Next Door Becomes Even Handier…Part 2


Next Door Becomes Even Handier…Part 2I was watching TV about 10:30 the night I met Ione, when I heard a car pull into the shared drivey between the houses. I looked out the window to see it wa Gloria’s car, but only Ione got out. She waled up to my back door, and rang the bell, and i was shocked to see she was dressed in hospital scrubs, and had been crying. “What happened?!” I asked. She told me she and Gloria had been shopping downtown when a car trying to beat a red light plowed into thewm and four or five other people. Ione and three others were injured and twere taken to the hospital, Ione was merely shaken up. “Gloria has a broken left leg and ankle, and they are planning to do surgery ASAP to put a pin into her ankle,” she said. I invited her in, and offered her a cup of coffee. She wasa visibly shaken, so I instead poured her a glass of cognac. She told me she had ended up on the car’s hood, then rolled onto the street, sustaining bumps and ruining her clothes. If that wasn’t enough, a filling station attendant gave her incorrect directions, and she spent the past two hour driving around the city lost until she found someone to tell her how to get home. She began to cry, saying, “Shit…I feel so stupid and vulnerable.” I sat beside her, put my arm around her, and comforted her. She seemed to relax after her second glass of cognac, and thanked me for listening. I told her we could both go the hospital in the morning to see Gloria, and that made her feel better.As she finished her drink, she looked down at the floor and asked, “Trev…I don’t want to stay alone tonight…will you stay at the house with me?” I told her that would be fine, grabbed a t-shirt, and we went next door. “I nned to take a shower and get out of these horrible scrubs,” she said. I told her I’d have another cognac waiting when she finished. In a few minutes, ahe walked into the den wearing a short black nylon nightie and the high heel sandals she had on in the norning. We talked about the day’s events as we sipped our drinks, and she remarked that she was sudddenly exhausted. “Better get some rsst,” I suggested, and said I would sleep in one of the other bedrooms. She stood up, gave me a hug, and we went upstairs. “I need to call our sister and Gloria’s daughter first thing in the morning,” she said, “And thank you so much for staying here tonight.” I bid her good night.I tossed in the bed for what seemed like forever, thinking about Gloria’s misfortune, and wondering if Ione was able to get to sleep. Just then, I heard a light knock on the partially-closed door. “Trev…are you asleep?”, Ione asked softly. “No…can’t seem to fall asleep,” I replied. fethiye escort She walked in and sat at the edge of the bed. “Would you be offended if I asked you to hold me until I fall asleep?”, she whispered. “Not at all”, I replied. As we walked to her bedroom, I couldn’t help looking at the way her curvy and firm ass moved under the nightie, but I put those thoughts out of my head. We settled into her bed…she in her nightie, and me wearing the cotton pajama bottoms I wore over to the house…and I wrapped my arms around her from behind. There was still a trace of her perfume on her skin, and she felt warm and soft. AS I tried to fall alseep, I forced myself to think about work, and othwer things, and after a while, it worked. An hour or so later, I awoke to the feeling of her throwing her left leg over my legs, and I could hear her purring in sound sleep. I laid there for a few seconds, and then very slowly and lightly, cupped her left breast with my hand. She didn’t stir, so I did the same with her right breast. They were full like Gloria’s, but felt softer to the touch. The moonlight was shining in the windows, and it highlighted her creamy skin against the black nylon nightie. I fell asleep with her breasts in the palms of my hands, until later, when she changed her position, spread her legs, and placed her hand directly on my penis. I was hard in seconds, and as I got that way, my erection poked out of the fly opening in my pajama pants. I gently moved her hand off my erection, and shifted my position so I was directly behind her. I caressed her left thigh and her belly with my left hand, and soon brought it up to her breast. Her nightie had ridden up to her waist, and I gently placed the head of my penis against her ass. I couldn’t help thinking that I was getting prepared to make love to a seventy-two year old woman who looked like she was twenty years younger. AS I felt her nipple harden, she stirred, turned to me, and said, “Oh…no…we mustn’t do this.” I stopped what I was doing, and we fell asleep in that position.When dawn came, I was laying on my back, with my legs spread, and Ione was sleeping on her stomach with her right leg over mine. I felt her wkae up and turn over, and realized I had an enormous erection which, again, was poking out of my fly. She propped herself up on one elbow, and I hear her whisper, “Oh my god…mmmmm.” She took her hand, and very lightly rubbed the full length of my penis before getting out of bed. I fell asleep again, and awoke some time later to find her gone. I got up, walked downstairs, and smelled fresh coffee. I was alone in the kitchen, when ashe wlaked in from the back yard. escort fethiye “Well…good morning sleepy head,” she teased, “Thought you might sleep the day away.” I looked at the clock which read 7:22, and gave her a grunt. “I was sitting outside on the patio having coffee and getting my feather straight,” she said. She had changed out of her black nightie, and was wearing the white nylon robe from the day before, but had a pair of black heels on. