed me, she looked on the floor without saying anything. Shanawas uncle also tried to act he was reading newspaper. I could smell something had happened between them. Keerthana adjusted her saree and also there was a bulge on his pants. She get up and gone to bedroom without looking into my face not even say any single word. My heart beat has became fast. I excused him and again gone with keerthana inside the bedroom.

Me: “Hey Keerthana anything happened there when i was in bedroom ?”
Keerthana: I think you already noticed it when i was sitting with him on the sofa.
I asked her with a excited look, “Yes i noticed that you rubbed your boobs with his bare hand when you sat with him. But what had happened when i went to bedroom?? I noticed you both were silent when i returned from there.

Keerthana smiled and said “Sorry sorraj, i have take one more step without asking you. He hold his hand on my boobs even after i read the news. He also noticed my affection towards him, that’s why he did not move his hand, he might be felt my hard nipples on his bare hand, Same time the edge of my saree fell down on the floor, but we remained in the same position even after realizing my saree had not covered by my blouse. We were silent for a whole minute and he looked into my face and he moved his hand to my bare stomach, as he could feel the heat of my bare body. But i didn’t object his intension instead i leaned backward for showing my bare stomach and my round boobs in front of him. The same time you came out from bedroom, instantly he removed his hands from my stomach and i put my saree properly. I was little afraid that movement because the things had been gone little further. That’s why i was embraced to look into your face and leave from there.

Me: Keerthana. I dont know what to say. I believe in you, The things are moving forward. Please Always be trustful with me. I am ready to accept my wife is going to fuck by a old man. I let my wife enjoy her life. I am happy to be with your desire. From our first night i could feel that you have the potential to enjoy more sex life which i was already given. You are too beautiful and energetic in bed more than me. So you can explore your life as you want. But always you will be mine. It was my fantasy that you are sleeping with a stranger, but now this is our fantasy and we will enjoy it together. Today you will get a chance to enjoy with him in the cinema hall, do it what ever you want.

By saying this one drop of tear fell it from my eyes. She emotionally approached me and wiped it with his hand and said

“Sooraj, i know your feelings and emotions, yes now this is our fantasy. We have already entered into it, so i want to experience it at least once. Otherwise this Brocken fantasy remains deep in our heart and we cant enjoy the rest of our life. I am always open with you, now rather than a fantasy it is became my desire for enjoy a old man feeling my body. So rather than humiliating you, i will enjoy myself. Otherwise it will be like a drama that i am acting only for humiliating you.

Me: Yes drear, you can enjoy him as your wish. I am happy for opened your heart with me. Its kind pleasure for me.

After this discussion, i felt very painful thoughts in my heart that my wife is already prepared for being fucked by an old man not just for my fantasy rather than she need herself enjoy the real sex. Before starting this idea i was really eager for to watch my wife with a another man. But in the present situation she is waiting for the movement with her lover more than me. While we were going to the cinema hall, every men’s were staring with her body. Everyone have the clear view of her cleavage from front side and when she crossed in front of them all were looking at her ass. It was really perfect shape inside the tight saree. Shanawas uncle always try to walk with her to feel her body by a small touches and caressing on her bare hand. He has enjoying even the small touches from her.

In the cinema hall, Keerthana Sat in between us, i was her left side and shanwas uncle had sat on her right side. He could see her bare stomach from the saree from his view. It was not a latest movie, so there was no crowd in the theatre. When we notice our row was completely empty, she looked and winked at me. I understand something might be happen here. I could see an excitement in her eyes when i give a sportive smile. She was holding our one year old son.

This time both of them have more confidence than before because of their intimate session in our home when i was in bed room. He also looking for a next opportunity to touch her bare stomach where he had stopped. He was smiling with her when she turn her head to his side. I could see the worried face of Shanawas uncle. But i felt Keerthana is little bit bolder that Shanawas uncle.

After ten minutes, Keerthana touched my hands on the hand rest with her finger and signalled me he already started his work on her. I tried to hide from his eyes by cover up with her face and notice them from her left side. Shanawas uncle had placed his left hand on her thighs under the edge of her saree. His hand almost covered up by it, it could be Keerthana had purposely put the edge of her saree on his hand to hide his activity. She was looking straight on the screen pretending like noting had noticed wrong from him. Suddenly her body shivered, i understand that he had moved his hand towards his upper thighs area just near her waist. That old man is so smart and fast to seduce her as he got the approval signal from Keerthana from our home. He go more confident to go further. The only concern he would be that i am sitting with them.

