nakedEver since I can remember, I have spent a lot of time without clothes. Igrew up in a nudist family. My parents were very liberal folks. I believethat part of their initial attraction to each other was nudity. Our backyard was wooded and fenced so we could spend time outside naked. Thefamily room and kitchen windows faced the backyard so we could be nakedinside without feeling claustrophobic. In fact, we didn’t have d****s inthose rooms. I remember sitting around watching TV naked with my onebrother, two sisters, and the folks when we were young. I know that is nothow most people grew up.I didn’t realize it at the time, but for me it was the start of my desirefor being exposed. This did not happen to most members of the family.They took nudity as just that – no sexual connotation.As the girls got to be close to ten, they wanted to start wearing clothesaround the house. My parents were respectful of that and started keepingtheir clothes on. We still had naked fun outdoors, including the girls;however, it was not all the time like in the early years.When the girls, including Mom, were out of the house, my brother and I wereout of our clothes fast. My dad would be too. I think it drove Dad alittle nuts during those teen years when the girls needed us to be a”normal” family. However, he was a cool Dad and felt that the girlscomfort was more important.My brother and I never wore clothes in our room, even when friends cameover. This made it so our house was the house that all the guys wanted tohang. Naturally, when we got into our early teens, my brother and I wouldjack off together. How is that not going to happen in a room where guysare naked? When other guys came over, we would have jack sessions or strippoker. Eventually, blowjobs were added to the mix. I was the one whovolunteered to blow anyone interested and hard.When my brother was about sixteen, he wanted to stop being naked too. Healso didn’t want to play naked games anymore. He started concentrating ongirls and his afterschool job. He got into school activities too.It was my room also, so I stayed naked. My brother was cool about thatand, if he had a friend over, I would either leave or reluctantly put someclothes on.The girls left for the universities first, followed by my brother. Thatleft Mom, Dad and I to the house. Dad and I wanted to be naked againaround the house. Mom said that was fine; however, she was probablytolerating it at best. Mom was getting to the age where she didn’t careone way or the other about being naked. She would just wear looser clothesaround the house.After the older three were gone, Dad and I were naked together a lot. Dadhad a sense that I was different. He at least knew that I enjoyed nuditymore than the other siblings did. When I reached fifteen, sixteen,s*******n, I still wanted to be naked. This was not what had happened withthe other c***dren.In those years, my dick would get hard at a moment’s notice. Dad and Iwould sit and watch TV and I would be hard. Both my parents made it clearto me that this was natural. Since I had been naked so much of my life, Itook my parents’ at their word.Once my brother was gone, I started jacking off at a tremendous rate. Upin my room, I would shoot two, three, four times a day. I also startedcollecting magazines with naked guys in them. Eventually, I had stacks ofporn under my bed. My requirement for nudity took on sexual feelings;unlike the other members of my family who, except for my Dad, could take itor leave it.This is my first series for Nifty. I hope you enjoy it and look forward tocomments. Please email me at [email protected] for reading and I hope it made you horny and hard.At fifteen, I got a job at the local movie house. From the very beginning,I would see how much I could get away with. It was not a megaplex oftheaters. It was a simple three-screen place. It took only a few peopleto run it and only one to close. I got in good with my boss and startedclosing. Everyone else left a half hour after the last movie started. Thek**s running the snack bar wanted out of there fast. That left me and theprojector guy.Most evenings I would go take my underwear off in the bathroom after thelast showings started. That way I could have the feeling of freedom andthere was little chance of people seeing my boner. I did all my chores.Cleaned the bathrooms. Put the money in the safe. Then waited for themovies to end.Evenutally, I thought “Why not hang out with the projector guy, Phil? It’ssilly for us to just be in the same building and not chat.” Phil was inhis early twenties. He had done this for a few years while waiting to makeenough money to go off to school. For weeks, we just talked in theprojection rooms. We would have to go from one theater to the other tochange the reels. It was always hot in the projection rooms. I got athrill out of having a hard on in front of Phil. He would notice the bulgein my polyester pants pretending not to.One day we were talking in the last room, during the last reel. It washot. I was hard as a rock and I suspect that Phil was too. I unbuttonedthe first few buttons of my shirt, “Man, it’s warm in here tonight.” Phileyed me and said, “Yeah it is warmer than usual.” I said, “Man, I got tounbutton this shirt and pull it out of my pants. I’m all sticky.” I didand reached into my pants to give my rock hard dick a tug.Phil said, “It would sure be nice to do this without these stuffyuniforms.”I said, “Yeah, you know when the last show starts I go in the bathroom andtake off my underwear. That way I can feel a little more relaxed in thismonkey suit. Wouldn’t it be cool to sit up here naked while all thosepeople are watching the movie?”Phil said, “Yeah, I have thought of it. To be honest with you John, no oneever came up here before you started working the final shift. It was as ifnobody gave a shit about the projection guy. I will let you in on a littlesecret. For a while now after the last reel starts, I have porn here andjack off. Nothing else to do and nobody around. The door can be locked soif someone came, I could just say