I wasn’t very experienced when I went to a nude beach mainly to look at naked guys. I settled on the little sand there was and there didn’t seem to be anyone around. I had stripped off and enjoyed the sun on my bare skin when a guy walked down from the bushland behind the beach. I couldn’t help but look, but he was built. For an older guy he was no flab and tan from head to toe. His chest was covered in thick black hair with a wisp of grey now and then for character. I couldn’t stop myself from giving him the elevator eyes. He was built and hot for an older guy.
When I turned back to him I got the full view of his cock. It was massive. Hanging limp it was easily eight inches long, thick as a sausage and cut. His balls were equally large making the sight even more impressive. At eye-level I was staring at the largest set of cock and balls I had ever seen in my life.
Giving his cock a shake, he looked me in the eye and could tell I was just completely blown away by his looks and cock, and that I wanted it.
“Like it? Had it all my life,” he said with a laugh. “Yours isn’t too bad either. I like that trimmed look.”
I looked back from his deep blue eyes to that magnificent cock and he stepped even closer to me. I could tell his cock was beginning to become erect and for the first time, realized that I, too, was becoming erect looking at his manhood.
“Go ahead, you want to, he said. “Go ahead and touch it.”
I sat up straight from my former leaning back and soaking up the sun position and Tom stepped over my legs so that now he straddled my legs. His cock was eye level and now completely erect and at least 9 inches in length. The pink head seemed to grow in size before my eyes.
“If I am going too fast, I can slow down … or leave,” he said in almost a whisper.
“No,” I muttered reaching out and cupping his balls with my hand.
With my other hand on his firm ass, I pulled him closer to me.
“I’ve never done this outside before,” I whispered. “If someone comes.”
“If someone cums?” Tom said with an evil laugh, “It’s going to be me…and we’ll give them a show.”
With that, he put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward. I opened my mouth and let him shove the head of his cock into my waiting mouth. With one hand massaging his tightening balls, I began to stroke the base of his cock with the other, all the while sucking on the pink head.
He was firm, really firm, yet the head of his cock had almost a rubber like feel to it. I traced the rim of his cock’s head with my tongue, hitting a nerve spot on the bottom side and Tom let out a low moan.
“Damn, that feels good,” he said. “Suck it. Suck it good, boy.”
I continued to stroke his massive cock and had to switch hands. Tom had both of his hands on my shoulders, massaging them with his big hands.
I picked up the tempo on my strokes and started to match each stroke with a lap of my tongue up and down his shaft with each lap ending with me putting the entire head back into my mouth and sucking hard.
“Oh geez,” he muttered. “This is great. You’re one hot cocksucker. Suck me, boy, suck me.”
He then put both of his hands on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. At first I wasn’t relaxed enough and gagged, but Tom pulled out and I caught my breath and then he returned his cock to my eagerly awaiting mouth.
With both hands on his cock’s shaft at the base, I could feel his balls begin to tighten. We both sped up, as I stroked him faster and he pushed and pulled his cock from my head faster and faster.
I dropped my right hand down to my own rock-hard cock and began to jack myself off, when he began a series of fast moans and loud grunts.
“Oh man, I am cumming,” he exclaimed.
In an instant, I felt his hot, salty cum hit the back of my mouth. And spurt after spurt, he continued to fill my mouth. With his cock deep in my throat, he shot some straight down my throat, but he was cumming faster than I could swallow. When he would pull his cock from my mouth, he would shot a spurt onto the side of my cheeks.
I used his own cum as a lubricant on my own cock, as I quickly wiped some from my face and went back to jacking myself off. He was now making quieter moans and grunts as he ground his now semi-erect cock into my face. I licked his cock clean and buried my face into his pubic hairs and balls, continuing to lick and stroke his now softening shaft.
I let out a quick gasp and begin cumming myself. He leaned back and saw my cum hitting my chest and stomach and he reached down and used two fingers to wipe it up.
He then shoved his two cum-covered fingers into my mouth.
“Taste it, boy. You like the taste of your own cum?” he said in a stern voice. “Suck my fingers, like you did my cock.”
“Oh yes. This all tastes great. I love the taste of your cock. I loved it how you fucked my face,” I said between sucking on his fingers and licking the cum from them.
Taking a step back, he told me to stand up. As I did, I realized his 6-foot frame was closer to 6’4” and he was a good 6 inches taller than me, and about 70 pounds of muscle heavier. I stood there literally toe-to-toe looking at him as he pulled me to him with his massive arms and gave me a deep, wet kiss. I went weak-kneed from the kiss and the climax, almost to the point Tom had to hold me up.
“Turn around,” he said in a commanding voice. I did and he slapped my bare ass with his massive hand. “You didn’t know you could be someone’s bitch like this did you?”
I looked back over my shoulder at him and caught him smiling.
“I like what I see. There are about a dozen guys higher up in the bushland who have watching your arse and now I will give them a show”
He spread my legs and fingered my bum. “Nice round bubble butt” At least I knew all those squats in the gym were paying off. He spat on his finger and opened me a little, then a second finger more spit and then a third deeperd faster. He slapped his huge cock now hard again on my bum and then I felt his cockhead at my arse and he slowly entered me and I squirmed to let it get deeper. More spit and he entered again deeper and I could feel his ball sack on my arse. “FUCK ME!” and that was the signal as he also nearly withdrew but then plunged his massive manhood hard up my arse with his balls banging on me . Harder faster he was groaning and started going even faster and I tighten my spinster on each back stroke. He was out of control when there was he gave a huge groan and I felt a mass of warm juice in my arse. He slowed but kept pumping the cum now making slurping noises on each stroke. He came again more groans so good and I collasped on my towel and he fell on me and we laid there with him panting. Eventually he got his breath and I felt his cock soften and as he withdrew his cockhead was like a cork and I felt his hot cum run down my arse.
He stood my wiped his cock on my towel “Fucking great. Are you coming tomorrow and I’ll show you a more private place further up the beach”
“Yea that would be nice”and as I stood up more of his cum out of my arse down my leg and was running down my leg.
I stood up and made a good show of my arse and I am sure of the gaping hole so the rest of the watchers got a good view and never had trouble hooking up there again

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