Keerthana and Shanawas shoulders were rubbing each other as she give moved her body to his side for allowing him for a better access for his hands. She released her left hand from my side and trying to lean towards him. I started to felt something inside my pants for watching my wife’s sudden changes, also i felt some pain in my heart. Our one year old son on her hands, but his mother was enjoying the touches of her lover while he was sleeping. Suddenly she rested her back head on the seat as i understand Shanawas placed his palm on her bare stomach. With a shock she turned her face towards him. He also looked into her eyes. They are staring like a lovers. Shanawas left hand was on her silky stomach covered by her saree. She closed her eyes and started to feel the touches of her lover with the presence of her own husband.

I looked around, everybody was busy on the screen. So i understand the play will go little more further, i decided to watch them from somewhere else for how my wife get enjoying without my presence. When i touched her hand they both looked into my face. I excused them and pointed towards my son and said “Shanawas uncle, enjoy the film with Keerthana, my son is shivering due to this AC, i will bring him outside” before leaving Keerthana looked into my eyes and gave me thankful smile. When i take our son from her hand, i could see his hand still on her stomach under the saree as he did not get time to remove from her body because of my sudden approach. While i am walking away from them i turned my head and looked them. She leaned to his shoulders and continued their work after i leave them. I looked a better place to watch them clearly. I cannot sit on the front side and watch them or if on the back side i cannot see thier body. When i really got confused i got a better idea clicked on my head.

I approached to the security who was standing outside the cinema hall and told him that my son having fever so we cannot sit on this economic seat as the Air of the AC is directly feeling here, and asked him to give a seat on the balcony and give him two hundred rupees in his hand as a tip. He accepted without arguing about the power of the AC put on the balcony and economy. From the top view i could watch them by standing the side of a door as nobody was noticed my act as watching movie by standing position.

Keerthana’s head still was resting on his shoulder. Now his both hands were running over her beautiful body and she was enjoying the feeling by eyes closed. I felt a mixture of feeling to watch thier intimate movement. Suddenly they looked into their eyes and Keerthana leaned forward and placed her beautiful sweet lips on his dark harden lips. I surprized by her act. How could she kiss his dark older lips. She was enjoying the kiss with closed eyes and she pulled his head to get a better grip. My wife Keerthana is enjoying her old neighbour in the cinema hall. Our fantasy is going throw the another direction as we were planned to be fucking session in front of me, but now they are like real lovers and having her enjoyment without my presence.

She was helping him to remove her saree from her shoulders as she getting more confidence without my presence. Then she placed her hand on the right boobs and pushed it from out side and it came out fully like a bouncing ball. While kissing Keerthana place her hand in his head and guided into her right boobs for sucking. Shanawas uncle was eagerly approached into her boobs and sucking it like a baby. He head tilting to both sides with excitement. Shanawas pushed her left boobs from downside of her blouse by using his right hand. Now her both boobs came out side with erected nipples. He was busy to suck my wife’s boobs with passion for the first time. Keerthana is enjoying his tongue on her nipples.

The old man put his hands on her bare stomach and massaging there with his old hard palm. She was holding his wrist to guide her sensual parts for feel more. My heart beat became raised, because anytime he will move his hands inside the saree between her legs. She was on high mode. If he do this from this theatre everybody will notice them because of her loud loaning. This is thier first most intimate movement, so the excitement make them to go wild.

Suddenly the light has on for intervals. I got an relief, but her boobs were outside from her blouse. She suddenly cover up it with her thin saree. I decide to bring them in home to break their intimacy lead to the first intercourse inside the cinema hall. I called Keerthana on the mobile and Said “Keerthana, lets go home because our son started to cry because of he may not feeling well”

Then Keerthana said “are u outside? Can u please take care him for one more hour because the film is so interesting and wants to continue”

I shocked to hear Keerthana’s reply. She started to hide their activity from me. I feel nervous and said “Keerthana, i don’t know what is happening between you and Shanawas uncle inside the cinema hall. But i don’t want to your intercourse inside a cinema hall like a slut. Come to home and enjoy him.” I pretended like i had not seen anything and suggested my thoughts in a clam voice. Because i cannot angry with her as it was my dream before she started to fantasized with him.

She agreed my suggestion and said “Ok Sooraj, i understand your concern. We are coming, please wait in front the cinema hall with our car” i take the care and waited there for them like a pimp driver who send his wife with a man and waiting for pick them after thier hot session.

