Nightmare turns in to a dream come true


Nightmare turns in to a dream come trueThe following account happened a few years ago, some details have been changed to preserve anonymity.—————————————————————————————————–We arrived in the London hotel late in the evening. It had been a long coach journey down from Scotland and everyone was tired. There was a large group of us down for a college outing and it would be an early start the next morning. To save costs there would be two persons sharing a room (but in separate beds) and there wasn’t supposed to be any mixed sex sharing. The way the numbers for the college party went there would be a single guy and single woman left over and they were supposed to get their own small, single room. I was feeling quite happy as I knew I would be getting my own room, I was a latecomer to the group and the guys had already chosen roommates. Unfortunately when it was my turn to get checked in the hotel apologised and said that there was a mix-up with the booking and that they only had one room left that had two double beds. The lecturer in charge of the group was naturally annoyed by this and said it was unacceptable for a guy and girl to share a room. The remaining girl Annette yawned and said she didn’t care about sharing just as long as she could go to bed as she was knackered. I shrugged and said I didn’t mind, so that was decided.In the room Annette set her stuff out and disappeared into the bathroom without saying a word. I unpacked my gear and sat on the bed and waited my turn to use the bathroom. I’d never really spoken to Annette before as she was usually with a different group of friends at college, but I’d always noticed her when she was going by. She had a strong but pretty face, pert medium sized boobs and a fantastically pert bum. Sat on the bed my mind was churning, and I was hoping that I would be able to secretly see her undressing. My hopes were dashed when she appeared from the bathroom already wearing her pyjamas and holding a towel in front of her.”Bathroom’s free” she yawned “Good night”. “Night” I replied, and headed in to brush my teeth.When I came back into the room Annette was in her bed with her back to me, her small bed side lamp was still on but her breathing was slow and regular so I knew she was asleep. I quickly undressed and got into bed. I normally sleep naked but on this occasion I kept my boxers on in case I had to get up to the toilet in the night. I switched off the lights so there was only a faint glow from Annette’s lamp and quickly fell asleep.I’m not sure how long I’d been asleep but I was woken up by the sounds of crying and moaning from Annette’s bed. I sat up and looked over and she was thrashing about in bed and was punching at the air around her, and seemed to be quite distressed. I jumped out of bed, my grogginess rapidly disappearing, and reached down and gently shook her shoulders whilst calling out her name.”Annette! Annette! It’s ok, you’re safe here, there’s nothing to worry about”. Her fist caught me on the side of the head but there was no power in it, I shook her a bit harder now and she woke up with a jump. I tried to soothe and reassure her and she gradually relaxed.”I’m so sorry” she said “I feel ümraniye escort so embarrassed. Please don’t tell the others I had a nightmare”. “of course not” I replied, “I’m not one for telling tales. Are you sure you’re ok now?””Yes, but could you stay with me until I fall asleep again. I don’t feel comfortable by myself just now.”My heart started beating faster as I realised that she wanted me to get in bed with her! I slipped under the covers and lay next to her. She was lying on her right hand side with her back to me now, but I could feel her shivering away. I rolled on to my side and put my arm around her and drew her in close to me. She pushed her body back against me and gradually her shivering subsided. I was laying next to this gorgeous girl, her hair was in my face and her bum was pressed up against my groin. My cock started stiffening up and I desperately tried to think of other things that would take my mind of the developing situation but to no avail.”What’s that?” came the slightly muffled voice of Annette.”Um, I’m really sorry” I apologised “I’m not used to being this close to a woman. I’ve got a hard on”.There was nothing but silence, I was thinking she was going to go mental and kick me out. I felt her move and next thing her hand reached behind and brushed against my cock. It twitched involuntarily at the touch and poked harder in to her bum. I could hear her breathing get deeper and her hand found my cock again but this time she grasped it through my boxers. It felt wonderful.”Fuck!” she breathed “That feels so hard”.Her hand continued to massage my cock and then she found the fly and pulled my cock free. I’d never had such an erection! It felt so hot and hard and I could already feel the pre-cum starting to dribble out. I reached my hand down to her crotch and cupped her pussy through her pyjama bottoms, she bucked at the touch her hips coming up off the bed. “Nobody’s ever touched me there” she admitted “and this is my first time ever touching a cock”.”This is my first time too” I replied. I watched plenty of pornos but wasn’t going to say that to Annette!I rubbed her gently for a few minutes longer before hooking my finger through her pyjamas and slowly pulling them down. I got them down to her knees and I couldn’t get them any further, so she released my cock and took them off. I used this time to remove my boxers so that I was completely naked and sat up on my elbow as Annette lay back down this time flat on her back. She has a pair of plain white knickers on and I could see a faint hint of darkness from her pubic hair. The gusset was soaking wet and almost see through, and as I traced my finger along the cleft she groaned loudly and I could see the tip of my finger glistening with her juices that had soaked through. She grabbed my cock and started wanking it, it was amazing but I could feel that familiar sensation building and was seriously worried that I would shoot my load. I asked her to slow down as I was close to cumming, she just smiled mischievously and sat up and without a moments hesitation took my cock into her mouth. I had never had my cock in a woman’s mouth before and the sensation was absolutely wonderful. I knew that I was about to cum and said so. Annette kadıköy escort quickened her pace taking my cock about three quarters of the way in, and I felt my balls tighten and my orgasm began. At first