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“Do we have time?” I ask hurriedly ask as I unloosened my tie. A long day of proposals to our firm had me running late for our charity dinner. I needed to jump out of my Wall Street uniform and into my midtown tuxedo in 20 minutes. But I needed a shower to remove that sticky layer of summer that builds on August days.

“Just get in the shower,” Monique insisted as she squinted into the bathroom mirror. Stark naked, she smelled of a fresh shower and my favorite perfume mix. I had noticed the evening’s gown and a new pair of heels ready in the bedroom, so I expected her to already be wearing the evening’s underwear. But there was nothing between my pupils and her curly hair. She started to apply her makeup when she explained, “We will make it quick.”

As I finished my trail of shed clothing with my final layer, I could feel Monique’s judgmental stare – though her activity didn’t betray her lack of focus. As I turned on the shower and dropped my last garment below me, I checked to see if my lovely wife was at all checking me out. Of course she was not. So with my last act of defiance I removed my briefs and intentionally tossed them near her bare feet – completing my trail of sweat drenched clothing.

“We don’t have time for your immaturity,” her commanding voice charged. “Lather up!”

As the shower glass began to fog I hoped Monique would look my way as I soaped up my body from head to toe. The cocoa butter scented soap began to fill the bathroom just as I noticed her silhouette exit for the bedroom. So I quickly scrubbed esenyurt escort and rinsed the days grime away until her mist filtered silhouette re-entered the bathroom. I could make out her beautiful form as she leaned against the sink to get closer to the mirror. Her ass perked at that perfect angle as she stood on her toes and flexed her calf muscles.

“Oil, please,” she instructed as she began to slowly apply her lip gloss. “Get that dick nice and lubricated. I want to hear you jerking that dick.”

Without hesitation I squeezed a generous amount of baby oil onto my now engorged dick. The contrast of the hot shower with the room-temperatured lubricant was playing havoc with my mind, especially as it dripped down my balls.

“Kenya and Gretchen asked if we’d be at the party this evening and I immediately thought of you stroking your dick onto their asses for some reason,” said Monique as I started to squeeze the meat of my shaft with a rotation I’d mastered over the years. “I know you’d love to shove your dick down Kenya’s throat while she looks at you with those beautiful green eyes of hers. But I’d rather think of you fucking the smirk off of Gretchen from behind. I still can’t believe she tried to take away some of my patients! I would love to see her bent over her desk while you fuck that bitch silly.”

I was beginning to slowly stroke my dick. Her voice was sultry but her intensity was exhilarating. With my right hand I got my rhythm while my left hand I held onto the pendik escort wall-mounted handle seemingly designed for just this moment.

“I’m almost certain that Gretchen would be happy to have my husband’s dick,” she continued, “shoved up that newly waxed pussy that she flaunts in the gym locker room. But my husband’s dick will remain her fantasy unless I want to watch you cum on her perfect nipples. Would you like cum on Gretchen’s perfect nipples.”

My stroke quickens as the shower water becomes a distraction from her words. “Yes. Please.”

“Her nipples are fucking perfect which is why I’d only let you fuck her from behind,” Monique scoffs. “No way would I let you bury your mouth on her petite breasts. Whereas Kenya deserves whatever attention your tongue might offer in order to make her cum. I bet she’s even a loud fuck. Louder than me if your dick hits her pussy right. She’s so infatuated with sucking dick that I bet she’d be overwhelmed with your tongue talent matching hers. Ever thought of Kenya sucking your dick?”

I heard the question but only hoped that she could hear me nod. My strokes were too precise to lose direction. I did notice the shower door open as Monique’s high-heeled feet were directly beside me. As I continued to stroke she reached in and turned off the water as she watched me continue to stroke my dick.

“Well,” Monique continued, “I may be curious about letting Kenya suck your dick or you fucking Gretchen. I’ve noticed them eyeing you at this tuzla escort event for the past 7 years and I may one day give them what they want.”

My strokes became elongated as I got a glimpse of Monica’s naked thighs and hips.

“But I will never share this moment of watching you jacking off with anyone. For some stupid reason I enjoy owning the right to tell you to grab your dick and rub one out for me. On command. Fuck!” she seethed.

My knees were beginning to buckle as her mouth got closer to my ear. Her breath was a tether to her heart as she spoke.

“I want your cum running down the drain so your dick doesn’t betray me through your tux at dinner tonight when Kenya & Gretchen start flirting with you,” she explained. “And while your balls are on empty, I hope that you know that they will be sorely needed after the charity since I will not be wearing any underwear while their husband’s flirt with me.”

I could feel my nutsack begin to flush when I thought of the six of us standing in our formal wear as my wife wanted nothing more than to just go home and swallow my dick.

“And lastly,” Monique whispered in my ear over the vigorous sound of me violently stroking my dick, “it was Kenya’s idea for us not to wear underwear this evening so we could feel the pre-festivity cum leaking from our pussies. So while the 5 of you will be satisfied all evening, I’ll be thinking about my husband jacking himself off and I’ll be wet as fuck for our afterparty.”

And as I made eye contact for the first time in 5 minutes, I felt a load of cum shoot from my dick onto the shower glass as my knees began to buckle.

While i composed myself Monique turned the shower back on so I could rinse off the baby oil.

As I finished, Monique was standing in her dress and heels with a dry towel and an approving smile.

“Ready to give?”

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