Keerthana and Shanawas came from cinema hall like a lovable father and daughter who placed his hand on her bare waist and walking towards the door. Shanawas uncle removed his hand when he noticed me in front of the cinema hall. Shanawas sat on the front side with me and Keerthana sat behind him with our baby. I said to Shanawas “ Sorry uncle for let u not complete the movie fully, because my son had not felt good on that time”

He said he is perfectly ok with me, but he must be angry with me in his mind for breaking thier romantic movement. But he seems to be very happy on his face. Keerthana and Shanawas uncle would be plan something for this night. My mind always going through this matter. Keerthana also very happy and i saw a beautiful cute smiling on her lips from the mirror. We reached home in the evening and i had dropped him in front of his home and leave.Keerthana asked me “are you drop him in front of his home to avoid for not letting him to fuck your wife in this evening??” and she smiled..

I parked the vehicle and said “Your doubt was right, if he came with us in our home, it may lead to a fucking session because of your excitement”

Keerthana looked confusedly and aksed “so you don’t want to watch me while my lover fucking in my cunt?

Me: Yes i want to watch that, but i how can he give you a full satisfaction in this age?? I want to watch you with your second lover Vivek, because he will have more stamina and energy than me or Shanawas uncle. He may drill your cunt deeply.

Keerthana laughed and said “Wow.. i like your statements, and don’t ignore the tool which we had seen when we were gone at Shanawas uncle. It may drill my cunt more than you does. I agree with Vivek will have good stamina and power more than both of you. I am waiting for both of them.”

Me: What you have done with him when i went outside from the cinema hall ??

She looked mischievously and said “Nothing more happened like your imagination, its was our private movement and i will let you know when something happens like your imagination”

I got little bit nervous as she started to hide her secret from me. I had seen them making love each other in the cinema hall and i give them some privacy for their romance. But she is not ready to explain me what was her experiences. I felt she started to humiliate me.

In the 7 O clock, she has gone to wash room. She takes more time than usual for taking bath. She was preparing well. I can hear the trimmer sounds from the wash room as she was removing her public hairs from her pussy and ass area. I was just laying on the bed and thinking about the night is going to happen. After bath she came out nude to our bed room. I was watching her from behind her body was very silky she dried all the parts and takes a red panty and red cup bra from the drawer and worn it. Then she takes a tight leggings and a white thin tight salwar and worn it. Now she completely Looks like a college girl. From the side of her ass cheeks were visible through the cutting of the salwar. I understand she is preparing for her lover for tonight. I appreciate her and shown a thump up sign and asked “Why you are getting ready in this night??”

She smiled at me and said “Shanawas uncle will come here for a dinner”

A sudden shock has gone through my body and asked “You didn’t tell me this before”

Keerthana was busy with her make up “Why i should tell this, he is just coming for have a dinner”

Actually her preparation give me the answer. She is getting ready for her fucking mate. As usual i had the double mind. But more i want to watch my wife with a man. I remembered some scenes of the stories which i read from the internet for cuckold fantasy. I feel some harness under my pants. I am prepared myself to accept the reality.

Its time 8 O clock now, I heard door bell ring from our main door. I went there and opened it, it was Shanawas uncle. I invited him inside the living room. He carrying a bottle of alcohol in his hand. He placed it on the table. When Keerthana had came they both were smiling like a lovers. Shanawas asked her “Keerthana mole(Betti) i hope you will not have any compliance for drinking with your husband”

He brought a new idea to fuck my wife after make me drunk. I looked Keerthana’s face. She blushed at me and answered to Shanawas uncle “No uncle, it your pleasure, as my husband is only drinks in occasionally. So there is no problem for me. You can enjoy with us”

When i heard the last sentence i made different meaning in “You can enjoy with US”. Yes, Shanawas can enjoy my company for drinking and he can also enjoy my wife here. Keerthana bring two glasses and some snacks from kitchen and she sat beside me as i was sitting on the double seat sofa. I was happy that she selected this sofa rather than sitting single seat. Shanawas uncle opened the bottle, it was a whiskey the name was Teachers. He filled both glasses and we made a cheers and sip the first peg. In the casual talk we were discussed about so many topics. On the conversation Keerthana said to me “Sooraj, you don’t have good stamina, so do not drink too much” and laughed, i understand she give me double meaning by saying i don’t have more stamina. Then i said for winning in front of them “i don’t have any problem for up to 4 pegs, and i filled my glass and drunk two more peg. But Shanawas was still not finished the first one. After some time i felt my mind is diverting to other direction and i feel my eyes were closing due to alcohol. I tried to sit straight but automatically my balance became down. I rest my head on the hand rest of the sofa with half closed eyes. I could hear they are saying something and laughing. My mind is not gone fully but i could not sit straight properly. I cant hear their conversation after sometimes i fell into sleep due to extra content of alcohol.

