Our One Time 3 way – Part 3

Double Penetration

Our One Time 3 way – Part 3As mom and I waited for Tony to arrive, she pulled me to the sofa in the living room of the suite. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled them and boxers off. My hard cock sprang up unleashed. “Mom, we should probably close the curtains.” They were fully drawn open and lights were completely on. There was another hotel and a couple of condos on the neighboring blocks that were as tall or taller that could look into the rooms of our side of the hotel. Anyone looking towards our room would be able to clearly see a half-naked woman on her knees and about to give a blow job to a man with a large cock; but not so close as to be able to make out faces.“I did it on purpose. I want us to be watched. Besides, if they don’t want to see, they can close their blinds.”So be it. I sat down on the couch. Mom got down on her knees, between my legs and started to blow me. She took care to lick my shaft and spread my legs to suck on my balls. I was just getting into when there were 2 knocks on the door and then opened. Tony stepped in to the scene of mom on her knees, ass in the air with my cock in her hands. “Tony! Come join us,’ she said. Tony walked over to the sofa and sat down on the opposite end. He had a stunned look on his eyes. Hard hacılar escort to tell if it was simply what he was seeing or if it was my 11” cock? “Come closer silly,” mom invited. He shifted closer to the middle. Mom released my cock, “Sorry to leave you baby but Tony needs a little attention.”She scooted over and began unbuckling his belt. “I hope you liked the present I gave you?”“I sure did Mary, thank you. I must say I was surprised at the offer but I man would be stupid to say no to you. And I thought your ass was hot in your jeans, but seeing it naked, it’s spectacular!”“That’s sweet of you to say Tony, but I know you. You compliment all the ladies,” she teased. She finished unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. His hard cock sprang out. It was decent size; 8 inches if I had a guess and pretty damn thick. Not as big as mine but sure to please mom. “True Mary, but few are ever as actually HOT as you!”“Thank you honey,” and with that she swallowed his cock. Mom was excellent with blow-jobs and I could tell he was enjoying it. “Enjoying yourself Mary?” I asked. “Mmm hmmm” she murmured with a mouth full of cock. She reached over to stroke my cock as she blew him. “This is one of the best damn blow jobs I’ve ever had Robert. She is phenomenal. She’d have to be with a cock like yours. Damn!”Mom moved over to my cock and kept stroking Tony. “You are both delicious.” She swallowed my cock again. She stopped suck to tell us both to standup. As we did she pulled us by our cocks. She started to suck us off, one then the other. Licking our shafts and sucking our balls. Each trade off brought our cocks closer until both tips were touching in her mouth as she licked and sucked together. I was a bit strange to feel another cock but with mom sucking us, I didn’t care. I know this was mom’s wish but I really needed to fuck her. I pulled away and told Tony to sit back down. I bent over to unfasten mom’s bra and free her magnificent breasts. “Those are beautiful Mary,” Tony complimented. I wrapped her tits around his cock and titty fucked it. As she worked on Tony’s cock, I bent down behind her and gave her pussy a lick. It was sopping wet. So I took my cock in hand and rubbed the head on her lips. She pushed back and the head of my dick popped inside her. “Yes, baby. Please fuck me.” I took ahold of her hips and thrust my cock into her pussy. “Ahhhh…” She pulled Tony’s cock until her mouth and started sucking. I started to fuck her with deep, long strokes. Buried deep inside I could see her mouth full of Tony. “Having a good time so far buddy?”“Hell yes!”I wanted to come deep inside of my mom so badly, I decided to just take what I wanted. I began to fuck her hard and fast. I was so ready from the whole night, I didn’t take long to feel the come boil in my nuts. “Ready for my come? I’m gonna come deep inside your warm wet pussy baby.” With her mouth full of cock she simply started pounding back harder against me. With a final few strokes, I buried my cock deep and flooded her pussy with come. The sensation was perfect and mom’s legs trembled as she followed my orgasm with an intense one of her own. I felt her squirt her come from around my cock. Just after, Tony came deep in her mouth. She wasn’t prepared after just coming too and she gagged a bit. Tony popped out and she finished him off by milking his cock of her tits. “WOW! That was wonderful! I felt so full.”“Sorry for coming on you like that Mary.”“It’s fine, I love come Tony.” She smeared some of his come from her tits and licked her fingers. “You are very tasty! Now let’s go take a shower. We can clean up and then I’ve got some fun planned for us.”“If that was only the beginning of what you guys have planned, I can’t wait for what comes next.”I too was curious as mom had shared no ideas with me.

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