One Night in Hayley


“I need a ride!” Hayley’s voice reverberated around the inside of Jackson’s car.

It was nearly ten o’clock and he had just finished work. “What now?”

“Yes now dummy,” she laughed. His phone ping. He pulled over and a notification popped up on his screen with the details of her location.


“Yesss please,” she hissed.

Jackson sighed and spun the car around. “I’ll be five minutes.”

“Thank you so much,” she said and clicked the phone off.

He meandered down a side road then turned left onto the highway back into the center of the city. It took him barely five minutes to reach her. She was stood up against a lamp post clutching a bag at her side. She stood up straight as he rounded the corner lifting her short, flower print dress up a little above the knee. Her jet black hair billowed in the wind.

“Thanks for this,” she gasped as she collapsed onto the back seat of his car. “Whoops!” She laughed, then sat up and closed the door behind her.

“Have you been drinking?” Jackson asked.

“Just a little.”

Jackson pulled away from the curb and spun the car around again heading for her apartment. It wasn’t far, but after the day he’d had he just wanted to get home and go to bed. It wasn’t long before he pulled up outside her apartment building and flicked off the engine.

“There you go,” he turned to look at her. She was still half sitting half laying down on the back seat. Her hair was a little messy, but that didn’t matter. The way she looked she could pull anything off.

“I’ve got an idea.” She whispered.

“What’s that?”

“Want to come up? I’ll make you drink. Just to say thanks, then you can go home?”

Jackson thought about it for a second then shook his head. “It’s been a long day darling. I need to go.”

She let out an exasperated huff and cross her arms. “Don’t be boring. Just one drink. Please?”

Jackson sighed. “Fine. But I’m leaving in half an hour. No longer.”

She giggled and bounced on her seat before opening the door and stepping out into the night air. Jackson followed her through the main foyer, up one flight of stairs, into a lift the shot them straight to the top floor of the twenty story building. Her apartment was the pent house sweet, bought for her by rich daddy and the lift doors opened right into her living room.

“I didn’t know you were so well off,” Jackson said.

“I’m not, my dad is.” She moved over to the kitchen, pulled down a bottle of whisky and poured out two glasses. “You like whisky?”

“Yea, but I’m driving so, got any coke?”

Hayley shook her head. “Just drink it and stop being a pussy!”

Jackson rolled his eyes and took the drink from her. He guessed he would be staying here a lot longer than half our till this drink wore off.

They both say down on the couch. She folded her bare legs beneath her and moved closer to him.

“How come you’ve never asked me out on a date?” She asked, looking directly into his eyes as she spoke.

Jackson was so taken aback he didn’t know what to say.

“Cat got your tongue?”

“I, I’m not sure. I just never have.” He stammered.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” She purred.

“Of course I do,”

“Then what’s the problem, all the other guys have asked me out from time to time. They all got a big resounding no, but you. You never have. Why is that?”

“I just said I don’t know I just haven’t.”

“Hmm,” she groaned. “I know everyone thinks I’m the good girl in work. Daddy’s money, daddy’s company, couldn’t put a foot wrong. Real angel. What am I not bad enough for you?”

“You are a nice girl,” Jackson replied.

“I am. When I’m in work.”

“So your not nice girl, is that what you are saying? “

“Secretly I’m the devil!” She giggled, sloshing her drink a little down her dress. “Oh no!” She gasped.

“I’ll get a towel, where do you keep them.”

She pointed to the room on the right. Jackson got up and opened the door. He popped his head in, saw the towels hanging on the wall and took one. He turned back to Hayley and stopped dead where he was standing.

“Wow, I never expected that reaction,” eryaman eve gelen escort she purred. Her dress was on the floor in a heap. She had removed her bra, exposing her pert little breasts to the open air. Her pink nipples were hard and erect. Her stomach looked toned like she worked out, a lot. All that she had left on was a thin string of a thong and her black killer heels.

“You like what you see?” She asked, cocking her head to one side.

“Your drunk!” Jackson said, but without conviction. Just the sight of her had stirred something in him.

“I am yes,” she sighed and stood up. She slinked her way across the room like a cat looking for prey and stood barely inches from him. The tips of her nipples brushed the front of his shirt. “But I’m not that drunk. I mean, I know exactly what I’m doing!”

“What are you doing?”

“Hmm. I’m eighteen, your thirty six I think. I’m standing, naked practically, right in front of you, what do you think I’m doing?”

“You know your dad would kill me.” He said.

“He ain’t gonna find out. Besides, this is my choice. And your the only guy I know who doesn’t act like a pervert around me.”

“That’s because I respect you.”

She stood, thinking for a minute. “What if I didn’t want you to respect me. You’ve done that and got the t-shirt.” She stood on her toes and suddenly planted her lips on his and wrapped Both arms around his neck pulling him down and forwards. Her lips were soft and sweet as their tongues intertwined in a warm, wet mess.