When I wake up the time was 10:30 in the night, I could not find my wife and Shanawas uncle beside me, I recollected the movement before drinking. My heart beat has became fast. After searching the bedroom, I heard Some moaning voices from kitchen. I opened my eyes fully as my hangover had vanished due to this atmosphere. I reached on the wall behind the kitchen and peeped through the side. My mouth had opened wide by seeing Keerthana and Shanawas uncle in that situation. My sweet wife is enjoying with this 55 Year old man. i don’t know what all happened when i was in sleep after having 5 Peg. Now Shanawas uncle enjoying every part of her body, Shanawas uncle kissing her sweet lips with his dark lips and placed his hand on Keerthana’s right boobs and pressing it hard. Her body is shivering with excitement and she struggling for stand in that position due to Shanawas uncles other hand was busy with her pussy area over the cloth. They are in fully dressed but her half of the boobs were pooped out due to continues pressing. She closed her eyes and hugging him, she was enjoying every single touch of that old man. Her moaning made me erect under my pants, Shanawas trying to unhook her salwar from behind. She is pulling him closely and kissing him very passionately.

Now they become separate and she turned opposite of him and allowed him to open her salwar from behind, He smiled and reached on the back, she is just like a pet a****l for him, she is just 23 Year old and very small compared to this old fatty man, Shanawas has very big fatty body and dark in colour. I could see a big bulge on his lungi. He came close with her and while unhooking her salwar he pushed his bulge on my wife’s big round ass. She gasped and opened her eyes, She would feel the man hood right on her ass, may be that’s she opened her eyes and looked behind him and smiled. Shanawas whispered something on her ear that i could not hear that. Now she pressed her ass on his bulge and waiving like a sea. They both following a rhythm and he passed to opened the all hook, as she allowed him to removing her salwar from her beautiful body by put her hands up. Now she is was in a bra and pants, suddenly Shanawas pulled her bra down rather than removing it, hurrying he cupped her boobs in his big palm and pressed it hard, she closed her eyes with pleasure, he was pressing her nipples and pushing his hard cock with my wife’s ass, she was enjoying like a hell. Now the moaning voices had became more than before, He put his hand on her mouth for controlling her sound. He kissed on her bare back like hungry dog. She was not bothering me that i was sleeping in the living room, she was really on heaven with her new partner for making love in our own home.

I became jealous and same time a hard on under my pant, i felt a pain in my heart as my wife is enjoying with old man instead a good looking guy. My negative mind had woken up. I gone to the same position which i was sleeping and called her name acted like i just wake up for stopping him to enjoy my wife fully today. Suddenly i could hear some sounds from the kitchen and she replied my call, “Yes Sooraj” and they both rushed on the living room and sahanawas sat with me on the double side sofa, still i could see a bluge on his lungi. I acted like i just wake up with half closed eyes and asked for a water, while she gone to kitchen, i went to wash room. When i return my wife Keerthana already sat with Shanawas on our double seat sofa, i came and sat opposite of them. She was not looking into my face. Shanawas also busy for filling a peg, her salwar was not worn properly after he removes it. Her breathing was heavy and her lips sticks were faded and hairs were not properly. I excused him that i had been for a sleep because of this alcohol. He said ok and sipping his glass like a unlucky man who cant enjoy my wife fully. I could read a sadness on his face.

Then Keerthana served our dinner on the dining table. They had sat together and i was on the centre of our table. While having food i sensed something unnatural things were happening. Keerthanas left hand was missing. I understood something happening under the dining table. Shanawas uncle was not saying anything, all are busy with their food except my wife, she was busy with something under the table. I realized that she would be holding his cock in her left hand. She was not afraid to do that while i am sitting near them. Because i already give the permission for her to enjoy with her lover, the only concern i suggested was do not let him know that i am helping her to enjoy with her lover. I could read an excitement in her eyes, that would because of his size of the cock had amused her. She smiling sometimes and i could see the movement of her shoulder. When i looked on Shanawas, He was little tensed because i was sitting in front of him. After 20 Minute we finished our dinner. Shanawas and my wife didn’t get any private movement after the kitchen session, so they were not talking like before. Now my wife had became more bolder than Shanawas and me. Before he leaving our home, she give him a small hug in front of me by saying a Good night. Shanawas uncle also stunned for her new act.