I didn’t realize I had locked it. What Ireally would like to do, though, is be naked. Unfortunately, that would bea little much as it would take additional time to get my clothes on andunlock the door, which would arouse suspicion.”I said, “Phil, it’s just me now. I am the only other guy on duty. Youknow I’m cool. It wouldn’t bother me. In fact, I would do the same.”I could see that Phil was rock hard now with the slightest wet spot in hispants. With that, I locked the door and pulled off my shirt. Then Iunbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor. Now I was completelynaked in front of Phil. His eyes popped open. I said, “come on Phil. Noone will know.”Hesitantly, Phil started to undress. He even went for his shoes gettingcompletely naked. Wow. This was hot. Phil was hot. He had a nice, trimbody with chest hair and a good 6” cock.I took off my shoes, socks so we were both standing in the room naked, hardand looking each other over. We didn’t touch each other. We just startedjacking off looking at the other. It was hot. We came in no time.I learned that Phil was an exhibitionist too. He enjoyed driving naked.He like to pull up next to women in cars at intersection and do a big bodystretch leaning back in the seat and raising himself so that they could seehis cock. He shared that he is naked every chance he gets. One thing heloves to do is wear loose shorts that can “accidently” fall in aninappropriate location. He likes to have women watch him masturbate. Hetells them to come over, they can watch him, they can play with theirpussies and get themselves to orgasm, but in the spirit of safe-sex and nothaving a pregnancy problem, he doesn’t want to have sex with them. I knowit sounds rather lame because there are condoms and pills, but he does getwomen who will do it. Maybe they like the idea too.We didn’t get into sex stuff. Phil did allow me to blow him, which I wasmore than happy to oblige. Phil was the first guy I sucked and the firstjizz I tasted. We got into a nightly ritual of getting naked. We broughtporn to look at. I was cool looking at straight porn as long as there weregood shots of the guys. After the newness wore off, we got to the pointwhere we would just talk and be naked like it was no big deal.Phil went off to college when I was about s*******n. We didn’t keep intouch. He was the first guy I met that had similar feelings of exposure.He was hot and I will always remember and appreciate our time together.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard.Please send any comments to: [email protected] would particularly love to hear from others who spent a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.Things started to change at home during my junior year of high school. Theother k**s were gone to college now. Mom went on her own path. With justme left, there was no point in hanging around the house all day. I wasself-sufficient, didn’t participate too much in extra-curricluar schoolactivities that would have required her chauffeur expertise. I likedworking. Mom took a volunteer position in the city that led to a permanentjob offer. She took the job. Now I was working nights at the theaterleaving Dad and Mom home alone in the evenings.One day I came home from school. I didn’t have to work the theater thatnight. We had dinner in the usual manner. The only thing different wasthat we all wore clothes. For some reason, that night I intuitively knewthat I should not be naked.My folks and I sat down in the living room afterwards. They told me thatthey wanted to speak to me. It sounded serious. Mom announced that sheand Dad were separating. She said that she didn’t know whether they weregoing to divorce or not. She said that she felt it was time for her to doa few things for herself. She said that she would be the one leaving thehouse. She wanted to get a place downtown where she could walk to work. Ifelt crushed. It hadn’t occurred to me that something like this wouldhappen.Looking back on it, it makes a lot of sense. She had given up many of herbohemian ways to raise a family. I respected her for that sacrifice, notat the time, in later years. It took guts to go find oneself again. Myfolks always wore their marriage like a loose garment — no pun intended.This became a natural progression of that attitude. They ultimately didget a divorce. Neither remarried. Mom found a nice guy who she spent herforties with. And, Dad found the love of his life. That’s later in thestory.It took a while for me to recover from the divorce. My siblings were goneso I didn’t have them to talk to. I talked with Phil about it a lot. Hepointed out some things that I hadn’t thought of, which I just wrote about.It still hurt for a long time. At moments, it still does.This did leave one aspect of life once Mom moved out; Dad and I never woreclothes again. We both had a lot to process. I don’t know what all heneeded to work out. I know he was not quite the same for a long time. Iwasn’t either. We both did the best we could.One thing we did was make a pack that would both be home for dinner everynight. I arranged with my boss to start work at seven at night. I couldmanage the closing of the candy counter, close the books for the day, andclean up after everyone was gone.Dad and I got into a routine that last year of high school. We shucked outclothes the moment we got in the door. We made dinner, sat together andchatted about our day. Over time, we loosened up, getting to know eachother on a more personal level. He would go to the gym after dinner takingme to theater on the way.Weekends Dad spent a lot of time alone as I worked. He got more into thegym and his already great body got better. He was turning hot and Inoticed. I also noticed that I started jacking off more thinking abouthim. We had the gay discussion some time ago before Mom left. He was coolwith it, yet still wanted me to be prudent at least until I turned 18.I had not had sex sex. I was an exhibitionist. I jacked off often. Igave Phil blowjobs until he left. I gave fethiye escort blowjobs when my brother stilllived