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, and as she turned to refill her coffee mug, the morning sun shining on her nylon robe showed she was wearing a full back red panty. She said, “Damn…the handle on this mug is cracked, can you get another for me off the top shelf of the cabinet?” I stood behind her, reached up for the mug, and as I did, my penis popped out of my fly, and brushed against her ass. The feel of the two layers of slinky nylon over her smooth warm ass was arousing. She felt the contact too, and pushed back ever so slightly. “What…feeling me up last night in bed not enough for you?”, she teased. I pulled back, and replied, “Guess rubbing my penis this morning got your appetite up, eh?” She began to laugh, and said, “OK…we’re even…actually, not.” I asked her what she meant. “The whole time we sat in your yard yesterday, you were staring at my boobs and legs, weren’t you?” she asked… “Well, if you really want to see them now that you felt thewm, here you are.” With that, she untied the robe belt, and exposed her gorgeous breasts. “See?…no big deal…just a pair of saggy old boobs.” I stood speechless as she said, “Well, I’m going to do a quick shower, then I need to make my calls.” After she left the kitchen, I realized my penis had been sticking straight out the whole time, and that she had undoubtedly seen it. I finished my coffee, and decided I was going to see where her teasing might lead.I went up to her bedroom, removed my pajama pants, and laid on the bed with a throbbing erection. She got out of the shower, and walked into the room naked, carrying her towel. Her body was really exciting, and I saw for the first time that her kitty was shaven smooth. She stopped, looked at me, and said, “You obviously have certain things on your mind.” She sat on the edge of the bed, and lit a 120 Rothmann, asking, “Just what are you going to do with that?” My mouth was dry, and my words creaked out like I had gravel in my mouth. “I hope to cum,” I said. She took a drag of her cigarette, looked at me and said, “Look…you are a gorgeous hunk of young man…why in HELL would you want to have sex with an old bag like me?” I told her I thought she was incredibly sexy and fethiye escort bayan that I liked older women. “What about Gloria,?” she abruptly asked…”You are fucking her, aren’t you?” I didn’t know what to say, but she went on, “She tells me you are a very sensual young man.” She held her 120 in her mouth as she lightly ran her fingertips across my stomach and chest. I thought I would cum right then because my penis was throbbing so hard. She looked at me and asked, “So…did you like the feel of my boobs and ass last night?” I nodded and asked, “How did my cock feel to you?” She stubbed out her cigarette, stood up, and said, “Today is going to be hectic…I know what you like in the way of sexual stimulation, and to be honest, your tastes have been lifelong fantasises of mine to act out. If we get into it now, we will get nothing done today, so, other than intercourse, what would you like?” I told her I wanted to watch her dress, and she asked if I would masturbate for her. “Did you cum when you were in the closet yesterday?”, she asked. I told her I didn’t, and she said, “Well then, you are about due.”Ione walked over to her suitcase and took out a navy blue satin bra with a matching full panty, and a pair of shiny suntan pantyhose. As she pulled the panty and hosiery on, she said, “Come on now…masturbate for me.” She put the bra on, bushed her hair, applied her makeup, and every so often looked to see what I was doing. I wanted to explode, but held it, and it was killing me. She stood up, and said, “I need to borrow a dress from Gloria…any suggestions?” I suggested a medium blue dress I had seen Gloria wear to work, and soon Ione had it out of the closet. “Hmmm…yeah…I like this one, too,” she said. She put it on, buttoned it up the front, and stood in front of the full-length mirror. “Ah damn,”, she said, “This one is pretty sheer, and I don’t have a half slip to wear under it.” I said, “Second drawer on the right…you’ll find a navy blus one there.” She looked at me and smiled, saying, “You really know your way around here, eh?” She brought the slip over next to the bed, lifted the skirt of the dress, and stepped into it and a pair of black high heels. When she finished, she sat in the chair and lit another 120. “Guess you don’t find me that sexy after all,” she said…”You didn’t cum for me.” I got up, pulled my pajamas and t-shirt on, and said, “I think there will be time for that and many other things, Ione,” I told her I would run next door, shower, dress, and take her to the hospital. She looked at me, smiled a wicked kind of smile, and said, “Better be ready to handle what you’re wishing for, sonny.”, I’ll be sitting in the back yard when you’re ready to go.As I was dressing, I looked out my bedroom window, saw Ione sitting in a lawn chair with her skirt pulled up to mid thigh, and thought the coming evening might just be one to remember.

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