Oh What A Night!


Oh What A Night!As the old 4 Season’s song stated, oh what a night.Having been a crossdresser on and off my entire life, I have done the old collect and purge routine too many times. After putting Jennifer away several years and relationships ago, the old urges returned recently. Having lost a considerable amount of weight and working out my feminine side emerged once and again, and boy am I having some fun. More about that in a later post. For now I want to share one of the hottest nights I have ever had while dressed.Two weeks ago while my permanent fiance was at work I had a full 7 hours to play. I got myself all dolled up from head to toe. I started off by taking a close shave all over….face, legs, chest, under arms and my clitty area. After applying my make up for a night out I attached my wonderful 38C breast forms. Gawd, do I love these things.Donning one of my many wigs, I slipped on a sexy little dress I bought off Amazon. Paired with control top pantyhose I am a sexy 38-27-37. A pair of 4 inch ankle strap hi heels and I was ready to go.I am obviously quite passable as I regularly go for my daily walk/run in femme attire. So, I had no fear jumping in my car and heading to my favorite book store about 35 minutes away. Once I arrived I had to make a decision: go in and take my chances while throwing money in the video arcade, or strut my stuff in the parking lot. There were about 12 cars in the lot, which for this place is pretty good. Over the years I have sucked many a cock and been fucked dozens of times at this sleazy little place.Getting out of my car I headed towards the entrance, when I caught the eye of a forty something guy in one of the cars. He flashed his lights on me and I took that as a sign to say hi. Strolling up to his car I saw a reasonably attractive guy with a beard and a mustache and nice big cock sticking out of his pants. Leaning against his car, I asked if he had found what he was looking for tonight. He said “I think I have now”. How cute. I reached in felt that big piece of meat and asked if he would like me to join him in his car. Well, you know the answer to that one. I walked around to the passenger side and he pushed the door open for me. I slid in with my sexy little dress climbing a good 8 inches above my knees. He asked me what I liked and replied cock and a lot of it. He put his lightly on the back of my head and brought lips down to his luscious looking cock.This guy had a GREAT dick. I opened my mouthed and as he continued to push me onto his cock. OMG, did his cock taste great. I took in about 4 or 5 inches and realized there were still a good 3 or 4 inches left gaziantep suriyeli escort for me to swallow. I began slowly bobbing my head up and down his beautiful shaft. I take great pride in cocksucking skills and I wanted to give this guy a blow job he would never forget. I don’t know who was moaning louder. Him from getting his cock sucked by a sexy tranny, or me moaning and whimpering like the slutty little whore I am when I am dressed as Jennifer. After a couple minutes I took the plunge and swallowed the rest of my man’s meat.I really had to relax the old throat muscles as he went all the way in. Once I felt my lips in his pubic hair I just stayed there licking and swallowing. This drove him crazy.When I started going up and down his shaft again, he ran his hands down my back to the hem of little dress. I moaned like a little bitch in heat has he slid the dress up over my nylon cover butt. He began rubbing me and telling me what nice ass I had. Then he did something that really got me going.He gently lifted my head out of his lap, put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in to him and he started kissing me long and deep. Up to this point, I had only been kissed by a man a couple of times….but never like this.The feel of his beard and mustache against my smooth lipstick covered lips was unbelievably erotic. My lips parted and his tongue was exploring every corner of my mouth. I was soooo turned on, I couldn’t imagine it getting any better. That’s when he slip his hand down between my legs and began rubbing me through my pantyhose. I was going crazy. Moaning and pulling him tighter and kissing back with unbridled passion. He kept kissing and rubbing me with my legs spread wide open. I couldn’t believe it when I actually came right in my nylons with him kissing me.I broke off the kiss and said “Oh baby, you made me come. I need you to come in my mouth.” I dropped my head back to his rock hard dick and began sucking like the little cocksucking slut I am. I was begging him to come in mouth. I wanted his come so bad. Finally, he said “Oh my God, here it comes”. I took about 6 inches of his dick and stroked his cock while sliding my lips up and down. He must have shot at least six great spurts. I swallowed the first few and then held the rest in my mouth so when I came up for air I could let it drip out of my mouth. He said that was probably the best head he had ever had. Mission Accomplished! I told him he had an awesome cock that I would love to suck again and hopefully take in my ass pussy. He took my email and said he would be in touch. Typical asshole guy….he still hasn’t. After straightening myself up, I got out of his car and headed back to mine. But the night wasn’t over…….

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