at the house and we had friends over. I like to lose my clothes anytime I could. I just had not had real, in bed sex, with another guy. Theweird thing about it was that I started to fantasize about my Dad being thereal, in-the-bed sex guy.The times that we were at home together, which included being naked, mydick was having a hard time staying down. I could see that my Dad sawthis. We talked about it occasionally joking about how great youth is. Itfinally got to be rather commonplace that when we sat watching TV my dickwas hard. I could see out of the corner of my eye that his would get atleast plump.Finally, one night I could not take it any longer. I had been thinkingabout this Dad-sex thing for some time. With the openness of ourrelationship, I felt that the truth had to come out. During dinner onenight, I spoke with Dad about my feelings.”Dad, I have something important and scary to speak with you about.””What is it John?”I stammered it out. “Dad, I have not had sex with another man in a bed. Ihave been thinking about this for sometime and I want to have sex with you.I want my first real serious sex experience to be with you, Dad.””Wow. I don’t know what to say, John. I would be lying if I didn’t saythat I am flattered. We are incredibly close. Closer than I am with theother c***dren, which I am sure is partly out of the circumstance we arein. Why me?””First Dad, you may not get this, but you are incredibly hot. Your body isspectacular with all the working out you do. I also would like it to bespecial and safe. What could be more special and safe than having sex withyour Dad?””True, I never thought of it that way. I always said I wanted you to beprudent. I respect you for thinking along those lines. You know somepeople might not approve. If we did, it would have to be on the downlow.I will have to give it some thought. I am opposed to it until you are 18,but I am not completely put off by the idea either. Now let me get thedessert.”Dad stood up and he was rock hard. I’m sure that after I went to work, hejacked off and shot a milky white Dad load thinking about me just like Iwas imagining him in my beat-my-meat sessions. This did give me some hopeand besides I was going to be 18 shortly.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard.Please send any comments to: [email protected] would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.That night at the theater after that incredible dinner conversation with myDad, I was more daring than ever. My hormones were racing with thethoughts of having sex with my Dad.I went in the theater where I had seen this lone guy enter. It was thelast show of the night. I didn’t care much about movies. I wasn’t yourtypical gay teen who knew everything about everything regarding film. Thiswas a particularly awful film on a lousy night. The theater was almostempty except for a few people in the middle and the lone guy near the back.I had checked the guy out when he walked through the lobby with a sensethat he had done the same to me. He was maybe in his thirties, mediumbuilt, with brown hair about 5’10”. The lone guy wore jeans, a t-shirt andhad a heavy jacket on. He reminded me of a young Peter Sarsgaard. I saidI didn’t know everything about everything regarding movies; but I did knowhot actors like Sarsgaard.I decided to be a little daring and sit in the same row near, but not too.It was maybe an hour into the film. I sat down with an acknowledgementfrom the guy that I was there. I had already gone to the restroom takingmy underwear off per usual. I started to rub my crotch ever so slightly tosee if I got any attention. It took a few minutes. I noticed himsquirming a little in his seat. He leaned back a little more and put hishand down his pants. A few minutes later, he took his jacket off and putit on the seat next to him but not between him and me.Next, I started to let a few buttons of my shirt. Then I pulled myshirttail out. He did the same. I thought what the hell. I took my shirtoff. He was a little surprised. I then pushed my pants down to the floorand stepped out of them. Now I was naked except for my socks. He pulledup his t-shirt, undid his belt sliding his pants down enough to reveal hiscock.Leaving my clothes behind, I moved to the seat next to him. He had a nicefive-o’clock shadow, with darker hair. His exposed chest revealed abeautiful mat of hair with just a little paunch of a stomach. He hadbeautiful dark nipples. In homosexual terms, I would later learn he was abear with the cuteness of a cub. His pubic hair was trimmed around astunning cock. It was thick and about 7″ hard and cut.We began to stroke watching each other for several minutes. This was alltoo exciting so I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I could feel megetting close. We did this all in complete silence. At the last second, Istood up, looked at him and shot my load all over his chest. Quickly, headded to the mix with his own hot man cum. I sat back down breathless. Ilooked around regaining consciousness fast. No one had moved or noticed.It was fucking hot. I moved back over to my seat, grabbed my clothes andwalked out of the theater naked to the bathroom to get dressed. I peekedinside the theater. He had pulled his t-shirt down, probably withoutwiping up the cum. He had left his pants down and was still holding hiscock. He watched the rest of the film.When the movie was over, I stood at the door with my trashcan whileeveryone walked out. He was last. I told him to wait a minute in thetheater while I locked up. He said ok and turned around.I turned on the cleaning lights in the theater and locked the front doors.Then, I turned off the lobby lights except for the refreshment counter. Istood in the middle of the lobby in full view of the parking lot and tookoff all my clothes. When I walked into the theater, he was standing downat the front near the screen completely naked. I had found myself anotherexhibitionist! I was so excited I almost shot right then.I walked down to the front to meet him; my boner getting there sooner thanthe