After he goes she blushed at me and turned back and direct go to our bed room. I followed her, she is also noticed me that i am following her. She layed on the bed and stretched without saying anything. I layed near her, after a deep silence.
Me: is that really bigger than me??
Keerthana turned and looked into my face and smiled Then said “i think so dear, i didn’t see it. I guess you also noticed when i touched it while having dinner. I think its bigger than yours and very thicker and harder.
Me: how was it when you rub it with your ass.????
Keerthana looked confusedly looked into my eyes, and after a deep pause she asked “how much time you have been there??”
Me: I’m sorry to interrupt you both, i got some strange feeling in my heart, that’s why i brock your intimate movement with him.
Keerthana: Mmmmmmmm, he is not like you, he is rough, his hand are hard like a rock, when he hugging me, my all parts had touch with his body. I was like a toy for him, and when did you start watching us??
Me: just before he removes your salwar.
Keerthana: Then why did you stop it?
Me: I don’t know, i felt very jealous about him, as he enjoying my 23 year old wife.
Keerthana laughed and said “You are very sensitive, i think you cant bare to watch me while i am fucked by Shanawas uncle”

Suddenly her phone had vibrated, a new message had received from Shanawas uncle by asking “Your husband had slept??”
Keerthana lokked into my face and shown this message to me. I got a wired feeling. She asked me “What should I say??”

Me: i don’t know dear, what do you think??
Keerthana: i think i must say “ Yes he slept” And laughed.
Me: Keerthana. You can decide. I will be with you what all decision you will take.
Keerthana jumped up from the bed and removed her pants and red panty in front of me, and spread her legs wide and said “look at this Sooraj, its completely wet by Shanawas uncle”

When i looked between her pussy, its leaking by a sticky fluid oozing from her upper thigh. Slowly i take her phone and typed the message “Yes my husband has slept” and give the phone back to her hand before sending. She looked into my eyes and asked “Are you sure?”

I nobbed my head and looked into her pussy. Still the dark pink pussy lips were in wet condition. She send the message and said “Dear, i send the message, he might be come now in our home, You really sure about this, right??

Me: Yes dear, i have to accept the reality, enjoy with him tonight.

Keerthana: Mmm ok dear i got the reply. He is waiting near our back door. I think you better to stay in this room. I will bring him to another room because i think you cant watch me in this situation.

Me: “Mmmm, all the best for your first night with him i will be here and will not interrupt you like before” I wished her by my half painful heart and send my beautiful wife with an old man like her father for enjoy her beautiful silky body.

Keerthana leaned forward and kissed me on my lips and worn her panty and pants before leaving from our room. Before She goes her phone rang, it would be Shanawas uncle, she smiled at me from the door of our bed room. Before living she gave me a flying kiss and slowly closed the door. I could read the excitement in her face. My heart beat became fast. I cant see them while making love. I cant bare this anymore. So i opened up my zip and started to masturbate by thinking about Shanawas uncle fucking Keerthana’s wet cunt and mouth with his big monster cock.

It has 45 Minutes had passed. After she goes, I could not hear any sounds from the leaving room, so i decided to peep out them as i get some relief because i made five shot by thinking of them. When i open the door the leaving room was empty, so i decided to check them on the other gust room near the kitchen, i couldn’t find them there also. Then i hear some loud crying sounds from the first floor, i slowly stepped on the stair case and reached on the first floor. It was completely dark and i saw a light had on one of the room between the gap of door and the floor. I think that is locked it from inside, and i could Only hear my wife moaning sounds. She is crying loudly as i guessed Shanawas uncle already stared to fuck her and she is moaning loudly. Ahhhh mmmammmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaa uncleeeeee slowwwww aammmmm.
A rhythm that indicate he fucking my wife’s Keerthana very hardly. Again my cock became hard with the excitement and started to massage with my hand. Her crying sounds made me Horney.

Now its one hour had passed still they on the high without going down he fucking my wife with full stroke and power. After 30 Minutes i understand that they are going to climax as their speed has became increased as well as her crying sounds became more fast in a tired voice and she saying something between this moaning. It was “aahhh mmmm uncleeee pleasee fuck me hard.. give me the cum in mouth mmmmm haaaaaaaa….” she Wants his cum on her mouth instead of her pussy. Ten minutes later i heard the voice that they reached on the climax and, this time that my wife became silent and a loud voice has came from Shanawas’s side “Ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm”

After that a deep silence in the room, I guess they would hugging each other after their first session. Slowly i walked to my bed room and layed on the bed pretending like i am sleeping. First time my wife had fucked by a man other than me. A clear erection felt inside my pants that indicates i too enjoyed by hearing my beautiful wife’s crying sounds while that old man fucked inside her pussy. But she is not coming after 30 Minutes of their session. I waited her on my bed alone. But after sometime i fell into sleep because of both alcohol and five shots from my thin cock.

To be continue…

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