She groaned as they kissed sending another sharp stab of desire down between his legs. “What if I wanted you to treat me like a bad little girl!”

“But your not a bad little girl.” Jackson replied as she tugged him towards a set of sliding double doors. She looked back at him with her bright green eyes as she led him through the double doors out into the open night air. The balcony was huge and overlooked the whole of the city. A couple of plastic chairs sat in the corner and corner sofa in the other under a canopy to keep it from getting wet.

“Sit down!” She pushed him back onto the couch then tugged at his jeans.

“We’re really doing this?” He gripped her hands tightly so she couldn’t move for a second.

“Why don’t you want to?”

“That’s a stupid question. Who wouldn’t want you?”

She cocked her head again, thinking. “True, I thought you didn’t for a long time!”

“I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Oh please,” she laughed. “Your telling me you haven’t ever thought about this?” She gestured to her gorgeous body and grinned at him.

“Maybe a few times.”

“Now we’re being honest. I’ll be honest with you,” she yanked his jeans down wit a grunt. “I’ve wanted you inside me ever since we met.”

“Really, I don’t believe you.”

“Well you better believe it. I’ve thought about this moment a thousand times and tonight I just plucked up the courage to act on it.” She pulled his boxers down next and gasped as he popped up and out of them. “Oh my god, your a monster aren’t you?”

“I am,” Jackson said.

“I don’t know if I can fit that in!” She reached out and wrapped a hand around his shaft. Her fingers didn’t even touch around the other side of it fully. “How has nobody said anything about this. You’ve had girls at work before, they all talk.”

“Your the bosses daughter don’t forget,” Jackson chuckled.

Hayley rolled her eyes. “Yea, tell me about it. But I don’t want to be a good girl now,” she whispered the last few words before licking her lips and sliding him as far down her throat as she could. The warmth of her lips made him get even harder. She could barely get half of him inside her before the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat.

“Shit,” Jackson gasped as she began to slide her lips up and down him.

“My god, this is big,” she said between gasps for air. Jackson gripped the back of her head with a handfull of black hair, sliding her mouth down as far as it could go without making her choke.

“Your lips are amazing,” Jackson said with a groan.

“I know,” she hissed and took him bala escort back down her throat again with a gurgle. “We should have done this a long time ago!”

“Yes,” Jackson lifted his hips, allowing her better access to his shaft as she begun to suck faster now, slurping up and down him sending stabs of pleasure over his entire body.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as her head bobbed up and down getting faster and faster. Her mouth teased him so close to the edge. His cock hardened and grew even more as what felt like an explosion brewed in him, and then she stopped. She lifted her head with a long rasping breath releasing him from her mouth.

“What, you thought you could cum and that would be it?” She smiled.

“Shit you stopped!”

She giggled and pushed him back onto the couch with one slender arm. She wriggled her hips and slid out of her thong letting it fall down to the floor then stepped out of it. “Look, I shaved just for tonight.”

She was bald down there, and smooth as silk. He felt her warmth as she climbed her petite little body on top of him and began to rub the side of his cock against her clit.

“Mmmmm,” she groaned. “I should warn you though. You might be big, but I am tight as fuck down there!”

“I bet you are,” Jackson gasped as she continued to rub herself on his cock. After a minute or so she lifted one leg and raised herself up. She gripped his cock and guided it right into the sweet spot between her legs.

“The tip is in,” she laughed and pushed down harder. “Just a little more!”

She wriggled her hips working his cock deeper and deeper inside her. He felt her stretch outwards as he filled her walls completely.

“Take my hips,” she panted and pulled his hands onto her soft skin. Jackson gripped her firmly. “Now pull baby “

Ha pulled her down. She opened up, taking him inside her right to the balls. She let out a little squeal as he felt the tip of his cock stab into the back wall of her pussy.

“Fuck that’s deep!” She gasped. “You’re so deep. It’s never been this deep before.”

“How are you taking this?”

“I’m a professional,” she laughed causing her pussy to tighten the relax around his cock in quick bursts. “Are you ready?”

Jackson nodded.

“I’m in control tonight!” She grinned at him. “I’m in control and you are just going to lay there, until I tell you otherwise. Is that understood?”

Jackson nodded again and as he did she raised herself up then slid right back down on him, talking him fully once more inside her. A loud groan escaped her lips. She placed her hands on his chest as she started to move slowly on his cock.

“Oh yes,” she hissed. “I’m not a good girl now am I?”

“No your not!” Jackson grunted. Her pussy was tight and clung to the sides of his cock like glue. She slid up and down him steadily getting faster and harder.

“I’m your dirty slut!” She was squealing now. Her body moved up and down furiously in hot, sloppy bounces. “I’m going to cum!”