rest of my body. We looked each other over knowing exactly what weboth wanted to do next and started pounding our pudds. Fuck. Now I couldreally see how handsome he was. He didn’t work out, but had the kind ofbody that just took care of itself. He was such a Daddy-type. He wasmaybe 170 lbs. with real hairy legs and arms.He worked his nipple with one hand while jacking with the other. I couldsee the dried cum on his chest and stomach hair from earlier. Neither ofus would last long it was just too incredible a scene. Within a fewminutes, we both shot massive loads all over the floor.When it was over, I introduced myself telling him my name was John. Heintroduced himself as Bob. He started to put on his clothes as I invitedhim to please come back again. I said I would see to it that he got incomplimentary. From then on Bob came on a regular basis.I cleaned the entire theater naked even the lobby and the refreshmentcounter. I’m sure the Board of Health wouldn’t be to pleased about thatbut they weren’t going to inspect at 11:30 PM.This had been one of the best nights of my life. I was probably going tohave sex with my Dad and I had found myself my first homosexualexhibitionist. Remember, Phil was straight. I could tell it was going tobe much more with Bob than just jerking and giving a blowjob as I did withPhil. Bob and I were going to have some extra fun; not that I completelyknew what that meant at the time. I skipped home I was so happy.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard.Please send any comments to: [email protected] would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.My 18th birthday was on a Saturday so Mom came to the house to celebrate.I took the day off from work in anticipation of the event. We had a goodtime together. My older brother drove up from his college. My sisterslived further away so it was impossible for them to come with classes andstudying.We had a nice dinner with a few friends over, my brother, Mom and Dad.There were presents, cards and cake. A good day overall. There was alittle tension with the Mom and Dad separation thing that I later learnedwas now a divorce thing; however, all of us attempted to be on our bestbehavior.After my friends left, my brother and I felt that we should leave the folksalone. He was going to drive back to school later because he had a lot ofstudying on Sunday. He probably also wanted to dip is cock in a co-edhole. We went up to our room. When we walked into the room, my brotherimmediately took off his clothes. I was shocked. I did the same whileasking him what was up.My brother said that being at college had brought out his desire to benaked again. He apologized for his last few years at home when he got”shy”. I told him it was no big deal. I was way more interested in himtelling me about college.My brother proceeded to tell me there were many opportunities to be nakedin college. There was the dorm room. He had a cool roommate who likedbeing naked in the room. He said he always walked the hall to the bathroomand showers naked. He wanted the guys to get a good look at his stud body,particularly the gay or closeted ones. He wanted to fuck with their heads.He talked about being naked in the showers with no curtain so all the guyscould see. The gym showers were the same too. Then, of course, fuckingsome chick. For as liberal a family as we had and as unbiased as mybrother was in most areas including his complete acceptance of his gaybrother, he was a chauvinist.My brother had a slew of chicks, as he referred to them, that he fucked.And, I mean fucked. There was not a lot of caring or concern for the otherparty involved. It was all about getting her wet and horny so my brothercould get off. He told me about having one chick come over who had thesame attitude as he did, no attachments, just sex and getting off; a womanwith a man brain. This particular event her instructions were to walk intothe dorm room without knocking at a pre-arranged time. He was lying acrossthe twin bed with his back leaning up against the wall naked, stroking hishard cock, pretending to be studying. She was told to close the door,strut into the middle of the room, and strip nice and slow not saying afucking word. He only wanted to hear squeals and moans.This girl would be what one would define as the college slut. He didn’twant the nice girls, he wanted the whores on campus. She loved sex. Hermain goal in college was to have as much college and professor cock up hercunt as possible. She walked into the center of the room to strip. Aftershe was totally naked, except for high heels, she was instructed to startfinger fucking herself into orgasm.At this point as we sit across from each other in our twin beds naked andhard, my brother starts narrating to me what he said to her: “Yeah bitch.Feel that wet hole of yours. You love watching this college buck strokehis meat. You want my cock up your pussy so bad. How desparate are youcunt? How much cock do you need to satisfy yourself? I bet the only menon this campus that haven’t plowed you are gay or too old to get it up.Have you done it with the janitors? Have you done it with the profs? Haveyou personally serviced the frat houses? You are such a slut whore. Playwith those nipples baby. Look at those huge boobs. Squeeze them togetherfor me baby. I wanna suck your milk out of them. Now show me your pussy,you whore. Spread those lips so my dick can see what it’s gonna getshortly. Spread that pussy good for me. Show me that hole. Oh fuck yeah.Hot fucking cunt. Let me see you writhe. Let me see you make love toyourself. Fuck yeah. Fucking college bitch. You’re gonna cum for me babyand then this stud is gonna fuck you hard and give you his cream. I betyou love having lots of man juice up that hole. Love to mix it with yourjuices. Love to see it dripping escort fethiye out between your legs. I bet you love toget fucked then put your dress back on and walk around campus feeling thecum dripping down your legs. That makes you so horny you have to getanother dick up there. Another cock to deposit more