Office fuck–true story!


Office fuck–true story!I actually posted this in a newsgroup some time ago but thought you might like it here.. it really IS a true story, ALL the names were changed, of course…I’m not the best at telling these stories, but thought you might enjoy this true experience that happened to me some years ago while I was in San Antonio running my own company. It was a small firm, only one secretary with four or five sales people who stayed on the road all the time. My secretary, Jaime was a very cute, but not beautiful woman with brown hair, blue eyes, and some of the most shapely legs I’ve ever seen. She was in her early to mid 30’s and married with a couple of c***dren, but the marriage apparently was on the rocks and we used to talk in my office quite a bit about what she wanted to do about her husband…a fat slob of a guy who was always spending more money than he took in. I’d noticed for some weeks that Jaime seemed to do her best to show off her legs whenever we were in the office together alone, which was most times. I wanted to steer clear of any problems, so I pretended not to notice, which only made her hike her dress a little more. She didn’t have the biggest set of tits I’d ever seen, but they were nice, and every now and then she’d come to work without a bra. I could always tell when this happened because she’d hike her dress, and I could see her nipples standing erect when I was around. It was rapidly becoming clear that she was sexually interested in me. Being the good boss, I pretended not to notice… but some days she’d come into my office and start bitching about her husband, Ken who was soon to leave San Antonio to take a job in Washington… leaving her and the k**s behind for a month or so while he set up shop in DC. It was during one of those bitch sessions that things began to happen. Jaime was feeling rather down and talking with me about her uncertainty about her future… she wasn’t sure whether she should seperate from Ken or follow him to Washington. During the course of the conversation it became clear she needed a hug, so I stood up and told her things would work out and gave her a squeeze. Little did I know then just how well they’d work out for me! SHe responded ankara escort to my hug by turning her face toward me and kissing me on the mouth. I was at first shocked, but kind of excited, and kissed back. What started as a simple kiss on the lips quickly turned into a deep penetrating kiss as we both played with each other’s mouths. I have to admit I was beginning to get very hard…but still thought nothing more would come of this. She then noted the warm weather we’d been having and said if this kept up we’d both be getting spring fever before long. I laughed, knowing what she meant, and stood there holding her, breathing in the smell of her sweet perfume. SHe looked at me and again we kissed. During the kiss her hands moved from my back to my crouch and she began to feel my rock-hard dick through my pants, stroking it very gently. I returned the favor by reaching up to her breasts, and began feeling them through her shirt. By now I knew where this was heading, but we were still in the office so I said, “are you sure you wouldn’t like to go somewhere?” She responded by saying no… and then turned around and walked out of the office. I thought it was over and that she’d decided against anything else… but instead of returning to her desk, she walked to the front door of the office and locked it…then turned with a smile on her face and said..”I don’t think we need to go anywhere…” With that, she walked over to me and gave me the deepest kiss yet and began unbuckling my pants! Now understand, my office had lots of windows in it, so I began to move toward her office in the front… only to be steered toward the lunch room which stood off to one side and had no windows. She again took he into her arms and began kissing me… and now, instead of feeling my dick through my pants, she reached down and finished unbuckling my belt and pulled my zipper down. She then reached under my underwear and pulled my swollen dick out and began gently stroking it all while kissing me deeply in the mouth. When we both came up for air, I reached over and took off her shirt… a lacy kind of thing that was easily removed. I then reached back and unfastened her bra, exposing two beautiful, but somewhat ankara escort bayan small breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and kind of puffy looking. They were, at the time, some of the most beautiful tits I’d ever seen!. I began to slowly stroke them while she continued to feel my cock. Jaime then unbuttoned my shirt and took it off… stood back, and undid her pants but left them on. She reached over to my already unbuttoned pants and pulled them down. I responded by doing the same with her pants… she backed away for only a moment and pulled off her panties… and stood there completely naked before me. She had a beautiful pussy covered with dark hair. I couldn’t resist the temptation to reach down and finger her and found her pussy oozing with moisture. I thought I’d had all the surprises I was going to get when suddenly, without any warning, she pulled my pants and underwear down… asked me to step out of them…and while leaning over to help me pull them off, grabbed my dick and began licking it. She then got on her knees and said, “Pat, you’re so much bigger than Ken!” She then began sucking on my dick…ever so slowly. She would lick it for a while from my balls up to the head of my cock, and then take the end in her mouth and work her head up and down the length of my dick. Every now and then she’d stop and begin flicking her tongue across the head of my dick…only to start sucking it again. All the time she was on her knees in front of me, completely naked! I was rock-hard, but she seemed to know exactly when to stop sucking so I wouldn’t come too early. Jaime then laid back on the floor and spread her legs, exposing a simply beautiful pussy… its outer lips fully swollen and open, waiting for my cock. I got down on my knees and she once again grabbed my cock and began to guide it into her pussy. I’ve had many women in my life, but never have I had pussy that felt as good as Jaime did that day… as she slowly rubbed my dick around on her pussy I was so excited I worried I might come before actually fucking her… She then pulled on it ever so slightly, signaling me to penetrate her. As I did I was taken by how easily her pussy took in my swollen cock…and how escort ankara wonderful it felt as I slowly pumped in and out. She wrapped her arms around my neck and used her legs to rub up and down along my back as we fucked. She also continually stuck her tongue into my mouth for more deep kisses and said…”Oh, Pat, you feel so good inside of me… I wish we could do this all the time!!” As I continued to pump in and out of her I began to draw closer to a climax. Not wanting this to end just yet, I pushed as deeply inside her as I could and just stayed there without pumping any more. That’s when Jaime showed me one other trick she knew. Instead of just laying there, she began to literally squeeze my dick with her pussy! I’d never felt anything like this before… I mean she was able to use her pussy to squeeze my dick while it was rammed deep into her… she did this for a few minutes and I could take no more… I literally exploded inside her! I must have pumped more cum into her pussy than I’d ever pumped into any woman before or since… it seemed to keep coming… and I had the greatest orgasm of my life! Here was without doubt the finest piece of ass I’d ever had and I knew it right then and there! I collapsed not from exhaustion, but from pure ecstasy into her arms and she continued to pump away at my dick in a squeezing motion with her pussy until every drop of come in my balls was in her pussy. We lay there for several moments.. kissing and hugging, when she said..”I guess it’s time to get ready to go..” I slowly pulled out and we both dressed, but not before kissing and feeling each other a bit more. She used her underwear to wipe up the cum stains on the floor and dressed without putting them on. I still have them to this day as a reminder of the greatest fuck I ever had. In the days that followed Jaime and I fucked several more times… at my home… at her home… and on her last day on the job, in a hotel room where I was able to fuck her in the ass! All of them were memorable…and all were great… but none could compare to that first fuck in the lunch room. I know I’ll never forget it and I hope she doesn’t either. Jaime went on with her life and moved to Washington, where I hear she and her husband are still together having patched things up. I often think of her and her husband, especially him… I don’t know if he knows just how good he has it. His woman is in my humble opinion, the greatest piece of ass I ever had.

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