Night at the Oil Party – Part 9


Night at the Oil Party – Part 9“Give it to him baby, cum all over his face,” Maddy said to Claudia and leaned down to suck on her nipple which sent Claudia over the edge.“Oh shit, here it comes, oh yeah…” and with a huge sigh and moan I felt her body start to tremble and shake and I started sucking on her clit and rubbing her g-spot even harder, resulting in her pussy becoming completely slippery and sloppy just the way I liked it.With a massive groan that stopped all the action in the room, Claudia began to squirt all over may face, onto my back, down my throat and all over my chest, dripping down to my hard cock and all over the floor. Maddy was sucking on her nipple and it kept Claudia on edge and cumming hard.I looked up from her dripping pussy, my face and hair soaked with her juices, and gave her a shit loving grin like no other. Everyone in the room had stopped to see what was happening, and now the moaning and slapping of bodies picked back up at an even louder and harder pace.“Wow baby, you are for real…” purred Claudia.I could barely muster a real thank you from being in such bliss and şırnak rus escort shock at what I had just enjoyed.“Can I have some of that?” asked Maddy.“Of course you can baby,” and I moved over to her white creamy thighs and took a deep look at her gorgeous pussy, now very swollen and red from her rubbing it as well as whatever else she had done so far that evening.I dove right in and reached up and grabbed her breasts, and watched her and Claudia kiss deeply. I could hear Janet moaning and screaming among the other women who were all sucking cock or getting fucked hard. I could sense that Claudia’s orgasm had pushed Marcus and Ray to the breaking point and that both would be coming soon.As Maddy used both hands to push my tongue and mouth deeper into her pussy, I could taste her pussy juices building up and also the subtle, salty taste of another man in her juicy pussy. The idea of enjoying a creampie really got me excited, even if it wasn’t yet true. I took a look at both women kissing and playing with each others breasts and had to reach down and şırnak rus escort bayan start stroking my rigid cock.It didn’t take long for Maddy to begin to shudder hard, and convulse as she let loose a stream of juices that I’m sure contained at least one, if not more cum from another guy. Her pussy was so sensitive that she had to have been fucked prior to me eating her, and the thought of this gave me such a thrill. I continued to passionately lick her pussy well after she stopped coming, and until she tapped my head and begged me to stop.I felt a hand on my back, and looked back to see John handing me a towel.“Great job man, here you might need this.”As I reached up and grabbed the towel, Claudia moved over and I slipped in between her and Maddy to wipe off, and take in the sights in the room. The smell of oil, sperm, women’s pussies, bodies and sweat combined to make an erotic fragrance you never forget once you’ve smelled it.“Baby, that was so hot, come play with us anytime you can,” said Claudia.“Thank you, I’m so grateful to know about all rus şırnak escort of you,” I replied.“Henry I want you all to myself,” Maddy purred as she started to stroke my hard cock and she leaned down and started to suck on one of my nipples.“I have a feeling I’m not your first of the evening,” I responded to Maddy.Maddy looked up with a wry smile and then over at Claudia.“Looks like he caught me,” giggled Maddy to Claudia.“I’m telling you, boy is sharp as a tack, and eats pussy real well,” laughed Claudia.“Did I taste good, baby?” asked Maddy.“Very, both of you did, and I love a woman who doesn’t mind squirting or sharing her lover’s gift with me either,” I replied.“I love to squirt, but not every guy can make me do it like you,” said Claudia.“I appreciate that,” I replied.“Well John will certainly enjoy knowing that you liked the taste of a load in my pussy,” said Maddy.“Are you joking me, I am going to be happy telling him myself,” I laughed.I sat between the two sexy older women, enjoying a moment to get my senses back, and reached over and grabbed a drink for each of us and we sat back to watch the action in the room unfold. In our focus we had lost track of the fucking, sucking and moaning that was going on around us.As we sat and sipped a drink, and Maddy stroked my cock, the room went from hot to scorching in a matter of seconds.“Based on previous experience, this room is about to blow up,” said Claudia.

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