cream to keep youitchn’. Oh fuck bitch. Work yourself. Cum bitch. Cum for Daddy. Cumfor me. Shoot your juice all over me and then I’ll fuck you raw. Cumbaby. Cum you fucking ho. Cum you slut. Cum! Cum! Cum!” He demandedat the top of his lungs.She worked herself into a frenzy with my brother’s dirty talk shootingjuice all over my brother as she came. He wipe her juice off his tightbody and slicked his cock up with it. He made her get down on her kneesand suck his tool tasting her own pussy juice mixed with his pre-cum. Hewanted it nice and wet for sticking it up her pussy. After several minutesof that, he pushed her off is cock, threw her on the bed on her back,slammed that big college rod in her wet and raw cunt, and fucked the shitout of her giving her a big college stud load that she deserved after aperformance like that.My brother was all man with an eight inch dick and a lean muscle body. Hehad always been good with the ladies and college was only a moresignificant place for his antics.After my brother described this scene, our cocks were dripping loads ofpre-cum. He said, “You know little brother. I like chicks; however, mengive better blowjobs. Suck me off.”I didn’t have to be told twice. I responsed by crawling over on my kneeswith my tongue out like a dog. I wrapped my mouth around his lusciouscock. I sucked it for a long time. He had learned stamina and control incollege. Eventually I could feel his cock swelling more in anticipation ofthe pending load. At this point, he stood up; he grabbed the back of myhead shoving his cock all the way down my throat. I was gagging and tearswere streaming down my face, but all I wanted was my brother’s milk. Itwas so amazing being completely dominated by my brother. His jizz gushedout four or five huge squirts down the back of my gullet.I leaned back letting go of his cock. He stayed standing over me shakinghis wet dick with the last vestages of cum splattering on my face, as Istroked my meat. I looked up at this incredible man. He had the most evilgrin. He so enjoyed the control he had over his bitches and at thismoment, I was his bitch. I could see why he had the ability to use womenand get away with it. He could use me whenever he wanted. Quickly Igrabbed my cock and jacked it furiously. My brother knew this type ofdominance was a thing of mine from our k** days. I shot streams of whitejuice on my stomach collapsing on the floor.I didn’t wipe the cum off me. We chatted a few more minutes, put on ourclothes and went back to the family room to say goodbye.Dad and Mom clearly had done some serious talking. There was tension inthe air. So much so that neither notice the aura of sex between my brotherand me. Everyone made their goodbye excuses. Dad and I waved from thefront door, closing it finally and immediately we took off our clothes witha big sigh. We were both relieved they were gone even though I had a lotof fun with my brother. It was evident that Dad was edgy. Dad gave me abig hug pulling me tight to the point where are cocks were touching. Hecouldn’t help but smell the sex on my body now. He said, “John, let’s dosome more celebrating of your 18th birthday.”I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard. Thankyou to everyone who as written and encouraged this story. Please send anycomments to: [email protected] would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.Dad went into the kitchen to get us a couple of drinks. I plopped down onthe couch and turned on the TV. He came with a glass that looked differentfrom the usual soda or water I drank. I asked him, “Dad, what’s this?”Dad replied, “It’s whiskey, John. You’re eighteen today. We shouldcelebrate with a little something extra.”I took the glass. I had never had an alcoholic drink in my life. My Daddidn’t drink except under special circumstances. I think that it was morethan just my birthday. Dad was probably attempting to chill after hisdiscussion with Mom. I sipped the drink. It went down hard. The whiskeydid unwind me a little, then I felt unsteady. Dad didn’t offer me a secondand I didn’t ask nor did I want one.Dad and I were watching some silly show. Dad said, “Why don’t I putsomething in the DVD?” I said, “Sure, what are we were going to watch?”Dad said, “You’ll see.”He popped in a disc. Up on the screen comes the title “Kansas CityTrucking Co.” I thought, ‘I never heard of this film at the theater.’ Thefilm comes on and there are some rugged guys. It is clearly an old filmnot in HiDef but what the fuck. A trucker takes a new hire on the roadacross the United States. Next thing I know they are masturbatingtogether. It was hot. My cock was rock hard. I look over at my Dad andhe is rock hard as well. I had seen my Dad hard in the past; however,nothing like this. His big Daddy dick was super rigid with his handstroking it gently. I started playing with my meat as well. We watch alittle while longer while the guys in the film shot their loads.Next thing I know, Dad stood up, muted the TV and sat his naked body downnext to me on the couch. He put his arm around me. He said, “John, youand I spoke a few weeks back about having sex with each other. I took theinformation in; however, it took me a number of weeks to come to a decisionabout it. I know you caught in our conversation that I did not say no toyou.”This was just about more than I could handle. My head was swimming. I washaving my eighteenth birthday. I had just had an incredible escapade withmy brother up in our room. I had just taken my first drink of alcohol.Now, here I was sitting naked on the couch in our family room with a hardon and my Dad is next to me with his warm, senuous naked body. My Dad wasnot only naked sitting next to me; there was no space between us. Histhigh was touching my thigh. The side of his torso was touching the sideof my torso. His arm was around me and his armpit was resting on myshoulder. Our dicks were both oozing pre-cum. I looked down at his furrystomach. His body was so amazing. I looked at his pecs and his beautifulman nipples. I wanted to nurse on his tits so bad. I