“Oh yes!” Jackson grunted as every stroke of her pussy in his cock sent pleasure crashing through his body.

“Don’t you dare cum yet!” She squealed as she bounced. Her tits swayed with every movement she made. He grabbed hold of one of them and squeezed causing her to cry out with glee. She was going so fast now that she started to whimper and shake. Two more bounces and she was cumming on his cock. Her pussy tightened as her body stiffened and she let out a huge cry of ecstasy as an orgasm ripped through her. “Oh yessss,” she screamed then collapsed forwards onto his chest.

“You okay?” He asked.

She nodded but didn’t answer. Her breathing was still coming thick and fast. When she calmed down a little she sat up and pulled him out of her with a low grunt.

“Now, it’s your turn!” She grinned at him and turned to the balcony edge. She leant over the balcony letting her breasts sway over the two or three hundred foot drop to the ground.

Jackson stood up and positioned himself just behind her. He spread her but cheeks wide and placed the tip of his cock on the outside of her pussy lips.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “I know you etimesgut escort think I’m a nice girl, but I want you to take me!”

“Don’t worry, I will,” Jackson ran both hands up her smooth arched back and squeezed her shoulders.

“Don’t hold back,” the last word she spoke came out in a screech as Jackson gripped her shoulders and pushed his way inside her. “Oh yessss!”

He slid every inch of himself into her warm tight pussy causing her to cry out in delight.

“Grab my hips,” she gasped as more thrusts from Jackson’s cock made her grunt and moan. He did as she asked and gripped her smooth skin locking her in place as he thrust harder.

“Your fucking tight!” Jackson said between thrusts.

“I know, now don’t hold back!” She whimpered. Her tight breast rocked forwards and backwards as he filled her with his shaft over and over again. “I’m not a nice girl, I’m a bad little slut!”

“You are!”

“Treat me like one then!” She screamed. “Fuck me harder!”

He responded by getting faster. He was using the full length of his cock now, pulling it all the way out and slamming it back into her. Each thrust made her yelp and writhe in front of him.

“Oh god! I’ve never been fucked like this before,” she gasped. Sweat gleaned on her skin in the moonlight as her body started to move like an animal. She pushed against his thrusts, digging him deeper and every second that went by her cries of ecstasy got louder and louder.

“God I’m nearly there!” Jackson grunted as he felt his cock grow and harden like a rock.

“Don’t stop!” She squealed and turned her head to look him dead in the eye. Sweat streamed down her face, her eyes were filled with lust. She savoured every inch of his cock slamming into her like it was the last time she was ever going to get fucked.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jackson shouted as his movements became erratic now. There was no rhythmic movement any more. He was ravaging her body as hard as he could pushing them both closer and closer to climax.

“Keep going!” Hayley screamed and her face contorted into a look of beautiful agony. “Fill me, fill that pussy right now!”

Jackson exploded inside her so hard his hot sticky load spurted out the sides of her pussy and splashed onto the floor.

Hayley felt him cum, which pushed her over the edge. She screamed out loud, and arched her back as her whole body tensed in one gigantic orgasm that set every nerve in her body on fire. “Yesssss,” She pushed back onto his cock harder, savouring every second of her orgasm, as the next began to build.

“Don’t you dare stop!” She screamed at the top of her voice. “Make me cum again baby. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before,” she squealed as the next orgasm built inside her stomach and she exploded so hard her legs went weak and she nearly collapsed onto the floor. She whimpered through it and clutched onto the balcony as hard as she could riding the wave of pleasure that washed over her.

“Mmmmm,” Hayley let out a long moan, as they slowed to a stop. “I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

Jackson slid out of her and collapsed back onto the balcony floor. Hayley fell on top of him. Both of them were breathing in long rasping gulps of air. Hayley’s legs were still twitching as the last remnants of pleasure emanated from her gushing pussy.

When her breathing calmed Hayley propped herself up on him with one arm and smiled. “Wow, that, I did not expect!”

“Me neither!” Jackson gasped still calming down.

Hayley ran a finger up his chest. “Want a shower?”

Jackson looked into her eyes as a wicked, lust filled smile spread across her face. He nodded after a second of contemplation.

“Come on then, mines a walk in wet room.”

She led him through the apartment and as they got to the door she threw herself into his arms planting furious kisses on his mouth and around his neck. When she pulled away they were in the shower room, the hot water was on and steam covered everything.

“Now,” Hayley purred. “Let’s see if that big cock can’t make me cum again.”

Jackson smiled at her as water rushed over them.

“Fuck me like I’m a bad little girl!” She squealed and jumped up into him. Her legs clamped around his waist. Her mouth locked onto his and she positioned her tight pussy in just the right position and cried out as once more her cunt was spread and he was planted deep inside her. “Ohhh!!!”

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