Old Black Carl (part 1)


Old Black Carl (part 1)This is a true story that took place just as I graduated from High School. I grew up in a small town, and there wasn’t a lot of diversity. I had a very thin, smooth body, and long flowing hair that went halfway to my ass. In those days, I thought I looked like a rock star, and so did the girls. I did pretty well. I met a lot of girls from a town about 20 miles away, and I didn’t have a car. But back then you could count on getting a ride if you hitchhiked, and I did so to hang out with the girls, often. And that’s how it all started.I was dressed in a pair of jean shorts, sneakers and a tank top, wandering along a back road, when an older Lincoln came along. I put out my thumb and the car came to a stop just beyond me. I opened the door and behind the wheel was an older Black man, well dressed with grey hair. He was smiling, but his smile quickly faded as I jumped in. He introduced himself as Carl. As we drove, he said that at first he thought I was a girl, and he was hoping for some action. We laughed about it, and he told me that if I wore the right clothes, and maybe a little makeup, I could probably pass for a girl…and that thinking about it was making him hard. That seemed weird to me…and yet I was somehow intrigued, deep down. He kept looking at me for a reaction, but I just stared straight ahead, with my mind reeling about what might happen. It didn’t take long to find out, either. He reached over, and took hold of my hand and slowly guided it toward his crotch. I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster, and I kept staring straight ahead….allowing my hand to be moved until it finally found its way into his lap. He squeezed my hand around his cock, and I could feel the enormous girth and length. I couldn’t pull away…even when he let go of my hand and let out a sigh. ankara escort I just sat there, still looking ahead, with my hand wrapped tight around that bulge and frozen. “Play with it.” Was all he said, and I finally slowly glanced down at his lap, and began squeezing it and rubbing back and forth. I could feel it throbbing and jumping in my hand, through his pants. He turned down a back road that led to an old train bridge, and again, the butterflies hit me hard. I knew this was about to go WAY further, and I couldn’t seem to speak or question it. It was like I was in shock, or something. He pulled the car back into a spot between a couple of bushes, and turned off the ignition. My heart was racing a mile a minute, and I actually felt dizzy. He just sat there, quietly looking at me, for a while. I was still rubbing the monster in his pants, and he was enjoying it. Finally he reached down and started to undo his belt. The feelings just kept intensifying, and my brain was spinning. He sort of pushed my hand away, and pushed his pants all the way to his ankles. I was just looking straight ahead, still. He slid the big bench front seat back, and flipped up the console, then took my hand again, and placed it on that cock. As soon as I felt the bare skin in my hand, realized that I was as hard as a rock, and became aware that I was drooling precum so much that my underwear was getting very sticky. As I began to slowly stroke his cock, I slowly turned to look at it. It was jet black. He was uncut and the foreskin hung well past the huge head. He was only about half hard, and it was already twice the length of mine, and so thick I couldn’t squeeze it hard enough to touch my fingers together. His nuts hung down in a huge sack like two coconuts. I was in a complete trance…tunnel vision…as I ankara escort bayan slid the foreskin back and forth watching that enormous head peeking out, then disappearing again into its tunnel. “You like it, don’t you?” he said. I was too entranced to answer. I just kept slowly moving my hand up and down the length of it. He reached over, and placed his hand on the back of my head. It sent lightning bolts up and down my spine, as I felt him slowly gathering my hair in his hand. I knew what was going to happen, and I didn’t make any effort to resist, as he began pulling my head toward that huge tool. It seemed to take forever to lean onto my side on that big Lincoln seat, and I instinctively pulled the foreskin back to reveal the entire bulbous head, and saw the glob of precum oozing out of that slit, as I opened my mouth and took my first cock. I actually came in my pants as it slid into my mouth. I was trembling, and it was like an explosion in my head, as I tasted that salty ooze and felt the shaft stretch my mouth wide. I took him as deep as I could go, and still had both hands wrapped around it. I was WORSHIPING IT. I jacked and licked and sucked on that monster cock like there was no tomorrow. He was moaning and holding my hair and began getting more forceful at moving my head up and down. I realized that even though I had cum in my pants, I was still raging hard, and was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I kept my eyes open the whole time…watching those huge nuts come close to my nose, then having my head pulled back, and then shoved back down again. There was a constant salty taste from the copious amounts of precum snot that was drooling out as I tongued his piss slit, and I could see that huge sack start to tighten, and shrivel up. I knew what was coming. escort ankara I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do…but it didn’t matter. He was in control, and I was going to do whatever HE wanted. And he wanted me to take that hot load of Black Man cum in my mouth. He was grunting and breathing hard, and bucking that cock from my lips to my throat, slamming it against the back of my mouth, when I felt the first blast. With the size of the cock fucking my mouth, and the quantity of cum that hit my throat, there was simply no room left. I had to swallow, and fast. And that load was replaced immediately with another enormous spurt…and another…and another. I realized that I was cumming again, too. And I was in Heaven. When he removed his hand from the back of my head, I stayed face down in his lap, squeezing the last drops of his load from his cock, as it went flaccid in my mouth. I didn’t want to take it out of my mouth. It belonged there. But I eventually licked what little bit of potent sperm that had escaped off of his sack, and licked and sucked at his slit, and nibbled and sucked on the foreskin for a while. As I finally sat up, he pulled up his pants and asked me if I liked sucking that Black cock. I nodded yes, my head still reeling about what just happened. He told me that he still though I looked enough like a girl to pass as one. Then he asked me if I would put on some girls clothes if he could get me some. I never considered such a thing, but I simply nodded my agreement for some reason. He smiled and started the car and started to drive. “I am going to make you my girl.” He told me, and he pulled me close to him and wrapped his arm around me. I just sat there feeling his sperm churning in my stomach and tasting the salty residue in my mouth, as we drove. “Play with Daddy’s cock again.” He said, and my hand instantly and impulsively took hold of his bulge once again. I knew there was no turning back. I didn’t know at the time how much further it would go. But I knew that, for now, I was his cocksucker, and he owned me. To be continued.

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