could see where mybrother got his fantastic body from.Dad continued, “So I decided that if you still wanted to have sex with methen I would be willing to do it. If you have changed your mind, I willunderstand.””Dad, I want to have sex with you.” As if there was any other option tothe scenario playing out in our family room.He said, “Good; however, this is going to be more than just sex. We aregoing to express our love for each other. This will be an experience; thetype of feeling that brought you into the world.”Dad put his lips to mine and gently kissed me. Soon he pushed his tongueinto my mouth. He let go of his cock and place his hand on my torsorubbing it ever so gently. We kissed for a long time. He eventually tookmy hand and whispered, “John, it is time to go upstairs.”Dad stood up, pulled me off the couch leading me to his bedroom, the sameroom and bed Mom and he used to sleep in. I felt a little weird walkinginto his bedroom. It was as if I was the new bride. At least it wasn’tthe actual bed I was conceived in. My parents had purchased a new set inrecent years. Those auxward feelings subsided quickly. I was too excitedand horny to think about those aspects.Dad pulled the bedspread, blanket and top sheet all the way back to thefloor. He told me to get down on the bed on my back. I laid down and hecrawled up onto me, his big, furry chest touching my slim, hairless torso.He started to kiss me once again. Our cocks were rubbing and touching eachother. I felt like I was going to cum at any second. This was incredible.I could feel his daylong stubble rubbing up against my cheeks and chin. Itfelt so manly.I held on for dear life. I wrapped my arms around him. We started to rollall over the bed. I would be on top for a little bit and then he would be.He moved down my body lightly licking my nipples moving toward my cock. Hestarted to kiss my cock. He then went down and worked my balls for severalminutes. I told him he had to be careful because I was close. He paidattention to my warning for a bit and then suddenly he deep throated myraging meat. He went all the way down so I could feel his chin on myballs. In hindsight, it was obvious this was not my Dad’s first time atthe rodeo with a cowboy.Dad just went for it and I started to moan uncontrollably. I knew I wasnot going to last long. Dad wanted my seed and he wanted it now. Iscreamed, “Oh Dad, yeah Dad, suck my cock, oh Dad, shit, oh fuck Dad, JesusChrist I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming now Dad, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH,FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!”Dad did not let up. He engorged my cock. He didn’t pull off of it. Hetook the entire fresh young 18-years-old-to-the-day teen cum out of hisson’s dick. It was heaven. I tried to move when the tip got sensitive.He would have none of it. He kept my cock in his mouth forcing me towrithe and scream in ecstasy long after I shot.Finally, he let up off my cock; however, he did not let up. He moved hisbody around and sat right on my stomach. He immediately started jackinghis big man meat. He started talking to me in that manner that my brotherhad shared with me just a short time earlier. This type of talking was allnew to me, but man did I love it and man do I still love it.”Yeah John. Look at my cock John. This is the cock that produce you,John. This is the hot meat that plowed your Mom and shot white hot babymakers in her pussy so you could come into the world. Look at it son.Look at your Dad. Look how hot he has become working out five days a week.You want this baby. You want Daddy’s body. You want to see Daddy shoothis cream. Here it cums son. Here cums Daddy. Here cums Daddy’s manload. Fuck yeah Fuck Yeah oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!”He raised up off my chest and moved his dick within inches of my facemoments before shooting. He aimed so his beautiful cock would shoot allover my face. Rope after rope shot up on my forehead, chin, and cheeks.It was magnificent watching his body buck as he creamed. This was fuckingamazing. After he had slowed down a little, he came to me and started tolick all his cum off my face. He got it all in his mouth and then kissedme hard forcing his cum into my throat. Wow. I never thought of anythinglike this. In later years, I realized that this is what experience bringsto the game.We rolled over so that we were side-by-side kissing. He stroked my hairgently breaking the kiss and looking straight into my eyes. He then said,”Now son, that is love. This is love between two people. You are sobeautiful John. I have had these types of feelings for you for a longtime. I would never act on it because of your age so when you brought itup; the idea of making love to you became the only thing I could thinkabout. I hope and pray that you are ok. I love you.”I smiled burying my head deep into his hairy man chest while Dad wrappedhis fatherly arms around the spent and contented body of his youngestoffspring.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard. Iappreciate the great feedback regarding this story. Thanks. Please sendany comments to: [email protected] would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.The next morning I woke up with a piss hard on. I gently got out of Dad’sbed. He had put the covers up over us during the night. I went to thebathroom, my dick getting there first. I had to get my cock to relax aminute before the unfolding sigh only a stream of hot urine will bring. Mygod I looked disheveled as I glanced in the mirror. My breath tastedterrible. I was to learn that is the norm after a night of sex and sleep.I snuck down to my bathroom and brushed me teeth.When I tiptoed back fethiye escort bayan to Dad’s room, Dad had pushed the covers back and waslying there with a roaring hard on. He said, “Suck my cock, John.” Thiswas an echo of the exact same words from my brother last night. My Dad andmy brother had a lot in common. As with my brother last evening, I didn’tneed to be told twice. I jumped on the bed and took Dad’s cock