Our First Anal


Our First AnalWe were mostly curious people when it came to sex and we were pretty open about our desires and fantasies and today as we cuddled together on the sofa in front of the TV the subject of anal sex came up. I’m not sure why but it came into the conversation.It was something that neither of had tried, maybe it was fear or caution. “What do you think of anal sex?” I asked.You look up at me, quizzically, “Why do you ask?””I was just wondering if you’ve ever tried it?” I ask, trying to sound nonchalant.You give it some thought for a moment before answering. “I don’t know” you say “Doesn’t it hurt?”.”I don’t know, maybe, but I guess that if enough lube was used…” I replied.You shrugged and put your head back on my shoulder. “I guess we could try it”.With that I knew that you would be up on the idea of me taking your anal virginity, and this thought made me feel excited at the prospect of us both losing our ‘virginity’ in this way.Later that evening, you had gone upstairs before me to get ready for bed. I soon followed. As I was about to go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, you appeared from behind the bedroom door. “I’ve been thinking” you say, peeking from behind the bedroom door, “Maybe tuzla escort we could try anal for the first time” and you then opened the door, revealing yourself to be wearing your black laced underwear, a bra and skimpy g-string that I always loved seeing on you, and in the bedroom doorway you turn around, baring your ass to me and you seductively slap your own ass as you then beckoned me inside.”So, how do you want to do this?” I ask.”You really have to ask?” you respond.”What I mean is, what position do you want to be in? Face down? Doggy style? Spooning?” I ask.”Just come with me” you tell me as you lead me onto the bed.You lay on the bed, face down, and say “Just fuck me in the ass. The lube’s in the top drawer”.I open the drawer and find the lube. You get yourself comfortable as I undress and open the lube and apply ample amounts on my throbbing cock.In anticipation, you put each hand on your ass and spread your cheeks apart, revealing your tight and virgin asshole. I squirt the tube of lube around your ass. You giggle and say “Oh, my, that feels cold”. I smile and I put the tube down on the dresser. I then sit on you, with my cock in my hand, ready to penetrate your ass for the first pendik escort time.”Are you ready for this?” I ask.There is a pause before you answer. “Come on, take me in the ass”.I then proceed to guide my cock to your exposed asshole. I gently push my cock to your asshole. It’s a very tight fit and it’s a struggle at first. You groan as my cock gradually makes its way inside your ass. I have to pause and apply more lube along the way but I soon find that my cock is all the way in.Before commencing, “How’s that, honey?” I ask to the back of your head.You struggle to find the words. “It’s different” you say.”Do you want me to go on?” I ask the back of your head.”Yeah, take me”.I do. At first I gently and tenderly start thrusting, small thrusts. The excitement is immense, the idea of being the first one to fuck you in the ass, but I keep in check as I am fearful of hurting you.Even though I can only see the back of your head, I know that you are enjoying this pleasure of losing your anal virginity, and I can hear you quietly groaning in rhythm of my gentle thrusts. After a while, I start to increase the speed. “Tell me to stop if you want me too, honey” I said as I gently fuck your ass.”Mmm, kartal escort no, don’t stop, baby” you say in between your moans, “Keep on going, that’s it, fuck me in the ass”.I know that you are enjoying in, even though it is a very tight fit, it still feels good to have my cock in your ass and I start to go a little faster and a little deeper and you moan more in time with my rhythm.Before I knew it, with me on top of you while I’m fucking you in the ass for the first time, I was going faster than I thought than I could, but still slower and not as deep as I would if I were fucking you in the pussy, and it felt awesome.”That’s it, baby, fuck me more” you cry out.”Yeah, that’s it, baby, take my cock in your ass” I call out.”That’s right, baby, fuck my ass, take me in the ass” you cry out with pleasure as I fuck you deeper in your virgin ass.I keep on going and going and I soon find that I’m about to shoot my load. Do I cum in her ass or do I pull out and shoot my load onto her back. I was about to ask but I found myself pulling out and I jerked myself off for a few seconds from all the excitement and you feel my load firing onto your back.”How was that, honey?” I ask.”That was great, baby” you replied, out of breath and still lying face down. You look over to me. “Thank you for that” you then said.I lied down on my back next to you, trying to catch my breath. You come up to me and you gave me a kiss and you thanked me.

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