one hotel morning(true story)


one hotel morning(true story)One morning at the old house myself and a couple of hang arounds , friends were out in my mancave we were up all night doing the party thing and I was a little buzzed . and started to feel a bit horny , I told the boys I was going to take the women to a hotel so we could fuck and suck without being interrupted by the k**s when they woke up , and asked them to watch them when they did. my one buddie said he would and off into the house I went to get the girl and pack a few play toys for our outing . iwas getting stuff together like vibrators and xxx discs to play at the hotel room to get the mood going . she was ready and so was I a few hours out without the k**s to worry about or getting in our way , on our way out to the vehicle my buddy came up and handed me this little blue pill , a v and told me not to eat the whole thing just half would do . I said ok and in the batman rus escort car down the road we went. to the local hotel about 4 miles away we stopped to get a drink or to for the room. while she was in I grabbed the pill and tried to break it and it wouldn’t break I tried smashing it and it wouldn’t smash , so I tried to bite the pill in two and this only got the pill all soggy and wet , so I took the whole thing , not knowing what to expect . when we got up to the room I set the disc up and took my clothes off and jumped into the shower . now I wasn’t in yhere a long time but my long time got really hard if you know what im saying like a rock . so when I was done I got out dried off and went out into the room she was lying on one of the beds naked playing with her pussy and ass , let me tell you she has the finest ass and pussies I have ever eaten batman rus escort and I love to eat it. so I jumped down to help her out and creassed her thigh and just watched for a few mins until I had to help to so I took the vib. and sterted to use it around her clit and down around her asshole ,she started to moan a little and flipped over on her hands and knee into doggie style and started playing with her pussy from behind and I started to help care ing her pussy lips and fingering her ass not a lot yet just the tip of my finger in her ass meanwhile my cock was rock hard and ready for some action . she had her panties pulled to the side and I was licking her hot pussy and sucking on her lips while I was doing this she was working the vib in and out of her ,moaning . so I grabbed her panties and ripped the crotch so that the were crotchless and I could rus escort batman see that banging pussy and asshole right there so continued to play for a good 30 mins until she started to groan and moan I pulled the vib out and” TOLD HER NOT TO CUM” she just knodded and went back to groaning , I grabbed my cock and putt it right up against the folds of her pussy and thrusted one time all the way up to my balls , she screamed not know as I pulled my cock out it was covered in cum nice thick whie sticky pussy cum , she moaned and screamed im cummimg oh so I thrusted my cock back into her in and out hard real hard as she came I pulled my cock out of her and fucking juiced all over her ass and fell onto the bed with her . sweating we both layed there and fell asleep for about an hour and woke up and my cock was still hard so I flipped her over and peshed my cock into her and fucked her good and hard until she came 2 or 3 times I grabbed her legs and put them upp a bit and sunk my cock deep into her ass oh it was good we buck for awhile until I came up into her ass filled her right up them she sucked my cock untill it was dry and we left went home to the prison we live and that’s a true story people ……..

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