down mythroat. I knew that this was going to be rough and fast. I took it as faras I could but my Dad made me take his fuck tube farther taking his handsand pushing my head downward. It was incredible. It was rough. It waspig man sex with my dominant Dad and is serving son.I was sucking off my Dad! I was going to taste Daddy cum. He moved hiships and started talking real loud. I learned over the years he loved tobe loud during sex another commonality with my brother and with a lot ofthe men in my life. “Suck my cock John. Suck it. Suck Daddy’s cock,fucker. Take it baby. Take it all the way. Take it all the way down yourthroat. Yeah baby. Suck me. Make your Daddy feel good boy. Oh thatfeels so good baby. You are a good cocksucker. Daddy’s cocksucker son.Yeah buddy you know how to make Daddy feel good. Yeah. Sucking your bigDad’s cock for the first time. Taste how great that is in your mouth,fucker. Soon you’re gonna taste Daddy cream. You’re gonna taste the stuffthat made you. Oh yeah baby. Suck it. Suck it. Oh John. Yeah baby. Ohfuck man. I am gonna shoot buddy. I gonna shoot my Dad load down yourthroat. You’re gonna take every last bit of it baby. Take my load son.Take it. Oh yeah. Take it. Take it fucker. Oh fuck, fuck yeah, fuckyeah, Oh fuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk. Here it comes buddy. Here comesDaddy’s baby makers! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk”With that, I tasted my Dad’s babies right from the source. I felt his jizzas it started to move up the shaft and out of his piss slit. He shot ropeafter rope into my waiting and raw throat bucking like a bronco. It tastedso good. I had tasted cum many times before, but this was somethingspecial. This was Dad’s. This was my Daddy’s cum. This was the source ofmy life and for that it was spectacular with a sonorous meaning that I willalways cherish.When he finished, he grabbed me by the arm and threw me down on the bed.He laid his head on my stomach and started to jack me violently. He wantedme to come and he wanted me to come now. He was not waiting and I didn’t.He wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at my cock. I was looking at theback of this amazing stud of a man thinking about the day when I would getto bury my face into his meaty ass cheeks. That view was enough to make meshoot.”Come on baby. Cum for Daddy. Fuck yeah John. I want your fucking loadand I want it now. Look at that hard eighteen-year-old cock. You havebecome a man. I want that load now fucker. Give it to me. I want yourcum fucker. Give me your man cum. Fuck. Oh fuck John. Yeah baby. Yeah.That’s it baby. That’s it. Look at that beautiful jizz spurting out.Fuck. There it is baby. There’s my man’s juice. I love you baby.”He placed his face right up to my cock so my jizz shot all over him. Dadlaid there just looking at it for the longest time with my cum drippingdown his face. Dad moved to me, gave me a gentle kiss, then rubbed my cumall over my face. His morning beard scratching my skin drove me crazyfeeling the essense of a real man. Finally he kissed me in the most tenderway holding me for what seemed an eternity without talking while my babiesdried.Suddenly he spanked my butt and told me to get up and get in the shower. Idid and he went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. By the time I was out ofthe shower, breakfast was on the table and I heard him yell “come and getit.”We ate a big breakfast after all that exercise. It was also Sunday so wewere not in any hurry. We talked about regular stuff just like always.The comfortability factor was still there. That made me know we had donethe right thing. It was funny to look at him at the breakfast table withdried cum still visible on his face.He asked me if I was ok. I told him that I was just fine. I wasspeechless about the whole series of events from last night and thismorning. I knew it would take some time for me to form words to convey.Dad knew it too.After breakfast he quickly went up stairs to put on his gym clothes. Whenhe came back down I was still sitting at the table. He ruffled my hair,kissed me on the cheek and told me he would see me later. Off he went tothe gym without showering and with cum all over him. I thought that wasweird, but in hindsight again he was just a sexy fucker who loved to feelthe energy of sex on his body. He also didn’t care if a few people noticedthat he smelled of sex.I had to work most of the day at the theater. I walked to work. Iwondered why Dad didn’t drive me. He probably wanted me to have the timeto think between the house and the theater. I did a lot of thinking. Iwent over the night in detail in my head. Did this mean we were lovers?Did it mean we were just pals and sex buds? On my eighteenth birthday myentire relationship with my Dad changed forever. There was no going back,not that I wanted to; but my head was searching for a new definition.Eventually, I relax and let go of having to define. Many guys have sexwith their dad or another adult relative or friend and it is forced leadingto challenges growing up. There was nothing forced about our experience.We love each other deeply with this being a different extension of thatlove. My Dad told me before we started that first night that we weremaking love, and that is exactly what we did. I know from my experiencewith other men that I love in my life that there was no question what wedid that night.I was extremely happy and grateful that my Dad was my first sex sexexperience. When talking with others over the years, I found that what wedid that night was not sex 101; it was an advance course because I was withmy Dad. I have always appreciated that my first sex experience was not thefumbling mess I heard about from others.I was flying to the point of giddy at work. I didn’t even care about myusual underwear removal. I did my work and couldn’t wait to get out ofthere. That was not the normal case because I had always enjoyed myexposure times when the rest of the employees left.I walked home and Dad was still awake. We sat down and talked for a