it seemed like I had pressed ‘Pause’ nothing happened except the feeling of pleasure increased, then with a loud shout I started pumping load after load of my hot cum down her throat. As the first splash of cum hit the back of her throat Annette seemed to freeze, but then I couls see her throat muscles start to move as she drank down my spunk. I seemed to be cumming for a hell of a long time before I finished, my cock gave a few dry twitches and I started breathing again. Slowly she raised her head off my semi-hard cock, a dribble of cum was coming out of the corner of her mouth but she was smiling.”Fucking hell, that was a lot of cum. Thought I was going to choke at one point!” she laughed “Tasty though”.She bent down and kissed me and I could taste myself in her mouth. “Now It’s your turn”.She lay back down and looked at me expectantly. I moved myself down between her legs and kissed her soaking mound through her panties. I pulled the gusset to one side and took in the wonderful sight of her pussy. Her lips were red, swollen and very slick. Her clit was rock hard and poking out just below neatly trimmed pubes. Her pussy juice was running down to her bum and I could see her bum holes was covered in pussy juice. I was so turned on, I had dreamed of this moment when I would finally be face to face with a pussy. I reached out with my tongue and ran it slowly up her slit, hep pussy juice ran into my mouth and the taste was sensational, I flicked her clit and she gasped out and ground her mound against my face. I let go the gusset and in one quick movement removed her panties. Her legs fell apart opening up her pussy to me. I didn’t waste any more time and started licking her out, pushing my tongue deep into her hole and running it up to her clit. Annette was writhing around and moaning loudly, her fingers were in my hair as she pushed my face harder and harder against her soaking wet cunt. After a while I focused my attention on her clit and slowly introduce my finger to her pussy. It slid in easily and I savoured the feeling of warmth that enveloped it. The angle I was at was a bit uncomfortable so I adjusted myself, as I did so my finger twisted and rubbed the underside of the top of her pussy. Annette gasped loudly and her hips bucked painfully against my face.”Shit!” I gasped “Are you ok? Did I hurt you?””Holy fuck, what was that you just did?” demanded Annette “because whatever it was it felt amazing”!I didn’t really know what I had done but I was sure as hell going to try again. I started licking her clit and slid my finger back in to her gaping, wet hole. I rubbed along the top of her pussy hoping to strike gold again, and sure enough when I reached a certain spot Annette bucked her hips again.”That’s it, that’s the spot” she told me.I rubbed it with more and more confidence, my tongue running in circles around and across her swollen clitoris. Her breathing was getting faster and faster, and her muscles started to shiver and spasm. With a loud shuddering cry she grabbed my head and forced it tuzla escort into her pussy and at the same moment I felt a gush of warm fluid running down my face. Her legs were opening and closing involuntarily, and it was a struggle to breathe at times! However I wasn’t caring as I knew I’d just given her an orgasm. It was a night for many firsts.We lay there next to each other, she was holding me tightly with her head buried in my shoulder. “Thank you” she mumbled “I have never felt anything like that in my life”. “No, it’s me who should be thanking you” I said “You are wonderful”. She looked up and kissed me, my face was still covered in her cunt juice and I could see her react to the taste of it. She sat up and straddled me, her bare pussy on top of my stomach. She reached up and pulled off her pyjama top which had stayed on all this time. She was naked underneath and I caught my breath as I took in her gorgeous boobs. They were very pert and the nipples were rock hard, engorged with blood so that they looked a ruby colour. She was beautiful and I told her so. She smiled and slowly slid downwards, reaching behind her to guide my cock to the entrance of her pussy. As my swollen head parted her lips she stopped and instead used my cock head to rub her pussy juice up and down her slit and around her clitoris. She had her eyes closed and was swaying gently as she played with herself using my cock. I took her gorgeous boobs in my hands and rubbed her nipples through my fingers. Her eyes shot open and her mouth mouth parted. She exhaled slowly and and the same time my cock entered in to her virgin pussy. We both stopped and just lay there immobile enjoying this new wonderful sensation that we had never felt before, her cunt was tight and felt hot like a furnace. “Fuck your cock feels massive” she said “I thought this would hurt but it actually feels totally natural”.We started fucking, slowly at first as we tried to figure out just what we were doing and what felt good. We settled into a rhythm and we were really enjoying ourselves! What a tremendous sensation, I knew I would never be able to get enough of this. Annette was raising and lowering herself at a good pace up and down my cock. Her pussy juices were flowing like a river and we were both soaking. She lowered herself fully on my cock and shifted her legs a bit as she was getting uncomfortable, as she did this she rode back and forth a bit on my cock. She obviously liked it because she grabbed me by the shoulders and started riding me really quickly, her eyes shut, her tits bouncing all over the place.I was being ridden and I was loving it. I could feel the familiar sensation building again and I knew I would cum soon. As I was about to say something Annette started bucking wildly, a long drawn out moan escaped her lips and she simply said “I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming”.That was enough to set me off and I came hard and fast, flooding her already soaking cunt with my cum. We lay there in a mess of sweat, cum and pussy juices and held each other as we tried to get out breath back. We made love again in the morning when we awoke, and many times after. I think some of our group had suspicions about us but we never let on! It was the night we both gave our virginity to each other, it was truly a night to remember. After a few months we both went our separate ways, but the memory will always remain with me. I hope you have enjoyed reading about us as much as I have enjoyed recounting it for you.

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