fewminutes. He asked me if I wanted to sleep with him tonight or in my ownroom. I told him that I wanted to sleep with him. He told me that we werejust going to sleep, as we both had to get up early for work and school.He took my hand walking me back to his bedroom. I still felt like theblushing bride. He was so generous with me. We laid down, kissed for afew minutes and naturally we got hard. He pulled back to look directly inmy eyes and said, “John, we have to go to sleep now.””Ok, Dad.” I gave a thrust of my dick on his for a second and then turnedover on my side. Dad spooned up behind me with his hard cock touching thecrack of my ass. He enveloped me with his manly, hairy arms. I felt hischest hair on my back, which gave me such a sense of comfort and warmth. Iclosed me eyes and, believe it or not, we did go to sleep. It had been awhirlwind weekend and we were both exhausted.Monday morning was a typical rush out the door. We both said that we wouldtalk at dinner. I didn’t miss the observation that Dad and I behavedexactly the same way I used to see he and my Mom on a weekday mornincluding the peck-on-the-cheek goodbye. School flew. I was deliriouslygiddy still. A few of my friends noticed; however, I ignored theirinquiries. I got home first, took my clothes off and started dinner.Dad came home, went to his room and came back naked. Walking into thekitchen he grabbed my ass, turned me around and kissed me deep. I knewwith just a little coaxing he could have thrown me down on the kitchenfloor and fuck me right then and there; however, he being the mature one,did control himself and we sat down to eat instead. There was anotherreason he didn’t fuck me then, which I will explain shortly.We talked. Dad asked me how it was going with everything that we had done.I told him that I was ok. I was extremely happy. It was an incrediblebirthday present.Dad then said to me. “John, you are still young and impressionable. Idon’t want to push anything on you. I would love to continue ourexperiences together. I just don’t want you to miss out on otherexperiences.””What do you mean, Dad?””You know there are other guys that will want to have sex with you. Youwill also be attracted to other guys. I want you to feel free to have funand experiment. This is your time. You are young and it is important tohave some variety.””I know Dad; however, I want to have sex with you.””John, so do I. I want to have sex and make love to you whenever and aslong as it fits both of us.”I did not work that night so Dad took my hand and walked me back to thebedroom. He told me that we were going to learn the next thing. We kissedrolling around on the bed some more. Suddenly he pulled away and openedthe nightstand drawer. He got some lotion out putting it on my butthole.Slowly he started to insert one, then two, then three fingers. I wascrazed. He then rubbed lotion on his cock, raised my legs and said:”Now I am going to take your hole son. I am going to take your cherry.This is a great honor to be the first man to fuck you. Now I want you torelax and push out as I slowly insert my cock.”I could feel the head of Dad’s prick push into my hole.”John, grab your butt cheeks, spread them and pull your hole open.”I did and I felt the head of this dick go into me. It fucking hurt likehell and I said, “Dad, it hurts.””I know son. It won’t in a minute. Keep pushing out like you are going totake a shit.””Oh Dad, oh my God, Dad, it hurts, it hurts, it…oh…”With that, Dad was all the way in me. The pain was subsiding rapidly. Hejust rested his Daddy cock waiting for me to completely relax. Once he sawthat I was ready, he started to pump. And with pumping comes that deep,throaty, sex talk I was coming to expect and appreciate.”Look into my eyes John. Look deep into my eyes as I fuck you. This willmake us one. This will make our relationship complete. Daddy knows how totake care of his boy. Daddy knows what his son needs. Oh son, I havewanted this for years. I have fantazied and shot many a load thinkingabout this moment. I love you so much. You are such a hot young man. Feelme baby. Feel Daddy’s big man meat up your hole. Doesn’t that feelwonderful? Oh fuck, John. You are so hot and so amazing. I am theluckiest Dad alive to be able to love my son by sticking my dick up yourhole and joining us together.””That’s it boy. Take Dad’s cock. Make your Dad feel good boy. Wrap thattight hole around my shaft. Oh, fuck that feels good. Yeah baby. FuckJohn. You are so amazing. It is so incredible watching you as I take yourcherry.”He started to move faster, but not too fast. He knew I wouldn’t be able totake it for a long the first time. That is the beauty of control a matureman has.”Ok John. I gonna take off now. I gonna fuck you hard. You are going toget the ultimate gift from me. You are going to get your Dad’s man juiceinside you. Here I go baby. Yeah baby. Feel it. Feel that Daddy cockpounding your butt. You want it, don’t you baby? You want Daddy cock.Your hole is begging for Daddy cock boy. Daddy loves fucking you John.Daddy loves fucking his son. Daddy’s gonna give you his baby juice. Yourfirst load of baby juice up your boy hole. Oh baby. Oh John. Oh son. Ifucking love you so much. I want you to have all of me baby. I want toshare with you what made you baby. Fuck boy, I’m gonna shoot. Here itcums John. Here cums Daddy’s babies. Fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, fuck,fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!”I could actually feel his load shooting in my guts. It was the mostincredible sensation of my young life. I can still see how he looked at meat that moment. It is embedded in my memory forever.Thank you Dad. Thank you.I hope you enjoyed this chapter possibly getting you horny and hard. Isincerely appreciate all the wonderful emails regarding this story. Thanksguys. Please send any comments to: [email protected] would particularly love to hear from others who spend a lot of their lifenaked and/or being an exhibitionist.more to cum very soon

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